Reviews for The Last Son, Book Three: Changes
MegaBob452 chapter 42 . 4/29/2011
I assume this is the part where the world realizes how petty their pre-Zod conflicts were, start working together, and then join the intergalactic community? Would be a good way for Earth to get Darkseid's attention.
Tony-El chapter 41 . 4/29/2011
As usual well written well thought out. I have 2 complaints though.

1) Magic? Clark knows Magic is a weakness on him why not use it on Zod? Just want to make sure is Zod too smart for that?

2) Sentrius can't see what Zod is doing? It's supposed to be a highly intelligent AI. Plus didn't Clark see by telling Sentrius to not listen on the his and Zod's conversation is what Zod wanted? I mean Clark in your stories has always thought things thru not this time? Or is he naive to think otherwise?

Sorry but I'm curious what your thoughts on this.
blaker316 chapter 42 . 4/29/2011
awsome chapter
abhilegend chapter 42 . 4/29/2011
Holy crap you topped even your best writing like previous chapter with this one. I liked how Zod was dispatched with team work and he at last showed his true colours of being a power-drunk coward. What is this darkness within rubble. Don't tell me that you want doomsday in the last chapter with Clark dying in Alison's arms as last scene. It will be the last blow to the hopes of people which was the main theme of this whole season that how changes can bring fear to the people following old beliefs. This will also close this season with a bang and in s4 we can see how a superman can bring hope to the masses. Again a masterpiece and I suggest to every new fiction writer to look upon this series how to write true epic stories. Thank you.
pKmAN chapter 42 . 4/29/2011
Awesome instalment... The communication web was nice. The only real sad part was to see Fort Rozz disintegrate. I was hoping that it would somehow meld into Sentrius and become a bad ass. Just so the nations of Earth don't get into a hissy fit about Supes being in charge of so much power, he would lend the Sentrius/Rozz facility of to the Confeds to keep the galaxies in order. Ah well can't get everything. Again.. Good work!
GREAT CELESTIAL-DRAGON chapter 42 . 4/29/2011
Great chapter! Glad to see Lex waking up and find what he had missed over time. lol

FInally the psycho general is dead.
Quathis chapter 42 . 4/29/2011
I greatly enjoyed the wonderful use of teamwork this chapter. Not that other chapters were lacking, but this was a true test of faith on the part of Superman's friends. Zod would make anyone nervous, but everyone stood by Big Blue and his plan.

I also got this strange image of Mark introducing a humanized Sentrius as his mother at the Institute. I mean, since the war ended, I keep thinking that Sentrius won't stay as is. Way too powerful. And after their little heart to heart (or what analogous part applies) in cyberspace, it almost seemed appropriate.

I can also see that Superman is going to take a hit in public opinion after this. Yes, he did stop Zod, but he also got him out. Thought it is debatable what would have happened had he not shown up when the idiots at Cadmus were messing with his prison block.

Now onto Lex. Bullets to the head may cause all kinds of odd/fun/psychotic/amnesiac/etc things to happen in media. Wonder what his state of mind is now that he's awake.

Until next time.
Circus Child chapter 42 . 4/28/2011
WOW! This chapter exceeded my expectations and much more. You not only posted a great work of art but you also beat my challenge by two days! For something as long as this, that would be pretty hard to do for a normal person. But you sir are most definitely not normal. Granted that this was the standard 45 page chapter, but it was a 45 page chapter full of brilliance and great planning to bring about zod’s defeat.

You could get the sense that once zod realized that he was defeated he showed his true character, he actually pleaded for mercy. I had actually thought zod would be like Selene and the joker and just be evil and all that. He showed what he really was, a coward. Could it be that since zod was never defeated before, he never had a chance at a learning experience to learn how to be humble in victory? When zod had an offer of help from superman at Fort Rozz, he had an opportunity to face the music like a real man and help his case but instead, like a child throwing a temper tantrum, he spat in his face and went after him. Basically in that moment it was over for him and superman realized that his presence on earth could no longer be tolerated or allowed in any way, shape, or form. The fact that superman was willing to kill zod in a scenario that was clearly not self-defense to rid the earth of his evil shows a huge amount of character development and I am pleased to see that. It shows that he is growing up and he realizes that there are some necessary things to do to protect earth and in this the ends justified the means rightfully so.

