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Morlin chapter 18 . 8/28/2014
Sand-ninja focused chapter! Huzzah!

Matsuri did get that character development, or rather evolution really as she hasn’t change much in this chapter just doing what she does really well and making a new friend. It’s really great to see her try to balance the whole responsible ninja thing with the natural girl with her first set of friends and proper crush. Too bad that the crush has his own set of evil allies to keep with, but at least he isn’t a douche about it like Sasuke. Overall Matsuri really did work for this chapter, she’s mature but still naïve and optimistc, competent but not overly so and just generally fun to follow.

The Sand/Tide alliance (in lack of a better term) is quite interesting. A very different kind of village politics compared to the Leaf/Star relationship and just very different to what you see in stories in general. It’ll be interesting to see if this is a precursor to the kind of leader Gaara will be.

Speaking of Gaara. It’s very nice to see the cracks in his armor in a way that’s subdued and with him in control. From his heartfelt and honest letter to Jiraiya, BTW it is great to see the two of them interact even if it is indirectly, to his measured yet genuine interactions with Sakura. This is among the most vulnerable we’ve seen Gaara so far and it is reasonable. He’s under a lot of pressure and he’s young, but it’s not a omnious feeling he’s giving off. Just natural anxiety that’ll make him stronger once he’s overcome it. I love that, it’s mature and I tend to like mature characters the most (which is why I prefer Spider-man as a married adult with a stable job).

Sakura is adorable in this chapter. She’s giddy and happy but is able to restrain herself, like her boyfriend, and does her job as is expected of her. This is not a booty call, just a chance for her to be close to Gaara so that they don’t go insane. And Sakura’s right, they can match wits and have smart conversations were they are on equal footing. This is kinda why I love these two together, they bring out the best from one another.

So looking forward to the confrontation between the Sand ninja and the Shin clan. Mainly because it looks like it’s gonna be hilariously one-sided with Chiyo already there and Gaara, Sakura and Kakashi coming in for backup. Oh and similarly to how I appreciate Jiraiya’s extended presence I am loving everything with Chiyo. You’ve got her trolly old woman bit down pat.

The Hyuga clan dealings seemed a bit out of place with all the sand stuff. But it was interesting nonetheless. Again, I appreciate Neji’s maturity in dealing with Hikune, hopefully he can show the same maturity with Tenten and her feelings. It seems that this love triangle isn’t quite over yet, not sure if that was good advice from Hikune’s dad. It’ll just lead to more heartbreak I suspect. Not sure whose though.

