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Guest chapter 2 . 11/16/2015
Your arabic is wonderful
angelic charity chapter 30 . 11/14/2015
Tried posting yesterday and i dont see it. Ive been missing for a while. Was in a traffic accident. Im doin better though and im actually done catchin up now. Ig i read too be because i was anime-malnourished. :( missed reading and have a lot of episodes. Moving along...
Well this cliff hanger was reeeeally high for my liking. Feels like im dying solely to see the next chapter. So dont want to rush your brilliance but 'imma need dat lil ting.' (Hope you understood that kml)
Prolific writing tigerowl. Just felt like you rushed the chunin exams. You're normally a detailed writer so my thought is because you made the 2nd stage simple then the 3rd stage would definetly be badass. I cannot wait.
Guest chapter 28 . 11/11/2015
This is angelic charity. Been out for a while. Was in a traffic accident. Miss readin or doin anything. Have a lot to catch up on. Even with anime. Well off to see the last part i read. Missed ya tigerowl.
LordGraygem chapter 30 . 11/4/2015
Woo, now we're picking up some speed and getting into some serious story advancement with Konoha's Chunin Exams 2.0.

Can't wait for more.
samsaraknight chapter 30 . 10/30/2015
There were so many things about this chapter that I loved. I guess I appreciate how your Chunin Exam 2.0 is both familiar and completely new. It feels like we know what each team is supposed to do and nothing is too complex to understand, but at the same time it’s great to see teams putting on their thinking caps to figure out how to get inside the tower.

The snippets of each Leaf team and how they function were excellent. We don’t see much of the micro-management of teams because they all mingle and blend so much as friends in your story. I got a kick out of seeing how Team Kakashi is polished and poised with teamwork. Sakura taking the leadership initiative was super satisfying. Kiba and Tama, while capable in their own rights, are both at ease taking direction from her. Their conversation about Sasuke was also raw and real. Tama is amazingly understanding, while Kiba and Sakura don’t necessarily agree that Sasuke will/will not do right by them in the future should he come back.

Hinata, Shino, and Sato, for all of their silliness (Sato’s really) may be the most competent navigating team in Stage Two. They can see, track, and work their way through anything together. I am really enjoying them as a team. I was not surprised they made it to the tower first.
Team Gai was surprisingly dysfunctional this time around in spite of their massive collective talent. Neji goes back to his grumpy/frantic ways and Lee seems to feed off of that energy. Tenten was not pleased. She asserts herself later and demands they cool it and pay more attention to her advice, which would have benefitted them, and Neji apologetically acknowledges that at night. Damn that was a sweet scene. He really has grown up and while Neji has (so far) not said that he loves Tenten, he very obviously does just looking at his behavior. Those feels… And Lee is just pricelessly innocent and a good friend like he always is. So supportive of his teammates!

Sakura and Ino’s teams combine and make it to the tower where they rendezvous with their Leaf compatriots. Apparently the Rock team that arrived with them is a bunch of Hanwen-speaking assholes. This intrigues me, because so far we can only perceive Han/Chinese relations as a positive thing in your story. It pertained to Lee, his grandpa, and Tenten. Now this new team shares that heritage and is EVIL AS ALL HELL. Those jerks freaked Lee out and insulted him. I was shocked. It stinks of that Dintei Bi guy’s meddling and I hope he doesn’t pop in to ruin this exam and hurt Tenten and her team. That seems to be Huo’s intention most of all. I’ll call it now: that guy is going to be the (Canon-manga Gaara-esque) villain of this Chunin Exam. It’s going to get ugly.

I love that Sato calls Neji out on his protectiveness of his girlfriend. “Kiss her, bro!” LOL Immediately gets clocked by Empty Palm. Sato seems to be Neji’s comedic-relief-foil in your story. I wonder what would happen if they had to fight each other in Stage Three? Sato is definitely NOT weak, though his bubbly personality may mislead others, he went toe-to-toe with Pein when he fought beside Kakashi. I am not about to forget that!

