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brutusjr chapter 18 . 6/29
This is a great story, and you are an awesome story teller, but maybe you should think about skipping around less in the future. By the time you get around to a particular story line again, you have forgotten what took place to get you there, as you have five or six other unfinished story lines in place too.

Thanks for sharing.
Guest chapter 49 . 6/26
Can I just point out how cute it is when Neji comes home after his Jounin Trial and as soon as he sees Tenten he SMILES and he can't stop himself from doing it? Oh my god it is just so precious. and how she knew he had succeeded just by observing him and picking up details? Their relationship gives me life. The way they love each other makes me squee and daw constantly. Absolutely my favorite fic and the NejiTen scenes you write are unparalleled. This whole damn story is gold. Thank you for writing with so much dedication!
samsaraknight chapter 53 . 6/19
Great chapter, I stopped to listen to the tracks recommended first. Where do you find this music? It fits your themes perfectly. Pretty much anytime you write something involving Haku and Zabuza the stakes are immediately raised, with this chapter's scene being no exception. Granny Momochi is awesome I'm just hoping she doesn't become a casualty of war in Mist. Finally got the scroll for the Seven Swords this is gonna be sick. And Zabuza can summon toads? Never seen that in my life but it works here. It'd be hilarious if he ends up at Mount Myoboku.

So Tama's Dad is an incontrovertible dick. Who the hell does that to their kid, or the rest of their family for that matter? I have someone who behaves that way in my life, who's just a hair trigger, fit pitching hypocrite. Uh, your daughter just got cheated on so it's okay to scream at her and make her feel like garbage? Just because you're concerned about your family's honor? Fuck that guy. It was good to see Gai doing damage control and his talk with Kakashi. Also, Kakashi got a boyfriend. I can't be mad about it, though I never thought much about the potential pairing. Tenzo seems like a good balance for him, honestly. Kakashi is more invested in the lives of friends, family, students, and most people in Leaf now that he's opened himself up. It makes me wonder how he'll react to Rin and Obito coming home.
fiveflyingsquirrels chapter 53 . 6/19
May I say that your poem selection really sets the mood for the chapter? We are in, or rather, pretty close to Hidden Mist with Zabuza and get some history on the area, as well as a glimpse of Zabuza’s past pertaining to it. Then BAM. Zabuza’s grandma shows up which was truly delightful and I don’t know why I didn’t expect her to have the master scroll for the seven’s swords, but it was still highly entertaining to watch her grandson lose his shit over it. And it’s sweet Haku who negotiates with her and is freed from Honesuki’s spider web AND she gives the 7 swords scroll to him HOLY SHIT that was also great and unexpected. I kept loling over Zabuza’s tantrum, however we get a clear view of the rift between him and his grandma. She seems like a very honorable and tough ninja, and she can’t stand the fact that her grandson is a runaway rogue who never appreciated his family. When she beats on Zabuza, I can see where the resemblance lies with these two! That brief scuffle was a great addition and we witness Haku use the real Nuibari sword for the first time. Omg I was gasping, very exciting stuff. But then I had to give my computer screen skeptical side eye when Gamakichi suddenly appeared, and like Haku it took me a bit to understand that ZABUZA SUMMONED A TOAD. WHAT EVEN?! What is this story…? It’s just a bonanza of twists and fun and I can’t handle it. It makes sense based on the fact that Zabuza is contracted for work under Jiraiya who did say to Zabuza, “You could use a few new tricks. How about some of mine?” I remember that line! Yet I didn’t actually think one of the shittiest human beings of all time would be given the Toad Contract, so we are officially in uncharted territory. Can’t wait to see what you do with that!

Then we take it down a notch in Hidden Leaf, getting a front and center view of Kakashi’s life as he agonizes over Sato’s (possibly) suicidal comments and overlap with the loss of Sakumo. Sato’s pain is just terrible and so relatable. I hope he pulls through. Not gonna lie, though it saddens me to see Sato suffer, I think this is a brilliant way to develop Kakashi’s character too. He looks back on his mistakes, missed opportunities, and regret over losing his dad. He tries to do something, though irrationally, that might prevent Sato from hurting himself. And I LOVED the scene with Gai as they discuss the turmoil in the Maito family and Gai proves what a true friend he is. He really wants to look after his friends and Kakashi is so grateful to him. It brought a tear to me eye. You write these characters so beautifully. BUT. Let’s get to the heart of the matter, shall we? Tenzo is also featured in this chapter and you’ve been dropping hints for a while…but Tenzo helps Kakashi out during his “freak out” and later discusses the past and admits his feelings! So there was some unresolved romantic tension between them after all, and Kakashi may have mistakenly thought Tenzo took interest in a woman when they first started getting together? It’s not explicitly clear what drove them apart, but whatever! Because it was an amazing scene as they hash it out and are silly beans like usual, Kakashi admits to his faults and then also admits that Tenzo is the only person he loves romantically. Tenzo’s flustered reaction was precious. I am very satisfied. I was hoping you’d take the plot this way and you did so thank you! You have a lot of hetero relationships in this fic, however both Haku and Zabuza seem to be bi-sexual based on context clues, and though Tenzo is specifically gay as he says he is…Kakashi doesn’t identify as any one thing? He always was kind of a leaf in the wind, pun intended. Maybe pansexual? Not that it matters, because he’s kissing his boyfriend now. It’s wonderful. Again, whatever is around the corner is going to be a great read I know it.
ta.shrivastava chapter 53 . 6/16
This chapter shows what’s the actual life of a shinobi is like. Through Kakashi’s prospective of course!