Kickass chapter where the character interactions really got to shine. Looking forward to more.
Morlin chapter 17 . 8/28/2014
So… I’m an awful person who doesn’t review the newest chapter to his favourite story because… stupid reasons. I am terribly sorry about that, especially since this is the second time I’ve done this and because I really liked this chapter.
Like the Hikune situation. You really feel for the guy, it is NEVER easy to get shot down so bluntly and forwardly like that, especially when you by all account are a decent person. But Tenten is well within her rights to do so and at least she isn’t dicking him around. Even so with understanding where all parties are coming from attacking Neji was totally dick move on Hikune’s part and I cheered a little when Hinata struck him down. That’ll have interesting, possibly, damaging consequences for how Neji sees Tenten. In short, you’re doing very well with keeping me enchanted in this part of the story.
Of course, that’s not the only drama going on with the Hyugas. Hinata being pushed into the whole omiai thing was a bit unexpected but it’s one of the things that I really like about this fic. Stuff is always going independent of other stuff and it makes the whole world feel genuine and alive and makes the story that much more unpredictable. It’ll be fun to see how Hinata handles her suitor and the clan elders.
Gaara’s situation is another example of how there’s so much stuff going on in this story, in good way. And it’s great to see Gaara doing village leader matters that are all about diplomacy and politics and such things rather than just kicking ass and being snippy with the other kages. He’s growing up very nicely. And it is always nice to see more of Tazuna, the whole Sand/Tide village relationship is an interesting new dynamic that I very much look forward to seeing flourish, and I’m kinda hoping that this’ll give Matsuri some good chance to develop even further.
Kiba’s situation with his returned father is really interesting as it presents a rather slice of life matter that seems so distant from the whole spectacular ninja action stuff. But it’s such a vital part of Kiba’s character here that it’s tricky to see the story without it. I’m totally loving what you’re doing with Kiba. He’s got so much character and nuance here that he becomes a genuine person and exceeds his usual role of rowdy one-sided rival to Naruto. Great stuff. And I totally love Utari, crotchey old dudes who are just old and crotchey without being assholes are always fun.
Kakashi and Sato continue to amuse with their odd little relationship. I just like the two together and that Kakashi is advocating simple honesty in a relationship is always good with me, it’s just easier that way. Nothing much else, I just really like them and will throw in some more general praise for Sato’s character. Most well-written OC I’ve ever seen.
Naruto is so awfully adorable in this story, at least now. Humbled by his own devastating power and so enthusiastically in love with a darling young woman. It fits him well. I am really looking forward to his and Jiraiya’s talk, as always I am always appreciative of any bits we get of the relationship between these. It is pure gold and I am enjoying every moment of it.
Speaking of OCs I’m intrigued by where the whole thing with Tenten and her bloodline and Koinyu and his master will go. Koinyu’s approach seems very subtle, a bit like his appearances. They’re short but intense. Fun stuff.
But my favourite part of the chapter was totally the Haku & Zabuza meet up with Ranmaru and Raiga. It started out then went to badass and tense all while being freaking hilarious all along. Two grouchy assholes facing off is always fun to read. And the whole bit sets up two things I found thought provoking. The first being Haku with the Nuibari, that would totally be perfect for him, and the second being what Zabuza intends to use him for. Should be epic.
So yeah. I did read and enjoy this chapter. Then I didn’t review it and I feel awful about that. Terribly sorry. Because I do really love your story. The characters and their arcs, the world they live, it all feels so real and genuine despite the insane super action that gets thrown around in it. The plot is well put together and there are so many intricacies to it that I should probably write down a chart or something to keep track. Continue doing what you’re doing here. It is amazing.
MangaMan chapter 18 . 8/27/2014
*Clap* *Clap* Great stuff, really great stuff, I look forward to seeing where you are going with it. I am not sure with the coversation Naruto had with the Kyuubi, but that is just nitpicking on my part, and who knows, maybe you are planning something big for when Naruto learns the identity of the previous container.
fiveflyingsquirrels chapter 18 . 8/26/2014
Yay! The new chapter is here! Thank you so much for your speed! Wow, I never would have thought that a filler plot could be spun into an exciting, plausible story arc but you have worked your magic again. I recall watching episodes in which Menma (not the movie one) and the Shin clan originally interacted with Naruto, Neji and Tenten, if I’m not mistaken. Like many filler arcs it was dumb and the story was so isolated and irrelevant to everything else that it just…ugh. Yeah. The Menma arc was bad. How he died was just plain embarrassing. I mean, if you need to stop a bomb and save people, why not just send a shadow clone you’re not afraid to lose rather than a real person? Those episodes were not self-aware in the slightest.

I digress. In this chapter it is a pleasure to see that Menma has his memories intact and is interacting with a whole new cast. I think it’s great that you took the time to show that Sound ninja were originally from a single clan and are not the black and white standard of “bad”. Orochimaru used and abused them before kicking them to the curb, so it’s only natural that they are going to rub elbows with people as they rebuild their way of life. Menma is the sweet lamb among them and has become Matsuri’s love interest. *nods* I’m okay with this. Just…please don’t let him die, or rather, don’t let him die wastefully like in the anime. I’ll be super cross with you if you do!

And as always, Naruto and Jiraiya have brilliant scenes together again. Naruto is a young man who thinks very independently. I chuckled at the idea of him finding a way to break free of the Nine-tails because when it gets down to it, that act would be in direct violation of The Leaf Village’s well-being. If he finds a way, kudos. I’m not stressing about it. Jiraiya gives the oral history of Konoha to Naruto and then steers the subject away from Naruto’s parents by way of Sage Training. Until Jiraiya is fully prepared to do so, I think he will be very careful about how he explains Naruto’s parentage. Knowing you as an author, tiger, you’ll handle it well.

I wasn’t expecting the Hikune debacle to be resolved so peacefully. Neji is mature and merciful and made sure to keep Tenten in the dark about what happened. I can’t help but expect this to unwind horrifically and bring Neji and Tenten to a crossroads. I just don’t believe it can have a happy ending if Hikune keeps getting in the way. His dad’s a nice guy, though.