Of course Shikamaru makes a perfect proctor for this Stage and Tsunade’s introduction to the prelims was great. Seeing Gaara represent for Matsuri was so heartwarming and also a boost of confidence for Gaara’s Leaf friends who are competing. Seeing him probably reminds them of Naruto and Haku too, the people who they admire for their bravery and strength. That Dream ninja teams looks awesome, btw. And what do you know? The preliminary matches are at the TOP of the tower. Could get a bit dangerous up there. I can’t wait to see it! Tenten’s match looks like it will be a dramatic beginning fight!
fiveflyingsquirrels chapter 30 . 10/23/2015
Another excellent chapter has arrived! The opening scene with Tsunade was excellent. So that explains why some clues were poorly drawn, poor Tenzo... We see each Leaf team go through the motions of interpreting their clue and navigating the Forest of Death.

Sakura's team seems to have it the "most together," surprisingly. They coordinate, discuss, and agree on the clue they start out with, and then settle down by a campfire to talk. I enjoyed how Kiba and Sakura have effectively moved on from Sasuke and accepted Tama as their own. I wonder what this means down the line, should Sasuke ever return to Leaf? Also, Sakura seems to have washed her hands of Sasuke while Kiba is still holding out hope that he can be a good friend to them. They team up with Ino's team latter and continue on together.

As I am partial to Hinata’s team, I must say I was delighted to see them make it to the tower first! They are a force to reckon with in this exam. All skilled trackers, pristine, teamwork, and good attitudes. I bet Sato has gotten dramatically stronger since his Pein-crushing. Hinata and Shino must be as well. I am gonna bet on them in the Final Rounds. Oh, btw, when Sato shouts “Secret Jounin Tunnel” is that a reference to Avatar the Last Airbender’s “secret tunnel” episode? Please say it’s so.

Oh crap Neji was slipping back into his old, moody ways. And what’s worse, he ignored Tenten’s counsel and delayed them from progressing through the Forest. Bad Neji. Tenten gets angry with him and shuts off for a while, understandably. It’s interesting that she has this new influence over him. He self-reflects and apologizes to her at night. Ahh, the power of romantic relationships. He is a changed man, he’s just got to get his head out of his ass for this stage. And Lee, sweet Lee…he’s his usual, helpful self. This was a great Stage 2 overall, illustrating how teams find alternative routes into the Tower.

And boy, did Team Gai wind up finding one of the nastiest teams of all. A team of Rock Genin who hack apart a giant eagle and speak Hanwen…and after conversing with Lee, prove just how despicable they are. They need to go DOWN! I am a bit spooked that the scary one, Huo, is attentively watching Tenten. Methinks this connects to that Bihokokuni evil Rock-nukenin guy who is sending agents to take her and her teammates down. Not good. Comically, Neji also disdains this negative attention on his girlfriend and strikes a calvin klein pose or something like it, shielding his woman. LOL cue all friends teasing him, and Sato taking a Vacuum Wave in the face. Standard.

Cool, this team of Dream ninja seems significant and flashy. It’ll be a shame to have to knock them out of the competition, but there are so many Leaf Genin who need to pass, it’s bound to happen. Also, I loved when Gaara stood in for Matsuri’s team when she was pressured to give up. Definitely made me grin when he popped up. I was also digging the kiss-ey bits with Sato and Tama, proving that they have moved along in their relationship. (romantic sigh)

Whoa! The location of preliminary matches has changed! The top of the tower seems dangerous but I bet it will be entertaining. Shikamaru is also a suitable choice for a proctor in case he needs to intervene. But man, it doesn’t look good that one of those jerk Iwa ninja is the opponent of Tenten in the first match. She will prevail! Give me more tiger! I am so stoked for this exam.
Red Wings chapter 30 . 10/21/2015
Whoot whoot, an update!

Good to see that everyone has made it to the second stage of the Chuunin Exam.

So the drawings weren't all childish scrawl (no offense, Konohamaru and friends). I wonder what him and his friends will do next, if Tsunade wants them doing more artwork, or if they'll be helping out the Chuunin-hopefuls in a more exciting way. Our favorite Rookies are doing very well this time, thanks to a lot of missions, training and their first time taking the Chuunin exam. I like seeing how they all interact and get along. Neji and Lee are getting on Tenten's nerves, poor thing. Good thing she told them to get it together, especially Neji, going back to his old ways. He definitely needs a girlfriend like Tenten to shake him out of his old habits.

Sakura, Kiba and Tama are doing great together. Interesting to note, but when it came to the subject of Sasuke, Kiba seems to defend him, while Sakura has nothing good at all to say about him. Understandably, Sasuke did leave her out in the cold, and for dead (good thing Gaara saved her), so she wouldn't be happy at all about that. Tama is such a good sport about it all, and it's funny has oblivious she is to Kiba's feelings for her (as Sakura noted).

