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Nathaniel chapter 7 . 6/8/2014
You write very good stories so I have a request can you make a Naruto story where Naruto learns edo-tensei instead of cage bunshin no justu when steals the forbiden scroll and when he uses it he revives Minato Namikaze. I don't want Naruto to instantly learn that Minato is his father I want a slow build up with them getting used to one another first. I also want Naruto's strength to grow realisticly. If you can I want it to have a NaruHina pairing and a bad turned good Kurama. If you cannot do it can you give the idea to another good writer you know.
Red Wings chapter 15 . 5/30/2014
I loved Naruto's line of thoughts about Hinata. 'I picked the best girlfriend!'

Poor Jiraiya, getting critically wounded by a Kyuubi-fied Naruto. Poor kid, too. He was fooled by the Fox into thinking that it was safe, only to find that Kyuubi has been deceiving him from the start. I notice Naruto didn't tell Hinata about all that stuff, which is fine, because there are some things that should not be put in a letter. They need to meet face to face to really deal with these issues before something bad happens.

I'm glad to see that Sato is alright. Tama must be so happy.

Now Gaara knows that Sasuke may be on the rampage for him. Being a Kage isn't at all glamorous. Unless you're fighting for your life, the piles and piles of paperwork will surely kill you. Maybe knocking Sasuke off his high horse will make him feel better before he ends up sitting on his ass signing papers all day.

So it's been a year since the boys all left? That means the Rookies are 13-14 by now. Nearly time for Shippuden.

Keep up the great work. Your story is one of the few I follow.
Morlin chapter 15 . 5/30/2014
The feels.

The many many feels in this chapter.

First of all. I LOVE your rendition of Jiraiya and Naruto's relationship here. I always thought that we didn't get to see enough of these two together after that search for Tsunade in the main series. So I am more than happy to see it fleshed out here. And you're doing such a great job with it. The mentor/student-surrogate father (or grandfather)/son relationship feels totally believeable and warms the heart. I liked the talk they had about Jiraiya's former teams and how they compared with his current bunch of weirdos. Also totally makes me worried considering Jiraiya's ultimate fate in series.

Then Naruto started angsting. Which I don't actually mind. A lot of people complained when Naruto passed out from the stress of wanting to save Sasuke while the entire world told him it was stupid and pointless, forgetting that a lot of times his happiness hides some rather severe issues. It just wasn't presented all that well. Not so here. I buy that Naruto would feel serious reluctance about using Kurama's powers and it'll be interesting to see how it develops in later chapters. Seriously, well done on making me just want to hug sad Naruto.

Thankfully there's also lots of cute moments as well. More Hinata & Sakura friendship is always nice as is them discussing the Neji/Tenten relationship and Hinata and Hanabi acting like proper siblings, adorable. Also wanted to give a hug to Shizune for her troublesome boss and Naruto's "Like the moon."-comment actually had me daaw-ing. And of course Ranmaru was the most cutest little thing ever.

Speaking Ranmaru, the introduction with him and Raiga at the tavern had me thinking they were Zabuza and Haku at first. Which makes me wonder if they're gonna meet up later on and form some kind of odd pairing organisation. Still not sure what part Raiga and Ranmaru will play but it's fun that they're here.

This chapter also had some great action scenes. A recent problem I've had with the recent power creep is that Jiraiya's got kinda shafted by it. He gets two big fights scenes in the entire series, in one he's partly weakened by drugs and in the other he basically gets his ass kicked, while still pulling off cool moves. And now everything he pulled off in those fights doesn't compare to the things people on his supposed level are pulling off. It annoys me. So I like seeing the big J in a high end battle like this where he gets to pull out a bitch-ton of stops against berserker Naruto. It was an overall badass battle.

Gaara's battle against Shigenori was fun mainly because of the difference in Gaara's attitude. From awkward and missing his friends to tactical and problem-solving all while being mature, compotent and contemplative in both cases. I always enjoy seeing/reading Gaara fights, whether he's just flat out crushing the opponent, out-thinking them or, like here, doing something inbetween. Poor Gaara, he's getting what he wants but might also be losing other things he also wants. That's fun to read about. So overall, you still have a very nice handle of my favouritest character. Awesome.

And this chapter had lots of toads AND Chiyo being funny. I love that.