Gaara. And. Sakura. Pretty much every bit of these scenes had me squealing. I was SO excited for them to see each other again. The excitement was tangible. They behaved themselves, kind of, and Kakashi tried not to get in the way too much. It was the perfect amount of fluff and reconnecting that they needed. By the way, Kakashi’s story about fighting Obito in the desert was a great little anecdote. You keep popping in reminders that these two still probably need each other and think of each other. I am dying to see where that goes! Ahh!

Just so you know you have made me love Chiyo. For a character who was featured for a hot minute in the manga and anime, she holds her own in your story and is incredibly funny and lovable. I know that I have to be patient but I need another chapter! Please don’t delay!
samsaraknight chapter 18 . 8/26/2014
It is so awesome that you can update quickly now! I remember waiting for almost a year around chapter 13 when you took a break. I really hope you can keep this up! This chapter is an interesting mix of main characters and side characters. Giving the spotlight to side-character Matsuri who is surprisingly followable, kind of like how you found a way to make people root for Kiba. LOL

I am getting really excited for Naruto who I guess is just on the verge of learning about his parents AND starting Sage Training. You sure know how to please people. Gaara's letter humanizes him a lot, showing that beneath that proud, confident exterior he is full of confusion, doubt and anxiety. I hope Jiraiya does get the chance to visit him and lay his fears to rest. It was also refreshing to see Gaara and Sakura reunite, including a few humorous sequences with Kakashi third-wheeling soooo hard. Reading that part made me think of, at least in this story, how awesomely compatible Sakura and Gaara are. They've got snark but they've also got a softer side. I'm definitely starting to love those two.

So the Tide Village is actually an impressive topic for you to bring up. What confused me, since I am not one to watch a lot of the Naruto anime and filler, is that Menma appears. I quickly realized this is not the Menma from the Road to Ninja movie. I had to google to learn that there was a Menma before that, and I'll be darned, he was a Sound ninja. Alright. Matsuri tries to make friends in a place where she isn't famous and Kankuro takes his duty seriously. Chiyo, as usual, is comic gold.

What the heck? Neji forgave Hikune? I just know that its gonna blow up eventually. Either Tenten will finally have a romantic breakthrough with Neji and piss off Hikune, or he'll interfere again somehow, either with Tenten or Neji. Or maybe you'll just let him leave them be and he'll resume his cool big brother duties? Help Hinata out with that suitor-issue of hers? I hope so. It's about time we get some real NejiTen. You can't keep him unflappable forever. It seems to me that Neji is aware of how Tenten feels but he prefers not to act. He's just not able to reconcile with the reality that HE LIKES HER. I beg you, do something. Please.

HAHA! Thanks for the brownies. Can't wait for the next chapter!
SilverFang555 chapter 18 . 8/25/2014
Thank you so much for the newest chapter! I came late so I was catching up reading 'Forlorn' and I didn't want to comment until you guys made a new chapter.

The story is smooth and it flows almost like a solid rhythm! You guys have definitely earned yourself a new reader and I can't wait to see what happens next!
euroteres chapter 18 . 8/25/2014
It feels like my birthday come late today. First, Dragon Ball Z: A Good Man, then Princess of Konoha and finally Harbinger all updated and I've had so much good reading material :D

The plot is definitely in a lull of sorts right now, but I can just feel something explosive building up underneath (I'm assuming/hoping the Chuunin Exams are going to be said explosion and can't wait for them even if it takes 3-4 more chapters to get there).

I like how you're dealing with the revelation of Naruto learning that Jiraiya knew his parents. Jiraiya's definitely not the kind of person to infodump sensitive, personal information and I'm enjoying how you're portraying that. I also really enjoyed the Gaara/Sakura fluff. Mmmm ASMR. I wonder what their ship name would be? Gakura? SakuGa? Personally I'm most partial to Saara :)

Once again it's always interesting to see how you implement filler material from the anime into this story in a way that really fits, even something as obscure as the character of Menma. The Tide Village situation as a whole is honestly rather fascinating and I'm excited to see how you implement it's existence into the Narutoverse throughout the story.
euroteres chapter 17 . 8/13/2014
I really love what you've been doing with the time skip, mixing in bits and pieces of what was given to us in the anime filler in order to expand upon the world in general. It's something that only a few stories do and it's always a treat to see it done well. I'm intrigued to see exactly how much of canon you'll end up implementing and how set in stone your intended end point is at this point.
Ancestor's Dragon chapter 17 . 8/6/2014
A very aptly named chapter indeed. Great job, I look forward to reading the next.
fiveflyingsquirrels chapter 17 . 7/9/2014
WHOA! tigerowl is on a roll! I hope you updating this often is the new standard, because I can't get enough of your story! thanks for being so fast!

