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Lithius Osmius chapter 1 . 3/2/2009
firelordozaie chapter 11 . 2/5/2009
yay calculus but on another note an interesting setup chapter although i personally wouldn't have minded hearing about these sexual encounters i guess neji really is the stiff prudish type... now i wish we had HIM reading it so that we would get to read it with him... but all is well that ends well i suppose..
VA23 chapter 10 . 2/5/2009
when i first saw the chapter title, i was expecting the overdone "save the snow princess" scenario, but i was very pleased with this chapter. you made the three snow ninjas more down to earth and human than most authors do. and meeting konan and glimpsing pein? i can only imagine the trouble that will cause later.

best line of the chapter: piracy will have to stay a hobby.
DarthValgaav chapter 11 . 2/3/2009
Yo, it is I the Sith Master of Anime DarthValgaav! I just had some idea i thought you might like to hear. Maybe have Naruto train to use the chakra cloak with his own chakra. it is similar to the kaiten and Hinata was showing him how to do it. also, i hope Gaara does go back to the Leaf. having him there was what made this story great.
Red Wings chapter 11 . 2/2/2009
Oh, update! It's good to see Obito and Rin again. Now we know their story. I never really pictured Tobi/to as having another good eye, so now he's just like Kakashi! Rin is really one of the great medical ninja, preceding Sakura, in the Naruto world. What I didn't suspect was her going behind Obito's back to re-operate on him to put someone else's eye into his empty socket. She's even more manipulative than I thought. It was awfully insensitive and self-righteous to go and stab Obito with sleeping drugs so that she can take out a living man's eye just to fix her teammate...but then again, she is also a ninja, and a kunoichi, and thus, can talk her way into getting what she wants from whoever. Plus, she loves Obito, so it's understandable why she'd go to such lengths for him. Rin is really a great character here, and it's nice to see you shining the limelight on Kishimoto's minor, less-than-noticed characters. I laughed at the part where it said that Obito and Rin would send away Yuma with Sesshu so the couple can have "mommy-daddy" time. That has got to be one of the best lines in fanfic history, in my opinion.

I was hoping to see more characters, but then, that's for next chapter, right? Heh, Lee is awesome. When a book snags my interest, I can finish it in less than a day. Too bad you didn't go into detail about Tian Tian and Yuanjia more. Or will you do that next chapter/s? _~ What's with Neji now? He's getting all grumpy because she hasn't been training with him lately...since she's with Hikune. Grah, I'm surprised you haven't shown Hikune around. Then again, he is an OC minor character. Wonder what Tenten will do once Neji finds out what she's been doing...with his cousin, no doubt! That's one confrontation I'll be looking forward to.

And now, back to the Sand sibs! Matsuri's getting better and better, ja? Temari's going with them on a special mission, why not Kankurou too? Unless he's needed in the village. How predictable, that Sakura would allow her true love his own dream, ah, goal, rather. We all know that Gaara would rather be with Sakura and his friends than stay in Suna...but those damn Sand council elders! They just had to go and spring things like that on the young couple. While the note that Sakura gave him sounds happy for him, she must be sobbing her eyes out. What'll she do without him? Of course, she'll keep busy, studying medical ninjutsu with Tsunade and going on missions with her new team...

Speaking of new team, when will we see Sato and Tama again? Kiba too! I'd like to see the new Team 7 go on a mission together, seriously. I want to see how Kiba's holding up with the object of his affections right in his sights. I can imagine him being teased by Kakashi and Sakura, and finding out that Akamaru gets most of her attention instead, much to his mom and sister's amusement.

Also, we haven't seen much of Hinata and Shino. Not that I'm complaining, cuz I know you're cyclical about going around giving each character equal spotlight, but I wonder just how they're holding up. They do know about Sato's feelings for Tama are, right? And Kurenai? Will she and Asuma be going out still?

We'll see Naruto again soon, yeah? He's gonna get a notice about Gaara becoming a Kage before him! Sakura will be teasing Hinata about her Gaara becoming Kazekage before Naruto reaches Hokage.

I don't suppose we'll see anything of the other Akatsuki soon, huh? I can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the great work!
Morlin chapter 11 . 2/2/2009
Hooray for fast updates! Impressive.

I liked that we got to see Obito and Rin again. It's been awhile and we always get such interesting flashbacks whenever they're around. This time was no exception. The akwardness of getting reaquainted, the moral quandaries of how to help those that don't want help and of course the growing love we know will show up eventually. As always, you presented it all greatly.

Similarily it was nice to see Lee and Neji again, just hanging out. I like scenes like that. And I suspect much foreshadowing lies in what has been revealed about Tian Tian. But with a stiff neck I'm to unfocused to dig into it and theorise. Hope to see more of both team Gai and Tian Tian soon.