I could not help but be impressed at the way mark was willing to sacrifice himself when he went up against sentrius to show her the truth and he made a very convincing argument. A brainiac indeed. One quick question though, what did you mean when superman said it was time to fight like Jor-El early in the chapter at the fortress? Now as I said I will copy and paste from Microsoft word my suggestions on dealing with the aftermath.

The aftermath is going to be difficult for the league and the x-men but it is going to be especially difficult for the kryptonians. The people of earth are going to take quite a while before they can trust them again. The governments of earth especially America is going to be extremely paranoid. The only solution to this is a huge amount of transparency and excellent public relations management. One solution might the league having several planet-side bases and embassy’s to boost public relations. I would have the league participate in heck of a lot of charities and the rebuilding effort.

One huge problem of this is sentrius if you decide to keep her around especially in earth’s orbit. I want you to keep sentrius around because I think it would be good for character development for the kryptonians having something like that under their control and for the league and x-men as well. And I want to see sentrius go up against something that she would actually have a hard time with, maybe the planet apokolips or brainiac. If you do decide to keep her around I would suggest to you that you have Superman commission Ali and Kara as commanders in the defence force because he is going to need help running something as large as sentrius and he can’t do it alone. Make sure the kryptonians understand the commitment they are making; it may even require some small sacrifices of some sort.

As for the paranoid governments, I would have superman propose some rules for use of kryptonian technology on earth and earth is also well within their rights to come up with some rules of their own also. The first would be the kryptonians would still abide by the defence force code and the law of riona prime and kryptonian law in their management of sentrius. The second would be no more than five or three kryptonian speeders or fighters be allowed on earth. Five or three would be the limit. Anymore than that, it would have to be reported to the UN and the country those ships are deployed in and also an explanation will also be required. Anymore than 8 will require approval of some sort. Sentrius’ weapons like old grouchy, nova javelins and drones of any kind are not permitted to be used on earth without the UN’s permission or that country’s permission. If any earth country or the UN makes such a request, it will be carefully examined and considered by the league. If they deploy sentrius’ weapons without approval, they will be required to undergo hearings and give full testimony. The only type of warfare that will be allowed free rein will be sentrius’planetary scanners and electronic jamming and hacking. And also they will have the green lantern corps commence biannual inspections of sentrius over a period of 8 years to relax earth’s fears. Any excessive violations of terms will result in having sentrius moved away from earth to another star system.

You would need to tell the people of earth and their governments the benefits of having sentrius for them to okay this. The benefits would be a very effective and excellent deterrent against any future invading alien forces, an in system rescue service since earth will be developing starships very soon and there will be no place for the criminals to hide on earth, not with sentrius’ tracking, jamming, and hacking. They will need support for this and the backing of some very influential people like President Obama which they may have already. Another person’s support they could use is Nick Fury himself, just a suggestion. They also have to find a way to protect the fortress of solitude since it’s not nearly as powerful as sentrius.

Good Luck with coming up with a solution to the resolving the aftermath and I hope it goes smoothly for our heroes although I fear that will not likely be the case. Anyway another fantastic job you did here and you need to keep it up for a dramatic finale that will give us some good teasers for the next book but also a good outlook ahead into the future. Godspeed to the writer of this great piece of literature!
cra0422 chapter 42 . 4/28/2011
Well you definitely impressed me with that chapter. Having Sentrius was bad enough, but Zod having the most heavily fortified structure on Krypton? It’s like having a sword that can destroy any target with a suit of armor that can withstand any attack.

