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ta.shrivastava chapter 21 . 3/22
I was waiting when will danzo make his appearance, and what kind of moves will he make. I hope you would not bash him literally, like most of the authors are hell bend on doing.
Connington chapter 42 . 3/20
I am so stoked for Naruto to get back with his original posse, but I do get the feeling that stuff is gonig to go awry at some point. That warning about 'loss and pain' and Jiraiya feeling nervous about retrieving Haku are definite clues. Still wanna see that cart go soaring off the rails though XP It's kind of awesome how Tenten is making it work with the Hyuga clan already, although she has good reason to. Hideyasu is great, he's kind of like a comic foil to Hiashi or something. So Hinata met Kurama? Damn. I enjoy being surprised by something in each chapter of your fic. Keep it up
ta.shrivastava chapter 17 . 3/17
The one thing I have learned from this chapter, aside from the problems in people's love life, is that never under estimate the power of strong fist, or whatever it is called in Japanese.
samsaraknight chapter 42 . 3/17
Soooo many hints dropped about Hagoromo and Hamura. The Taketori clan was talking about a moon portal that sounds like the one from ‘The Last’ movie and so they guard it for the Hyuga clan? Well that explains a lot. Makes me wonder if Toneri will show up in this fic and cause trouble? This chapter was very good. Feels like things are really snowballing now that Naruto has finished his training and is going to Sand. Really looking forward to hijinks in his promotion and shacking up with Gaara. LOL Also, Tenten’s scenes were pretty funny and satisfying. That douche elder was taken down a few pegs all because he can’t play nice! Hope things continue to go well for her, because Neji seems like a nervous wreck lately. The guy needs a chance to relax and actually enjoy being around her without worrying what his clan will do. I wonder if Hinata and Kurama are going to become buddies? What would that mean if Naruto were to find out or not find out? Seems like Sasuke is still stalking Obito's family, or is he just keeping watch to protect them? I'd be ironic if he befriends other Uchihas in the wild. This fic always provokes thought and makes me want to read more. Can always count on you for great work T.O!
ta.shrivastava chapter 15 . 3/17
You know, I am kind of surprised that danzo didn't try to manipulate the situation with the star village according to his advantage. Maybe he did not see much value on it?
fiveflyingsquirrels chapter 42 . 3/16
Okay, I am not sure how to properly explain this. Every time I click on the link to the newest chapter of this fic I say to myself, “Oh boy, Harbinger updated. Must drop everything I’m doing. The last chapter was amazing, and this one will be meh or at least a decent follow up.” And then the newest chapter is just as amazing as the preceding. I am getting used to consistent thrills and beautiful storytelling. Tigerowl, your fic is the reason I don’t need drugs or risky behavior to keep myself entertained, well that and I’m just not into the stuff. Rant over.

Something that stands out to me in your writing and perhaps mid-way through this fic overall is the development of Rock Lee. To tell the truth, he exhausted me in the anime and the Springtime of Youth spin off. He’s not a bad canon character, but at times his energy level and silliness eclipses any real growth that would make him dynamic (pun intended) and not static as a character. In your fic, au contraire, Lee is so different in the very best of ways. His energy is obviously still there, but in your story his motivation is clearly motivated by the anxiety he felt in canon that we FORGET ABOUT as the series moves on. Lee nearly did not become a ninja. This anxiety is underscored by his grandfather Wong Leung's stories of their struggles, and Lee's lagging behind his peers in terms of talent early on. But something about your Lee is so wise and reconciled with his weaknesses that he is a treasure to read. He is a sounding board and friend to Tenten and Neji that he just WASN’T in canon. He never really connected with them in a genuine way in the series the way that he does in Harbinger. When Lee interacts with his teammates in this chapter, I couldn’t stop myself from feeling the warm fuzzies. I gush at how he loves Tenten and Neji, and how they love him back. And also, the banter his hilarious. I truly don’t think I could find this team written better anywhere else.

Jesus Fuck it sounds like it’s hot in Konoha right now. Your depiction of the setting and climate enriches the storytelling. I cannot say when I stopped laughing after reading Tenten’s adoption flashback, but I know it took a while. The creation of Hyuga Hideyasu is amazing. You think that if someone is from the Hyuga clan that automatically makes the character reserved, stuck-up and/or shy, but Hideyasu is pretty much Phil Dunphy. Do you watch Modern Family? Your writing tends to suggest that you do. OR you write for the show. I am kind of in love with Hideyasu and how great of a dad and husband he is. Kayato and Fujita work well too in how they mesh with Tenten. I am looking forward to seeing this dorky little family unit grow closer. Bonus points that you indicated Tenten gets her period. The subject of menstruation LITERALLY become a fic trope that authors can barely take seriously or they must focus solely on how period symptoms diminish the personality and focus of a character. You executed it with dignity. It’s like kunoichi in this series are meant to be seen and rescued, not respected for actually toughing it out and getting to work anyway while cramping. Tenten, that baller. Also, when she and Hideyasu meet the Taketori dad and son, I was still wildly cracking up. The Elder got owned by Kitano which sets up the stage for Tenten and Hideyasu to persuade Haburo into matching Tenten with someone “just as unlikable” with her. I am hoping that Haburo doesn’t see through the ruse and legit appoints Neji to court her, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Boo-yah, Tama is alive and recovering! Thank you, Tsunade. Oh my god, I’m remembering how funny Tsunade was too in the flashback. Hinata is stressed out because she must avoid Naruto and Sakura tries to calm her down, but that bad girl uses her jutsu anyway to spy on her boyfriend while he is asleep. And does she ever get a surprise when Kurama starts conversing with her! Gosh I love this fic. So many good twists. I think that Naruto may still not be ready to explain to Hinata his occupant situation at least until he sees her again in person, but will Hinata continue having secret conversations with the Kyuubi? Holy shit. What’ll happen? What does it mean? I am buckling up to find out what happens. Then…Naruto has a heartfelt chat with Shima and masters Senjutsu! How sad she and Pa lost their daughter. That Sage mastery scene was adorable and fun though. It’s satisfying to see Jiraiya alive to witness Naruto’s accomplishment. Jiraiya’s recollections at the party were also moving as we learn that Minato led a hard life. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Alzheimer’s disease or dementia at all mentioned in fanfiction before, or not so tactfully at any rate. I am noting this tidbit because sometimes these diseases run in families, so I hope Naruto isn’t at risk? Yikes, so many questions!

