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Wise Poison chapter 6 . 6/19/2008
:Squee: The Curry of Life Arc! I am thrilled with your selection/reconstruction of the filler arcs because you always remake them so they're badass and not repetative. I 'heart' you guys. The update did take a little longer but I expect you're both busy people judging by how crazy you are. I digress.

I was a little surprised that only Team GaiFujita starred in this chapter. Pleasantly surprised, might I add, because it was a long read. Awesomeness is the word that sums up this chapter. Hm, let me pick out the highlights:

You did not introduce Raiga in vain earlier when he encountered Zetsu! I knew it, and I also suspected you would twist the plot too, whicha did. The opening was adorable, really. Tsunade reminiscing about Tenten's mother, Neji's lateness, and Fujita being excited over his first major mission without Sawako-sensei. Fav quote: "Well I’m sorry that I can’t predict the movements of subatomic particles, Lee. I’ll let you figure it out.” You guys are masters of Ten/Lee banter. I'd love to see more of it. In fact, you had a bunch of comical one-liners throughout this chapter so I must applaud you. :claps:

I can see you stuck to the COL Arc for the most part while seasoning it with more interesting interactions, minus one Naruto-kun (I miss him.) What really astounded me was Fujita's fighting aptitude. He's only eleven? Hell, his brother really did teach him well with all those lightning manipulation strategies...which kinda fried them anyway. LOL

Raiga was appropriately in character, thank you, and I was glad to see Ranmaru took the initiative to make some decisions of his own, despite his insecurities. Tenten whipped that kid into shape...though I do see parallels between them. She suffered similarly to Ranmaru, as far as loneliness goes, with the loss of her parents. It couldn't be more clear how attached she was to them, and I hope you supply more background on Takaharu and Chinatsu some time because I'm just so darn curious.

:ROFL: Lee's drunkeness was hilarious. I knew it would be, but your descriptions translate so easily to the reader's imagaination it's almost better than watching the damn anime. Hell, better than the manga oftentimes. Well done!

Raiga consumed the Curry of Life. Ah-ha! So that was your deviation, and a superb one indeed- I CANNOT WAIT to see where you go with that...even though you said we'd have to wait a few chapters. Pleh. Btw, Raiga was almost kind of normal save for the expected agression after eating that curry. I wonder how he and Ranmaru will manage after reaching such a revelation together?

Then, the scene that clinched this chapter. Though you had a scene between them in the beginning, when Neji expressed his concern for Tenten, this one damn. How do I say? Kind of intense? Really it was, because the circumstances and emotions were so humorously true to life and awkward and nearing romantic that I'm sure anyone who read it was just begging for some kind of relationship to blossom. But oh ho ho! No way- you guys just pull the rug out from under us and throw in some humor at the end. Agonizing, is what I call it. Gosh. You've really made a Neji/Ten fan out of me. Yikes.

Highly anticipating the next chapter, as always. I am a slave to this story and you can expect my thoughts again at Chapter 7. Until then, take care!
chm01 chapter 5 . 5/25/2008
love the story, and i look foward to the next chapter
Bainrider chapter 5 . 5/21/2008
Wow, quick update. I liked the chapter few characters were left out and everybody had nice parts. You surprised mke with your informant, Obito! But I'm kinda surprised. How can he not know about the Uchiha Massacre? News like that usually spreads fast and he's in Akatsuki. Anyway I like the new addition to team Kakashi but I'm still rooting for Sato. He is one of the most interesting OC I have seen after all. Neji seems to be learning to appreciate other people I hope he won't forget all of it when he learns about Tentens ah...secret. haha Good job!
OctoberThirtyFirst chapter 5 . 5/21/2008
VERY good. nice part with Haku at the beginning. Very nice intro of Obito and co. Naruto interaction is nice as well.
gfhgjihm chapter 5 . 5/20/2008
Good Job! Hope you get better...
Morlin chapter 5 . 5/19/2008
Damn that was quick. You guys are really getting faster, great for us all that is. And I must say that this chapter is jampacked with stuff. Now then, lets begin.

Haku has finally found Hiroshi again and life's been good for the old man and Haku gets a week without being beaten within an inch of his life and then having it called training. Hurrahs for everyone. Seriously, it's nice to see something and someone decent on Haku's little journey, besides himself that is, and not just scumbags and maffiosos. I hope that he can keep asociating with Hiroshi on a somewhat regular basis while they're in Nanakusa. Also, the way Haku dispatched those loser-nins was an interesting dispaly in the emotional maelstrom one can have during a battle. From his confidence at the start to his realisation that his "show" could've hurt civilians to the concern that he might've used too much force. A very fascinating look into Haku's mind indeed.

