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samsaraknight chapter 44 . 6/14
Well there it is, the NejiTen sex I was looking for. Thanks for delivering finally, you really made us wait, though it was good to see this pairing get the development it deserves. They are kind of lost souls without their parents and had to scramble to figure themselves out. Guess it’s still confusing for Tenten as she’s now joined with the Hyuga clan. Even if she’s nostalgic and wondering about stuff, she doesn’t seem at all hesitant or unsure about Neji which is good. She laid the hell out of the boy. Like whoa. He did have to earn it and become a decent person first, so hat’s off to him. Really sexy scene great work. Thought Neji might tell her that he loved her directly, still hasn’t done that yet, but then again his actions kind of scream it. She hasn’t said it to him either. They’ve both thought it. So I’m just going to bask in the cute shit and fluff you put in there instead. I don’t often see realistic aspects of sex portrayed in fics the way you include them, such as Tenten seeing dikc for the first time, masturbation, injury, and general recklessness. It was funny though when Sakura chewed her out afterward. Any scene that has more than two kunoichi in it is usually hilarious when you write it.

Tide Village looks like a bunch of alright dudes and ladies. The business aspects you write about are interesting. But the leader of the Sarutobi clan needing to speak to Tsunade can’t be good. Then the foreshadowing gets darker when Temari reports to Gaara and wants to get Haku back immediately. I understand not wanting to piss off a sister, but he should’ve put his foot down there. No way this mission is going to go well.
samsaraknight chapter 43 . 6/14
Great chapter like always, TO. Happy for Sato and Tama and it’s good to see Naruto on the way to Sand. Good point he does end up putting up with Gaara and Haku’s tiffs lol. Wow so are Hinata and Kurama going to become bodies? Unconventional but interesting given the circumstances. So Hamura is in her reflection, that’s what I thought. I watched filler episodes and the Last movie to get up to speed on that. So will Hinata have the Tenseigan when all is said and done, and will we meet Toneri? I am curious. Dang Zabuza is an absolute creep doing that to Haku, and he nearly let Hiroshi get killed by a Mist captain. At least Haku got Tsunade’s Yin Seal, that’ll be interesting. Ha ha Sakura and Tama have girl talk while Kiba and Kakashi can’t listen in. House hunting already? There’s an idea, have Kakashi help pay! Lol Hope all ends well for Sato and Tama they are an OTP I didn’t know I needed. I liked when he asked her, Even if it won’t be perfect? Tama is so chill. Nothing ever is, she says. True stuff.
ta.shrivastava chapter 43 . 6/13
Great chapter as always! Hinata's interaction with Kurama was amusing. I like to point out that I liked your training trip of Naruto and Jiraiya better then the anime.
Guest chapter 45 . 6/12
Duh duh DUH!

Good gods, Pein is going to Tide Village? Utakata, you need to make sure you aren't there and are in Konoha...but wait, Akatsuki will plan to strike there, anyways. Tobito needs to learn about Itachi and fast if he's going to get inside help into Akatsuki, and possibly, help him and then Uchiha at a time, yeah?

Frickin' Danzo. Of course he'd be making deals with shady bastards like Dintei Bi. Tsunade must be feeling like Sarutobi-sensei's age now. All this crap she has to deal with because of her own rebel ninja don't want to cooperate with her. So I guess Kakashi, Asuma and Gai will be in on this. I'm very glad you brought up Biwako. There's not enough info about her other than her being Hiruzen's wife. Did she get along with Asuma better than her husband? I think the anime has it that the relationship between Asuma and the third Hokage is trained, but later, after Hiruzen's death, Asuma comes to understand him better. Maybe you can write more about Asuma's thoughts about that in the later chapters. Does he blame Hiruzen for his mother's death? Maybe that's why they didn't get along.

My poor Haku! That bastard Zabuza - how dare he blackmail him with Temari's and the other Sand ninja's lives! But I have to admit that you retain Zabuza's awesome villainy well. Though I find Zabuza groping Haku in bad taste. That just isn't really him. Sure, I can trust that he'd beat Haku to a pulp here, and in the canon, but he's not a molesting scumbag. What was that jutsu he used on Temari? I know Kubikiribouchou heals itself by the blood of its victims. And that genjutsu, I thought Ranmaru had something to do with that during the battle between Temari and Zabuza. Dang, just goes to show how strong Zabuza is to take on that team like that. He really lives up to his name Demon of the Mist. Temari is frickin' strong, too, for daring to fight him. Gotta love these characters! Oh, Haku's murderous rage against Zabuza was great...until we found that Zabuza is still alive.