Overall, a mood whipy chapter with the angst attack, cute and funny moments, awesome battles and Gaara's complex contemplations. A lot to take in but I enjoyed it all. Keep up the good work.
samsaraknight chapter 15 . 5/27/2014
Oh dear god. There was an explosion of action and emotion in this chapter. I loved every single scene, from Naruto and Jiraiya’s conversation about sex, to the Kyuubi-chakra battle, Toad Mountain, Hinata and Sakura and then Gaara’s duel and ascension to Kazekage. Wicked. Amazing. Give me more!
fiveflyingsquirrels chapter 15 . 5/27/2014
What the? Am I the first person to review? Seriously? This has been out for a week! Holy cow. This was so good and I cannot believe how fast you got this chapter up! You’re doing some serious overtime tiger. It is so good to read a Naruto-centered chapter at last, not that I don’t enjoy your creative jaunts with other characters, but when he and Jiraiya are together it gives me such feels. Naruto and Jiraiya were passing through a town that Jiraiya claimed he rediscovered Obito in, which makes me think we are going to learn more about that meeting! And when Naruto bought a gift for Hinata I couldn’t help but be reminded of what it’s like getting a present for your girlfriend. When they end up loving the gift it makes you feel like a million bucks. I’ve been there. I need to praise you for concluding that Hiraishin bit, since it is apparent Naruto needs to continue working on it, but you introduced seal formula to Naruto! I was shocked and happy at the same time. After all, how can we expect him to get it if he can’t make a formula? That Uzumaki lineage is putting in some work. Well, so is his effort. Naruto’s interactions with Jiraiya were pure gold, like always, but why? Why do you pull on our heartstrings so? You featured another battle-gone-wrong! Granted, we never do see how Jiraiya got so mangled in the canon when he shows off those scars, but it was awful to see Naruto so remorseful and spiraling with guilt after it happened. Poor guy. He really loves Jiraiya and he could not get his act together to help him. You, of course, brilliantly positioned Ma and Pa to become their caretakers. Now that we’ve reached Mount Myoboku it feels like this story is really pulling ahead full speed! I wonder if Naruto will begin sage training right away since he has forsaken Kyuubi chakra, but still wishes to be on level with Gaara? How long will he train there? Will he get to Leaf’s Chunin Exams in time? I can’t wait to see.

Sato is alive and kind of crippled, but still his happy go lucky self. I’m so glad he’s not dead! Kakashi and Tama would have lost their minds. I liked seeing that Sato and Shino are bros. Bros for life. Sakura gossips with Hinata and it makes Hanabi lose her cool. That was a legendary scene if I ever saw one. Then you love introducing those toads to Hinata and make them fall head over heels for her. Priceless. While it isn’t surprising that Naruto is emotionally awakened, and is probably physically mature too at this point, his note did not express to Hinata some of the more explicit stuff he is really wishing for and has been thinking about. She gets the gist of it and reacts positively to his message, but I wonder when those two are going to get serious? That won’t be easy while they are still apart, but something tells me after reading Jiraiya’s sex-is-okay speech that Naruto will surely have his time. Hey! Ranmaru and Raiga are alive! And training! I’m sure they’ll be featured more at some point and Ranmaru is so likeable that you really hope he turns out to be an awesome ninja. Then Gaara. Oh Gaara. Gaara the Fifth Kazekage had quite a funny and sweaty inauguration! It was so great. I kept cracking up whenever Kankuro or Chiyo chimed in, and you even included the gag when Chiyo plays dead to scare people! Thank you for that. He just began and he already has his hands full, but Gaara definitely appreciates Tsunade’s warning. I really love where all of this is going and you bet I am salivating for the next chapter.
Morlin chapter 14 . 5/11/2014
I have not abandond you. I've just been lazy since I like to write really long reviews for this story. Sorry '

But here you are with a brand-spanking new chapter and it is quite a doozy. Some things I really enjoyed and one or two things I had reservations about. So let's go through these things step by step.

Let's begin with the main character of the chapter, arguably I guess but whatevs, Sakura. I enjoyed how you, in her inner musings, balanced her emotional turmoil with some level-headed thinking. It overall makes her seem more in control of herself and mature. Her interactions with other characters are also really fun to read. Particularly her talk with Hinata and the ending scene with her dad. The former did a great job of showing the closeness between the two girls and it's sweet to know that they can rely on each other if everything else goes down the crapper, the latter was short and to the point. I always did like laid back dad characters like Kizashi. Oh, and I loved Sakura's professional attitude when dealing with the star kids.

Speaking of Hinata. Yeay her for kicking some Akatsuki ass. It's just really nice to see Hinata being so involved in several parts of the story and respected for her abilities, which is only fitting as she's apparently able to make people into Jesus (overexaggeration, I know), in a way that feels genuinly natural. Everything for her going god mode on Konan to her father's continued respect makes this an A chapter for Hinata fans such as myself.

