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Lost Feel chapter 25 . 5/29
you are amazing ! thank you so much for writing and sharing your work.
angelic charity chapter 25 . 5/23
It felt so short. _. Missed this. I have to go and read that again. Tenten is home yay! she was missed... and id have the scope on gaara and sakuras get together Please. Mr. Kazekage. *bites lip.* I want to see Naruto. Hes so silent and hav been for a while. It may be weird but i think Sato was meant to take Narutos place. He needs to finish learn about his parents. Anywaz good night.
Red Wings chapter 25 . 5/26
It seems that I'm late in reading the latest chapter. But that's ok, because the next one is coming up soon!

I feel bad for Haku and Temari. The scene between her and Pua was sweet and funny. Not even Temari is immune to cute, fluffy bunnies. As for Menma and Matsuri - I have a feeling they'll patch things up soon.

Ah, a breath of fresh air! Gai and Ken actually working together to deal with the Shibusawa clan's hired gang of thugs. What brotherly comradery! Even if they don't get along, like Gai said, the two do cooperate on to do what is necessary. Now THAT is teamwork. Neji, I hope you were watching that.

Speaking of Neji, he and Lee are really becoming BFFs. It's good that Neji is becoming a better person and friend, and appreciating what he has in Lee. The training with Wong Leung is fun to read through and very educational. Neji ought to be honored to have his butt kicked by such an esteemed master. And wow, Lee's parents were real nasty people, weren't they? Aww, Grandpa Leung! He praised Lee as a 'tremendous warrior' and that Lee is not broken at all. Oh, and Grandpa is actually calling Neji by his name instead of 'mouse-fart' or 'kitten'! Looks like it's not just Lee and Neji who are changing.

YES! Tenten is back with Team Gai! It had to happen sometime. That spar between Gai and Tenten was...well, I'm sure it would do Bruce Lee proud. And Neji actually took initiative and HUGGED HER! Seriously, you're giving me cavities.

Haku and Ranmaru make such good friends. Too bad Haku was found out by Zabs. It was bound to happen sometime. What was most unexpected was for Migawari to stand up to Zabuza and actually still have his head on his body after all he said to him! Crowning Moment of Awesome goes to Migawari for his bravery and courage to speak up and defend his students! And Haku gets to learn Medical Ninjutsu, so he'll be like a double major in healing and killing! Zabs, you gotta appreciate what you have in Haku.

Another Crowning Moment of Awesome goes to Ranmaru, for his simple goodness in giving his friend Haku the advice he needs on what to do with Temari. Who knew that such a minor character from a filler episode, and a child to boot, could be so wise? Ranmaru, you're my new favorite character.

Naruto learns more about his maternal lineage while he tries to stall in dealing with the Nine-Tails. It's very noble of him to not want to allow harm to come to anyone because of his prisoner, but he should learn how to strike a deal with Kurama. Sage arts are all well and good, but Naruto, you gotta make use with what you have. And he has a great source of power right inside of him that will go to waste if he doesn't realize it soon.

The Hyuuga elders are being pricks as usual, meddling in Neji and Hinata's lives. Stupid old geezers need to let them be. Once Naruto comes back, he won't stand for anyone trying to marry his girlfriend. And's clear who he's thinking of at the moment.

Oh wow. So Sai is going to be Sato's and Tama's new neighbor. That's a good match, really. The couple are friendly and can teach Sai the ropes in How-To-Be-A-Normal-Person within the Leaf village. LOL, the nicknames he gives Sato and Tama! At least they aren't offended in the least, and take it with gracefully. Sai will learn just how lucky he is in meeting these two! I can't wait to see how he nicknames the rest of the Rookies!

Thank you so much for continuing this wonderful fanfic. It's so much fun!

Gai is asking the same question that all parents ask their children (or in this case, his niece): When are you going to give me grandchildren? Such a deep question, isn't it. I love it.
Sabilize chapter 25 . 5/22
Clear sinuses here I come
Morlin chapter 24 . 5/23
Oh Sasuke, you sad sad bastard. That sequence was heart-wrenching and made for a good look into Sasuke's complex and bastard shaped heart and mind. It was captivating.