I knew he would be alive. How can he be dead when there's still so much to do, so much story left, and a Mizukage to overthrow? And geez, he did all that to get Haku to use the Nuibari? Bastard. Poor Migawari's house. Pua, you're awesome! Gaara is gonna be pissed. Seriously.

So, Migawari's daughter is Sarincha? Then his grandson is Sato, who's in Konoha! Haku knows him, but doesn't know about Sato's parents. What an interesting turn of events!

Awww, Asuma and Kurenai are picking out a house to live in. Konohamaru's parents are great. At the beginning, it seems like they're just going out on their usual shinobi mission. Until we find, near the end of this chapter, that they were gathering files to give to Tsunade as evidence against Danzo's less scrupulous actions. I pray that these two Sarutobi members don't get caught by any Root shinobi, because damn, what they're doing is dangerous! I admire them, and Konohamaru is lucky to be part of such a clan.

You really do a lot of work for your readers. Thank you so much! You're wonderful as always.
fiveflyingsquirrels chapter 45 . 6/12
(shrill screaming)

(more screaming)

This chapter just turned it up a notch. Wow. So let me start at the beginning before I forget what I just read. It was adorable how Asuma gently introduces Kurenai to a future possible home, and how she is already getting along with the Sarutobi clan. Lol Konohamaru’s mom is hilarious. Netsuke is cool too. I love these characters. Great scene and it has me looking forward to more Asuma/Kurenai. I am worried about whether or not you kill Asuma now. It seems like you are making adult Jounin feature more prominently bit by bit. Good addition!

Then oh my god we are back in Nanakusa, and right off the bat Haku is cornered and arrested by Temari’s Sand team. Part of me was cheering like, Yes! Finally! And then Zabuza cut that one guy in half and then it was ohhh shiiiiit just me crying and reading, knowing how bad it was going to get. What a crazy fight; Temari holds her own against Zabuza (for a while) and Haku cooperates brilliantly on the fly with Sand compadres…but then Zabuza uses a weird new jutsu with the Seversword which nearly makes Temari bleed to death. It was both upsetting and excellent to see Haku lay down arms and do whatever it took to negotiate the safety of Temari and her team. He is a real sweetheart and I feel for him, and Zabuza completely takes advantage of this situation to just make things harder for Haku and own him like a slave. It’s terrible! This is a dynamic between Haku and Zabuza I’ve never seen before in a fic, where they are not in sync and they are not devoted to one another. The animosity between them is kind of refreshing, because let’s face it: Zabuza is a bad dude. He isn’t good. For a while I felt like he could be, but this made me reconsider.

Anyway, Migawari helps Haku stabilize Temari which was also interesting, and it was heartwarming to see Haku take care of her while she was incapacitated. Sigh…this just made me appreciate him more. He is self-sacrificing and loving, but we also discover that after talking to Temari when she wakes, caring for her, and then getting that bleeding under control…he is just DONE with Zabuza. I did NOT expect him to wait for that night ambush and make an honest to goodness attempt to kill Zabuza. It was sort of awesome and deserved. In hindsight, Haku should have stayed to ensure that he finished the job.

SO...from my interpretation of the scene in which Temari is mostly recovered and before she leaves, she and Haku pretty much agree they still care about each other and want to give it another shot? I’m not sure even though they kissed. Great emotional scene before she high-tails it outta there, and then Haku sits down for breakfast to confront Zabuza again. Talk about awkward! The person you just tried to kill is pissed off and eating eggs! Humorous visual. I also got a kick out of Haku trying to beat Zabuza’s ass again, because now he is triggered and not holding back. lol Migawari’s house got messed up. It's great how Migawari's just not afraid of them. Things will be strained between Zabuza and Haku, without a doubt. But I see that Haku has sort of proven himself to be Swordsman material, so he really IS going to get a sword (not the fake one) soon? Can’t wait to see that. This shit is nuts. I hope Gaara and Naruto either rescue him, or Haku becomes Mizukage because Zabuza is an asshole and a flake. I trust you will make it epic.

Holy shit all over again. It was funny to see Tsunade and that monkey, but the scene with Netsuke and Kakima was super serious. Danzo is a traitor, confirmed by the Third’s journal. So what are they going to do? How do they open up an investigation into Danzo and his machinations with that murderer Bi (who rescued Huo, shit oh double shit)? Village councils have not seen this threat for all of these years, so I hope Tsunade can do something about it. Scary! I can’t believe Huo is free again this is going to lead to another showdown, I KNOW IT.

