Reviews for Disconnect
Adi88 chapter 1 . 1/14/2008
It is all about the wink. I tell you, that ending - just yes. But. Ahem. Proper review now. Any second. Seriously, the wink is immortally adorable and perfect. And Aziraphale is extraordinarily wonderful, because he’s so frekking cute. [And one has to wonder if he didn’t kind of set it up to see what Crowley would do, but he’s honest that no… and then I start doubting again… Sparrow!angel. Sn. Sn. Sn.]

“Falling unconscious for a third of their lives and vividly hallucinating. Humans should be more concerned.”

- I love you SO MUCH. The brilliance makes me wriggle.

"I even might have enjoyed Liszt, if he had started playing. Not Elgar, but maybe Liszt."

- Becase - belatedly - the panic is so lovely, and then there is this, a small note of could-have-been solace. If he-it-they had only bothered to play Liszt. It’s the little things.

Because you do naughty things! Seriously, I adore that he reaches this conclusion…

“Ha. The day Crowley was kicked out of Hell was the day he lost the Antichrist or something.”


So mean…

“Aziraphale's comfortable corduroy ensemble disappeared. He squealed, both from surprise and the cold.”

- God I love them both so much. Although, speaking of mean. Ah, but we forgive him, because… yes please.

“At length, he said, ‘You look fine. Get some pants on, “my dear” - I don't swing that way.’ "

- Best. Line.

"Since when?"

- …Except that one. And THE WINK. I’ll tell ya…