There was also lots of impressive world and character building material in this chapter what with all the things revealed about Tenten's clan and Neji's internal struggles. I am continually in awe with the quality of it all and it's pretty much the reason I love this fic.

And I do very much enjoy the continued use of mail correspondence as a means to have Naruto interact with the rest of the cast. It's simple but effective.

But Tsunade's political victory over Danzo was probably my favourite part. I never did like that guy and him getting embarrassed is always great to read. So thanks for that.

Onward to the next chapter.
fiveflyingsquirrels chapter 25 . 5/23
OMG! Where have you been? I missed you tiger! This was a great chapter! The focus stayed mainly with Team Gai, but sprinkled in some of Naruto and Haku's plots as well. We begin with Temari, who has everything under control in the Land of Waves, but does not know how to take Haku's "extending of the olive branch." It was cute how she was speaking to Pua! Aw!

Then, Neji and Lee bond some more while on a mission and training together. It was interesting how Gai's brother featured during the mission, at that Gai handled things so skillfully that his students did not need to intervene. And what's this? Wong Leung teaches Neji more and gives Lee and explanation for why he can't perform Ninjutsu. Holy crap that was a bombshell. In the series, we never learn exactly WHY Lee can't use jutsu, but your explanation, a birth defect, seems to ring true. Also, Lee sneezing on Neji during a combo-backbend gave me a big laugh. You've really made me love these too.

And the surprise that I saw coming! Hayate makes Tenten fight her "former" team, specifically: GAI. That was a curveball. Tenten can take on her sensei now! And it was an entertaining fight to boot. Thank you for reuniting the team, I couldn't take much more of them being apart. Looks like Tsunade is sending them on a weenie mission to get their feet wet. I thinks it's hilarious that she needs to aggressively advertise for the Chunin Exam, assuming no one will show up for it if they knew what happened last time. Get the kids on it.

It was cute to see Tama and Gai jogging together. Not to mention Gai's explanation for why he can't marry Kakashi, which, comically, had NOTHING to do with sexuality or anti-gay laws. Go figure! I don't know if this hints to romance or is just a joke directed at the Gai/Kakashi shippers. Either way I enjoyed it. Kakashi and Sato are great together, as usual. They've warmed up to each other and are acting like a real family unit now. So Kakashi did try to find Sato's father after his disappearance? That's a relief to hear? I bet that guy is still alive? What kind of drama can we expect from that!?

Oh Haku, you should know better than to fib to Zabuza...he caught the healing group in the act and put them on the spot! Good for Migawari standing up for his students. Something tells me Haku is inevitably going to get back in the habit of being a killing machine/outlaw at some point. And also, you are absolutely going to give him the Yin Seal. It only makes sense, considering that Migawari appreciates Haku and will trust him with the technique. THAT is something I look forward to seeing.

WHOA. Naruto learns about his mother! Well, Jiraiya does not specifically state what Naruto's relation is to Kushina, but they definitely have a lot in common! Can't wait to see the big reveal! How will Naruto react? Then we're back to Leaf...and Neji is once again dragged back to crankyville. His elders are assholes, and Hiashi and Hideyasu had been shielding him from their influence for as long as possible. However, now that Neji is of age (I am guessing 17 or 18 here? They seem older in your fic) he has no choice but to take up more responsibility. It'd be a shocker to see him suddenly saddled with the task of leading the clan, but I honestly don't want anything bad to happen to Hiashi. He is really looking out for his daughter and that is going to make a big difference in this story. Well done. And you old guys: leave Neji alone! He's going to marry Tenten. I am assuming. I just wonder how he is going to mentally arrive at the conclusion. LOL

And you wrapped it up with an adorable and funny scene featuring Sato and Tama, preparing to merge their lives together someday. They meet the new neighbor in the building: SAI! Sato is so nice, even if he busts peoples' chops. Tenzo was waiting in the dark apartment to do his typical schtick of lighting up his face with a flashlight. Thanks for including his weirdness. I know they're all going to get along swimmingly!