Then the final scene with Obito sitting in as Tobi for the Akatsuki meeting…terrifying. I’ve been wondering what these baddies are up to…and they are aware that jinchuriki want to work together. Pein won’t let that happen. And the first advocate for jinchuriki cooperation to go down? It’ll be Utakata, if Pein gets to the Tide Village. Then Gaara is next once Sand is less protected. I am losing my mind, oh my gosh! This is so exciting I can’t handle it. Tigerowl, great work and I am on the edge of my seat for everything that is to come.

Great choice with twenty one pilots music, by the way, it gets the blood pumping.
fiveflyingsquirrels chapter 44 . 6/12
Naruto and Jiraiya are on the move! I can’t wait for them to get to Sand!

So it would seem one of my dearest wishes has been fulfilled by the NejiTen smut in this chapter and boy was it good. What made all of it even better was that their appreciation and curiosity about one another is so well characterized. Tenten gets choked up discussing her parents. Neji admits he doesn’t know much about his. Tenten fills a weapon order for Yugao and gets rained/hailed on…and Neji is just so thoughtful. UGH. He really wants to take care of her. I love it. But wow, that sex scene was perfectly fitting. I cracked up a little when Tenten was confused about circumcision while getting a look at Neji, which is an interesting point to bring up. It isn’t very common in Asian cultures, so I guess this scene sort of indicates every other young man in Leaf is intact? Not that it really matters either way. Also, Tenten is a bit of a goofball. It’s obvious how happy she is, and she jokes around in-between sessions and Neji really does get her sense of humor. I liked the romance too, they were just so sweet. Yeah, so great job on those sexy scenes. Whoa! And Neji confirms that he has loved Tenten since he met her, which is both surprising and satisfying, and he is wholly aware of what a jerk he used to be and is sorry. This is major stuff! Ouch. Tenten got a ‘nocturnal injury’ LOL and it was comical how Sakura and Ino were called upon to help her. Very well done.

So the diplomats from Tide Village that were visiting Suna are now in Konoha saying hello to Tsunade, and trying to flesh out new deals. Wow! Utakata wants to know if the Hokage is trustworthy. I am getting excited for a jinchuriki gathering! Oh, but what is this? The Sarutobi clan leader, Asuma’s big brother in fact, needs to speak with Tsunade urgently? That can’t be good.

And more uh-ohs. Gaara speaks to Temari and learns that her recon team successfully located Haku after much searching. I feel just as nervous as Gaara. She seems to be jumping into this too quickly, and the foreshadowing of how Gaara thinks it ‘doesn’t feel right’ can’t be good. Not good at all, considering the title of the next chapter. Nooo! What are you going to do? I am afraid to keep reading tigerowl. But here I go anyway…
Red Wings chapter 44 . 6/12
CRAH! Dammit, I didn't get to finish my first review! So I'll start with that!

Chapter 43 cont.

I was expecting Naruto to be here in this chapter, and you got my hopes up when it was written 'Naruto stormed the village'. But of course, Gaara's dreaming. While Naruto was waiting for Hinata to come talk to him via the Misago Byakugan, he falls asleep. She, in turn, passes him by and meets Kurama. The two keep missing each other! I like how you bring up the subject of boundaries. Hinata is normally very respectful of such things, and would never ever seek to invade one's innermost thoughts. But with Kurama inhabiting Naruto's body and mind, well, this is a special case. He is his own being, not just Naruto's prisoner. So, Hinata and the Hyuuga are descended from Hamura? No wonder he calls her 'Moon Child'. And yeesh, is Kurama ever invasive and crass about his jailer and Hinata! (At least Naruto and Hinata feel the same way about each other!) As soon as Naruto and Hinata meet, they need to talk about this. Pronto.

Back with the Sand Sibs, and wow, Temari didn't flinch or put on a tough facade when Haku was mentioned by her brother. Yes, drag his ass back! Though, that will require some team assembly, yeah?

What the $# ! is Zabuza doing to my Haku?! Even in the canon he wasn't this crass! And damn, what a Crowning Moment of Awesome that speech Haku made to Zabs was! Cuz that man is just so freakin' difficult to deal with. It's like the scene in Black Lagoon between Rock and Revy. Yeah, Zabs, you could learn a thing or two from your student. Though, the other CMOA and Oscar for Best Actor goes to old man Hiroshi! Lying bold-faced to those Mist ninja for Haku's and Zabuza's sakes takes balls. My heart was pounding! Sounds like Terumi Mei is related to Suetada...but it seems the clan is split, yeah? Can't wait for that battle to pay out!