I am really glad that Tenten showed Hikune the door and stuck to her guns. She did me proud! I was also fascinated by her forge business and how she acquires weaponry. It adds dimension to her character. But Hikune did not take that rejection well, did he? He beat the daylights out of Neji in order to vent frustration! Horrible man! Granted, he was super impressive using both Jyukken and Gouken and channeling his Lightning Affinity, but did he have to punish poor Neji like that? Now he's in big trouble with his clan and Neji needs to have a talk with Tenten.

No! Don't marry Hinata off to some bimbo! Ino and Sakura will do their best to help her until Naruto gets home. Then Hinata will have her knight in shining armor back! Speaking of Naruto, he is going through a rough patch right now. Jiraiya, in a very unexpected move, admits to Naruto that he was a friend of his parents. This is going to set Naruto's storyline far apart from the canon now, since the original sort of had Naruto find his parents through introspective moments. Jiraiya's explanation of it all will probably help him a lot more. So I assume he is going to begin Sage Training soon? How long will it take? Ahhh! Will he make it to the Chunin Exams?

Haku is definitely a refined killer now, although he prefers to leave that work to Zabuza. They made short work of that gang boss! It was great to see Ranmaru and Haku meet, I knew they would get along! The problem is...Raiga and Zabuza hate each other. That was soooo funny when they exchanged their apprentices while arguing. Loved it.

Gaara is getting adventurous as Kazekage! Right off the bat he wants to try to help the Tide Village get going. I want to see if that works out well and if he'll stop by to oversee things. Will the new village have a Kage or continue with its rule of the people!

Give me more! You've been going so quick and I am dying for another chapter!
samsaraknight chapter 17 . 7/9/2014
Yes! and now you're back to multi-character narration. I guess I am just used to that more than single-character chapters, but both have been fantastic so far. i saw it coming, but the Hikune-Tenten-Neji love triangle busted wide open, and it is a relief to see that Tenten will stand up for herself in this story. i was worried that she would go along with an alternative lover just so she could have some kind of connection, but it was awesome to see that she values other aspects of her life, such as her forge, her team and her career, way more than someone loving her. she was always a badass and she gets major respect for this scene.

holy crap is Kiba's dad annoying. i can tell its only going to go downhill, and Kiba is getting a history lesson in the process! he never knew his sensei chased away Aunt Rin. lol

it is also good to see that Sakura has healthy friendships with the other kunoichi her age, even with Ino, who used to drive her nuts. i am concerned that Hinata is getting suitors at such a young age, but the Hyuga elders don't give a damn what anyone think as long as they get their way, right? it was good to see Sakura and Ino come to the rescue.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Naruto, Haku and Gaara featured in this chapter, which is far less common than it used to be! while they were all separate, each scene was awesome. Naruto is getting his first glimpse of his parentage, even if it is a painful revelation for him. Haku and Zabuza are full-throttle outlaws who end up in a hilarious encounter with Raiga, which made me laugh my head off when Zabuza was bad mouthing Raiga for being a dope. so Gaara is extending help to Tazuna in the Land of Waves to train shinobi? thats a pretty big undertaking for a new village leader! i know that is going to be an interesting tale and seeing Kankuro and Matsuri star in bigger roles is something I look forward to.

i have to admit, it was nerve-wracking to read about poor, innocent Neji getting jumped by his mild-mannered relative. i felt SO bad for him. it really shocked Neji to find out the truth and then have to defend himself from a Jounin who was not pulling any punches, literally. will this put his friendship with Tenten on the rocks, or will they come to a much better understanding now? i just want him to wake up and be with her already. Tenten will be good for him, obviously. oh well, maybe you'll resolve this in the next chapter? i will be there to see!
Morlin chapter 16 . 7/4/2014
Bah, didn't notice the update at first. Stupid commercial crap over-flooding my mailbox. So sorry about that, here we go.

This was certainly a different kind of chapter. A comprehensive summary of Obito and Rin's life away from Konoha. A slice of life story in the world of Naruto. Having recently watched Soul Eater Not, which is basically slice of life in the Soul Eater-universe, I did enjoy this quite a bit.

