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Morlin chapter 49 . 1/7
"There was something about him so intangibly captivating," I chuckled at that.

After the tidal wave of action drama last chapter this one was quite a nice breath of fresh air with a multitude of slower but equally interesting scenes.

Haburo might be more than a stuck up, old asshole with a stick shoved up himself. Layered characterizations is always nice. And I very much enjoyed his and Hinata's interactions as they confered about scummy Root (they and Danzo are the villains I dislike the most in the original series so screw them). You're weaving a lot of characters into this Root/Dintei Bi subplot and I'm very glad that Hinata might get involved with it as well. At the same time it worries me since it seems a lot darker than the fantastical battles against the Akatsuki (even though those are also frought with death and destruction).

It's great that Menma survived and you did a solid job of capturing Matsuri's despair and kept me guessing and wondering until they bumped into each other. I just want all the happiness for our little mouse, and Menma is an acceptable prospect for her.

The extended section of Rin dragging Obito's ass to safety and the two regaining their strength made for a nice and thoughtful examination of the risks and rewards for their possible future. I am excited about them finally getting more frequent interactions with the rest of the cast (especially Kakashi and Sato), but you make a solid reasoning for how this'll uplift their lives, which means that I can't fully understand where this will all be going, which in turn is naturally one of the things I love about this story. Man, every time you make it clear that Obito doesn't know about the Uchiha massacre I feel bad for him. Ooh, this probably means that they'll be involved in the Root plot as well. That'll be fun and terrifying.

I felt real bad for Yuma when Rin refused to play nice with his irresponsible contact with "Kirin", even if it makes sense from her perspective (I myself would crumble instantly at the crying Yuma). It's an unexpected subversion for me and has kinda stuck with me. "Kirin's" agenda remains somewhat muddled at this point. He's clearly doing his job, minus a lot of the stealth that Orochimaru was probably expecting out of him, and we haven't seen what's going through his head in a while. And nobody is taking into consideration how he'll feel about the move. That's kinda rude. Jokes aside, as a person who firmly has Sasuke as his favourite Uchiha in the canon (because the rest of them are all awful) I am delight and intrigued by what kind of developments this'll have for him.

Always nice to see the leaf jounin getting in on the action, even if several dogos got killed. I hope Koinyu gets his ass kicked some more and brought into prison (but I shan't expect that they'll catch him). Other than that, the main thing I picked up on here is that there might be something more than platonic between Kakashi and Tenzo. I might just be reading to much into that though.

Belated happy new year and thank you for continuing this complex and well-written story. I may not always review on time but I will always review eventually.
Morlin chapter 48 . 12/31/2017
Ho dear, that was a nail biter.

Pain is still my favourite all around Naruto antagonist and I've always found his split bodies gimmick to be a fun challenge for the good guys. You did exceptionally in portraying their power and the overall dizzying effects of fighting the Six Path of Pain. I'll chalk up the general (and relative) success of the somewhat ecclectic resistance he was face with to the fact that unlike Konoha in canon, these guys were prepared for him coming (though not necessarily his abilities) and that they took out his party medic. But the general asswhupping his tossed out was a great pleasure for the part of me that kinda roots for certain villains even though it shouldn't. It'll be interesting to see how Pain deals with his opponents now that his style has been revealed to a greater number of opponents.

I loved that Kankuro got plenty of action as the general commander in charge of the allied shinobi in this chapter. Dude is so often pushed to the sidelines compared to his siblings in fanfiction, so I'm always glad whenever the dude gets to shine. I was actually worried that he wouldn't make it out alive this time so it was pleasant sense of relief that he was ok by the end and writing nice letters to his brother.

Poor Utakata on the other hand. He kinda needed to lose for Pain to maintain his villain cred, and it has me really damn hooked for the story. But it was still painful to see him go through his inner turmoil and decide to help his new home and then get beat down in preperation for his own painful death. But at least he managed to protect the village so there's a silver lining to his sacrifice... which makes it very similar to the outcome of Gaara's battle with Deidara in the canon series I just realised. Might just be a coincidence, but still.

There's a chance to save Utakata, but his death is maybe somewhat required for story progress. So it'll be interesting and nerve wrecking to see how this all pans out.

Obito's struggle under the rubble was so heart renderingly sad that I didn't realise it was the perfect opportunity to introduce his phasing abilities until it happened. Well done, you had me rational thinking completely hooked and fooled. And the further connection to Kakashi's sharingan just makes me want the two of them to meet up again. I'm kinda hoping that Obito will decide that this is the best time to take Rin and Yuma and high tail it to Konoha for safe keeping since that might be the best option for them at the moment.

