Reviews for The Last Son, Book Three: Changes
darksnider666 chapter 2 . 2/1/2008
WOW! only two chapters up and i all ready love it :) now since Hydra is involved...are we going to be seeing the appearance of...X-23? Since if i remember correctly it was hydra who created her. hurry and get the next chapter posted!
One Lucky Unicorn chapter 2 . 1/29/2008

I enjoy your work (I finished reading the first installment of "Last Son" sometime ago), but I've got to say something that's been on my mind for a while: is Superman going to go up against more powerful enemies? So far, while the stories are very entertaining and well-written, my only complaint would be that Superman has pretty much blown through every villain he's confronted, and it's getting kinda predictable. I'd like to see him deal with someone who actually makes him sweat for a change.
Tribun chapter 2 . 1/28/2008
Well, let's roll the review.

-I guess stupid idiots like these vandals always exist, so it didn't surprise me that this happened.

-No offense, but scenes between Clark and Alison still appear somewhat hollow. It feels like that.

-Very nice scene between Raven an J'onn. Shows that despite outer appearance, they too have their private lifes.

-Man, Duncan could have been a member of the Klan with his worldview of everyone different, and his father sounds like a real (word removed). And Duncan proves again that he hasn't many brains. But him and his father hired by FOH? That can't end well.

-Btw. FOH and Viper coorperating sounds dangerous. FOH up to now had been hateful, but unskilled xenophobes. Now they will be much more dangerous, and I think the scene in New York was only a diversion.

-So STAR-Labs was robbed. Man, since STAR Labs has a lot of dangerous stuff and works close with the government, that will surely involve SHIELD. Guess Fury won't be so happy about that.

That all said, can't wait for the next one!
LycoX chapter 2 . 1/26/2008
I get the feeling that old pain is Siryn. And wow.. the principal being nice.. that was a twist for me. And you've brought in the future Steel!
JRP82190 chapter 2 . 1/26/2008
great chapter can't wait for the next I was wondering why you don't make spider-man part of the justice league update soon
Finmonster chapter 2 . 1/26/2008
Good Chapter! Lots of new characters introduced, like John Henry "Steel" Irons and Chloe Sulivan. Winter Soldier's appearence suprised me. When I realized that the sniper wasn't an ordinary grunt, I thought it might be Deadshot or even Deathstroke, so you caught me off gaurd. Hydra backing the F.O.H is definatly intressting. With two big evil organizations like them working together, you know that there'll be trouble. Forgot to mention this last chapter, but I laughed my ass off at Cyclopes "Slim Shady" codename. Things are getting interesting! Keep up the good work! Later True Believer!
Silver Warrior chapter 2 . 1/25/2008
yowch. The Winter Soldier? That's bad news, bad news ineed. But hey, the folks at the Institute get to go to Bayville High. But what the heck? Chloe? Now that's cool. And whoa, John Henry-Irons? That's unexpected. Him as a teen, that is. I kinda expected, if he was brought in at all, he would have bbeen a teacher. Unless you're gonna have an X-gene activate or something to that effect to give him the powers he's recently gained in the comics. And the Principal as a good guy... or more or a realist, at any rate. That's nice. and aw, Syrin's coming back next chapter? too bad, too bad. Was enjoying the vacation from Miss Uber-Bitch. Wonder how HER treatment will go? *grins* I'm SURE Alison can be JUST petty enough to spill the beans on her.
morring star chapter 2 . 1/25/2008
cool i can guess one story line invovling cap and winter soilder. also that civil war drop was a hit for things to come? also when do we see jhon irons become steel?
Cyberbeta chapter 2 . 1/24/2008
Steel & Winter Soldier, the Last two I expecte to show up. I am taking Steel being a sign that you will have Doomsday appear and kill/seriously maim upes at some point.

You've had Princess Pain-in-the-rear be quiet or a while now. I am curious as to her revenge for season 3.
Lt. Cmdr. Radner chapter 2 . 1/24/2008
Aw man don't tell me she-bitch is back. Can't she stay gone! Anyway great work and I love what you are doing so far and now we have Hydra in the mix making for some interesting storylines not to mention Winter Soldier. As for my thought on getting the Runaways involved in this story, I have digital copies of the first volume of the series if you want it. Just drop me a line and I'll email them to ya.