Sounds like a lot of the Konoha rookies are eligible to be Jounin. Neji and Shikamaru are definitely forerunners. And Kiba, don't worry. You'll get together with Karui again, sooner if not later. Hopefully.


Chapter 44

Not much to say about Naruto and Jiraiya's scene. They're taking it slowly, what with Jiraiya getting old and all. Sounds like Naruto needs to multi-message technique.

It's sweet how Neji and Tenten are getting their own hot sex scene. That you take the time to describe what they do when they're at home with the clan and how they interact with each other is no small feat. We don't get the benefit of knowing Tenten's parents in canon, but here you do excellently. I recall Tenten's father being called 'The Prince' during the Chuunin by whatshisname Douchebag. Every now and then, it's good to hear more about Tenten's past and where she came from. Takaharu sounds like a really decent person.

You seem to be on a roll with all these smut pieces. Besides Sato/Tama, Gaara/Sakura, Neji/Tenten's is very well-written and crafted (actually skimmed past it, but I can't wait to see how you do Naruto/Hinata!). The way shinobi deal with sex and their attitudes towards it and each other are really unique. Being that they're around death all the time, it does require an open mind. It helps to have a supportive partner as well. It was funny how Sakura scolded Tenten about being so reckless with her first time. And in front of Ino, too!

Being Hokage comes with a lot of duties. I didn't think you'd have Utakata inducted into Konoha as another Jinchuuriki, but if the guy wants a new, better life where he's treated better, kudos to him. Since Gaara and Haku aren't there, maybe Utakata will room with Naruto for the time being? At least, once he gets there. It was good of Tsunade to be so open and honest with him.

Wow, Temari found Haku really fast. All she needs is to find some support and she'll be back with Haku next chapter. Right?


Anyways, thanks for the triple update! I'll read the last chapter tomorrow.

You're awesome!
Red Wings chapter 43 . 6/11
W00t W00t!

Well, don't Tama and Sato move fast. It's good to see that Tama has recovered. I really love how you do these couple scenes. I was worried about these two getting caught by Ken. Aahhh, Sato has really matured! Now he actually loves Tama and isn't as reluctant or confused about his feelings like he was in the past. As long as Sato doesn't blurt out about that one-night stand with that woman from the festival, he won't lose Tama, and Ken chew him out or do anything worse to damage his self-esteem.

Yes, Naruto is coming home! But first, Sand Siblings' place. Hooray, a sleepover with Gaara
fiveflyingsquirrels chapter 43 . 6/11
Crap I've had a busy weekend, but I am going to have to sit myself down and read because three, count em, THREE chapters of Harbinger went up! Holy cow. AND The Ocean in a Teacup updated so I have to get to that too! You’ve been busy tigerowl! Anyway, here is my take on this chapter after devouring it.

Tama is okay! I knew she would be (it paralleled Lee's canon injury). What a heartwarming scene I am so relieved. And wow her house is something else, but that is to be expected because we see her father is a workaholic obsessed with providing a good life for his family. Oh my that shower scene was steamy, pun intended. I love that you can make such scenes sexy and interesting but also remind us that these are newbies and they don’t really know what they are doing. That makes it more relatable and sweet. Heh heh Sato borrowed Tama’s sweatpants now I’ve got that visual in my head, and oh hell, he proposed to her before naptime! Things are getting serious! My only concern is that before they get too far ahead of themselves, maybe Sato needs to bring up that he had a transgression? I feel like that incident is going to come back to bite him somehow. It’s making me anxious.

Naruto and Jiraiya discuss traveling to Hidden Sand while resting at an inn, and Naruto thinks about how Gaara and Haku are still at odds with each other. It’s true, they shouldn’t be putting him in the middle and I hope they resolve their differences. Whoa! And Hinata and Kurama are getting to know each other more at night, and he told her about Lord Hamura. The plot thickens. I can’t wait to see where you take that storyline. Is Naruto going to find out? Will Hinata or Kurama tell him? Gaara and his siblings are adorable together, as always. I love how Temari and Kankuro try to keep him motivated when he wants to shirk responsibility. I don’t know how he’d get through a day without him. Gaara will also get used to Matsuri and Menma soon. lol And he’s stressed about hosting Jiraiya and Naruto for a few weeks. I can’t wait to see that!

