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Connington chapter 37 . 10/20
What a great conclusion to the exam! Excellent work! As a longtime NejiTen fan I have to say that the hospital scene between those two was intensely romantic and satisfying. Excited to see where this fic goes I enjoy it so much
samsaraknight chapter 37 . 10/19
This chapter was GOAT.

Greatest of all Time. Can’t believe how good that was. Awesome work on the Exam, loved every single word and scene. Yeah my Sarutobi peeps finally appear and are ballers in everything except flip cup. Hope Tama will recover the way Lee does in canon, don’t want her and Sato to hit the rocks. Amazing T.O. then fuck there's a Frank Ocean song at the end so I can die happy now
fiveflyingsquirrels chapter 37 . 10/19
…(sounds of mouth breathing)…

So. I just binge read all of the Chunin Exam Tournament chapters because I had fallen behind. Holy fuzzy nuts. I kid you not, I shouted out loud at a couple of unexpected, fantastic things and had my sibling drop in my bedroom asking what the fuss was about. What’s all the fussing ABOUT?

How about the matches choreographed with amazing fights? Not a single one disappointed! The bickering, friendly chats, and planning of how to defeat the villain, Huo. Tama’s match AGAINST Huo and how badass it was, her injury, the reactions of her friends… Sato being pushed to the edge. Neji trying to reason with him! Ugh. It was just non-stop goodness. Also the song selections were great too, I enjoyed listening to them!

What are some stand out moments that stuck with me, let me see… The subtle romance, that cute pep-talk Tenten gave Neji, Matsuri fleeing from Menma and then meeting Sai and Tenzo, Gaara finding Sakura in the corridor! Neji achieving maximum boyfriendo level while speaking to Tenten at the hospital. The comedy! Hinata seeing Hamura in her reflection! There was an overload of riveting scenes and plot! It was really great watching the Leaf Kunoichi Gals advancing so far, I feel it would have been an easy avenue to take as an author to just sift Neji, Lee, or some other man to the top for a macho showdown at the end. Very well done. OH. And when Wong Leung turned up to counsel the youngsters and Gai and Kakashi about the threat Huo posed…and how the Jounin put some trust in the old geezer to take at Huo’s shadow dome Tao Art…and he consoled Hiashi. (falls over)

Really I was just screaming while scrolling down the page. Click next! Deep breath! Oh and open a new tab for music while I am at it. All of it was great. And wow we saw Konohamaru’s parents! Very cool people, his mom Kakima is a boss ass bitch. Asuma’s big brother is Netsuke! Oh god I am still freaking out.

Of course, the tour de force was Hinata suddenly being pitted against Huo in the Final when they had expected him to be disqualified. That felt like a gut punch because I was so excited for her, and when the Jounin and her father asked her not to continue because they care for her so much…I was a puddle of goo. And then I lost it again when she changed her mind and fought Huo, emboldened by her “reflection buddy” and willingness to take the chance. Shikamaru really did have a stressful day doing his job, poor man. That was a monumental fight and perhaps the best you’ve written so far, I dare say. And to make a great thing even better, Naruto gets to co-pilot Hinata while she uses the Misago Byakugan…for all of the win. That was brilliant, tigerowl. Thank you for bashing me over the head with that awesomeness. Extra points for Naruto crushing hard on Hinata while getting his first good look at her in 2 plus years.

Everything following the end of the Tournament was also exquisite closure, from Huo’s arrest by Ibiki’s Torture and Intel Corps, Tsunade wrangling her guest leaders and witnessing Gaara accept that his student now has a boyfriend. I loved “Kanpai, you turkeys.” The Hyuga clan threw a party for Hinata and that was also super fun and hilarious. Flip cup, Hyuga vs. Sarutobi made me cry-laugh a little. And concluding with Naruto in the Toad Valley was excellent, providing even more laughs and some warm fuzzies as we now see that he, Haku, and Gaara are pining for families of their own. Wherever the story goes from here, it is going to be wonderful. Keep it up and thanks for giving this incredible “literary handy” to subscribers through an awesome chapter.
Red Wings chapter 37 . 10/18
Hot diggity! I was right!

Although I always pictured Hinata defeating Huo using her Misago Byakugan much in the way Huo uses Tao Arts to portal himself around. Having a water-nature based affinity definitely helped Hinata against Huo, who is Sasagainu like Tenten, both who are Fire-nature. If Neji had tried to go against Huo, most likely, he would have ended up much like Tama, since he's Wind-natured. I know for a fact that Hinata can go up against Huo and his Tao Art master again once she learns more about her evolved Byakugan. Maybe she'll pioneer in the field and be able to do stuff like Tao masters do, be even better than them, because her bloodline will actually support what she does. Will you have Wong Leung train her too? Even if he doesn't, I have a feeling he would approve of her more due to her humble nature. Wong Leung could also study the way her Misago Byakugan works and understand the workings of Tao through Hinata. How's that for researching those milk-eyed children who tickle each other?