Kurenai's team found the entrance to the second part of the Chuunin Exams first! Yeah, go Hinata, Shino and Sato! Those Iwa genin that Lee spoke to don't sound too interested in being friends or allies with anyone. They speak Chinese, er, Hanwen, like Lee and Tenten do, but language and ethnic origin are the only things they share. I have a sneaking suspicion they may be in league with that Bi or Koinyu guy, the ones that want Tenten's inheritance. Watch out, Team Gai, Gai-sensei. Konoha was infiltrated once, there might be those who are trying again.

Thank you for this chapter, and for making it of a better length to read through.

Let the next stage of the Chuunin exams commence!
dreaddragonknight chapter 30 . 10/19/2015
awesome chapter and interesting version of stage 2, hope it doesn't take as long 2 update, this is 1 of my favorite stories
malikmi95 chapter 30 . 10/19/2015
niceeeee... :3
Guest chapter 29 . 9/23/2015
this is probably the naruhina fanfiction I have ever read the only other one I could think of is a growing thats also a great fanfiction but im not sure i like that one as much Please update again soon tigerowl
Morlin chapter 29 . 9/22/2015
Haha! You thought that you'd have to wait for months until I reviewed this chapter didn't you!?'s a legitimate concern. Sorry all the super late reviews. I just haven't been visiting this site a lot the last few years so things get forgotten. But here we go, time to give this chapter the kind of review it deserves.

The theme of maturing as a person and dealing with the consequences, even the tiny ones, of ones actions get's quite a lot of focus in this chapter. And not just because we're at the second chuunin exam for most of the characters.

Obito and Rin are growing weary of Obito's deal with Jiraiya while worrying about their safety. Their feelings are valid and understandable, if you've built up a family it's safer to not spy on multiple evil organisations. But said deal is making the world an ever so slightly better place for lots of people so it's not all that easy for him to just quit. And their safety concerns would be easy to deal with if they had stayed with the village but they would've lost their freedom. Both conflicts lack right or wrong answers like most stupid adult situations and dealing with them one way or another is sure to raise some problematic situations down the line.

Likewise, Neji and Tenten are in their budding romance (promptly placing third in the most normal couple in this story award right after the Ino/Shikamaru and Sato/Tama couples). They're unusually happy and wish to keep to themselves but find that much more difficult in a ninja village, gossip no jutsu is probably a horrible technique. It's a less dire situation than Rin and Obito's but no less required for one to become an adult, in most cases. And it is reflected in Tian Tian's story as well, though with some alterations that might fit Gaara and Sakura better. And Lee abandoning Neji was hilarious.

Naruto then learns about his past. I always get chocked up by that. When I first read it, saw it in the anime, played it in Ninja Storm 3 and read it here. It always such a sad story and it constantly brings me to tears. You did a really good job of presenting it here without making it feel like a repetition of the source material, good idea to deliver a lot of it from Jiraiya's point of view. Great scene.

Haku obviously had to deal the most with consequences and shit. I've gotta admit, as someone who feels that Haku is a bit too good with both fighting and people at times it's been very nice to see him get put through a few wringers in the last few chapters, being awkward with the prostitute and getting kicked around a lot in this chapter. I've warmed up a bit too him again, it comes and goes. The effects of this confrontation and Zabuza's plans to contact Mei are now one of the things I'm looking forward to the most in the story.

Gaara gets a more relaxed part, even comedic, compared to his brothers. His consequences are naturally that most annoyingly realistic thing. Dealing with the stress of trying to do everything at once while still trying to be yourself. I'm certain that he can do it, he's Gaara and he's awesome, but it totally provides for fun situtations. And I must again commend the extended roles of the jinchuuriki in this story. Gaara is doing a great job of getting connected to several of them all over the place. Looking forward to where that's going. Poor Matsuri though, confused and hurt but having to fight in the chuunin exam. We will all root for her.

Now it is time for the chuunin exam. You do actions scenes so well in general that I am really quite excited to see how this will go down. With the improvements they've made it'll either be a breeze or it'll be that much more difficult since they're facing opponents that are as impoved as they are. Fun times ahead.

