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imnotadriana chapter 40 . 1/17
YO i love Wong leung's attitude and his nickname for Neji: Kitten-Paw it suits him ahh AND OH MY GODS, kURAMA BABY this chapter was beautiful. showed our human side,in my opinion, our fragility and craving for human contact. can't wait for the next chapter
Tristan chapter 40 . 1/15
Please update soon. This is by far one of the best fanfics I have ever read. And one question: Is Hinata's Misago Byakugan really the Tenseigan just under a different name? Because that would be freaky lit as heck!
niklashuebler64 chapter 40 . 1/11
Nice chapter as always :)
This is one of the better fanfics I have read so far
Keep the good work up!
Red Wings chapter 40 . 1/7
Wow. Just wow.

Hyuuga Haburo is really a bastard. A Magnificent, cunning, evil bastard, for sure. To threaten to do that to his own grandchildren...

Neji now knows that being heir to the clan isn't all that's cracked up to be. Just when we thought things were going great with Hiashi, it turns out that not even the head of the clan can help him. I really liked how you explore this side of the Hyuuga clan's inner workings, their politics and all the rules governing them. In canon, there isn't much that's done with them, but you extrapolate very well to your advantage. There's more to the Hyuuga clan than mere 'Main' and 'Branch' house. I always thought there was more to it than that. Hiashi may be Clan Head now, but how he got there...well, if it was decided that Hizashi had more talent than his older brother (by a few minutes!), then Hinata and Hanabi would be in the Branch, and Neji in the Main House. But it doesn't matter when the elders, a shadowy, powerful council with influence, can place their own sons and daughters in whatever place they like.

Being heir or Head of the clan doesn't matter. They're just figureheads. What matters is what the Elders want, and Haburo wants the Hyuuga traditions to be upheld. Neji has a long road of obstacles ahead of him. Good thing Lee is there for him. Wong Leung is awesome! Gotta feel for Lee and Grandpa, cuz Wan Kam is a real douchebag. Ironic though, that Lee did become a martial art the Tournament. Neji is a genius, so he will definitely find a way to change the Hyuuga and smack Haburo in the face for all that he's done to the family.

It's nice how you introduce other members of the Hyuuga. They're not just faceless Souke or Bunke members - they have their own stories and character. So there is a Main Branch woman who was sealed and put into the Branch for her disobedience, eh? But she's happy where she is. It's good that Neji is reaching out, talking to his other clan members, and doing what Hinata would definitely do.

Though, blaming his dead father for his lot in life is rather disrespectful. I get that Neji is upset because of what Haburo had told him, but Hizashi only wanted what was best for his son. Neji just needs to think about how to prioritize and handle his problems one at a time, when he can and where he can.

Naruto and Hinata together are so cute! And oh ho, they're on the verge of some long overdue exploration! At least they can talk to each other. Naruto is so mature, it's so sweet of him to think of his girlfriend and what's best for her and him. I do hope Naruto finishes training with the toads soon. And oh my, getting turned into a statue! Good thing that never happened in canon. Kurama is being such a jerk, but then, at this point, he still hates his host and everyone around him.

Interesting that Kinji, this new OC Toad Sage, was busting Kurama-controlled Naruto around like a boss. Poor Naruto...he'll feel that in the morning. Oh, so the Toad Elder knows about Rikudou Sennin? That is the 'Father' that Kurama is referring to, we know. Kurama has much affection for him, but he hates the world like an angry teenager right now. Though it's understandable.

Even Kinji has a backstory! Gotta enjoy these minor details. Kinji, for all his success with his theater, his mastery of Sage Arts, and his knowing Minato, doesn't want to see his parents? Suddenly, he seems more normal. So he's annoyed that his parents keep bugging him about not finding a wife to settle down with yet? Wimp. Just deal with it!

Thank you for this wonderful chapter. Keep up the good story!
DragonFire44 chapter 1 . 1/7
I feel like I'm missing stuff... in ur summary it says a continuation of Forlorn - so that means this is a sequel? I checked and there is no story called that.
I tried reading this anyway... but u have people ive never heard of before, and some could be made up characters. I ended up skipping sections... and well didn't make it past this chap...
I was put off when u introduced Rin as an Inzuka seeing as she's not one in the show... and all I kept thinking is I'd like to see Obito, and more about Rin/Obito. Though her having a child 'Yuma' was off putting. Anyway I just felt too lost in the story and sounds like I'm reading a sequel.
fiveflyingsquirrels chapter 40 . 1/6
Why are you TROLLING ME YOU EVIL AUTHOR? I was so happy that NejiTen was happening and looking forward to Neji’s leadership of the Hyuga clan and then this…this bobkes happens. Neji’s elder/great grandpa is a steaming pile of douche who completely rains on my happiness parade. He’s manipulated Hiashi and Neji into having no choice but to cooperate and limited their influence in the clan, threatened pretty much everyone, forced Neji to make a match in the Main House, etc.