Staying with this team I've gotta say that you totally had me with Sato's death scene. I was close to tearing up at the suddenness of it and thinking how it would be broken to all the other characters. It was a bold move since you've invested so much time into making Sato an important part of the story and such a well rounded character. Then he was brought back to life. I'm not upset about that, more conflicted than anything else, like I usually am when a great death scene is reversed. But Sato is horribly messed up now and it doesn't really take away any of the impact from the death scene itself, but for both death and resurrection to happen in the same chapter was a bit to take in. But overall I'm happy he's alive and I look forward to seeing more of how Sato, Kakashi and Tama will be affected by this. Kakashi and Sato's interactions were another highlight of the chapter BTW. Loving how they're constantly getting closer to one another.

Moving on to the one thing that kinda annoyed me. But that's a preferential thing that doesn't have anything to do with the writing really. But after Pain and Konan were run off by Sumaru I kinda immediately thought "I hope Pain kicks this guy's ass at a later point.". Like I said, preferential. One is in my top 3 villains for this series and the other is from a filler arc I've never seen. You did a good job of explaining why Pain opts for a retreat instead of continuing the fight though. It's just preferential thinking.

Other thing I did like were that you once again showed a ninja mission that wasn't just of the "Go there and kill that ninja"-variety. You're really good at mixing things up in that regard and then still adding awesome death matches.

So overall, fun chapter with lots of great character interactions and plot points moving forward. Looking forward to more stuff, especially the possible Gaara/Sasuke confrontation that seems to be building up (or maybe I'm reading too much into character comments). Thank you and keep up the good work.
Ruby Moon chapter 14 . 4/19/2014
It's been a while since the last time this was updated. I'm glad you're still writing!

I like the way you are keeping some elements of canon within the frame of your story. It's good to see Sato and Tama again. This chapter seems dedicated to Sakura and Hinata though, and it's really refreshing to see how well these two get along. They're run in with Akatsuki made me worry. I didn't think that Hinata was able to go toe-to-toe with Konan, though. Poor Sato...poor Tama.

Sakura's parents sound pretty cool. Her mom, though, reminds me of another mom from a series I read. Sakura is lucky to have her parents. Her dad is very supportive of her. That's good.

It's been a while since I've read Harbinger. I'll reread some chapters and await the next one soon with relish.
Red Wings chapter 14 . 4/19/2014
I love the update!

Now I'm not one for fillers very much, but I can believe that Naruto and Jiraiya made a difference to Star village. It's a usual thing for him.

This chapter seems dedicated to Sakura and Hinata. Their bonding and friendship is a nice touch, and they work well together. So there's a love triangle amongst the Hoshi ninja trio that mirrors Sakura's own. Hopefully, Sasuke won't show up to interrupt Sakura's nice progression in the ninja ranks. She deserves to be free from whatever burdens he may bring her.

It's nice to see Sato again. Good to see him and his uncle Kakashi bond, too. I like what you've done: seamlessly incorporate the latest canon developments within your story, but not rewriting your fanfic just for it to match canon's. What you have is a real gem amongst AUs. Keep it up.

Now, when the Leaf ninja encounter the Akatsuki pair of Nagato and Konan, I thought "Damn, already?" But hey, where Kakashi's team and the Hoshi shinobi are going, I guess it was inevitable. Though, wouldn't Pein and Konan be inside Amegakure rather than outside of it? It'd be better to send on of their own strong mooks against Kakashi's team and the Hoshi shinobi. The battle between Pein and Konan vs. Kakashi's team the Hoshi shinobi was very...well, for Kakashi and Sato, Pein utterly curb-stomped them, as expected. I was surprised and delighted that Hinata managed well against Konan. We never get to see how Konan's paper jutsu would work against a Hyuuga, and in this story, Hinata's bloodline has changed. I suppose creative liberties can be taken.

Sakura doesn't get to fight, but she did something very significant: she helped Sato. I was aghast that you could torture Sato so, but he is your character, and he is a ninja, and things like this would be very likely to happen in the world they live in. I'm glad Sakura healed him. I just feel bad that Tama has to find him in a body cast.

I have noticed that you've created interesting parents for Sakura. Her mom reminds me of Charity Carpenter of The Dresden Files, though without Charity's skills in smithing and combat. Sakura's father is awfully understanding and supportive. I like him already. He makes interesting puns. Has he met Gai and Kakashi? I think he'd find good drinking buddies in them.