I really liked what you did with this chapter. You’ve covered the things which the actual show could never do so, (but hinted quite blatantly.) as always, waiting for the next chapter. From the title, I think there will be something international in that one. (I can hope that I am right.)
Red Wings chapter 53 . 6/15
Oh my GOD.

Haku fighting Zabuza's grandma like that-! My boy has grown up so well! I feel bad for Zabs, but then the way he treats his only living blood relative like that deserves the same treatment. I thought Wong Leung was the only bad*ss senior citizen here (along with Chiyo-baasama), but with this new OC of yours, I am completely in AWE of your characters! Let's recount again just how talented my Haku is: proficient Hyoton user, medical nin (he even has Tsunade's Byakugou seal!), wielder of Nuibari (my favorite Mist sword!), and also, wielder of a special elemental fan that deals out Fuuton like nothing! ::gasp:: He'll be able to go toe-to-toe with any of the Akatsuki soon! But first, dealing with Zabs and spearheading the Mist revolution to overthrow Akatsuki. Good thing Gamakichi was able to help out; go Zabs! You're learning how to be human and help others!

::sigh:: Poor Sato. I really hope he doesn't go the way his grandfather went. Kakashi and Tenzo were good to stop by his apartment to suicide-proof it. I'm sure Tama yelled at Ino a good while and told off some of the villagers sticking their nose into her (and Sato's) private business, but what good does that do when everyone, and her terrible father, are punishing Sato without her say-so? The only one who can be angry at Sato is her! I think Tama needs to let them know that.

Damn. Gai is just that good a guy. Pun intended. Stopping his brother from doing anything worse must've taken a toll on him, too. I hope he's helping to shield Miako as well from Ken; this guy just doesn't stop. He needs to take some counseling more than Sato - but then his own problems need to be examined and needs to be admitted. Only after a good confrontation and dressing down, of course. But who'll do that? Ken is all about saving face and keeping appearances. Who could take him down a peg or two, if not Gai?

Wow. I'm surprised you put Kakashi and Tenzo together like that. Kakashi always seemed asexual to me, and Tenzo career-oriented. But whatever. I'm not too interested in these two the way I am with the other couples in the story.

Now that Tama and Sato are not together, will you have new characters be their new love interests? Give them time to grow and experience as people, as they've never had anyone else but each other? Sato could look after her happiness the way he never has and become a better person, and Tama could still be friend with him, and they can still be in each other's lives, if not together 4eva like Naruto and Hinata will be (and Gaara and Sakura!).

This was a very good length to read! I love the story and I hope you keep up the good work!
dreaddragonknight chapter 53 . 6/14
god damn, one thing you totally nailed from cannon is the universe shitting on Kakashi and yet making things sort of ok... ish? i personally don't ship Kakashi with anyone simply because I figured he was peacefully (for him) single/ just uninterested in it

good chapter, i managed to remember the stuff that happened last chapter for once and so didn't need to skim over it to refresh myself
franzaustria chapter 53 . 6/14
Trash. Kys
codebreakerofcodes chapter 53 . 6/14
yes that was perfect... now why the hell can't they declare that in the manga or anime... for real man toh! they even have an entire filler for the two of them... it's so obvious
Red Wings chapter 52 . 6/9
D*mn. That was a wallop of a chapter.

For Tama to have found out about Sato's one-night stand like stomach just dropped. I feel bad for her and Sato. What is it with these other shinobi and non-shinobi villagers who think they have a right to gossip about someone else's business? No doubt Ken will be gunning for Sato now. Sato will need all the support he can get from the friends who still believe in him to stand against this man. Though...for Ino to have blabbed like that and for it to have spread so quickly...I thought that Sakura or her teammates Shika and Chouji, would've stopped her from spreading the story. Tama, too, as she doesn't want her own business being talked about like that. Could it be...that psychiatrist that Sato has been seeing? While she may have a code of confidentiality, she may not be so upright and moral. Not all doctors and therapists are.

Yup, Tama, that was pretty stupid. You know your father better than anyone (besides your mother). Now he'll know the truth from all these gossipmongers. Should've come up with a more concrete story than just 'I'm single again'. Good thing she had that talk with Kiba. And wow, Kiba is really the Naruto here, even giving really sage advice. I'm so proud of him!