Huo definitely got what he deserved. I'm sure he'll think twice about fighting Hyuuga Hinata, and blab everything to his master about what she did and how she fought. I wonder strong is Huo? Can he go up against Kage? How about the Akatsuki? Itachi? Pein? His Tao Arts are formidable. I forgot to mention last review how I rather enjoy how you extrapolate from the real world and include information about China and its martial arts culture. How they view energy is vastly different from how shinobi see and use it, as Wong Leung said in his introduction. Huo gave us a more detailed explanation of how Ninjutsu, unlike Tao Arts, tend to waste energy. Despicable though he is, you do seem to highlight the weaknesses of ninjutsu and the shinobi way. So Huo is Branch Sasaginu and his side of the family believes in Indra's way of the ninja? Interesting. Tenten was very intelligent to walk away from that match. Who knows what Huo would have pulled? I have expected him to attack her while her back was turned.

More on Hinata. I think that she may be able to even do Fuuinjutsu, and most likely, be better at it than Naruto is, and his mother comes from a clan hailed for its Sealing techniques! Ta-da! My wizard hypothesis could weigh in with you, I hope.

It was kind of reckless of Naruto to use a jutsu outside of his own body in front of a bunch of spectators (and enemies). Hinata could end up attacked afterwards or abducted if anyone figures out how she's using the Rasengan (a low probability, though). Jiraiya is right: discretion is the better part of valor. If the examiners and advisory board ever learn about how the Misago Byakugan works, they could decide to take Hinata's victory away, as she was getting outside help. Well, it could be construed that way, to more shady shinobi like Danzou and who knows who else...

So! If anyone is capable of protecting Tenten, for now, let it be Hinata. One day, she'll be able to not just see, but feel through the Tao Arts and defeat Huo and his master on her own. Believe it!

Goodness, but I just love how you put so much depth in your OCs. Poor Maito Ken. So while his father and little brother were all gung-ho about Gouken and becoming great ninja, Ken was the one who kept everything at home stable. He's a very admirable man, though he hates Sato and Kakashi. Though, through his little rant about his and Gai's father, Ken seems to hate Maito Dai the most. For not being a good father and a good husband. These are very reasonable things for him to be angry about. I can see why he doesn't want Tama to follow the same path and end up dead, or worse. What a great father. I hope Tama recovers soon, so she and Sato can talk.

Wow, the Hyuuga clan can party after all. And hey, Neji is really changing for the better. He's being more sensitive and considerate, and thinking about his past actions and how it affected Tenten. For sure, Part I Neji was quite a selfish brat. Yes, his reasons for hating the Main Branch are justified, but it doesn't excuse his actions in lashing out at those who have no control over the injustice in the system. So he hid his anger and bitterness in his cold, arrogant facade, not caring about anyone else but his own problems. He's only just noticed that Tenten, the one he cares about most, has problems too. Lee, as well, had problems while growing up. Everyone has their own problems; your own is not above others, but is in fact the same, if not in circumstance. He should be wondering how they stayed sane while with him. I do hope he tells Lee how much he appreciates him being his friend. Like, invite his Sifu Wong Leung and Lee to dinner at the Hyuuga residence on a more friendly invitation, and not a formal one as the Hyuuga heir.

I'm so glad that Wong Leung is happy, for once. He doesn't seem like the bitter hermit he was when we first met him. So he can be respectful to the Hyuuga clan. Good to know. I was worried about if sparks flew between an old Wushu master, whose kingdom and martial arts endured for 2000 years before that of the shinobi world's, and the Hyuuga clan. Then again, it would have been very interesting to see what the Hyuuga elders and Wong Leung could get into, if they ever talked about history and/or politics. The contrasting ethics between Wushu practitioners and doubt Wong Leung would put them in their places.

And oh! We get to see other members of the Sarutobi clan. It got me to old is Hiruzen? If he's the same age as Wong Leung, hehehe. I would love to hear what Lee's grandfather would say about Hiruzen and his policies so far. OH, something even better is if you put Wong in a room with Hiruzen AND Danzo. The trash talk that Wong would be able to say about Danzo just by observing him and his speech...

I imagine he'd even put a whole 'The Reason You Suck Speech' to the third Hokage and his two other former teammates and council advisors. Ah...then again, Wong Leung could just write a whole book about 'The Reason Why Ninja Suck' speech, and summarize it so that his Japanese contemporaries can read it and bristle. Wong Leung got me when he put Neji in his place. Seriously, this old man could probably rumble with Danzo if he wanted to. But hey, no reason to get into a mudpie slinging contest with a hypocritical Hokage-wannabe loser, eh?