Now I will say, it kind of does make sense for this type of conflict to rear its ugly head. Neji and Hinata have been riding high for a while in this fic and while I’ve gotten used to it, it’s about time for them to deal with some serious issues in their clan. Though heartbreaking, it WAS very interesting to see Neji go through the motions of processing his options and what is to come. The scene in the cemetery was moving and you did something that few fic authors do, with Neji assigning some blame on his father for his problems, whom he normally revers and considers faultless because of his sacrifice. That surprised me in a good way. Neji kind of gets a grip there and…hold on a minute. Who is the mystery person in the cemetery laying flowers on the grave of the Fourth Hokage? I think you dun slipped something crucial in there that we weren’t supposed to notice. Explain! Who was/is that character? Gah.

I was crushed while reading Wong Leung’s story about Lee’s father and how they arrived in the Fire Country. Cool too that Neji is beginning to understand another language, but man. This explains why Wong Leung was so strict with Lee. He was hurt badly and heartbroken by Wan Kam, who was an incredible a-hole who abandoned his father and son when business went awry. Lee has a wonderful grandpa and it was great to see Neji acknowledging and appreciating that. It kind of comes full circle when Neji is at home agonizing and doing nothing, and he has a talk with Lee. Lee is supposed to be here. For his friends. For Neji! You have officially obliterated my heart. I love how you’ve made these characters so close and relatable. Lee will help him through this.

Tenten is still unaware of the insanity that is going on, and I question Neji arriving at his choice to join the Branch before speaking to her, but…it’s obvious he decided on that because he loves her. Can’t fault him for that. But he’s right! She would argue the point with him and try to make him reconsider, based on her no-nonsense, tough attitude. I know it’d break her heart to lose Neji, but she’d still want what’s best for him. I cannot wait to see what you have planned now, because I honestly have no clue what Neji is going to do, what Tenten will say, how everyone will react, how Naruto will feel about it…all of that. It’ll be crazy. I am bracing for it.

Then on Mount Myoboku Naruto and Hinata get a little too close with her overlaying ability. I quite enjoyed that! They are precious sunshine children who want to respect each other and are painfully polite, but I’ll say I am ready for them to get naughty. Better still when Naruto comes home so they can be a little bolder. I have got to admit that I did NOT see it coming when Naruto turned into a toad statue. I kind of shook my laptop like, wut? Did I read that right? Yeah no. He turned to rock and Pa, Ma, and Jiraiya lose their minds for a minute, but the unlikely savior is Kurama, who staves off the effects of natural chakra! Phew!

Except that Kurama takes over and hilariously fucks around the valley while being squashed by natural energy atmosphere. When Jiraiya muttered “hot shit on a shovel” I lost it. You also used this opportunity to introduce Ma and Pa’s child, Kinji, who is ALSO a Toad Sage. Makes sense they have a kid because they’re like hundreds of years old and have been married for about that long. Kinji is interesting. Actually he’s very entertaining and I did hear the NY accent you were going for. Lol That was a great little fight scene and the Great Toad elder breaks it up. Oh! So Kinji was a friend to Minato back in the day? Gosh I love this story. Give me more soon!
SpicyWifey chapter 40 . 1/5
Whoa can't wait to see how Neji's decision will play out.

Lolol it was soo funny what happened to Naruto while he and Hinata were chilling least she was chilling in his head, but omg! I was laughing so much, I really enjoyed reading that. You write Naruto's personality so precise lol I could always literally imagine him doing or saying something that he does here. He is the most entertaining to read... well probably because all the funny stuff happens when he is around lol

And then here comes Kurama lol I love how he contemplated whether it was even worth it to become free lolol!
Brightheart10 chapter 40 . 1/5
Short but good!
LordGraygem chapter 40 . 1/5
For all the time and amazing work you put into this story, rolling steadily onward to 1,000,000 words, it's a freaking shame that it doesn't have more followers, favorites, and reviews than it does.