Getting to see the aftermath of the battle against Pain in this chapter was a welcome bonus. It answered some lingering questions, and I will always appreciate seeing the characters focusing on acting rational in dire situations. It makes them that much more enjoyable and believable.

So all in all, this was a fantastic chapter with high stakes action focused on my favourite villain in the franchise and a number of side characters that you've managed to get me thoroughly engaged in. The good guys lost the fight and things look bleak, but all hope isn't lost yet as the story moves into a big new stage.

Have I mentioned how fucking fantastic this story is and how much I love it? Because it really is and I really do.
Morlin chapter 47 . 12/31/2017
Oh dear lordy lord, that was charming as all hell.

First of all, I love this official introduction of Fū. In terms of character designs she's easily my favourite of the known jinchuuriki, and the personality she was given in the anime was a blast so I'm glad you went with that interpretation. She paired off really well with Naruto and Fujita, and it was just generally nice to see the team work so well together with only so minor oddities. You did really nicely in make everybody feel relevant for the exam with Fū's natural abilities coming into play, Fujita playing a nice supportive role and Naruto acting as a seasoned team leader. Very nice.

And I am always a sucker for jinchuuriki and bijuu interaction. So even though it was brief getting Chomei to be all super chill and friendly in Kurama's grumpy face was very nice treat. Poor fox is probably super jealous that his brother is stuck inside a friend and hasn't had the same horrible deal he's been stuck with for a while. But it's sorta ok because Kurama has a crush on Hinata, and I am now picturing Kurama being mean and moody towards Hinata as a stupid school boy teasing his crush. It both precious and something he really should stop with. Silly fox.

So many chunin exams are interrupted or besiged with super drama and attacks, so it's nice to see one just fly by in a by the books type manner where the stand out moments are pleasant character interactions and smart strategizing rather than harrowing death battles (though naturally the showdown against Zeriko was exciting and fun to read).

But the most stand out moment of creative brilliance has to be the child panel for the final evaluation. They were adorable and hilarious. You fully managed to capture how little kids behave when they're trying to be helpful and adult with boring grown up tasks. I just smiled like a loon from the moment they were intoduced all the way to the end of the chapter. It was absolutely amazing. That sequence was so well done that I'll probably forgive you for the carnage that's apparently about to commence. I might even just come back to re-read it just to lighten up aftwards.

A fantastic chapter this was. Just utterly delightful to read.
Morlin chapter 46 . 12/29/2017
Yay! Chapter with major Gaara-content. I am the happies! But it's also a conflicted happies because of Gaara's various emotional states throughout the chapter. I was kinda distraught when he and Temari just kept yelling at each other without trying to consider what the other one was saying (and I was somewhat disappointed that their reconciliation didn't get more focus as I was hoping for a cute scene with awkward sibling love, oh well). And when he and Naruto could just relax and talk about their love life and plans for the future I felt very at ease. Which is always a red flagg since it usually indicates that big crap is about to go down. I really felt the rush of tension as Jiraiya got the update about the Akatsuki's movements and plans, and whimpered as the characters tried to come with what to do but had to go without the most optimal choices for various reasons (cudos for making that feel realistic and well planned). So yeah, I was all up in every single scene with Gaara (not that I was less invested in the other scenes, but Gaara always adds to my interest).

And now everybody is rushing about in regards to Utakata and you've given him so many death flags with a baby and a happy home (I kinda hate how I've been so convinced that happy homes death flagg because of how frequent that trope is). You have my attention with this character and I care for hima and Hotaru and I hope he doesn't die. I also appreciate how the Akatsuki starting to move along with the other villains was woven into the general plot of the story. It adds a sense of natural urgency to everything.

Obito's shopping experience and misfortunes with the carrier pigeon handler where a nice touch to lift the mood somewhat after a few emotionally hectic turns.

It's going to be interesting to see how the sage able Naruto does in this upcoming exam. Keep up the great work.
jerniman chapter 49 . 12/27/2017
Despite the fate befalling the three ninken, another fantastic chapter.

Looking forward to the new year and the next chapter.
arsenicminds chapter 49 . 12/27/2017
owoaa im so ready for the next chapter,fast like kirin "
Morlin chapter 45 . 12/26/2017
Oh right, Zabuza is horrible and I now have a pressing urge to see Naruto and Gaara walk into town and beat the living shit out of him. But he is good for story tension and this does shake things up for Haku. ...still really want somebody to beat up Zabuza more.