Hey, you said you have more material? POST. I want my next chapter!
Morlin chapter 23 . 5/23
I am ashamed to admit that I got to the Crash and the Boys reference before getting that this was a Scott Pilgrim homage. My honor will never recover!

This may be your funniest chapter ever. Even before the realisation that this is a Scott Pilgrim thing I had a blast reading it. The character interactions were incredibly amusing, Sanomune, Moritsune and Kim were so funny that I kinda wish they had their own spinoff show and the whole situation was just perfect for all kinds of gags and you used it to its full extent. Well done.

And you brought in Killer Bee! I love Killer Bee. That dude is amazing, one of the best characters in the series and it was great to see him, his horrible rapping and his badassness in this fic.

I also appreciated the continuation of the Kiba/Karui thing, I'm happy for Chouji in canon but that pairing made no sense.

Amazing chapter.
Morlin chapter 22 . 5/23
A smattering of brief, relatively so, and entertaining, very much so, situations make up for a delightful chapter.

There's brutal combat, evil scheming, friendly get togethers, light hearted and frustrating encounters with strangers and an insanely big tease for a Sasuke/Gaara showdown (seriously, you got my hopes way up with that one, meanie). It was all as expertly well written and well handled as I've come to expect of you, just like you probably expect me to be several months late with reviews but I digress.

I'm especially interested with Hinata's meeting with Kitano. I get the feeling that it'll be interesting where this friendly new alliance will go since it can go basically anywhere expect for the romantic route.

A very nice chapter.
wermssex chapter 1 . 4/25
I just finished Forlorn and the first chapter of Harbinger (almost felt like i was slogging through it trying to find hints of the center plot) and had just one question for you; is it by intention to almost completely ignore Naruto as a character in this chapter (in my experience trends set in first chapters tend to continue) or by necessity?
Terrazine chapter 14 . 4/4
Sakura's Dad just made a pun about making a pun! He is my new favourite character. And you are my new favourite person for writing that joke. Lets be friends!
Number66 chapter 24 . 3/21
I plowed through this story so far in a full day and I just wanted to say this is an incredible piece of work. The obito and sasuke chapters were some of the most tense and dramatic sections I have ever read. all of the characters are so well thought out in the story as are their relationships to one another even thought most of the main characters have not had interactions with another.

I love the action as well as the whole obito and Rin story and can not wait to see the fallout of were that is headed. keep up the great work.
angelic charity chapter 24 . 3/21
I enjoyed this chapter very much.

The look into Yuma and Obito's relationship was so heartfelt. I admired the father son relation, it was so adorable. I felt like Sasuke reading that scene, like a sad ghost. Wish i had that too; a loving father. :) Loved the way you played with Sasuke's emotions.(whilst also poking at mine) It seems like a game changer for sasuke to meet them. Maybe that would be the catalyst to make him a better being. Wait until he finds out that they're Uchiha. He's already having suspicions. It was a precious moment. Beautiful writing.

Tsnuade is my hero. The part with her and the ANBU was so different though. Although I knew she was close to them, I didn't expect them to have those type of conversations. I don't know why I saw them to be mechanical before. Especially after reading the part with "your wife probably forgot who you are" and he was like "i'll remind her." Totally had me smiling like mmmmmmm. ANBU seem more human in your fan fiction. Well written. And Tenzo wanting to sleep so badly made me want to hold out my hands to him just to carry him to bed. I felt like they didn't have any feelings before. Prolific work at showing me otherwise.

And Tsunade is such a tough cookie. To me Danzo gave up toooo early. Does that mean something's up? Hopefully he doesn't have anything planned. Poor Sai, atleast now he'd have a chance to live.

