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dreaddragonknight chapter 49 . 12/20/2017
good chapter loved the moments, i thought throughout the time reading the section that something was about to happen to Obito and Rin. Also damn dude killing off ANY of Kakashi's dogs? as someone who is a dog person i have to say not cool ;_;

glad to see the fic lives and continues to be of high quality writing
SpicyWifey chapter 49 . 12/20/2017
Ohhh wow. Its so crazy that I was rereading Forlorn when the update for this popped up in my inbox.

I'm so curious as to what is going on with Haburo. And even though he seems like he has good intentions, ripping up Hinata's recommendation letter was kind of cruel. He could have at least saved it until the time was right. Not tear it to shreds. Also wondering why he couldnt speak. I wonder if he is secretly in Root and has that tattoo thing they get on their tongue. Hmmmm...

Missed Naurto in this chapter but I'm glad we got to see whats been going on with Hinata! :)

Can't wait to see what happens next!
eeveetheimmortal chapter 45 . 11/29/2017
calling it now Haku mizukage
gaara kazekage
Naruto hokage by the end of this story mark my words, MARK THEM DARN YOU!
Connington chapter 48 . 11/17/2017
Damn, a Tool song to accompany this chapter? That's how I knew it would be serious business and violence. I always pay attention to your song selections because they can give me an idea of what to expect. This chapter was something of a masterpiece, however dire and unforgiving it was at times. I was one hundred percent invested in every scene, for every character. Amazing work! Also the chapter title resonates with anyone familiar with Greek tragedies, and that 'Anagnorisis' is the moment in the plot wherein the main character realizes the identity of some other character or something about his or herself as protagonist. So basically Obito, right? Because he unlocks the Mangenkyo Sharingan, maybe, or it's kind of everyone realizing Pein's true nature. Lots of ways to interpret such a thoughtful title and fic. Keep it coming tigerowl! I am here for every chapter.
DraconesUzumaki chapter 48 . 11/15/2017
I haven't been able to tear my eyes away from this story for the last few days, save when I absolutely had to. This may have been one of the best updates ever. I love it. By the way, what's the total death count, both minor and major characters?

Keep on writing,
Red Wings chapter 48 . 11/13/2017
tigerowl, this is one monster of a chapter! Go NaNoWriMO!

Good lord, did a majority of shinobi in Tide Village get f***ed up. And terrifically so! This was PEIN, leader of the Akatsuki, sending his proxies into a just newly established ninja village. Kankuro, Menma, Obito and even the wielder of the Rokubi, Utakata, were not enough. It was just disheartening.

I'm glad that Inari's family is alright. It would've been awful to read how Pein would have terrorized the civilians. In fact, finding one wouldn't have been difficult if he had sent one of his proxies out to them. Take one of them hostage, and demand, no, request for the Rokubi to come take his/her place. I really liked how you got Pein into that whole cultish "Experience PAIN" tone of voice as he was speaking to the other shinobi. RIP brave, noble shinobi who lost their lives defending the village and Utakata. Poor guy, and he's about to be a daddy, too. It was really good of him to send Hotaru away.

I kind of half-expected Pein to rip the soul out of Obito or Kankuro, Menma or whoever was trying to stall the proxies. Did Obito and Kakashi just experience each other's situations? Obito...he must be learning how to phase in and out, like in canon! Awesome. Too bad it didn't help in the battle against Pein.

Gaara has a solid plan for flushing out the moles in Suna. Go Gaara! Temari has the feels for Matsuri. Her boyfriend getting all banged up like that...who knows if she finds him severely injured or dead. And yes! I would love to see Gaara and Naruto duke it out.