I like that the Hyuugas and Hinata have a better relationship. I mean, Neji and Hanabi are a lot friendlier here than in canon, but it's good to see them and Hinata actually talking and interacting. The Elders would want to interrogate Hinata on her Misago Byakugan or even train her or even experiment on her to test the limits of what her evolved bloodline can do. Like with the Jinchuuriki, advanced bloodlines could be used for a lot more than just weapons, not that very many can think beyond militarizing things. Well, with the way things are right now, I can't really blame them.

I need to reread Harbinger again so I can predict which character will be written about next. Thank you so much for your fic!
Ancestor's Dragon chapter 14 . 4/8/2014
Ho, damn, it's good to see you back again. I'm going to have to go back and reread Forlorn one of these days. It's been a while, haha. Well, great job with this chapter, I look forward to reading the next.
fiveflyingsquirrels chapter 14 . 4/6/2014
OMG you are back tiger! Please don't go away again! Well I thought the last chapter was too great to be topped, but it has been topped!

The beginning was tantalizing with Sakura whispering the news to her friends that another chunin exam is on the way. It does suck that the timing implies Naruto and Haku will miss it, but Gaara will be there watching from his fancy chair. :P I am sure that will be a pleasure to read, but moving on! Hahaha Sakura's parents made their debut and her father seems to be her number one fan. Getting glimpses of them will be a treat.

What a team you assembled! I appreciated Kakashi's involvement at long last and how he was really fond of the youngsters and expressing his feelings to Sato. Ugh it just made my day (Kakashi is one of my favs) and it was a nice conclusion to the Star village arc by showing the developing relationship with Leaf. The flying sequences were well done and I have to say that Sakura made this trip to Star really interesting. I feel like she picked up more knowledge than she needed on this mission, but it is probably only going to benefit them later. Ah and she summons! It is a puny summon, of course, but still useful in her case! She just got a free lesson in Senjutsu! What the hell? Is she the first to know in this story? lol Her friendship with Hinata is timeless and organic and their conversations were great, especially for people who understand the importance of girl-talk. She immediately caught herself being petty to Hinata and apologized, which I really liked seeing, because I wish some of my friends realized when they were acting bitchy or being oversensitive.

Thank you for not making these kids ignorant. They are well educated and they capitalize on what they learn. Every good story seems to include that kind of development, but when Kakashi was explaining the true role of a jinchuriki (in relation to what Sakura uncovered about chakra origin) I liked that Sato, Sakura and Hinata were very open minded and even empathetic. I guess it is just going to make it easier for Sakura and HInata to accept that their boyfriends, while still not open about it, are in fact jinchuriki. It can only be a good thing!

Sumaru and Hokuto's bits kind of kept the inclusion of Star ninja relevant, and it was good that it was short, sweet and to-the-point, at least in my opinion. Then that battle. That battle.

I felt like crying, I SWEAR, as soon as I realized it was Pein and Konan confronting them. You gave me heart palpitations, I mean, they were soooooo disadvantaged it was just awful. However, Hinata and Sakura proved Kakashi's thoughts true with respect to the kunoichi advancing the most. They really gave Konan the run-around, but Sato and Kakashi were beaten to a pulp in the meantime. It was great to seeing everyone synergizing in such dire circumstances, but when Sato was killed in front of Kakashi...I did. I lost my shit. I really grew fond of him and how he got Kakashi to open up and then YOU JUST LET HIM GET SMASHED. not cool.

Yes, it was brave of Sato to try to get Kakashi to escape, but really? Kakashi has lived his life. It makes more sense if he bites the dust first. Young people dying just pulls the heartstrings something fierce. OH man. SOOO it appeared even if it was in two super short sentences that Kakashi got the Mangenkyo Sharingan as a result? Confirm or deny this? I am pretty sure he did but you glazed over it! I guess we are coming back to that sometime soon.

I was grateful that Hinata had the ability to revive someone but I do wonder if there is any serious drawback for her. She did get exhausted AND she put in a lot of work: beating up Konan, stopping Pein and savings Sato...but is her Misago Byakugan able to manipulate the physical body on a whole new level? I get that impression but I don't know if that is what you were going for. Sakura's assistance was critical, naturally. Kakashi was just so very sad and upset and it was fantastic to see him get emotional.

Sumaru saves the day with a badass chakra laser! but seriously, was he in Sage mode? you hinted at that too but it was not very specific. whether he was in sage mode or not he scared off the Akatsuki and that warrants a round of applause. And then back at the village I enjoyed the Hyuga family rallying around Hinata after realizing what she had been through. Tear jerker!