Tenten and Neji is so cute. Hate this suffering it's so interminable. I hope they get together eventually. Knowing Neji is gone in Naruto and watching him your fiction is like giving those two another chance at love and life. Romantic and heartwrenching love story. I miss Neji now. And at the time of the flash backs too for the chunin exams. I'm dying. All of these feels.

Oh and I keep forgetting to ask. With Japanese culture, (atleast with ninjas in anime for this case) is it acceptable for a woman to have sex before marriage? Or is Ino just an exception. Where I live it's not really a big thing; it's quite common actually. I wanted to rewrite a fan fiction chapter for someone but it had a sex scene in it. I'm not sure if that's acceptable or not. Seeing that when I read other fanfictions they wouldn't condone infidelity. You're the first to even mention it. Always thought that it would be common for ninjas who don't have time to become emotionally attached but they are needy for something. Facing death almost everyday will lead you to accept many things as normal that wouldn't be in regular cases right?

Lastly, Sakura's birthday!
btw your imagery is awesome. Just amazing.
samsaraknight chapter 24 . 3/19
This was a most excellent chapter! You took an interesting approach narrating Sasuke's mission and his mixed feelings toward Obito and Yuma. i can only describe it as compelling. Looking forward to seeing how Sasuke decides to watch over them in the future. Without a doubt you're going to take us for quite a ride!

I think I can finally put my finger on one of the charicterizations I love most in this story, and it wasn't the character I thought it would be. It's Tsunade. I've almost never seen her written so strong and confident in the other fics that I read (except for Team 8) and the way you portray her is consistently enjoyable. The scene in which she confronts Danzo head on, aware of the risk of violence and chaos, was a perfect balance of her capability as Hokage, as a woman, and as an adult overall. Taking Sai under her wing will be a very interesting path to watch unfold! I am sure kakashi and Tenzo will educate him.

Neji and Hinata are in the same boat which they discover over dinner. Thinking about their significant others and how tough it is to be apart from them. You characterize the two of them excellently as well, like a brother and sister who are in-tune with how the other thinks. Like me and my sis. Hinata notices that Neji snuck out at night again, and he fulfills his wish to see Tenten in her natural environment. Well he sees A LOT more than he thought he would and good for him! He's always well behaved and I was glad that he had an opportunity to just be a guy and admire the person he cares about. Then Neji discovers that Tenten has been bringing food to Lee and that she even made an attempt to see him. Not that surprising but very bittersweet. Tenzo of course has to interupt and announce that Sai is out of Root. I am guessing Neji was told this because you plan to involve Neji and Lee in Sai's assimilation with society? I hope he sticks with the nicknames!

Naruto is pining for Hinata and it was unexpected to see him composing a letter this time instead of just sending one. It's good to see that he has a game plan for the future and he consciously decides not to get bent out of shape about missing the Chunin Exam. He knows he'll advance eventually. He's really matured and I appreciate that quality. Then another hilarious scene with Jiraiya and Naruto's exchange, gaara's encouraging letter, and Rin's ninken appearing. I was shocked that Naruto found out about kurama's name so early, but I trust that you had a good reason for mixing it in at this point. It's probably better that he learns now instead of later during a war, if you decide to go that route. And so Jiraiya clued Naruto in about the Uchiha family? Epic. So he's prioritizing their protection as well, and so is Sasuke! Something tells me there will be a renaissance of Uchiha ninja in the Leaf Village and I will call it now. Yuma will be Hokage someday. I would bet money on that's what you're going for.

Then you wrap things up with the kunoichi friends during Hanami season, being all manner of cute, girly, and ready to kick ass. I like when you add in these scenes. I am digging that the characters are older and have updated looks. The way I imagine their outfits and appearances in your story makes them way more cool looking than in the canon. Thanks for that. Can't wait for the next one!
DemonVermin chapter 24 . 3/18
I gotta admit, you develop characters really well and I am really looking forward to future updates... I actually forgot ta check up on this for a time and the story was a good way to unwind after taking two tests I was worried about back to back.
fiveflyingsquirrels chapter 24 . 3/16
After the crazy, comedy side show of the last chapter...this one hits really hard. And I'm not talking about the lighthearted Leaf Ninja stories and scenes in Chapter 24. I mean the beginning, where we find Sasuke in all of his murderous glory contemplating the best way to off "Tobi."