It took me several days to read through all this. The Q&A is really informative. I LOVE Yuri! On Ice! It's what's been on my mind for months now, and what I've been reading mainly for fanfiction. AO3 has some really good ones!
fiveflyingsquirrels chapter 48 . 11/7/2017
Hello. I cried a little. It’s hard to get a hold of myself after this chapter. You were not kidding about that rollercoaster plunge you warned us about, tigerowl. The anticipation two new parents feel when expecting a child is beautifully captured at the start of this chapter. That was a bit mean to lead us in with that, as it lowers our guard and Utakata is being chummy with Tide and Sand ninja over the radio who are acting on the information Obito delivered. Great scenes, but it just DUMPS us straight into chaos and drama, and the good feelings were gone just like that. That jarring effect was well-executed. I felt scared when Utakata did. I felt goofy and mad when Obito did. I was cheering my head off for Kankuro, who has an awesome combo-style puppet with Maki the Sealing Master. Even Menma saved Obito, and was able to use unique jutsu to thwart Pein, even if only for a short while. All of the fight scenes were outstanding, and we get a real sense of depth and place as we moved through the abandoned city, taking on each Path of Pein.

I need to clap for Obito. He was so freaking amazing I CAN’T EVEN. For a while now, he’s been a character that never directly enters conflict, so seeing him in this situation was not only refreshing but downright exiting. He has Kamui! And he activated the technique during such a stressful, ironic moment. He’s also realized how he is connected to Kakashi, which is also a shocker. I can tell that his storyline is going to be one heck of a ride. I don’t want him to go bad, and I hope that if he and Kakashi reunite that it will be on joyful terms. No matter what, it will be interesting. Oh man, what else? That moment where Inari and Menma part ways was a tear-jerker. Inari knows that he’s going to lose an irreplaceable friend, and Menma is selflessly brave and loyal to his new home and friends. Way to rip my guts out! It was also awful how that Sarutobi kunoichi was killed, just moments away from sealing one of the Paths. So sad. I really felt the loss. The final fight was a conclusion I expected, yet Utakata’s final protection of the Tide Village was moving…and somewhat comical when Obito wakes up on top of a giant bubble. Speaking of bubbles, where is Hotaru? She better be okay! I hope everything gets fixed up with Tide and Utakata can be rescued! What a mission that’d make for.

My gosh, this story is…ugh. It’s sort of my addiction. I want to see how Jiraiya deals with Zabuza! Help Haku! And I love how Gaara is taking charge and doubling-down on traitors in Suna. He’s also going to teach Naruto a thing or two, which is something I will look forward to. I do not have to ask you to keep up the wonderful work, because you always deliver. Thank you, TO. Oh and thanks for adding the answers to my PM questions! I wanted to share the humor and creativity lol. I want to request a Noragami fic, but you listed so many other awesome series I am stumped which one is best.
samsaraknight chapter 48 . 11/7/2017
Hang on, I’m still shell-shocked. When you write action scenes it is just NUTS how good they are. This was one hell of a chapter TO. There was a lot of heavy material to process but it was extremely well-written. I don’t think I have ever felt this bad about the fate of characters who are typically side-story/arc characters featuring in fics. Like, shit, Menma. Where the fuck is MENMA? My boi. Obito, Kankuro, Maki, and Utakata too put in so much damn work, and still got railed by Pein. Unbelievable story telling. This chapter will keep me up tonight thinking about it, guaranteed. So many questions. Can they still save Utakata? If not, what happens to Hotaru? MENMA? And now that Obito has accessed right-eye Kamui, which has me so stoked, how are we going to see him participate in the future? What happens when he finds out about the Uchiha clan? Will Kakashi figure out what’s going on too, and that they share sight? Crazy shit. I will not get over this one. It was too good.

I’ve got to hand it to Gaara as he tries to weed out “the mole” and get to the bottom of the political parfait. Hope it works. I cracked up when Naruto was filling in as Kazekage temporarily. Cool that you’re going to illustrate how Naruto can dig in deeper to organizations the Leaf Village depends on, and make a name for himself. I prefer fics that give him that chance to develop. And if Naruto can’t leave just yet no complaints from me if he trains with Gaara and gets whipped into shape. Hands down this is my favorite fic.
arsenicminds chapter 48 . 11/7/2017
holy fuck
ta.shrivastava chapter 48 . 11/7/2017
Very intense chapter.

During the entire battle, I was thinking about a video game scene, in which a player who is hopelessly outclassed by a boss, fighting his hardest to survive.