Superman and his group deserved an academy award for that acting performance to get into Zod’s graces. They realized that the only way to defeat him was to take away his advantages. They couldn’t defeat Sentrius or Fort Rozz head on so they head to essentially go around them. By getting Sentrius to see Zod as he truly was and disabling the fort’s bio-scanners, they just had Zod to deal with. Zod may have known how to operate the defense systems but Clark knew how they were put together, that definitely gave him an ace up his sleeve

Lassider’s firing the kryptonite-laced nuke doesn’t surprise me at all. There was no way he’d pass up a chance like that. Given how defied a direct order from the Commander-in-Chief of the United States military, his career is down the toilet now. Considering that he fired a weapon of mass destruction at the largest population center in the country, I wonder if Cadmus will want anything to do with him now.

It seems a bit convenient that Lassider’s was the closest facility to launch that missile. Was that just a coincidence (and I’m just conspiracy hunting) or did Fury intentionally give it to him because he knew Lassider wouldn’t hesitate to launch it?

I have to wonder: did Zod return to the Phantom Zone or did he let himself be destroyed by that nuke? It probably doesn’t matter either way. Or did he find some way to escape and is simply biding his time? I agree with what Captain America said about taking down Zod permanently. Sometimes an enemy is just too dangerous to have around, even when locked up in prison. Kal may not have actually done the deed in killing Zod, but he didn’t have to save him either.

Chloe’s reaction to finding out Spider-Man’s identity, LOL. There’s no way she’d tell anyone about who Superman and Spider-Man really are because she’d be the biggest laughing stock in the entire journalism industry.

I can’t fault Madelyn’s decision at the end. The only reason they won was a combination of luck and due to Superman’s skill. I doubt Lassider would have an ordinary nuclear missile that didn’t have kryptonite in it. The fact remains that he wouldn’t have launched that kryptonite nuke is Fury hadn’t essentially created it in the first place.

Well Lex has now come out of his coma. I can’t help wondering if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

I can’t wait to see the fallout of this story arc. PLEASE UPDATE ASAP!
Lt. Cmdr. Radner chapter 42 . 4/28/2011
Damn, just damn. "Another will come with might equal to he, but the child will defeat him with ways we cannot see" the third test has been met and passed with flying colors. Now with the end of this book we come to the precipis of the end of all things, for with the next book comes end of the saga. But with reguards to this story, I was just blown away, the sheer scale was amazing. I am humbled and in awe of you and this epic tale. IF this chapter was any indication, then the epologue will be just as epic as this story, I look forward to it with much eagarness.

Until then true believer... DISMISSED!

PS: Okay you probably got my tweet about this but I have to ask, is there any plans in the (far off) future for you to return to your Ultimate Spider Man/transformers story? I just had to ask.
graypheonix chapter 42 . 4/28/2011
Hmmm, and is this how lex becomes the Infamous Luthor we all know so well? Brain damage does have a lot of unforseen effects, afterall...still, one star has fallen, another rises, and so comes the true final war...Apocolypse, and then Ragnarok. In any case, update again soon, ja ne.
Sorakage Sama chapter 42 . 4/28/2011
OK, what to say about this. First off, the fact that Lex woke up is ominous indeed. I get the feeling he won't be happy. This might be the beginning of (arguably) Superman's greatest foe.

That conversation between Mark and Sentrius was interesting to say the least. The whole discussion about faith and belief was touching, and very wise. You have quite the way with words.

And Superman volunteering to bite the proverbial bullet and snuff Zod shows just how much he's grown.

All in all, you just keep topping yourself. I can't wait until the next chapter so we can find out about the aftermath. Great job as usual

Ja ne

Sorakage Sama
The Dark Lord Redrall chapter 42 . 4/28/2011

YOU ARE AMAZING! To have not only the Kansas Kryptonite and Fort Rozz being part of Zod's downfall, you also had him rushing towards a PZ singularity at the end. Now all I wonder is if Lex wakes up to be the villlian we all hate to love, and love to hate. What is going to happen to the rest of the gang as well, especially now the the Red Queen has quit SHIELD? Keep it up as you have man, I can't wait for the finale!

Dark Lord Redrall
Silver Warrior chapter 42 . 4/28/2011
wow. Great planning to overthrow Zod's reign of terror. Lassidar's in deep fecal matter now though, disobeying a direct Presidential order.
Kaiba1288 chapter 42 . 4/28/2011
Cool story, looking forward to see how it ends.


Ja ne

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