Once again I have to say that I'm really loving all these little side-mission you guys are usng for character development and unusual team-ups, I love that word. This time I'm obviously refering to Neji leading two thirds of the InoShikaCho combo. The akward interaction between the three was delightful to read and the way it slowly built up to an understanding between them was brilliantly crafted. Their battle scene with the moon-nin just kicked all kinds of ass. Mostly because it was nice to see Ino actually kick some ass, has that ever been done in the canon or filler material? And Neji acknowledging how impressive her technique actually is was a great touch. Overall, it's just nice to see Ino get some credit for once.

Now then, let's see where Neji's newfound appriciation for bth his, and other people's, teammates takes him. It will be fun to watch.

Next we have Gaara-kun and his Suna comrades. The dude just kicks ass, even if it is in the background, and everybody gets a piece of the action. Temari proves that she's just as badass as her baby-brother, she really does have som great one-liners in this chapter, and even little Matsuri kicks some ass here, and proves her loyalty to Gaara-kun. Miosuke really is a creepy little rat and he deserves whatever is coming to him, though he was smart enough to deny Gaara information on Sasuke's whereabouts and set up a distraction.

Which brings us to Gaara-kun's little preformance. Yet another epic feat, without sacrificing any scorpions at that. Extremely cool indeed. And Baki is noticing that, that little fact concerns me for some reason. Again I'm wondering if Suna will really want to let him go after all that he's doing. I'm happy that he doesn't actually go after Sasuke to get back at the jerk. Seems like a waste of time. Then we have his little confession to Matsuri. It was cute, in a platonic teacher-student way. Now I really want Sakura to meet Matsuri, Gaara and Sakura can adopt her. But she might be a little too old for that. Now what's this about Gaara and Sakura meeting soon? Soon is not soon enough, especially if there's a confession on the way. Argh! You guys tease me so much.

It's wonderful to see Naruto get some help with the kyuubi at last and that Jiraiya had the foresight to set up the meeting between the two jinchuuriki. Now I'm going to be extra sad when/if the Akatsuki takes Agatsuma down. He's like a fun old man.

That Obito was Jiraiya's contact... damn what a twist. I love it! The potential ways this could go is just staggering to consider. His interaction with Jiraiya and Naruto and Yuma's interaction with Naruto just made me smile. It was awesome beyond words, in the happy kind of way. This is exactly why I love this story. Smart twists that are presented in an incredibly enjoyable fashion. I can't not say this enough, I love it!

Now let us move on to Tama-chan. Her impressive examination makes one wonder why she was even stopped from becoming a gennin in the first place. She kicks ass and, just like, Sato is a wonderful OC. The more of her we see the better. And her inclusion into team seven is another great twist. Sakura gets another female friend to bond with and overall she's a far superior replacement for Sasuke. The drama created by Kiba's infatuation with her and Sato knowing about it but not telling Tama and all the delicious soapy drama it creates makes me all too happy. Awesometastic.

Then we have the breakout character of this fic series, Tenten. I only have one thing to say about this. She really needs to talk to Neji! Yes he can be kind self-absorbed and has a hard time to act socially normal and his time is getting a bit gobbled up with his new duties as the Hyuga-heir. But he's kind of trying at least. She's the one keeping secrets about more than one subject. That doesn't make her bad or anything of course, it makes her human and brilliantly developed. Which is exactly why she's the breakout character.

Hikune is another great OC. I mean I really want to dislike him for what he's doing and all that. But he's such a friggin decent guy that I can do it. Damnit!

A brilliant chapter that covered so much and included so many of the facets that make Naruto and this fanfic brilliant! The twists and turns in this chapter are paced perfectly and thought-provoking as hell. This chapter pretty much just encompases everything I love about your work here.

Lastly we the title of next chapter. Two Steps Back is incredibly omnious. It makes me more than worried for our three heroes and their friends. I'm expecting high-level drama. Bring it on, and quickly. But don't overdo it unil you're healthy again. I'll happily wait for it.
Wise Poison chapter 5 . 5/19/2008
Cha-ching! An update! Probably the best chapter so far, though they're all uniquely entertaining. Let the ranting commence!

Starting off with Haku's scene situated in Nanakusa was fantastic. Though Zabuza is a real ass-pain and jerk, it seems he and Haku are getting along more than what most people would expect. Haku's cool like that. And OMG! Hiroshi-san is back! I love that adorable, fat guy who first rescued Haku! It was thoroughly satisfying to see Haku making a public demonstration for the townspeople as he kicked those Mist ninjas asses. I'm sure they'll appreciate his friendly intervention anytime. I can't wait to see what you plan to do about, as Haku reflected, balancing life with his villager friends and the wiry nukenin he works with.