You balance out the pace of the story very well so that it feels like the story goes through a lot of events in a condensed way, even if the actual length is pretty damn long. I enjoyed Obito's various mental anguishes and how he dealt with them, it felt very realistic and mature. Rin pulling of the birth of her son is easily the high point of the chapter. A very different kind of awesome but awesome nontheless. And Jiraiya makes a surprise but logical appearance that was fun, seeing him deciding to pick himself up and become a responsible person again made me smile. I just overall enjoyed all the characterization in this chapter. Very good work.

You now also made me excited for when Kakashi and Obito meets up again. I can just imagine how awkward and heart-wrenching that'll be. Hopefully Rin can overcome the slight resentment she seems to have towards Kakashi. It does make me sad that her time with him has cast him in a rather bad light when he is a good guy, just very awkward.

Something else that'll be interesting to see developed in later chapters is who the Uchiha was that made Kurama attack the village, leading to Minato and Kushina's deaths. Could still be mind-controlled Obito, but I hope not.

And that's about it. Interesting departure from the norm but necessary as it covers lots of ground that'll be important later on. All around good stuff, and I prefer good guy Obito here quite a lot over the horrible person Obito is in the main story, a lot of other people are ready to declare him a good guy after his heel face turn but I'm not.

Keep it up and I'll read the next chapter right away.
Red Wings chapter 17 . 7/3/2014
Damn, that was a quick update. THANK YOU!

This chapter sheds light on the lives and loves of our favorite characters. I liked how you spaced out each character's problems and concerns.

I feel really bad for Hikune. But the big Woobie in this would be Neji. He gets attacked by one of his kindest relatives, and gets rather banged up. Please tell me Neji isn't the usual shounen Idiot Hero with 100% obliviousness to love; he's too good for that! Tenten...maybe it's best for her to just focus on making Chuunin rather than clinging to Neji's affections.

Kiba has his dad back, and he is not happy to see the man. Why should he? He did abandon the family. I don't want Kiba to get letdown again and become cynical. The reference to his auntie Rin was very nicely slipped in, by the way.

Sakura and Ino are out to stop Moritsune's suit of Hinata. Girls must stick together, yeah? I love the teamwork. Ino is a really good friend to have.

Sato and Tama are progressing in their relationship - I give it full thumbs up Gai style!

The scene between Jiraiya and Naruto was painful. Jiraiya is just recovering, and he decided to tell Naruto the truth then? For a wise old sensei, he can be very stupid. At least Naruto has a letter from Hinata to cheer him up significantly. I can't wait for their reunion.

More information about Tenten's family. So there's a rival branch that wants to take Tenten out of the picture, I see. Good lord, I can see the cogs turning in Koinyu's head. Good thing that Neji and Lee are damn strong shinobi, though...will it be then he'll try to kidnap and use against Tenten, or will someone else get in the way and try to foil his wicked plans? I can imagine Hikune doing something like that.

Oooohh, Haku and Zabuza! My two favorite characters of the Land of Water! Despite Zabuza's sour disposition, I like his dialogue with Haku, especially when he asked about Pua and Haku's friends. They have a bond already, and it's doing wonderfully! I feel bad that Haku and Ranmaru can't be friends because their teachers are so hostile towards each other. Poor boys. This meeting was pure gold though. Haku and Ranmaru must meet again, under better circumstances.

Ahh, Gaara. Getting into the joys of leadership and Kage-hood. Chiyo sounds so funny the way Gaara and the others think of her. While she is a wise, veteran kunoichi of the Sand, she is a handful, and its a good thing that Gaara has his two reliable older siblings to help handle things. Good to hear from Tazuna and Inari again! Hehe, you go, Matsuri, teach that brat Inari just how you became a ninja!

Everyone has drama in their lives, and I love it. It is a good thing to read about the different lives of all the characters. Each one is important and very interesting to know. When I read your profile page, it said that Harbinger was only 55% complete, and I wondered if this chapter was an incomplete upload, but to my delight, it's not!

You're on a roll, and I wish you the best! See you next chapter!
Ayrmed chapter 17 . 7/3/2014
Here's to hoping the elders will take a no and that Hinata will stand up for herself if that happens. Nice work on the Neji/Tenten/Hikune drama.
samsaraknight chapter 16 . 6/29/2014
Obito and Rin! This took quite a while to read but it was great! Their background definitely explains a lot and its such a shame that this isn't the life they had in canon. Oh well, that's why I stick to your story. I hope nothing goes wrong for them and they can keep being a happy family! As always wonderful work and I can't wait for the next chapter!
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