I actually am concern for poor Obito, when he will found out about the truth of the Uchiha clan; would that be enough to turn him evil?

Also, it was great to see tactical side of gara. After all, there is more in the war than just destroying the opposition with brute force, tactical strategies are just as important.

I know that Q and A was not part of the story, but it was amusing to read anyway.

On a completely unrelated topic from this story, I like to no how do you come up with dialogs? I am also writing my own story, and your advice would be useful.
Red Wings chapter 47 . 11/6/2017
Yes, the start of the Chuunin exams! Naruto is in it to win it!

And wow, did he score with his teammates. He has a Hyuuga in it, and Fuu, the Jinchuuriki of the Seven-Tailed Beetle. Interesting, since beetles don't have tails, but as this is a supernatural creature made of pure chakra, it doesn't matter.

Fuu is a real character! I admit I haven't watched the filler arcs of Naruto at all, so I don't know what personality she has, other than what I saw during the Chuunin exams when the Konoha Rookies were taking it in Suna. She's even more impulsive and brash than Naruto! I did like how cool Naruto was here. He was like, totally mature and even telling Fuu NOT to rush into a situation. His time with Jiraiya and at Mount Myoboku has served him well!

I enjoyed reading this Team 7's interactions. They all contributed and helped each other. Naruto was lucky he got to meet Fuu! And she's lucky to have made some new friends. Interesting; I didn't know that being the Jinchuuriki of the Seven Tails included being able to read someone's mind. Or is that something you made up yourself? I don't know what Fuu is like in the anime.

I must say that the views on Jinchuuriki varies from village to village. Looks like only Cloud and Waterfall villages prize their Jinchuuriki (though with Bii, it did take a while to get acclimated to him and learn to love him). Lucky number 7 indeed. Chomei sounds really cool; him and Fuu make a good team! I can't wait to see when they meet Bii and the Eight-tailed Ox. It'll be one of the best duos in shinobi history!

The fight with that Sand Jounin was really something. That Zeriko woman having something like that one villain guy in the Terminator movie...liquid metal armor? Man...Sand village would be invincible with that kind of bloodline. Again, great teamwork with Team 7!

Oooh, Sand's academy kids as judges for the Chuunin exams?! How darling! You've given me some ideas...

LOLz, I like how honest these kids are! Yes, children are the perfect judges. They are honest and have no filter; not like adults do. I enjoyed their comments on reviewing Fuu, Fujita and Naruto. Chiyo-baasama was hilarious, as usual. Still dreaming of offing Kakashi's father, huh?

Anyways, great chapter! I love how the story is going along.
dreaddragonknight chapter 48 . 11/6/2017
great chapter, you wrote Pein beautifully and glad to see Obito finally got his little ghost ability. Love the idea of Naruto actually going through the process of rising the ranks, in cannon it felt like he was genin forever and became Hokage , no real inbetween.
Red Wings chapter 46 . 11/5/2017
Good lord, it's been a while since I've been on . I'm glad I got to actually read through this.

One of the things that struck a chord in me is what Jiraiya said to Naruto about eating meat. "'Respecting nature isn't about denying death. It's about recognizing and asserting yourself in the duality of the universe. Life matters because death accompanies it. '"

This. This is just so...deep. Jiraiya is truly deserving of the title of Sage. With these lines, I think I understand a bit about why vegetarians are so staunch against eating and killing animals. At the same time, I don't really agree that killing animals to eat to live is evil, just necessary for survival (plus, I can't really live off of only vegetables and fruits, sorry). Thank you, tigerowl. I know what to say to the Vegetarianazis.

Naruto getting all flustered with Hinata is so sweet! This couple has always been my favorite couple in the Narutoverse. They are truly good for each other.

Getting into Suna took a while, but at least he and Gaara are reunited. And man, do Gaara and Temari really get in each other's faces about Haku. Well, Gaara has every right to be protective over her; Temari nearly died! Poor Naruto, having to witness these two great siblings arguing over that failed retrieval mission. My Haku is captive! That damned Zabs. Good thing Jiraiya was there to break it up and manage to settle it himself. No way can Zabuza defeat the great Toad Sage and one of the Sannin, Jiraiya!