Your Ino-Neji-Chou idea was refreshingly original, while also providing excellent insight. Contrary to Neji's misconceptions, Ino and Chouji are very competant and team-oriented. The only person getting in Neji's way was himself, and I grinned like an idiot when they finally buckled down and worked together to avenge that poor fellow Takeshi!

As always, the bad-ass fight scene with the Sand Siblings was pulse-pounding. An old score got to be settled when Gaara and his sis and bro finally got the chance to sink their fangs down into Miosuke and those punk Oto nin! This is definitely leading up to Gaara's nomination as Kazekage, I can tell. There is simply no one, as Baki pointed out, who compares to him in terms of strength. I also was very relieved that Gaara was able to tell Matsuri about the Shukaku. This implies that if that mousy little gal can handle the truth, so can Sakura.

Not only did Tama graduate with flying colors, but she was accepted onto Team 7! Ironic how Gai's niece was placed with his quote on quote "rival." Tee hee. I'm sure Kakashi can handle it, and it will also be good for Kiba and Sakura (especially Kiba-wink-) to recover from their loss of Sasuke. I'm sure Sato is patting himself on the back right now.

Naruto's biju woes are finally lessened with the help of the Yonbi jinchuriki, or Agatsuma, rather. I love how you actually gave that old fart some character depth instead of making him one of Kisame's many victims. Are you still going to go through with that, by the way? Oh! And it is in fact Obito who is Jiraiya's informant. Now that would make a hell of a lot of sense, since the Sage's spying techniques alone were probably not enough to gain all that information about Orochimaru and the Akatsuki. I do hope Obito will be able to cope upon hearing about how small his family has become. Good thing they have Yuma, because he's the future of the Uchiha clan!

And finally, the part that made my jaw hit the carpet. After discussing chakra affinities with Hinata-chan, Tenten once again found herself in the presence of Hyuga Hikune. Ho-ly-Smokes. I got the feeling you intended him to be a speed bump in terms of the Neji/Ten relationship undertones, but this was a curveball. I'm really hoping he's 17 and not 25, as Tenten was fearing. He ought to know there is a line not meant to be crossed, but the liplock appeared to be innocent enough. In a way, it's probably a relief for Tenten to finally be exposed to affection, since she's getting little if any from her beloved. I hope Neji wakes up and smells the roses before that theiving Hikune takes away the Weapons Master of Team Gai! Though I hope that you don't change the Neji/Ten shtick, it's really up to you as the author. Sniffle...but can you try not to break my heart?

Alright. I think that's enough for now. You already have me slavering for the next chapter (so cleverly titled, Two Steps Back, while this chapter was entitled, One Step Forward.) I hope you and Isumo are feeling better soon! Take care.
Red Wings chapter 5 . 5/18/2008
A few hours ago, I just got back from a harrowing field trip. Sand in my shoes, sweaty and sticky, I went straight to the cafeteria to eat, then came back to my room. When I checked Harbinger, I was like OMG IT'S UPDATED! And I set myself down to read it.

Haku has finally reunited with his long-lost caretaker, Hiroshi-san! I'm surprised he took Haku's being partnered with Zabuza so well. I thought that Zabuza would suddenly show up and ruin the good mood, killing Hiroshi and taking his house as his and Haku's new hideout, but I'm glad you didn't (just my overactive imagination at work!). I thought that Haku could've been more discreet, rather than show that he's a Konoha shinobi. The people will talk, and talk spreads, and eventually may reach Leaf. I'm sure Zabs will yank him by the ear and give him a sound beating for not doing as he was told and dallying in town, where he could be spotted. ::shivers:: Please be alright in the next chapter, Haku-kun!

Interesting new team with Neji, Ino and Chouji, by the way. Will we get to see Shikamaru in the next chapter and what he's doing with his family? Learning Kage Kubi Shibari no Jutsu from Shikato, maybe?

That Miosuke is a real asshole. Getting a new toy doesn't make one a better ninja. I felt guite gratified as he got knocked off by Temari's Kamaitachi. Go Temari! Matsuri did well too as she fought the Oto-nins. I loved the part where Temari was thinking "Will Gaara want his head severed from the neck up or just above the chin? Tough choice." XD LOL Temari is just that badass! Go Gaara-kun! Shukaku is not your master!