Damn that ending. Now we know where we’re going from here. Naruto is off to compete for a Chunin promotion in Hidden Sand while he and Jiraiya crash at Gaara’s house. OMG they’ll be together again! I am wooping and crying. Can’t wait to see how they get along and annoy each other now as older dudes. This Haku conundrum is very interesting. So Gaara is sending a team led by Temari to retrieve him and possibly kill Zabuza? And Jiraiya and Naruto feel nervous about that? Well they should. That is the biggest red flag of a possible mission fuck up I’ve done seen ever in the history of red flags. There is no way it’s going to go smoothly, and I can guarantee that as a reader. Zabuza will throw a monkey wrench into things, and also Haku doesn’t want Zabuza to die before he’s actually done something to liberate Hidden Mist. WHAT IN THE FUCK IS GOING TO HAPPEN? The SUSPENSE. It’s killing me. Oh, and Naruto has to know loss or pain before meeting the Great Toad Elder? Fuck. Things are going to go wrong I just know it. Excuse me now while I lose my mind for a few hours. Thanks for the chapter and free heart attack.
Brightheart10 chapter 42 . 3/15
That was good
ta.shrivastava chapter 12 . 3/15
I have to commend the way you develop the characters like Sato, which is not a canon character but the creation of the story itself. It's also good to read about some missions of other ninjas, all things considered, I would say this was fairly normal mission for Sato.
arsenicminds chapter 42 . 3/15
finally! a period has been mentioned in a book! the gods have listened to my prayersYAS KURAMA BABY YOURE HERE!yea girl, hinabae has befriended kurama! I really like how he's portrayed hereor if naruto had been tripping major balls out in nature" by far favourite sentencenow that nardo knows Senjutsu and Jiraiya is still alive im so excited about what you're going to about the pain arc invasion and if Jiraiya is gonna die or notTenten is fucking queen she knows how to act how can you not love her even more ?haku is gonna get fucked by temari dudelove this chapterCANT WAIT FOR FHE NEXT
SpicyWifey chapter 42 . 3/15
Great chapter! usual Omg I was JUST thinking yesterday about this story and then wham! You updated! That is so cool!

At first I was like Hinata needs to chill and be patient when she was thinking of going to see Naruto... but then she ended up meeting Kurama and I was like oooo that conversation with Kurama was interesting! I never saw THAT one coming. And I loved how she scolded him when he was getting a little out of hand lol Go Hinata show em not to mess with you huh! Thats so nice how she says she'll come back to see him... I hope she doesnt get caught while doing that though lol Maybe she will mention something in her next letter to Naruto. Since he sent her one she is allowed to write back? She doesnt want to be doing something she is not supposed to right? Or is that kind of subject better to have a face to face talk? But who knows when they will be face to face again. I guess on Naruto's end it would be a more serious conversation because Hinata doesnt know that she stumbled onto an S-class secret lol

Yeyyyy Naruto is on the move ! And he got senjutsu down! LOL he had me rolling with his "I get nature! I'm a sage! I...I got shit on me." LOLOL Oh nooo Naruto has to experience loss and pain? My hunches is ... its gonna be maybe Gaara by the Akatsuki? Jiraiya by Pein? Or maybe Hinata by Pein? ... Well i'm just going on the losses from the canon so I could be totally wrong lol You might have something even better cooked up. I'll be patient until that time comes :)

I hope Haku is doing okay. And I am also curious as to where he will go when he comes back. Hoping its Konoha :)

So happy for an update! Your nerds are very grateful :)
dreaddragonknight chapter 42 . 3/14
good times in this chapter, also i busted a gut at Tenten's scene there XD
ta.shrivastava chapter 10 . 3/14
I hope that sakura won't throw a tantrum, when she would meet gara. I know that is not in her character, but still. And with haku, hahahahahaha! I was laughing the entire time, when he was thinking about becoming a pirate. I can already imagine how effective he would be, especially with his ice and water release.
ta.shrivastava chapter 9 . 3/14
you know, I remember the entire star village ark, when I saw in the show later when all the five villages were preparing for the fourth shinobi world war, I thought that it would be kind of foolish to go against them, specially relying on the unstable power source like that star.
arsenicminds chapter 42 . 3/14
ta.shrivastava chapter 4 . 3/11
You know, it may come as childish, but I don't like the attitude of that boss summon.
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