A very interesting chapter that moved the plot ahead in several aspects and I can't wait to read more. Thank you.
samsaraknight chapter 29 . 9/16/2015
Heck yes a new chapter and it was exhilarating like always! It could just be me but I am getting some bad vibes from Obito and Rin’s corner. All the foreshadowing of how difficult trials and danger awaits them, it makes me wonder how comfortable you’d be killing one or all of them off…or if you would orphan poor Yuma and leave it up to Sasuke to raise him. Scary… Hopefully nothing too terrible is around the corner and the little family can make it safely to Konoha, but the odds do not look that good. Eyes are on them now.

So Neji is now reading the story about the First Shinobi again? This is getting good. It’s plain to see how it relates to his life and Tenten’s. I saw your note that said Indra and Ashura have different names in your story. That’s fine. Honestly the names you picked sound way more badass. And that was the most genuine date scene ever. I find it interesting how Neji and Tenten are in love with each other but continue to take it slow. The point being that they want to know about each other, not having been conversationalists in the past. Lol Cue the spying kunoichi friends and you know Neji and Tenten are gonna be in trouble…

Damn, I am actually kind of stoked that Naruto learned about his parents and their history from Jiraiya. It just feels right. The way you write those too is so unbelievably good! It begs the question, just as Naruto and Jiraiya discussed: who could have taken out Minato and Kushina. If an Uchiha wasn’t involved, possibly someone with the Sharingan, or worse. Methinks you have a terrifying villain waiting in the wings…

Holy shit Haku got jumped by Hunter-ninja while babysitting! Just his friggin luck. That was a close call and it could have gone worse, but I liked how you choreographed it and had Raiga, Ranmaru, and Zabuza cooperate temporarily. If they get past their differences they can work together to save the Mist Village and maybe even team up with Mei Terumi, which I bet is in the works. I thought maybe one day that Zabuza would be Mizukage…but it sounds like Haku might become a contender as well. Cannot. Wait. Yin Seal Haku will kick so much ass.
Gaara and Matsuri return to the Tide Village in both comical and dramatic scenes, but what I liked the best was Utakata and Gaara’s snippy exchange. They actually seem like they will be compatible in terms of friendship, which would make this whole situation worse when the Akatsuki comes to collect them. What are you gonna do with that I wonder?

HA! Freaking Lee abandoned Neji after he abandoned Tenten to the friend-swarm. That was boss. Up until he and poor Fujita find out Sancho fed Hikune’s murder. Unexpectedly heavy…

All seems well and the next Chunin Exam has started up. The first stage was a breeze for our Leaf ninja and Neji was the first to recognize that “time if of the essence,” and that test takers were encouraged to prioritize the right task. The second stage seems both familiar and foreign. We’re back in the forest of death, but…get in the tower without windows or doors? Is it rigged? And do the scrolls contain clues? Neji’s team sure as hell doesn’t know, because a six year old drew it? The heck? It’s going to be crazy. I am seriously looking forward to what you do with the exam this time around! Good luck!
Morlin chapter 28 . 9/12/2015
A very nice catching up chapter.

I am intrigued by the continued examination of the Hyuga sisters and their relationship. It's really nice to see Hinata being looked up to and appreciated as a comrade by Hanabi, and your version of Hanabi is delightfully bratty and michevous yet not mean spirited. There's is a development I am looing forward too.

Gaara's continued training with Yugito was a real treat and I look forward to seeing that progress and how much more impressive he'll be in combat, and I sincerely hope that you'll have Gaara and Bee interact some day. The increased inclusion of the other jinchuuriki though has me preparing my heart for the possibility that she'll get captured and killed by the Akatsuki, the Game of Thrones issue again. When it comes to Matsuri I am totally feeling for her dedication to burry all of the pain in work and I hope that her emotional issues won't hinder in the chunnin exam. She's the kind of person I root for.

I've gotta say that the Naruto and Jiraiya bit was very much heart wrenching. Nice to see the guy figure a few things out on his own, especially with all the build up Jiraiya's been doing to the finale of his story. Tiny, manly (not actually) tears where dropped at their argument and Jiraiya's sorrow.

I like the progress that Zabuza and Haku are making in the individual journeys. Considering Obito's altered position in this story compared to the manga it'll be interesting to see what's behind the Mizukage's brainwashing and if Zabuza throwing in with Mei will mess things up or save the day.

And this chapter certainly puts forth a number of adults elements, topics and situations for the cast. It's still a bit odd but non the less interesting to see them experience, deal and learn from it all. You handle these things very maturely and I appreciate that.