Poor Naruto-kun...having the Kyuubi makes him "see things". I was quite surprised and absolutely delighted that you named the Yonbi Jinchuuriki and gave him a personality as well as role in the story. Agatsuma seems to be like a really nice old man. Hopefully, he'll be able to teach Naruto all the things he can so that when Akatsuki comes for Agamatsu, he'll not die in vain.

YES! Tama is now officially genin! Sato really pulled it off. I just hope he can face her father's wrath afterwards. I've a feeling Maito Ken will go after him. Hopefully, he can figure out his feelings for Tama before Kiba stakes his claim on his fiancee.

Back to Neji-Ino-Chou. I liked the way they interacted with each other. Neji underestimates his new teammates, and Ino and Chouji are uncomfortable with having him with them. It shows. The small flares of disagreement were well laid out, showing just how uneasy they are with each other. However, Neji seems to be learning from past mistakes and his own preconceptions of others, which shows how well he's changing. 100 points for character development on the most coldest, prickiest, arrogant of the Hyuugas. As for Ino, YES! She is changing as well, and while I didn't notice this at first, it was good that you put her and Neji on a team together. They are both people in need of change. Chouji is a good guy, it's just that he needs to train more and apply his clan jutsu in more ways than one. I loved the way Neji-Ino-Chou took out the Moon ninja! They did some great planning on how to capture them, after battling them and defeating them. Great teamwork, you guys! They kicked ass here, definitely, and the fact that they had started off not so well makes it even better at the end! Good job, tigerowl! My favorite part was when Neji realized Ino's and Chouji's strengths: ‘Ino’s talent is unlike most others. It’s extremely difficult to control another shinobi’s body, and then expect to fight in a foreign vessel as well. Chouji’s strength has also grown since the Retrieval Mission.’ He's learning more and more each day!

OMG! Jiraiya's informant is OBITO? You sure threw a curveball at me! And Obito had brought little Yuma with him! I liked how you brought everything together in Obito's report to Jiraiya. The rest of the R9's lives and missions are intertwined fairly tightly, ne? This is pretty much a rundown of all the things that have happened thus far in the fic. Orochi wants Haku (who's now a nukenin in Mist) and sends Koinyu to get him, and this Koinyu works for Bi (looking for a Susumajin, whatever that is), who wants Tenten. Obito's clan has dwindled to two others besides himself and his son, only Jiraiya knows this and Obito doesn't.

And... ::squee:: Chakra affinities! Now everyone is gonna get one! I'm surprised about Hanabi's though. I definitely thought she'd be fire, due to her personality. I can't wait to see Tenten's. And that Hikune... ::points at him accusingly:: I knew he'd get in the way! It's a good thing Neji-kun didn't come back in time to see that little smooch between his teammate and cousin, or he would've lost it after his feel-good mission. And how can Tenten feel that she's behind everyone? No one is as good with weapons as she is! Sure, her taijutsu wasn't as great as it is now, but she was decent! Poor Tenten...I wonder what her affinity will be?

YES! Tama is now on Team 7! She's gonna do great. It's a good thing everyone knows her so well, ne? ::winks:: Kiba must be praising his good luck now that the girl of his dreams is on his team. Now he can spend more time with her. Hmm, wonder what he'll do now that she's near him?

Heh, Matsuri is so cute! She and Sakura will make good friends.

::gasp:: Now Obito has seen his sensei's son! And Naruto has met Obito, Jiraiya's informant, father's student, and one of the four Uchiha currently living! Well, unknown to be alive, anyways. And now he's met little Yuma! Oh boy...Naruto's gonna discover something unique about Yuma, I can feel it! And then all the can of worms will be opened...unless you've got something else up your sleeve?

Great chapter, thanks for the update! I really enjoyed the little surprises and twists and turns here and there. Keep up the great work and I hope you feel better soon!
Silver Warrior chapter 5 . 5/18/2008
yay, Haku met an old, familiar face. and yay, Matsuri accepted Gaara. No surprise there. And things are getting so twisted in Konoha. Wonder how Gai will feel about his niece being taught by his eternal rival? I'm rather sure Gai will have/has had a nice long talk with Kakashi about being a proper sensei to this student.
Kemo-chan chapter 5 . 5/18/2008
yay another sweet update by u two, well sorta two people

i hope tigerowl gets better and i wish spanky good rest

update as soon as u can ]
Korora12 chapter 5 . 5/18/2008
You never answered my review from last chapter, or if you did, i didn't get it. oh well.

