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JewelzE chapter 1 . 6/9
Where can i read Forlorn?
hellraven-ovo chapter 42 . 5/26
I stumbled upon this story a few days ago and I have to say it is deliciously woven. Since there are quite a few things happening in each chapter I know I will forget to point out every part I love, but let me just try and show my appreciation for some of the things that currently stick out the most.
First of all Naruto, Gaara and Haku going their own separate ways was understandable while nevertheless painful. While Haku may be treading on thin ice (hehe) at the moment I hope he'll get some semblance of closure with his clan, or at the very least some good comrades (Ranmaru and the retired medic is a good start!). Never thought Zabuza would just let Haku go and I bet he's disagreeable on a good day, but he's starting on helping Haku with the Yin seal and things seem to be lightening up a bit. Among the three I worry about him the most, since he was originally killed in canon, and I really don't want to imagine that happening here. Not to mention that blasted curse mark, screw Orochimaru for me please? Someone might have pointed this out before, but it does seem surprising that Haku is (from what I know) the same age as Naruto and Gaara. I guess you changed it from canon so the three can relate to each other more easily?
Gaara becoming Kazekage was most likely inevitable, though it was pretty sad when he pined for Sakura and vise versa. At the very least they were practical enough to make plans that might benefit both parties. And Sakura being the inquisitive intellectual made me laugh out loud; checking Gaara's pants to see if he had a tail was hilarious. They've got to be one of the happiest main couples in this story, the only problem is Sasuke...who'll most definitely blow a gasket when he finds out.
Speaking of Sasuke, I was reading the chapter where Obito finds traces of Sasuke around the house and Yuma telling Obito about 'the ghost who was LOOKING THROUGH OBITO'S WINDOW', when I was alone in my room and it was well over witching hour. The back of my neck enjoyed literal hair raising experiences that night and I shall l be blaming you for the lack of sleep, sir or madam.
Back on track, my most current worry would be for Naruto, since Fukasaku mentioned the acquirement Naruto will need for the future. In canon if I remember that started with Jiraiya and continued with Hinata and the rest of Konoha. What will it be this time? Jiraiya's inevitable death? Hinata (not very likely)? Gaara? Or maybe, Haku? Too many tragic possibilities and no one can guarantee only one loss.
The story snares me not only because of those wonderful narrations of the main three, but also intricate tellings of the other characters, like Kiba, Neji, Hinata, TenTen, and Lee. You gave each of them significant backgrounds that made them more unique and compelling, and their own stories are dazzling enough that sometimes I forget about Naruto/Gaara/Haku and immerse myself in their stories. TenTen especially made a very strong impression in this story, with her Han background conflicts and recent integration into the Hyugas (her crocodile's tears this chapter was gold, by the way, totally pawned Haburo). Lee and his grandfather also made a delightful intro that helped Team Gai ini more ways then one, both physically and mentally. Wong Leung is a grouchy yet honest man who reminds you of those elders who manage dojos, kind of like Shifu in Kung fu Panda. I enjoy his frankness and humble affections that reach out to Lee and his friends. The side stories of Wong, Huo, Tao arts, the book 'The First Shinobi', and star chakra from Hoshigakure shed ample light into things like TenTen's past and to my delight, the Bijuu and Sage of Six Paths(and his otherworldly family). The way you incorporate your original ideas into preexisting canon is quite natural and believable. Hoshigakure was a pretty weird concept when I first saw it in anime, but it's a lot more credible if it was a part of the Shinju. Both DID come from outer space. It was quite a nasty shock when Huo mentioned Indra btw. Boy did the Uchiha progenitor cause trouble, or maybe I should blame Black Zetzu.
Hinata's new ability, Misago Byakugan was also a surprise. At first I initially labeled it as Tenseigan, though later on I found the two to be too different in abilities. I'm still wondering on what it exactly is and how it came to be; maybe the reflection of Hamura shows some kind of connection to the doujutsu. I guess I can only speculate until the story unravels. Continuing with Hinata, she found out about Kurama before Naruto could tell her! I cracked up when she patted the fox's claws and later chastised him for badmouthing. So she reminds Kurama of Hamura? I haven't watched the movie about the Otsutsuki clan, but going by the other comments I'm guessing the Moon Pond has some significance, and may shed some light into why Hinata sees reflections of Hamura in water. The plot thickens!
Some mysteries are still unsolved yet, things I would love to read in future chapters. If Obito is still sane and Rin is alive, who instigated the Nine tails attack, and who is the true leader of Akatsuki (is Pein still a figurehead, or is someone else behind the strings)?
For now I can only think of this much, while I'm sure I'll remember other tidbits I thoroughly enjoyed later on. This is wonderful story, and I hope to read more as you progress! ovo
Ancestor's Dragon chapter 42 . 5/17
Aww yea, the gang's gonna start getting back together. I actually laughed out loud when Tenten started crying to scare Haburo. That was excellently done. Great job with this chapter, I look forward to reading the next!