Nitty gritty violence is always fun and heart wrenching and I felt really bad for Temari's underqualified team. Haku's assassination attempt was so satisfying that I was actually quite disappointed that Zabuza survived it. And the final brawl had a nice sense of desperation and lack of fucks given. So overall, I was very engaged with the action sequences in this chapter. Fucking fantastic job there.

Oh and, Kakima is amazing. Wicked sense of humor and seems to have a solid sense of awareness. I am now concerned that she will die as she lacks main character status and we're getting into dangerous corruption based story territory. It's about time we went deeper into the Dintei Bi subplot and his connection with Danzo, Tenten and others. Tsunade's meeting with the Sarutobis did a great job of setting things up for a chilling conflict.

Then we get a brief idea what the Akatsuki are up to. The assault on Gaara won't happen until after the exams (and by then there should be plenty of new elements around to make the situation play out differently than in the manga). And Pain is headed towards the Tide village, that alone is plenty worrying. But it's nice to see the Akatsuki starting to move along as well and I can't help but wonder if the other Jinchuuriki will attempt to gather should one of them be abducted, at least I can hope for that in this universe. I always missed that in the main series.

This was kind of a villain centric chapter in this regard. We got updates on all of them, except for Orochimaru, and they in turn are getting busy. Excellent chapter with the promise of much more to look forward to.
Morlin chapter 44 . 12/26/2017
Consensual sexy times are sexy. But I am always a bit uncertain how to review these kinds of chapters, so I'll just be very to the point with it. The level of care and detail you put into the Neji/Tenten scene manages to capture both the realistic awe and awkwardness of the situations while at the same time conveying the romantic and spontaneous sensation of the act. It also marks a clear progression with our dear grouch and weapon mistress that feels genuine.

At the same time, I appreciate that you don't avoid or ignore the complications of the aftermath. The scene with Sakura and Ino afterwards had me chuckling and smirking a bit more than it should to be honest. The sex was hot and romantic, but also kinda dumb.

I always enjoy the village politics sections in this fic as well. So Tsunade's meeting with the Tide people was a nice short follow up. The Tide's success story does make me smile and it's nice to see the villages acting as a greater community.

Grumpy Gaara is always cute and his scene with Temari works really in setting up a potentially dire situation to come. Can Temari get a win out of the Haku search with a B-team and douchebag Mist nin (Zabuza included) milling about? Looking forward to where that arc that goes.

A solid, romantic and funny chapter this was. Full of lovingly crafted details and adult feelings, both good and bad. The little shinobi are really growing up.
Morlin chapter 43 . 12/25/2017
Loads of plot progressions here.

Sato and Tama are taking great strides towards becoming an adult independent couple, and I am happy for them. But the lingering knowledge about Sato's infidelity puts some uncertainty about the situation. Part of me thinks that Tama deserves to know the truth, but they're so happy now and Sato clearly has no intention of making such a mistake ever again so... Tama totally needs to know. Their happiness is tainted and it makes the situation very engaging.

But my favourite part with this chapter was probably the beginning of the Zabuza rehabilitation plan. Through the ever potent means of shouting Haku and Zabuza's relationship has reached its next step, picturing Zabuza of all people trying to be good is very amusing. The scene had a good flow to it and took an overall different turn from what I was expecting for such a breaking point for Haku.

And I can't help but feel bad for Kiba. Dude is very relateable in his loneliness and I wish him all the best, and for him and Karui to hook up. It just makes tons of sense somehow.

Beyond that, catching up with grumpy sand siblings, seeing Hinata and Kurama settle on some terms for their meetings and getting more insight into Naruto's musing makes for a very solid chapter all in all.
Morlin chapter 42 . 12/25/2017
It's difficult to decide what my favourite part of this chapter is. The very amusing and surprisingly fist-pumping meeting Tenten and Hideyasu had with Haburo and the Taketori's, or Hinata's cautious first meeting with Kurama (an avenue I foolishly hadn't expected with her newfound power).

The meeting has the benefit of Haburo being outplayed by Tenten and Hideyasu's impromptu acting (very funny) and get ethics-shamed by Kitano (which was the fist-pumping part). It is also potentially very effective in accelerating the "dealing-with-the-Hyuga-elders-messing-around-with-Neji's-life" subplot, which I must admit was dreading a bit but now I am decidedly looking forward for the rest of it to play out. Well done.