Kurama's whole bit had me rolling though. Pruneballs...
dyew14 chapter 39 . 12/29/2016
It's bitter-sweet to be caught up. On one hand, I'm completely ready for the next chapter release. On the other, I can't binge read what I've missed. Keep up the good work, post soon, or as soon as you can.
samsaraknight chapter 39 . 12/23/2016
My Christmas wishlist for this fanfic:
1)Let Tama recover then get her and Sato together officially, get hitched, move in, whatevs because the chemistry and romance is hinting at it so I damn well better get that satisfaction. Plz
2)More Naruto and Haku, or in some way get them back to Leaf? Sage Training has to be wrapping up soon. It’s kind of killing me can I get a PM if you can share the ETA? I will never quit this fic, but I need that light at the end of the amazing exposition tunnel. Honestly I do like all the other character storylines, how can one not?
3)Will Sakura go to hidden sand? Will there be more smut? Give us the payoff TO. I don’t read much smut, but here the sex scenes are just too good to skip. Not sorry
4)Damn Neji and Tenten are making strides forward. Wanna see where their efforts bring them and if Tenten is as good as a Hyuga at this point? Tread carefully but the girl should be set
5)Villains. What they doin? It’s awfully quiet and that is suspicious
6)Always love some NaruHina you can’t go wrong with that, mix it in anytime
7)You hint that Kakashi could get more development and whenever he shows up he is boss. The whole Obito and Rin are alive and have a kid scenario will fuck with him big time and I can’t wait to see that blowup!
8)Marry me. Just thought I’d throw it out there but I love how you write and you seem like are cool even when you’re not an author. Too bad your profile says you’re getting hitched but if that changes hit me up. JK but not really jk
fiveflyingsquirrels chapter 39 . 12/23/2016
The length of this chapter was a perfect follow-up, almost like a slice of cake after an entrée! What a trip it is to prepare for an introduction with the Hyuga Clan! Tenten, of course, has no idea what to expect and is cramming in her etiquette studies.

It was so cute how Hinata was enthusiastic to help and was a learned professor in the arts, rallying the other kunoichi to help the effort as well. Methinks Tenten is smart and poised enough already to navigate this tricky situation, but she needed to build up confidence and her friends helped with that. The demands of the clan make it clear that not just anybody will be considered, but hold the phone! Huo said at the Tournament that Tenten’s father was a prince. Of the Sasagainu clan? You know, before he died anyway. So this suggests that she in her own right is kind of a big deal, but has no one left to vouch for her pedigree. On her own, she makes a great case for herself at dinner. Also, Tenten is a beauty. The girls did her up and turned her into some eye candy. Thank god Yugao had a nice furisode for her. Hayate’s reaction made me snicker too.

Noted: Kayato is an interesting character. She serves as a reflection, in some ways, of what Tenten can expect on this journey. The difference being that Hideyasu is an outgoing goofball and Neji is reserved, but the substance is mostly the same with clan politics. I enjoyed how she supported and prepared Tenten, and even shared some of her heartache with the girl. I adore Hideyasu’s family and though it’s not nice to say, it’s kind of glad that Hikune isn’t around anymore to fuck things up. This family unit works just fine with mom, dad, and sweet little Fujita who needs to work out more. Lol

So Neji is handsome AF dressed up in hakama (wish there was fanart for that) and he and Tenten just kinda gawk at each other looking good. Dinner is slightly nerve-racking but Tenten handles it and provides Hiashi with great answers. Hanabi does her little sister shtick and tries to get a rise out of Tenten and questions her feelings, but Tenten’s comeback was excellent. I like that Neji was put on the spot too. I’ll admit I worried when Hiashi dismissed all Byakugan-wielders at the table, but he ended up clarifying that he’s known Tenten all along! For now, all is well and uncle has approved. That’s got to be a relief for Neji and he was so sweet to Tenten at the end of the night. Ugh. I am a pile of mush.

Don’t know how to feel about your warning for the next chapter…could be that everything goes to hell in a handbasket, by the sound of it. I dearly hope Hyuga elders don’t step in and shit on this happiness. I am apprehensive. Please tigerowl have mercy. Oh! And Naruto is featured so what the heck could be going so wrong? Suspense!?
fiveflyingsquirrels chapter 38 . 12/23/2016
*throws down gifts and wrapping paper* I am getting my fix! Got so busy preparing for holidays that I just had to stop everything to read my favorite fic! On to the review.