I'm glad that Kakashi has some new puppies to help him through his grief. He'll definitely protect them better. With Tenzo there...

At least Sato feel bad for what he did to Tama. Once he has the time and space, he should write to Tama (if he can't get close, since nearly everyone is giving him the cold shoulder) that she's absolutely right, that he was a stupid, reckless fool, and that he wishes her all the happiness in the world. He can also add in that he'll do his best to be a better person, if not a friend to her if she doesn't want him like that, and that he'll be the one to look after her happiness this time, because he'll make sure no other guy does that to her what he did. That could make her feel a bit better. Then they can move on with their lives. Meet other people and maybe even explore other options. Now that they're free of the engagement, they can.

I wish these two happiness, even if it is not with each other.

Thank you for these chapters! This one was particularly heart-wrenching in a good way.
Red Wings chapter 51 . 6/8
Two monstrous chapters. I took me a long time to get through this one. But it was GOOD, and I knew it would be worth it.

LOLZ Naruto-Gaara interaction. Now that they're back together again, it's just like Ye Good Old Days with these boys (of Jiraiya's; Haku is missing, but hey, he'll be back soon, right?). That Naruto is annoying Gaara during the Kazekage's paperwork (and finding rats in his own council, no less!) is just so THEM. Thank you for this most heartwarming, humorous treat!

I love Naruto/Hinata! They are my favorite couple. It's so perfect the way Hinata can chat with him via the MS Byakugan's version of Skype. Am now awaiting the smut scene with them. ::fingers crossed::

With Tenten and Lee, we learn a lot more from their background. Did I mention I admire the way you drew from real world cultures and made them Chinese? It's a treat to see Wong Leung again, however short a cameo. Please show him off more! I'm glad that Neji respects him and admires him enough to get him that property space for his new Wushu school. Wong Leung will definitely love giving him more intensive, brutal training. Because that is the way this Grandpa loves. Old school style.

I haven't yet missed Fujita's little crush on Fu. It's so cute! I hope all goes well for him. Loved the scene with Tenten and her adopted family of Branch Hyuuga. They get along so well. Hopefully, Tenten will get around to telling them more about her background. They do deserve to know about Huo; they shouldn't find out the hard way. I'm glad that Tsunade told her hard truth, too, so it'll mobilize Tenten into protecting her new family and boyfriend/future husband. While I enjoyed your expanding the Narutoverse more widely with more cultures from RL, I never was able to see the connection between Tenten's family and clan background to the overall story. Canonverse, we have ninja, who get their powers from an alien being and fruit. Kishimoto does not do anything really with the actual inhabitants of the world. You do, beautifully - first by introducing Tenten's clan in bits and pieces, then Lee being bilingual and having a grandfather who is a wizened 80 year old Wushu master who looks down upon Taijutsu but is very honorable and respectable (and will kick your ass, as Neji was made to experience), then the mention of special weapons and Tao Arts. Yin? Yang? Of course Kishimoto had thought of this, but Tao Arts? Of COURSE their is connection! I'm sorry for being so slow; lately, I've been obsessed with other fandoms and scrabbling to catch up to other things and work, but that is no excuse NOT to keep reading this!

The people of the Naruto world originally would have had their own version of magic, er, how to use their energy and the energy surrounding them. Ninjutsu came way later, and is not natural to them. No wonder Wong Leung was so inimical to the 'heathen Wushu' around him. Takaharu had it rough as a kid, but he persevered and became one of the best Konoha ninja. Will we get to see flashbacks of him and Minato and their fellow contemporaries interacting? I hope so! (Btw, Neji scored positive GOE with what he said about Tenten's father! He's really becoming a good boyfriend!)

Oooof, Tenten can Shadow Step? Wow. With Hinata being able to obtain (or awaken) the MS Byakugan, Tenten will be able to keep up with her! These two girls...SQUEE! I LOVE THEM! (Please power up the other Konoha Rookies too. Would like to see what Shika, Ino and Chouji can do!)

I'm sorry it's been so long. There are so many things I gotta watch in terms of anime (Card Captor Clear Card, Slayers Revolution, Ancient Magus' Bride, etc.), it's hard for me to get back into Naruto (Boruto I've dropped off of, but might watch some later episodes if some capture my attention). I'm still following this fic!
logo310 chapter 52 . 5/20
u have to post U HAVE TO! or people will die plsssssss Mr tigerowel plzzzz post soon
jerniman chapter 52 . 5/20
Wow, that's about all I can say. Fantastically written, another awesome addition to an epic story, very detailed and hard hitting in 'consequences of ones actions' department. Very raw and very real.
Guest chapter 52 . 5/15
Sato said he thinks he's overstayed his welcome in life. That's like the saddest thing I have ever read
PhenioxMaster chapter 50 . 5/13
Will Fū live cause please FŪ IS TO AMAZING TO DIEEEE D:
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