Anyway, til next time true believer
BlackIceAngel chapter 2 . 1/24/2008
Oh sure, update right after I fire up Sims, Just Kidding.

Yay an update, after a stressful day like today it was very nice, I don't suppose you could time one for like Monday afternoon.

Great job sounds lame but my mind is spent and empty. But I was wondering if you were going to do anything with Black Canary in the chapters to come seems how you started to tie the stories back to Smallville even more. I really hope they don't mess up Siren. I hope you don't take six years to let Chloe find out Clarks secret, one of Smallvilles best moments that was. If you ever bring in Lana, please bash her horribly. *I'm innocent, no i'm evil, innocent, evil* gr, Angel smash.

Oh, and wasn't Winter Soldier voted like one of the top ten heroes of 2007, this must be back in his brainwashed days.

"Whatever you do, don't smile" ha ha, hate it when people do that.

Okay, rambling akwardly

til next time.
blaker316 chapter 2 . 1/24/2008
Awesome chapter so happy that you brought Chole into the story will Lana be making an apperance any time soon
Kamen Rider Chrome chapter 2 . 1/24/2008
OK, i like the addition of Chloe and the non too subtle addition of "Steel". Come on, I could see the name and make a connection. Duncan must be dumb to try and punch Supes. Didn't he give a list of his powers during the news show. It's stupid that you wanna kick ppl out just coz their different. Reminds me of how stupid humans are sometimes. Not all are bad, but not all are good either. Monsters? Hello! Most of the atrocities on Earth were caused by humans, and not really mutants. As soon as they get revealed they go all 'Salem Witch Hunt!'. Glad to see Fred and Todd on good terms with the X-Men.

Graydon CreedJerk! One day, Supes is gonna totally nail him!
acepro Evolution chapter 2 . 1/24/2008
Well done on the update, as always you are doing what I like most about your story, making it entertaining. By the way Raven and Jonn were talking to each other it looks like romance might become an option at some point (which I hope is the case.)

How do you write such large chapters? I mean it was only a week ago when you last updated yet you still gain the time to write so much.

In any case well done on this chapter, I can not wait to read the next which will obviously be great. And remember -

slickboy444 chapter 2 . 1/24/2008
Delay or not, this chapter was definitely worth the wait my friend! You really took the episode from Evo and spruced it up with your unique touch. I noticed it took a much more serious tone with an assassination attempt on Jean rather than just harassment. No way they'd go THAT far in the show, but I'm glad you did and pulled it off nicely. Not only that, you took it a step further and made this conflict merely a diversion. Whoever planned this knew Superman, the League, and the X-men would protect Jean first before anything else. I have a feeling that break in that transpired during the whole affair is going to come back to haunt them. And if the people behind this are as smart as they showed here then the League and the X-men are going to have their hands full. lol Nice touch adding Winter Soldier in the mix. I was hoping you'd bring someone like him in. Either him or Deadshot would have been appropriate. And a mention of Hydra has me really excited! Does this mean we'll be seeing X-23 soon? She's always been a favorite character of mine and I eagerly await your take on her. I also really liked that moment you had with J'onn and Mystique. I was really looking forward to seeing what you would do with them. It think as shape shifters and loners, they could develop a special bond. Who knows? Maybe it could develop into something even more. I really hope you have more scenes with them. I do have a few criticisms though. The moment where Clark and Alison started off nice, but it turned into the usual make-up at the end. I like the idea of Alison being bothered by all this because she is still a singer and has her career to worry about. That's something even Clark can't help with. I'd like to see them have a disagreement where they don't make up immediately at the end. Every couple needs some time to work these kinds of issues out on their own. It makes for deeper characters and I think you could really develop something by having Alison struggle with all the hate getting to her. Unlike everybody else, she can't just hide from it because she's a celebrity. And just as an aside, any chance we'll see some arcs fleshing out Wonder Woman? She hasn't gotten much depth yet and I think the X-men and the League could provide her a good glimpse into mans world. As always, very entertaining and very enjoyable. I really like how you've gotten things going with this fic and I eagerly await the next chapter. You rock my friend! Slickboy out.
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