The Hinata/Kurama meeting on the other is another excellent showcase of how you implement the greater Naruto lore (that was made up after the main story was over and only really mattered in one decent and deliciously cheesy movie) into your greater story arc, and I'm all about that. They also played off each other really well with Hinata being kind while still standing her ground and Kurama being understandably suspicious and cynical but still relenting somewhat because he's lonely. Due to their unexpected dynamic and the promise of Hinata learning more about her moon ancestors I am very excited about this subplot as well.

So both included elements that were unexpected and engaging, and both has me eagerly anticipating the next parts of these particular storylines. ...I'll call it a draw for this time.

Other parts I really enjoyed were seeing how Tenten's adoption came about (a very entertaining case of light clan), Naruto becoming a sage (it's always great to see characters achieve things they've worked hard for) and Obito finding some kind of weird truce with Sasuke (unknowing family tolerance FTW). All of it wrapped in your usual care with character portrayals and interactions.

A very nice chapter.

...WHAT DO YOU MEAN NARUTO HAS TO KNOW LOSS! Now I'm worried. Stupid toad elder predicting the future!
Connington chapter 49 . 12/21/2017
Hold on a second, did I just see that? It is clear that Kakashi is weakened and emotionally compromised at the end of this chapter, but his exchange with Tenzo seems a little less platonic than what I would expect. Did that imply that they were romantically involved at some point? Not to make a big deal of it, but if so that is amazing. I think it would be the first (positive) non-hetero relationship in this fic, so I am getting really stoked and hoping that is where you take it! Kakashi and Tenzo are a good match, and previous chapters have hinted that they are very close. And I just loved how he totally understood how Kakashi felt and knew how to take care of the dog pack. So sad those ninken died though. : ( That’s just brutal. I have not yet read a fic that lets this happen to Kakashi. Though it definitely proves how much of a SHIT that Bi servant guy is, and sucks that he can use some Tao Arts.

So much going on in this chapter! Glad Menma is okay. The Hyuga clan scene was interesting and sets the stage for a conflict with Root. So is Haburo saying that Danzo might want Hinata’s eyes. Holy fuck. Theoretically, he could take them since she bears no seal. Also, it seems like Haburo has a speech restriction seal so he can’t speak about Danzo. I am pretty sure that is the case. Which is nuts, because that’s one of the higher ups of the Hyuga clan being subjugated by a village official. WTF? Is that why Haburo always warns Hyuga kids about not making the mistakes the Uchiha did? Because he’s worried that Danzo will give the order to wipe them out? Now that Neji and Hinata are stronger than ever, the old Root bastard might feel threatened by them, or expect Hyuga supremacy in hidden leaf.

Plus, everything with Rin and Obito was great. LOL Yuma met Kirin a.k.a Sasuke. What the heck are you gonna do with that?! I am in suspense.
ta.shrivastava chapter 49 . 12/21/2017
Before I begin with my usual thoughts about chapter, I have to say the following:

Doggone it.

What a amusing new word I have learned today, and people said that you won’t learn anything from internet.

Ahem. Lets start with chapter thoughts now. I like what you did whenever the main character is not present, that there is always some mention of him/her. That way, their shadow can be felt across the story.

Now it is natural that I have never lived in a city, town, or a country which just has come out of war, but the situation in tighd probably would look like that.

Root is also becoming active, but it is never a good news. Whenever they become active in a story, no matter which I am reading, they always cause too many problems.

I am not sure what the dentei’s group can do with the dead bodies, since Kabuto and Orochimaru are the only one who have displayed any use for them. Though they probably use some tao art, probably.

Looking forward to next chapter, and just from the title alone it will feature Naruto.
dreaddragonknight chapter 49 . 12/20/2017
good chapter loved the moments, i thought throughout the time reading the section that something was about to happen to Obito and Rin. Also damn dude killing off ANY of Kakashi's dogs? as someone who is a dog person i have to say not cool ;_;

glad to see the fic lives and continues to be of high quality writing
SpicyWifey chapter 49 . 12/20/2017
Ohhh wow. Its so crazy that I was rereading Forlorn when the update for this popped up in my inbox.

I'm so curious as to what is going on with Haburo. And even though he seems like he has good intentions, ripping up Hinata's recommendation letter was kind of cruel. He could have at least saved it until the time was right. Not tear it to shreds. Also wondering why he couldnt speak. I wonder if he is secretly in Root and has that tattoo thing they get on their tongue. Hmmmm...

Missed Naurto in this chapter but I'm glad we got to see whats been going on with Hinata! :)

Can't wait to see what happens next!
eeveetheimmortal chapter 45 . 11/29/2017
calling it now Haku mizukage
gaara kazekage
Naruto hokage by the end of this story mark my words, MARK THEM DARN YOU!
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