Though, Gaara shouldn't be so against Haku getting with his sister. Who is can he entrust her to, other than one of his best friends? And Haku...who better than Temari, fierce daughter of the Fourth Kazekage and Wind Mistress of the Sand? Though I kind of understand his misgivings. Just cool off Gaara!

The bit with Inari, Utakata and Hotaru was a nice breather episode. It's good to see Utakata relaxing for once, and he has his former student/girlfriend Hotaru with him! So sweet. The joys of settling down in a village rather than having to live a life on the run, constantly looking over your shoulder. Though, Utakata will have to keep vigilant, what with Akatsuki lurking around the corner...

OMG, Jiraiya, you Magnificent're scheming to make Zabuza Haku's subordinate?! This is going to be the best or worst idea yet! I can't wait to see how that will turn out. If only Zabuza would learn to get along with others, he'd have taken over the Mist village himself.

Did I mention how much I love how well Naruto and Hinata make a great couple? I love their long-distance conversations. It is clear they are ready for the next stage, once Naruto returns home. And Hinata...well, I can't wait for her to tell Naruto about discovering his 'tenant'. Will Naruto freak out about this intrusion of privacy? Though I think he'll get over it. LOLz, love how Naruto and Gaara talk about their girls and sex. They're so grown-up! So Naruto knows that Gaara and Sakura did it first. And talked about Jinchuuriki first. See Naruto? Hinata will love you just the same, perhaps even more.

Good lord, that message from Obito that Jiraiya got doesn't sound good. Geez, Gaara, you're Kazekage! You ought to know to be more discreet than that. Now Temari knows too. I really hope that Obito gets to the village in time.

I can't wait for Obito and Naruto to meet! And oh my gosh, when Obito tells Jiraiya about being spied on...

Sorry I haven't been around lately. Lotsa stuff has gone on in my life, and I've been retreating to AO3 to read Yuri! On Ice fanfics. I recommend that series if you haven't watched it already.

Will read the next chapter in due course.
samsaraknight chapter 47 . 9/28/2017
Okay I get it, this entire chapter is pure gratification and satisfaction—just goodness, like a Reese’s Cup. Candy made into fiction plot wise. Well anyway thanks again for a job well done. Naruto’s team and their interactions were almost no a fluff-like level with the friendship and funny banter. In this scenario Naruto is the mature one, so it pleased me to see Fuu and Fujita being the dorky, energetic kids. Great scenes all throughout with a badass Sand kunoichi who’s been mentioned before here and there in this fic. Gotta say that I loved seeing Choumei and how he and Fuu tried to help Naruto and Kurama out. The end with the Academy kids reviewing their Exam performance was straight up comedy and a nice touch. Still my favorite story. Can’t find anything I like to read more.
samsaraknight chapter 46 . 9/28/2017
Naruto and Gaara are back together which nearly brought a tear to my eye. The dynamic of Haku not being there, which Jiraiya terms a crisis, and Temari’s explanation of what happened makes for a very interesting read. I’m stoked to see how Jiraiya cajoles Zabuza into cooperating. Can be sure you’ll handle that excellently. It’s nice to see Naruto and Gaara catch up and have bro talk. That quote about Naruto thinking of his friend's responsibilities: "Gaara was the Wind's Shadow...and he wouldn't always be." That was freakin poetry. I'm tucking that one in my back pocket thanks.

Oh shit I think Utakata is in trouble. When we get a look at his new idyllic life and the fact he’s expecting a kid with his girlfriend, that sets off alarm bells. It will be all the more tragic if Pein gets him, but you like to throw surprises at us, so I’ll hold off and see if Utakata miraculously survives this attack. With Obito and the Tide peeps being there maybe he has a chance? Will Jiraiya make it in time? So many questions. Hahaha Obito’s ending scene was hilarious. It’s good to see him in a new setting. What you’ve done with his character is one of the highlights of this fic for me. On to the next chap
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