Akio Uchiha chapter 42 . 4/2
What will Obito do with how Sasuke visiting him and that if Obito catches him at some point and that, not only does Obito find out that the whole Uchiha clan is dead, but that Itachi, the little boy he knew when he was young, was the one to do it? Would he somehow find out about Itachi's secret mission and how Danzo is responsible? That would be cool to see. Pissed off Obito going to Konoha to confront Danzo, meets up with Kakashi, they fight, miniature Valley of The End. Then they make up, Kakashi learns of the situation, both confront Danzo after fight. Obito and Kakashi with Kamui vs Danzo with Izanagi-Senju arm and Shisui's, Obito's cousin's, Kotoamatsuhami. That would be one epic fight as I would love to see much more of Obito in action. On another note, Haburo got BURNED! I mean that is the kind of come-to-bit-you-back-in-the-ass moments that some people seriously deserve. And what about Hinata? How is she going to react to knowing Naruto has finished his senjutsu training? How will the Hyuuga clan as a whole react? How will Haburo and the other clan elders react? How will HIASHI react? Will we be seeing Naruhina smut anytime soon? Maybe a giving in one time with an unexpected result/problem *cough*cough barutocomesearly *cough*cough. (;
ta.shrivastava chapter 42 . 3/29
I enjoyed the "wind" even if I don't get the Japanese. And finally! We are off the toad valley it was kind of getting old. The scene with hinata and the kurama, seriously! The strongest of the beast being petted like that, wahahahahahahaha! Naruto's mastery of sage mode, I imagine what a great party it was. And that scene with haburo, I was laughing the entire time. I understand that was fairly serious scene, but couldn't help myself. And I believe that naruto needs to learn about defeat because in the entire plot of this story, he never had a suffered a serious loss. With that concluded, I wait for the next chapter of yours.
ta.shrivastava chapter 41 . 3/29
I realized that there was one wrestling reference in the previous chapter. And you also used some Indian terms of meditation. And shikamaru shouldn't be surprised; all the jonins were at least in their 30's at this time. Anyone would want to settle down by that time. And I also noticed that tama's situation resembles lee's in the canon. And now I want to see zabuza's grandmother.
ta.shrivastava chapter 40 . 3/29
The situation with neji and hyuga clan is saddening. I mean I am not the most understanding person in the love situations, but at least I can say that I know the emotions. Just like you said in the a/n, feel many feelings throughout this chapter. And, you reminded me why I like the stories in which naruto is villain; it could create many hilarious moments. not that I would say that villain naruto and kurama has a same personality, but at least in this chapter, kurama does sound like a villain naruto. Note: those stories are only interest me, if they are written with great development. Not the bashing one, which can be found on any ware in this site.
ta.shrivastava chapter 38 . 3/28
I could do without fluff, thank you.
ta.shrivastava chapter 37 . 3/28
And that is why I never try to predict what's going to happen in a particular story's in particular chapter. And that is how you write a finish of a great conclusion of an exam. I was wondering what kind of ways hinata's abilities can be used, but you have done a great job with them. And it was also fun to see the reaction of naruto. Like his entire system has gone over load with information! I like to see what kind of reaction would gai and kakashi have in the morning, and, poor Sato!
ta.shrivastava chapter 36 . 3/27
Woooooooo! I am happy to give this story its 500th review. Now, I understand that the point I am about to make does not match the current chapters, but it would be interesting to see what akatsuki ninja's are doing. Aside from Sato's near fatal encounter, we haven't seen them much. And, it was kind of strange to me when lee and hinata continues to apologize to each other. I mean seriously! Maybe I am not super polite kind of guy after all. And I won't try to predict the how matches will end; I am not good with these kinds of things anyway.
ta.shrivastava chapter 35 . 3/27
I realized that I have typed shino's spelling wrong in the previous review; hopefully, you wouldn't take it too seriously. I know the moment that huo involved, things would turn ugly. His fight with dream ninja didn't leave any doubt of that.
ta.shrivastava chapter 34 . 3/27
First scenes of the chapter, at least something meaningful come out of it. And the situation with Sato: I am sure you have gotten allot of hate message because of this plot development, but this is kind of realistic situation. Of course! It won't happen every day, but when drunk, it's entirely different. And also my props to sheno, you can't find friends like that these days.
ta.shrivastava chapter 33 . 3/27
finally development is maybe over? now I am hoping for some action. tipical I no, but can't help it.
Red Wings chapter 42 . 3/26
BWAHAHAHAHA~! Old man Haburo completely bought Tenten's little sob story! "Ohhh, poor unfeminine me! Whatever shall I do?' That was EXCELLENT. The Taketori clan aren't a bunch of yes-people, it seems. And it sounds like they do something rather important. Love the way Hiashi and Hideyasu went to Tenten to counter Haburo's plan for Neji. Shows the Hyuuga solidarity. What is the Moon Pool? I am going to guess they are quite on par with the Hyuuga clan when it comes to heavenly bloodlines. If the Hyuuga protects the lands under the Sun, then the Taketori protects the lands under the Moon, right?