Great chapter
Red Wings chapter 29 . 9/10/2015
Yes, I managed to finish reading the whole chapter...over five days. Whoo.

Rin and Obito are now just realizing that it's really unsafe for them? They have Yuuma, for cripe's sakes. Even if they didn't have a kid, Obito's job as Tobi in Akatsuki already puts him in hot water if he were ever found out earlier. It's really naive to think that they could just get by and not attract attention when shinobi are always out and about, in the shadows or not. They really need to go to an actual ninja village where they can get protection for themselves. Being in contact with Jiraiya, they ought to go to Tide, if they want to avoid Kakashi and the rest of Konoha.

Neji and Tenten's relationship has sure upgraded. Ah, so these two are a modern day parallel to Tian Tian and Yuanjia? Hehe. Neji is such a prude, despite being the oldest in his group. It's rather sweet. Tenten seems to be taking this rather steadily, that Neji doesn't seem to understand why she's not as enthusiastic as he is. At least he knows how to reflect on his past self and actions. Him and Tenten finally getting together is big news, and who better to spy on them than Ino and Sakura? Hinata does go along, but I doubt that she'd be spreading the word like a gossip. It's not her style.

Then there's Naruto and Jiraiya. So now Naruto knows more about his parents, and about the attack on Konoha by the Nine-Tails. So yeah, an Uchiha was behind the attack, but who? In this story, Obito is alive, masquerading as Tobi. I'd like to see where you go with this.

Ah, my Haku. He's so noble and sweet, I'm glad you gave him more spotlight this chapter. Zabuza is such a bastard, but no one can deny how bad*** he is. Too bad he and Raiga don't get along. At least Haku has an ally: Ranmaru, apprentice of Raiga. These two together can make a difference in their home country. I'm glad that Migawari sees that in Haku. Someday, he'll make Mizukage.

Gaara is up to his ears in hard work, so much so that Shukaku has to take over his body. Taking care of village business, checking up on his apprentice Matsuri (who's having trouble with Menma), and meeting another fellow jinchuuriki is all in a day's business. He's doing great. Poor Matsuri, though. After seeing her sensei pining after his girlfriend in Konoha, she doesn't want the same thing. But, Matsuri and Menma aren't star-crossed lovers. One day, she'll realize that.

Pfft, Gaara thinks that when Temari says that Menma 'has something on the side', he thinks Menma is a cripple, or has some sort of hideous deformity. Gotta love how Temari handles the situation between her brother and his student. She's really the best big sis.

The meeting with Utakata was freakin' cool. Love Utakata's nonchalant attitude and Gaara's calm, cool composure. So far, Gaara has met three Jinchuuriki (Naruto, Yugito, Utakata). His support group has gotten even bigger! Way to go, Kazekage-sama! You're doing even better than Naruto.

Gai finding out about Neji and Tenten is so hilarious, yet so sweet. Almost everyone has been rooting for these two, save for the couple themselves at the beginning. And oh my, it looks like Tenten is being stalked again by one of those outlaw ninja. Good thing Fujita told Lee.

Ah, the Chuunin Exams. So boring, I don't care much for it. At least the end of the chapter was funny. The dummy scrolls were probably made by little kids not yet in the academy, if not by Konohamaru and friends.

As much as I love your story, could you keep the length of the chapters less massive? It's getting too long to keep up, and reviewing takes me a lot longer, since so much happens in a chapter that I have to break it up and save it for the next day. I love this fic, keep it up!
Morlin chapter 27 . 9/10/2015
That was one odd little adventure, mainly because I was contrasting it with the last few fights of Naruto where everybody were tossing around mountain range busters like they were free candy and the story started disagreeing with me here and there.

Here we have a fairly slow pace, yet condensed, excursion that examine a dynamic shift in the relationship of this otherwise well oiled team. Neji memory loss changes things, brings out burried emotions and could potentially change his entire fate. It's well handled, everybody is acting mature (more or less given the circumstances) and it looks like everything will work out ok.

Then Neji comes back to old self, which is good because I prefer uptight and grouchy Neji to smiley nice guy Neji. Nothing against the other guy but classic Neji is where it's at.

We've yet to see how this very dynamic shift, including romantic feelings finally acted upon, will affect the dynamic. But I suspect that's for the rapidly approaching exams to unearth.

Interesting situation turned into great chapter with some fun character progression. And more hints about yet another threat to the world. Looking forward to seeing that demon plot line develop.
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