Lastly we have a short interlude for Gaara & co. So, does Matsuri now live with the siblings or is she just using their shower? While it ends on a rather happy note the briefness of Sakura's letter worries me. Hopefully she is right and they will see each other soon.

Nice short chapter that cheered me up today. Keep it up.
King Hawke chapter 11 . 2/1/2009
good chapter overall. the note from Sakura was cutish, with her reasons for him being Kazekage. the flashbacks with Obito/Tobi was good too.
Ancestor's Dragon chapter 11 . 2/1/2009
Alright, new chapter! Pretty good chapter, even though not a whole lot in the way of plot happened. Written well though. Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to the rest of the story
mountainelements chapter 11 . 2/1/2009
I have to admit that I've probably missed most of the foreshadowing. I suspect that Tenten has been kidnapped, and that Sakura is giving up on Gaara though.
Silver Warrior chapter 11 . 2/1/2009
love the back history of Obito and Rin and how things came to where they are now.
Claamchowder chapter 11 . 2/1/2009
As usual, awesome chapter, tigerowl! The way you write this makes the characters seem almost real. 8D
taintedlegacy chapter 11 . 2/1/2009
Can't wait to see what happens next! Keep up the good work and update soon!
Morlin chapter 10 . 1/18/2009
Wow. That was probably your best chapter so far.

I love Sakura's opening scene. Even if it really did break my heart in the end. A brilliant showing that it's not just negative steps in life that comes back to bite you in the ass. Despite being short the whole scene gave us so much in terms of Sakura's emotional reaction from the happiness to the natural jealousy against a foe she can't just punch through a wall, and ending with her despair. The last one was especially well done as it really showed her human side. I'm now going to hold out for a meeting between Gaara and Sakura and hope that they'll sort this out somehow. Because I love the couple!

Haku and Pua's adventure in the Snow country was amazing. It was just plain fun to see him experience it all with a companion that wasn't loudmouthed, deadpan snarky or a trained killer. Even though they weren't there I could clearly imagine how the mission would've been if Gaara and/or Naruto had been there. It's a testament of how well-defined you've made the three from each other.

Seeing Haku handle the first movie filler ninja so handidly and then peacefully negotiate an agreement with them was wonderful. Not only does it show how disputes can be solved non-violently but also gives us that taste of interesting moral ambiguity that courses through this epic story. You've also made the trio more fun and intriguing than I remember them being in the movie. Well done.

Naturally you just had to break this good natured feeling with Koniyu... that you did so made the encounter all the more fun to read. So he has magnetic abilities like the third Kazekage huh and he was very well-versed in fighting ability. Future encounters with him should be a blast and emotional roller costers, personally I'm hoping for a fight between him and Zabusa.

Haku's torment in his cursed seal form was even more heart wreching than Sakura's love porblem. I really felt sorry for him and feared that he'd have to stay in that form longer than he did. But then you threw yet another twist into the machine. Adding Konan was just... I can't come up with the right word for it. But it's good. It's funny that she's been shown to be more competent in this single chapter than in the actual manga. Her helping Haku and us knowing what she's a part of is another part of that moral ambiguity I mentioned before. Great stuff. And an extra yeays for the Pein cameo.

Then it was back to the fun stuff with Haku taking after Jack Sparrow and his relationship with Zabusa taking another odd step forward. They're hilarious, disturbing and kind of poignant together.

With all the heart-wreching, fun adventuring, great action, interesting twists and fan-service cameo this was indeed the best chapter so far. Now to eagerly await the next one.

...before I forget. Pua is the definition of KAWAII!
Morlin chapter 9 . 1/18/2009
YEAYS! A double-update! The slightly late review is because of me being lazy.

This was a fun chapter with great action scenes, interesting relationships between anime-filler characters and good development in Naruto's abilities.

I feel bad for Sumaru's unrequited feelings, but at the same time I hope that if we see the group again that Mizura and Hokuto are still together. Still a great display of commaraderie in the face of emotional issues. It's not very often we see that.

It was also fun seeing Jiraiya do more than just train Naruto for a change. He's such a fun character and you've captured him quite well so I hope to see more of him doing stuff like in this chapter in the future.

And Naruto's continued growth still impresses me. As always, I much prefer the steady growth you have going for him over other fics' instant super-warrior or even the manga's way too slow build up with the occasional spurts of coolness. Now he's learned how to do hiraishin, working out the kinks is the big problem. Should be fun to see.

And you just broke my heart with Sakura's happiness at Gaara's letter when I know that it'll just bring heartache. Meany, nah I'm loving it.

Good chapter, now unto the next one.
Ultra Sonic 007 chapter 10 . 1/17/2009
The twists continue on, straying more and more from canon...

moar plz
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