Yes! Naruto has finally become a master Sage! Hurrah! Banzai! And now, he gets to go back home! Though it sounds like it'll be another long journey. And he and Jiraiya do have to be on alert for Akatsuki. He'll be so powerful though, he'll definitely make Chuunin. And then! He gets to reunite with Hinata3 I so am looking forward to that. Yes, training is over, and it's both sad and glad, but hey, there's a lot more to do from here on out!

Hinata has used her Misago Byakugan to see Naruto, and oh my goodness...she now has met Kurama! And we find out more about the Hyuuga, and why they are named for the Sun. So, Hinata is like this "Moon Brother" that Kurama knows? Do the other Biju know, too? I can't wait for more meetings between her and Kurama, and for her to learn by herself that Naruto is the Nine Tail's Jinchuuriki. She'll take it fairly well, and it'll make the reunion with Naruto that much more wonderful.

Oh boy. Gaara is finally taken decisive action to take Haku back. I rather like this. Instead of the Uchiha retrieval in Part I (Forlorn) canon, it'll be Gaara, as Kazekage, sending his sister, Temari, to get Haku back. I can think of no one better than her (Naruto could do it, but, he's just getting back, and hey, can't have the Akatsuki nabbing him en route to Konoha via Suna) to do it. Temari gets her ex-boyfriend back, and that'll be something to anticipate. I don't think that Zabuza will be taken down so easily, though. Not just because I don't want him killed, but because he was a part of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist for a reason. I think he can be useful, since he has intel on the Mizukage and the state of Kirigakure. Use that, Temari! Do it!

Obito and Rin are going to move? Taking Yuuma and Sesshu with them? Huh. I know Obito has been super-vigilant about using his bloodline, but has Yuuma? Does Sasuke know yet? He'll be in for a big shock if he does...and a nasty one if he finds out that Sakura and Gaara have made wedding plans.

Sorry it took me a while to review. Have had to read and reread over several days to get the whole picture. Thanks for this great chapter! Keep up the great writing!
ta.shrivastava chapter 31 . 3/26
I see that kimori tapped out, never thought that rules of submissions of UFC are also recognized in naruto world. I am also Indian. Understandably, nothing in the grand scheme of things, just throwing out there.
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