There is something so deeply and touchingly emotional about these Sato and Tama scenes. Sato feels remorse for what’s happened to her and for not being loyal, and Tama was all “you can go if you want” when she assessed she is physically incapacitated. I don’t want to thank you for making me cry a little because of these two, but that happened. I am really rooting for them. Their love is so sweet even if it isn’t perfect. I also liked that Sato is respectful of Tama’s mother, even if he wasn’t respectful to the Hokage when he had his tantrum at the promotional meeting. . That doof.

Kakashi straightened him out of course. The “your face is stupid” scene cracked me up! And meeting Tama’s Academy peers was very interesting. I like how you show different generations, how they behave, and what they are doing in the village’s context. Whoa, there’s another Shimura ninja and he actually seems kind of nice? Very, very interesting. He gave Sato the title ‘White Wing of Konoha’ and oh my god I hope that goes down in history books. I love it.

Then we have Sakura. Oh Sakura. She is so sneaky and clever. Finishing work, avoiding her sensei, skirting around her parents, ready to enjoy her last night with the boyfriend! Those scenes were great. Her relationship with Gaara is the real deal and a serious investment. He loves her but he wants her to strive for change and put her brains to use! I died. I died when he talked about having kids with her. I don’t know if there has ever been dialogue in fanfiction that made me grin so hard. I am excited to see how their plans pan out! The flirting and eating and sex…pretty much a perfect mixture of cuteness and well-written, hot smut. *bows down* Putting the kibosh on their virginity officially confirms this couple’s activities and seriousness. Makes one wonder how Sasuke might react if he returns and finds out about it? He better not interfere or be a selfish a-hole about it. Who knows! Have to wait and see…

Things wrap up with Neji and Tenten training at the Hyuga Estate in the morning and forgetting themselves! Then Neji gets caught! By his uncle. Kissing his secret girlfriend. The “I’ll take my leave now and find a rock to hide under for the next forty years” quote made me snort. Oh man. I liked how Neji was swift in admitting it to Hiashi and pursuing legitimate means to date Tenten, but how will Tenten do at her introduction? Can’t wait! Thanks for a double update I’m off to binge read again!
Red Wings chapter 39 . 12/21/2016
Ah, this chapter is all Neji x Tenten.

I like the words you used when describing how-to-date-a-Hyuuga. Figures that clans, especially ones like the Hyuuga, bargain. They are after all the nobility in Konoha. Ino mentioned that the other clans do it too. So what, does that mean Ino and Shikamaru have to go through the same thing? We know that their fathers are friends. Of course, I don't think that Shikamaru would be allowed to take Ino anywhere cheap, though cloud-watching will most likely feature as part of their daily ritual. I would definitely like to see how that goes.

Cripes, no wonder Neji is so uptight. Being the heir doesn't mean he has it easy; if anything, he has it tougher than in canon. There will be a bunch of other obstacles in his way, and he's gonna need every bit of his genius and wit and cunning to stay ahead of the Elders. Hiashi seems a bit cooler than in canon. I always knew he'd approve of Tenten! After all, it's mainly thanks to her that Neji is the way he is now (well, her and Lee and Wong Leung). And it was so nice of all the Konoha kunoichi to help out Tenten, and Yuugao with that beautiful furisode! I actually have two dresses that I haven't worn in a while to formal events that are just hanging in my closet...

Hanabi is such a a little turd! But hey, I think she's just acting the part of annoying little sister/cousin. In her own way, she's looking out for Neji, too. The good thing about all this is that Tenten will have the approval of the Hyuuga clan leader and his immediate family. Tenten will definitely win the hearts of the Branch family, so it's really just those stuffy old coots of the Main House that she has to deal with. Neji and Hinata will help her definitely, and Hiashi will do as much as he can as well.

I really enjoyed the fluff and waffiness between Neji and Tenten. Rarely do we get to see his feathers so ruffled. He really loves Tenten to do all this. Hopefully, in time, Tenten will endure and win over the Hyuuga clan. Fight on, Tenten! You can do it!

Though...Huo and Iwagakure may just end up haunting her, and I have a feeling that some of those stuffy Hyuuga elders may learn of that, if they don't know already. Just some cracks that may split Neji and Tenten for a time, but hey, what's a relationship if you don't fight and learn to make amends?

Keep up the great writing! Next chapter sounds really ominous. At least this and the last chapter were upbeat and happy. I know I am!
dreaddragonknight chapter 39 . 12/21/2016
the amazing amount of detail u put into every bit of every chapter is awe inspiring
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