I was scared shitless. I have never been in so much suspense that I was afraid to keep scrolling down while reading a story. I didn't want to assume that you wouldn't kill Obito off, but if you DID I know that I'd be a sobbing mess after it happened. Strangely, while Sasuke had the time and inclination, he didn't kill anyone on that forested mountaintop. He only watched longingly and coveted a life that he realized he couldn't have. That was some of the deepest, emotional fuckery you have EVER put us through in this story. Granted, it was essential to Sasuke's development and proving that he's more than just a hateable antihero, but it really hurt to go through (as a reader) what HE was going through. I. Cannot. Belive. I. Feel. Bad. For. HIM. But now I'm also rooting for him! What the hell did you DO to me, tiger? Wonderfully done. It was an edge-of-my-seat read and a fantastic analysis of Sasuke's character, as well as his gradual decision to PROTECT Obito's family. ALL OF THE WIN. All of the win... I am pretty excited to see how it works out! Will Itachi go after them? Will Sasuke have an epic battle to protect the little family? Will they meet Sasuke? Is Obito in danger? UGH. So many questions.

Then where does it go? Right back to Tsunade and her badass confrontation with Danzo! This was such a good scene. As a fan who just recently watched the "Tenzo Arc" I can say this was perfectly executed. Danzo got a talking-to alright! He reluctantly surrendered and handed Sai over. A satisfying moment, in my opinion. I hope Sai makes a full recovery. Oh! And Tsunade gets good news from an ANBU captain that the enemies they've been tracking, Koinyu and Bi, are on the run from Black Ops squads! Awesome. Does that mean Team Gai can get back together? Please.

Was not expecting Tenten to get uber-powerful, but I get the sense she kind of WON'T be. You said she can't learn her Dad's super technique and that, at best, she'll learn how to use her anicent, dangerous sword. And then she's mostly the same bag of tricks, plus the Hiyumi. I can live with that. Heh! And she got a lesson about the Nature transformations of Konoha's clans. I enjoy watching her learn. Whoa. Neji paid her a night visit yet again to curb that insatiable yearning and got a short booby-peek. Nice. It didn't seem voyeuristic, odddly enough, because he was only watching to get a glimpse of her life and confirm her well-being. Accidental peeping. And he loves her too, that makes it completely acceptable in my book. People SHOULD check out the people they like. My heart almost exploded when they came close to meeting on the street, but Tenten gave up and Tenzo intervened. Darn. Tenzo is such a nice guy and he's working hard. It is great to see Neji respect him.

We see a lot of letters in scenes with Naruto, Gaara, and Haku and I realize now that it's the only way they can communicate. Naruto is smitten with Hinata and looking for some reassurance that she seeks a future with him. Then Jiraiya is fully healed by morning and wants a rematch! Hahahaha! Yeah right. He can't handle Naruto even without Kyuubi chakra, although I'm guessing the Perv is still willing to use Sage Mode. He just has to accept that his student has surpassed him! Then i will admit I was surprised to see Sesshu appear. It makes total sense. Obito and Rin were concerned that Old Jiraiya-boy was MIA and sent the tracking hound to locate him. Which, of course, leads to the revelation that Obito's family are the last of the Uchiha clan, and that Naruto has an obligation to protect them...which puts him on a parallel goal path to Sasuke. Oh man. This is going to blow up somewhere down the line and I am looking forward to it! Aaaah!

You are more and more often adding scenes in which the boys and girls have downtime and chat with each other. It's a great addition. It demonstrates how they've grown closer and makes for some hilarious dialogue. So! Tenten is looking more mature and has a psuedo- the Last Movie look! I approve. And Ino teases Sakura until the cows come home. Loved it. I will eagerly be awaiting the next installment!

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