The chapter ended how it began, with Sakura's perspective. I guess I would have lied to Tama as well if I had been in her shoes. I mean, what are you going to tell that girl? Oh Sato might be crippled for life but you can go ahead and marry him anyway! She had to play it down a bit. And her dad just understood immediately what she had been through. Mm. Excellent chapter. Informative, exciting, heart-wrenching, funny and worth the wait. Now please crank out something by my birthday! That means your deadline is August 3rd! Come on you can do it! Will bribery work?

Oh and also I noticed you include songs for a chapter soundtrack and I listened on Youtube out of curiosity. It really does set the mood! Nice inclusion tiger.
samsaraknight chapter 14 . 4/5/2014
I'm a bit overwhelmed. I was so worried you wouldn't update or maybe you had abandoned this story, because usually I read The Ocean in a teacup, but you are alive! Thank you for delivering a chapter like this. there was so much packed into it and I don't even know where to start talking about what I liked. what stood out to me: i liked how it was told from Kakashi and Sakura's perspective, mostly Sakura's. that was different, kind of like how the last chapter was the mission through Kiba's eyes. so great. the humor, of course, is there like always! Sakura's parents were cracking me up and it is nice to see them introduced so seamlessly in a story, "Koala-tea time!" while I am not a big fan of Sakura I have to say it was enjoyable watching her be competent and super smart here. she was running the show! I am really, really surprised you introduced the Sage of the Six paths and more ninja history so early. I mean, it isn't bad, I just didn't expect it. But it fit! it makes sense now why the star behaves how it does, because of your explanation. good job! then everything went down hill when the group accidentally ran into the Akatsuki...the fight was dramatic and I felt so proud seeing Hinata and Sakura give Konan a run for her money! but poor Sato! I really felt for Kakashi when his nephew was KIA. this is probably the first humanizing moment for Kakashi that had happened in your story so far, and it choked me up big time. I am glad he could be revived by Hinata's new power, but is that a jutsu that she can use multiple times or will it eventually cost her life like Chiyo's technique did? they are different jutsu but I still wonder how it works. guess we'll find out! may he make a quick recovery and enjoy the Leaf village's new alliance with Star! i get the feeling because they encountered Pein so early things are only going to get rougher for them? now i can't stop thinking about other off-canon-timeline Akatsuki fights that could happen! you keep me on my toes!
Somebody chapter 1 . 8/21/2013
Holy crap. Haven't eve finished the first chapter fully and rin is alive... DE HELL!?
DemonVermin chapter 13 . 2/20/2013
Finding this story out of the blue and reading it, was very entertaining. This is a well written piece and I wish to see more.
Red Wings chapter 13 . 9/26/2012
Oh my gosh, it's been so long since I've read Harbinger. It took me a several days to actually concentrate on it and read through it, since I was reading other things.

I didn't think the chapter would be so long, but then again, that must be because it's been too long since I've read a chapter of Harbinger. Reading through Kiba's perspective was very informative as it was entertaining. He's not just some brash, impulsive, hot-headed idiot like Naruto - he has apparently some Hidden Depths as well as any other character here. His relationship with Sasuke shines through here, and unlike in canon with Naruto, Kiba actually succeeds in one shot where Naruto has to announce a great Final Boss Battle with Sasuke to get his attention. Too bad he told Sasuke about Sakura and Gaara - I can only imagine Kiba will be kicking himself once he gets back to his clan's compound.

I rooted for Kiba here. He's much more than meets the eye.

It seems you're following the Kiba x Karui pairing. Is that what you're intending? Some people on the net think they would look good together because of their hot-blooded natures. Akamaru likes her obviously.

I felt bad for Tsume because of that letter from Kiba and Hana's dad. I expected to see Hana upset about their dad, seeing as how she's the oldest and would remember their deadbeat father much more, but it looks like Kiba remembers him just fine as well.

Which character will you focus on next? We saw a bit of Sato and Tama in the beginning of Kiba's chapter. Or maybe you'll do like you did in the other chapters and splice the attention on several other characters. By the way, how long has it been already? I mean, timeskip wise. From the way Sasuke is described, it sounds like he's already in his post timeskip Sound outfit #1.

Anyways, keep up the great writing!
Ancestor's Dragon chapter 13 . 9/25/2012
Welcome back! It's great to see you back in action.
So, great job with this chapter, I enjoyed reading this. I don't see too many Kiba-centric stories or even portions of stories, so this was a pretty neat chapter. I re-read some of the previous chapters and I like how you're dividing it up to focus on different characters at a time. I think I should go back and read Forlorn again though. Anyways, I like how you portrayed Kiba in this. He seems to have matured pretty well, haha.
Anyways, great job, once again. I look forward to reading the next chapter.
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