Whoahahahaha, I wanted to see more of Kizashi and Mebuki, but man, do they have excellent timing when it comes to their daughter and Gaara! I think Sakura ought to better let her parents know how much she loves and appreciates them, knowing how awful Gaara's own childhood was, and how his father, the Fourth Kazekage, was such a douche to him (and was to his siblings).

Did Hinata tell Naruto about the identity of the one she was fighting in the final of the Chuunin exam? That way, Naruto could let Jiraiya know about Tenten's psycho cousin, or whatever relative from Iwagakure. Awww, a letter from Haku-kun! Now that the Chuunin exams are over, can we press forward and see how my favorite shinobi is doing? I miss him!

It's so heartwarming to know that Naruto, Gaara and Haku want a normal life and to have families of their own someday. I'm rooting for them!
dreaddragonknight chapter 37 . 10/18
brilliant chapter, loved the fight, and the party was hilarious
imnotadriana chapter 37 . 10/17
Thank you so much for the chapter! I loved every single paragraph! I seriously did not expect Hinata to fight Huo, but it was intense and kept me interested. Also, Naruto and Hinata overlapping due to her Misago Byakugan was surprising too, they're coordination and moves as well. Over all, thank you for writing the chapters you have. Can't wait for the next chapter !
SpicyWifey chapter 37 . 10/17
OMG You have just written my FAVORITE chapter !

I LOVED it! I loved the part where Hinata decides to fight and she and Shikamaru has that little conversation afterwards. He told her "You took a crazy pill" LMAO I literally laughed out loud when I read that lolol

And OMG I LOVED that Hinata decided to fight and she did kick major butt even before Naruto came. And then with that, you have got to be the best at surprises because I am sure not I nor anyone else was expecting for that to happen. Dont get me wrong I LOVED it when Naruto unexpectedly showed up. I would call it a very pleasant surprise lol It was great and I enjoyed reading every second of it. I am really glad they gave Huo what he deserved. They both together kicked butt!

And Naruto's reaction over seeing Hinata for the first time in so long was great lolll like a high he couldnt come down off of. It was funny when Jiraiya told him to take his ten to a two and when they both made the uncomfortable eye contact when he said the word bouncy lolol It was really cool.

Congrats to Hinata for winning! But I felt so bad for Sato when he got roughed up by Tama's dad. Somehow I kind of feel like it's karma for him cheating on her. Poor guy.

I'm so glad I went through all of those chapters, all of those words lol to make it this far. I really really really, enjoyed this chapter.
Brightheart10 chapter 37 . 10/17
That's was amazing! I absolutely loved Hinata and Narutos fight!
foxsadist712 chapter 37 . 10/17
This was a very nice conclusion to the second take of the Chuunin exams. Hinata being a badass, Huo getting beat up, and getting to see a bit of Naruto's skill in action too, rather than just meditation. But now that I give it some thought, I think Ino had it right. Naruto and Haku have been gone long enough, and can hopefully make their way back home soon. I enjoyed reading this very much, thanks for the update
Connington chapter 36 . 10/5
WUT. Shikamaru referenced Key and Peele's Substitute Teacher Skit. Insubordinate...and churlish! LMFAO This chapter was intense and it's getting really good I have no clue what will happen! I love you forever
imnotadriana chapter 36 . 10/4
I've been waiting for this chapter for a long time. Thank you for the update. Also, the way things settled wasn't how I expected it to be. Especially Sakura v Ino, but it was a good kind of surprise. Love your work!
Red Wings chapter 36 . 10/4
I didn't get to finish my last review, sorry! But let me go over this chapter first.

Whoa. Neji vs. Sato...did not go down as I expected it would. We all know Neji is a prodigy in his clan's style, and that pitted against anyone else (save for Naruto, who is a chakra beast), he would win. Your OC Sato is very different in terms of fighting style, and despite his goofy, easy-going, idiot-like personality, which is a lot like Naruto's or Kiba's or Lee's when it comes to silliness, he IS a Hatake. That means he can do what Kakashi can, wield the white chakra. And man, did he use it most viciously here against Neji. If it were Part I Neji, Sato would most likely have been killed. But no, the new improved Neji is kinder, much more open to peaceful negotiation, and was trying his best to do right by his opponent...but Sato's rage is justifiable. That these two ended in a draw...just shows the growth and strength of our Konoha rookies. At the same time, yes, like Ino said, these two are such fools. It really doesn't matter if you're a great genius or prodigy or expert or specialist in can still make some really stupid decisions that could really cause harm to yourself and others. Let that be a lesson to you, Neji and Sato.

