Reviews for The Beat Goes On
carolynjames chapter 17 . 8/26/2012
Deep issuesdeep Writingsuch a true reality tooThanks for this story, I'm sure it wasn't easy to write
KateCurtis chapter 17 . 1/30/2011
I will be watching for the sequel! :) Please write one! You're a great writer!
pepsi-Cola.StayGoldPony chapter 17 . 1/24/2011
It was hard to understand that chapter...quatations help. :)
kyolover16 chapter 17 . 1/24/2011
Great story!
anon chapter 16 . 1/22/2011
Great update, I can't for more. I hadn't realized you put up a second chapter, but I'm glad I found it.
BSBnACcHiCk chapter 16 . 1/20/2011
Nice chap! I still think Darry should be the one to spank him this time. Especially after the way he talked to him! I'm surprised Darry didn't upend him right there! Keep the chapters going, love your stories.
Mopiece chapter 1 . 1/20/2011
-You need a disclaimer.

-"Vietnam has it's secretes, it's history, and for the Curtis brother's it wages hell on their family. The world back home changes as Sunny battles in Vietnam. Sometimes the war isn't the worst part."

You spelled secrets wrong. Also, you used the wrong its. Its without the apostrophe implies possession. It's is a contraction meaning it is.

jakyal chapter 15 . 1/20/2011
Loved it, can't wait to see what happnes next!
acaigirl chapter 15 . 1/19/2011
OMG, Darry is gonna kill him! Then when he finds out Sunny is doing it too, he is gonna flip his wig!
BSBnACcHiCk chapter 15 . 1/19/2011
Yikes! Soda's not gonna sit for at least a week. I definately think Darry should dish out the spanking this time.
pepsi-Cola.StayGoldPony chapter 15 . 1/19/2011
Soda and the same sentence...ouch. Poor Pony. Sunny needs to stop drinking. I'll go all ninja on him...well if it was possible.
Sky chapter 15 . 1/19/2011
Ooh, dramatic... I can't wait to see what happens!

I don't know if I've told you this before but I really like your OC. It's very, very rare that that happens; there have been maybe, two or three stories that I really like the OC. He's really original, so props to you!
IvyBlooms chapter 14 . 1/17/2011

I'm sooooo happy to see that you've continued after such a long break! I can't wait to see what happens next! D
StraightLife116 chapter 14 . 12/26/2010
:D Thanks for answering, it's much appreciated. Like i said i love your story either way. Anyway, this chapter was great. I loved the interaction at the end between Sunny and Pony it was quite touching.
StraightLife116 chapter 1 . 12/19/2010
hey...i was gonna message you, but i went to your profile and it wasn't available. Anyway i love your story. I was just wondering what you'd think about throwing a girl into the mix. i don't know a Curtis cousin maybe? Prolly like 12 and mouthy, but sensitive. i dont know. But im sure it would add some interesting complications as sunny works through ptsd. Just saying. Love the whole series!
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