I'm glad Haku got to meet Hiroshi again. though the whole missing-nin thing puts a damper on it. I'm also glad you put the Yonbi jinchuuriki in, now ya just hafta put in Yugito. And now Naruto has met the other Uchihas, I can't wait to see his reaction to finding that out, AND Obito's reaction to the fact that his clan was massacred. Haku has nothing to worry about, if he can't take out this Koinyu guy, then he always has Zabuza to help him out. But I still would like to know if you'll be fitting Madara into this. Ya know, I always saw Neji as more of a lightning type, and Hyuugas as a lightning and water-type clan. but whatever. your story, not mine. Tama's on Team 7, I shoulda seen that coming.

The Jinchuurikis, from what I remember, take after their bijuu in some ways. For example, foxes were always considered to be tricksters and pranksters. Tanuki were said to drink sake a lot, and have big... yeah. If you don't know what I'm referring to, look up tanukis on wikipedia. Sakura will find out eventually.

Get well soon, both of ya.
taintedlegacy chapter 5 . 5/18/2008
Man, I can't wait to see Obito's reaction when/if he finally learns of the Uchiha massacre. Keep up the good work and update soon!
Morlin chapter 4 . 5/9/2008
Wow, that was a fast update, unlike this review I personal job-hunting events on this. I'll try to be better with it in the future.

Anyway, I so love all these missions and adventures we get to see the teams take on. Not only does it create great character scenes but it also gives us a chance to see more common ninja work.

Team 8, plus Kiba, had a grand adventure here. The interacion between Kiba and Sato was everything I could've, and did, hope for. Shino's cool proffesionalism was compeltely understandable and I agree with it, but that's mostly because Shino's just too cool to not agree with. And Hinata was the radiant little sunshine that you can't help but love. I do so love this team.

To see how the Wave Country village was doing and their ambitions to become a shinobi village was nice. I do so love that you guys don't forget the little people in our favorite ninjas' adventures.

The developments of Hinata's Misago Byakkugan are intriguing a well as worrying. How powerful can this thing possibly be, doesn't matter as long as it beats the wankingan. And while we all know that she can take care of herself and has loads of people willing to help her I bet that she just wants to be in her Naruto-kun's arms.

I have to say that I loved Kutaishi. She may be kind of pompous and have quite a few other personality problems. But she is hella badass. My kind of lady, if I was an owl. I hope to see more of her in the future.

Overall the battle was great and the nodds to what Pein has done in the Rain village was a nice treat. And of course the bridge will be a magnet for great shinobi battles. It's a vital tool for it's village. That's how fate works.

Then we have poor, poor Haku.

First let me say that I want Inagawa Koseki dead. Seriously he's creepy as all hell. Please kill him, eventually. Though as any good nerd I did enjoy this little trip through the grey areas of the shinobi world. It's good to see that Haku is able to keep up a calm and straight face as he faces all these things, if he didn't he'd probably be eaten alive or something. And Zabusa's experienced missing-nin/teacher role always makes me smile for the bad bad reasons, just like reading an issue of Thunderbolts.

The mini-war on the boat was epic as all hell. Mist, a giant whale, use of the cursed seal and ice-techniques. And that's just the first part of it. Sengin's story with the two boys really moved me and made me sad since it was clear that they would die. That Sengin's rage almost over-powered Zabusa made me smile, because while I do like this version of Zabusa he really deserved it all.

While Haku may be able to justify killing Sengin it's all kind of BS anyway. This dark path is a dangerous one for the poor boy and I'm loving it. I did smile like a crazy person when it was revealed that Zabusa didn't approve of the cursed seal either. Really shows the difference between Orochimaru's and Zabusa's level of evil.

Next we have Naruto-kun. His troubles with the fox are heart-wrenching and we can do nothing but hope that his struggles to control the beast will end in his favor. Truly a momentous tale is being told in these short segments we get to glimps into the young blodne's life.

I don't know what to make of Hikune. He is nice and all but still there's something weird about it all. Like he has another motive. It would be nice with a guy who's ust friendly for the sake of being friendly. But he still kind of weirds me out. And I'm not sure how much good he's doing for Tenten and Neji's relationship.

Imaging Scorpions all over Suna is kind of funny and I'm glad that they've been accepted into the village.

The cliff-hanger ending is evil as all hell. But it also means a very good thing. Is ass-kicking Gaara time! That is to say that Gaara will be doing the ass-kicking. Can't wait to see it. Will also be intersting to see what information about Sound that they can beat out Miosuke.

As always a great chapter. I'll be waiting for the next installment.
Kage Kui chapter 4 . 5/6/2008
i liked the firs half the most
Spiderzero chapter 1 . 5/4/2008
THere are only 3 words i can use to desribe the writing style you guys use...OH-MY-GOD! lol i love this story ive been looking for a collosal naruto fic to wet my appetite and i found it in forlorn and now ive got more! lol i love you guys
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