Lee vs. Matsuri I knew who would be the victor. But still, Matsuri gave it her all. She really knows how to use her weapon. I bet Tenten enjoyed it. The only ones who can really go toe-to-toe with Lee are Neji and Tenten, and now, Hinata. To think that she grew so much from chapter 2 to this, is something to be proud of. And wow, Menma is chasing after her! I see reconciliation in their future, as well as them getting back together. LOLz, Sai and Yamato! But hey, Sai actually did something really great for Matsuri: cheering her up! He may have started out their meeting as rude, but with some waps from his teacher, he gave Matsuri a compliment and made her feel better about herself. Good job, Sai!

As for Tenten and Sakura, it didn't seem as long as Sakura's match with Ino, but it seemed more straightforward. At least, there was no real deception like with Ino, though Tenten ought to just have forfeited. Sakura's right - can't have Huo have a grab at Tenten's Susumajin. It seems like all our Rookies are being really bull-headed about winning their matches. Why does it feel like the first Chuunin exams? But then, our Rookies are doing their best not to tangle with a madman like Huo. That is where their Chuunin-level thinking is most relevant. And Huo just gave Shikamaru the proverbial finger. Bastard. How dare he dismiss Shino like that?! I hope one of our Rookies does him in.

Now Lee and Hinata was fun. Hinata won against Chouji, which I expected, but man, against Lee? The nice shinobi against each other was just...nice. However, it may have been better to let Lee win so that he'd be with Tenten to at least gang up on Huo. Now, there's a real chance Hinata may fight Huo. This guy has no qualms against using whatever dirty tricks, Tao Arts and all, against them. He might clobber Tenten! But as she's the only one who might actually be able to stop him, perhaps she is the best one to deal with him?

But wait. In my last review, which I did not get to finish, Hinata has the Misago Byakugan. Something about it makes me think...Wong Leung did say that the Gentle Fist came from the Way of the Eight Trigrams, a part of Wushu. She's able to communicate with Naruto via some strange portal/gate the way Huo got to Tama so fast. What if Hinata was able to figure out a way to do that? There may be a spark of hope, actually...

Thank you for the double post! The matches were really well-written and thought out. Can't wait for the next one.
LordGraygem chapter 36 . 10/4
Whoa, double update on this amazing story! Cool!
Dii10star chapter 36 . 10/4
Another great chapter! Can't wait to see how Hinata beats Huo. And I'm not sure if it's just me, but he really reminds me of mercenary Tao
Red Wings chapter 35 . 10/4

The match between Ino and Sakura shows how well these two can dish out the dirt. Most everyone knows how great Sakura has grown, being how she can hurt and heal and is Tsunade's apprentice, and tends to underestimate those who don't have a heavy emphasis on combat. Ino's abilities, as shown here, are nothing to laugh at. She is truly a kunoichi, and it shows in her cunning and planning things out even before the match begins. Thanks for a great match, ladies!

Tenten vs. Aota of Kusa was very interesting. Two weapons experts against each other? And uh-oh, one with an elemental affinity that can douse her fire. I'm sure the audience was thrilled. But then she had to pull out her family's secret weapon, and now Huo knows, and he'll probably do something really bad to her if she happens to meet him in the third round...if Neji or the others doesn't get there before her. Maybe Neji can convince Tenten to stand down if they happen to fight against each other.

Dang. Tama vs. Huo? Crap. This match reminds me of Part I Chuunin exams, where Gaara crippled Lee, or when Neji beat Hinata and nearly killed her. I had a bad feeling about this. No doubt Ken will be after Gai's head, or even Kakashi's, for getting her into this. Poor Sato. At least Sakura is there, and maybe if she, Shizune and Tsunade work together, they can heal Tama to the point where she can at least sit in a wheelchair. I hope...

Grandpa Wong! So he has seen the Arts of his ancestral land. Trust Grandpa Wong to tell Kakashi and the others to stuff it and kill Huo. Little bastard is going to kill all of them if it suited him. We must see a match between Grandpa Wong and Huo! Or at least, have Grandpa save the day and teach these silly ninja a thing or two about why the Middle Kingdom was so great, and how certain martial arts still trickle down in certain bloodlines in the shinobi nations.

Shino vs. Kiba went as much as I expected. Poor boys, they're all worried in their own ways, but that doesn't mean they can't discuss things and work it out. That is the power of teamwork. So they all think that Team Gai must advance. I definitely think that it either has to be Neji, but now I'm thinking not just him, but Hinata. Tao Arts can only be Tao Arts, yes, and Neji has been given a very good training regimen by Wong, however...something about the way Hinata's evolved Byakugan tells me that this is detrimental to a particular point in the story. No doubt you're thinking about the Tenseigan for later, but now...I remember how Hinata was training in one chapter, and she ended up stepping into one 'gate' or 'door' and she was able to see Naruto. Another chapter later, she was speaking to Naruto, overlaying herself with him. Is the Misago Byakugan
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