Now, one of the more disturbing yet interesting parts of this chapter takes place in old people town Nanakusa, and Haku gets the Hokage’s Yin Seal! Then a Mist team shakes down Hiroshi in his tea shop for info while Zabuza and Haku hide out back. Is this Terumi jerk related to Mei? He has one of her Blood Limits. Uh oh. I was impressed with how Hiroshi kept up that facade and had a backbone! But Zabuza would not let Haku protect his friend, and also makes unwelcome passes at him? Holy shit. For a while I had started to believe Zabuza could be dependable, and Haku gave him a moving speech on how only caring for himself negates everything he is trying to do in Hidden Mist…but Zabuza wants something in exchange for doing things (not much) for Haku. Obscene things, by the look of it. I have to say it felt satisfying to see Haku not play the victim here and fend off Zabuza. That brute is not going to be rehabilitated so easily. I feel that for the moment Zabuza cannot be trusted, so I wonder how this will complicate helping free the Mist Village or confronting the Akatsuki? Interesting stuff.

Aww, Sakura and Tama have girl talk while on an easy mission, and then at home Tama’s mom nearly spoils a surprise. So it looks like my babies cleared the first hurdle with Tama’s parents giving consent, and it would be cool if Kakashi helps Sato afford a house! They are just so precious I love these two, but I am still worried a lack of disclosure can sour things for them. It almost feels like foreshadowing when Tama sees Kiba from a distance, and he later laments his bad luck of not finding anyone to be with. He still seems interested in Karui though, so I am rooting for that. It's cute that Kiba and Fujita are still pals!

I am on to the next chapter!
SpicyWifey chapter 45 . 6/10
I wonder if what Temari said is true and Zabuza will really be lonely if Haku leaves. Thats why he fights so hard for him to stay. Its kind of sad that he is stuck there under those kinds of conditions, I thought that finally two out of three of the friends would be reunited... but looks like Naruto and Gaara will be the first to meet.

And I still cant believe that Temari and Haku meet before Naruto and Hinata! Dang! I also thought it was pretty funny how when Haku went to kill Zabuza...he showed up at the front door the next morning lolol I laughed when he came there to eat breakfast.

Now it looks like the Akatsuki are on the move! Oooo things are heating up!

But three chapters! I couldnt believe it! This made my day ! Three wonderful chapters might I add. Once again you never disappoint! My eyes were glued until I finished them all! :) Looking forward to the next one.
SpicyWifey chapter 44 . 6/10
I cant believe everyone else is having sex while our favorite couple is STILL apart! No Fair! What is this? Are you saving the best for last or something? lol

Kurama is growing on me. Its great to see that he is more cordial toward Hinata. Though it was funny to see him talking about sexual topics. There was a little attitude there but he was definitely more friendly (if we can call it that) than last time they met. It will be interesting to see how that conversation will play out when she tells Naruto that the accidentally stumbled upon his secret.
SpicyWifey chapter 43 . 6/10
Speaking of marriage I wonder whats happening with Hinata's marriage stuff that was going on in the earlier chapters.

And I do hope that Sato can come clean and tell Tama about his little slip up. I feel like if he tells her himself then it would be less trouble and they can get past it together (maybe it will help his conscience too) rather than if she finds out some other way or bumps into the girl he slept with while out or something like that. I really like this couple and I want them to be happy but for some reason I dont feel comfortable with them getting married like this, I feel like with him not letting her know about that there is still a lack of the trust aspect, ya kow? I dont know if im explaining it properly its just a feeling.
hellraven-ovo chapter 44 . 6/10
I...have worries concerning Temari, something's going to happen isn't it? Gaara has too good intuition to just have random bad feelings.
Anyways, interesting two chapters! I like that Haku's trying his best to convince Zabuza to give some shit towards other people; it's going to be a rocky start tho lol. I worry about Jiraiya though, him complaining about his back and stuff does not sound good for future clashes with Pein and the Akatsuki. Hinata's doing really well with Kurama, it's good that she's patient enough to not pay too much attention to Kurama's more crass comments. It was also surprising that there's a mist ninja with Boil release loyal to Yagura, I thought the mizukage hated blood limits.
All in all, the story's progressing nicely, and the characters are starting to settle down again before another storm brews up. Let's hope they hold fast ovo
dreaddragonknight chapter 45 . 6/9
om my, things are getting interesting. my blood is pumping like crazy to find out how this will go. so well done
dreaddragonknight chapter 44 . 6/9
good chapter, very amusing and well written as usual... and very sexy
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