Reviews for Three New Sailor Senshi
WintertheWolf chapter 1 . 3/26/2016
I have never seen such many chapters in my life! Keep going! Keep going!
I am Me chapter 38 . 4/5/2015
I read this in a week, and I really want more!
rinnegan18 chapter 38 . 7/24/2014
good story,please continue
Alchemy student chapter 37 . 5/8/2014
*In a room surrounded by Kkat, Myself, and Wanderer D*

Striker step forward. You have created a terriffic fanfic, banding together two worlds that if you asked anyone else, would've seem impossible to combine. But somehow, you did and make it truely awesome. But more than that, you have created an actually GOOD Sailor Moon crossover. In honor of all this, we award you with Full fanfic crossover knight status, Take your lightsaber with pride.

Ok, back to seriousness *with me? Are you kidding?*

Wow, just wow.

This fic was awesome and fun to read through.

Is it as good as FOE? Heck no! Gettign Back on Her Hooves? No, and it isn't as good as certain other fics;however, this is indeed awesome in its own ways.

First off, as I have said before, this is the best Sailor Moon crossover I have ever read. I mean it. I'll get to why in a bit, but this is a really good one. As in actually good! I have read one, Moon meets dragon, that is good only because I can see that it is a joke and I have a good laugh about it. But this, is good on a story telling potential.

Lets go over why. First, is the characters of the senshi and the knights. i.e...they DO SOMETHING! You wouldn't believe how many times I have read a SM fic where the senshi are: raped, murdered, raped, beaten to a pulp, raped, turned into sluts, raped, and killed while being raped. They are usually turned into wimps and Mamarou is usually the big guy on campus due to his gentitals. Heck, in some fics, the girls usually are forced to be sumbissive to the guy they are crossing over with and/or the OC of the fic (Heck one of them insults Twilight Sparkle with his name)

NOT HERE! Here, Ami is strong and smart, Setsuna is helpful, and the others are busy kicking so much ass that you wonder why people keep putting them in the DID (Damsel in Distress) catagory o often. If you had stopped there, then I would be happy, but you didn't. You then gave me nine new gals to enjoy, even though I had never met them before outside of Jania and Leia. Now that I do know them, I am happy to have met them, and I can assure you, I will joke about them in any other film I am watching.

See, in my own fic, I had a running gag about all of the bad Sailor Moon fanfic cliches, and you have broken them all.

I also loved the fights, as they felt not only like a good mix of SM and SW was actually engaging! Mot crossover fics I read with the Senshi would just stay to the attacks and nothing else. This actually remembered that they can fight and shows it and gets creative with the moves as well.

Now, problems? OF course there are!

The villians could've been fleshed out more and seen more. Also, While the interactions got better, I do feel like certain scenes went by quick. But you know what? I DONT CARE! After so much shit that I had to sit though-the rapes, the beatings, the 'oh look at my OC he's so fab!', the turning of the girls into DIDs, and everything else- I'll take lack of characterization from the villians. I'll take a few grammar and spelling errors. I'll take all of this, because , quest is ended

(oh angel plays)

At last, after 15 years of reading these fics, watching the senshi get degraded in so many ways, and watching the girls get turned into background scenery. Here it is, a good Sailor Moon crossover that is actually good on its own merits. That is actually written by someone who cares and actually made the characters real. That gave us an adventure that is both fun to sit through and exciting. I salute you, because now I have something to aspire to, something to reach for!

A critic once said, in regards to the senshi and sailor moon, "Someone who is into this show, wouldn;t be into Star Wars, you have boys and you have girls, pick one!"

No, I think I'll have both, and love the ride I have been given with this group!

In the name of the Moon, In the name of the force...I'll punish you!

Ps. If this was sacrificed for Elements of Harmony and Savior, I'll take it.

PSS. In honor of all this, I salute you!
Alchemy student chapter 36 . 5/7/2014
*review to follow, but I love watching them all blasting Galaxia at once with all of their moves!*
Alchemy student chapter 35 . 5/7/2014
Ok, Von Doom, Mykan, and some of you other guys. Take a good long look at this and now read closely...THIS IS HOW YOU DO A FIGHT WITH ALL THE SENSHI!

Oh and Makoto with a double bladed light saber is one of the coolest things ever.
Alchemy student chapter 34 . 5/6/2014
R.I.P Alchemy Student, died of overdose of awesomeness due to the sheer fact that some of his favorite anime characters just crossed over and the author made it work. He is unable to continue reading the fic.

Ok, I need to stop for a second, so in this world-Naruto is just a student with no ninja powers, Goku is a shop teacher, and yes...Yu Yu hakenshou is in cannon with this world. Wait, if Keiko and Yuske are having an anniversary, then that means that he is about a few years older than Usagi. Wait, What's Heiei doing at this point and time, and what about Kurama? Is this world's Sauske still an emo twit? And...


"That's a sakabato"

No, you wouldn't

"My ancestor"

You wouldn't...


(Dies again, from massive about of pure awesome)

Ok, that's it! You win, you WIN! This was just...AHHHH! So much.

OH, and Luke getting hit like that made me tear up a little and watching this ade me feel sad. No I can't wwait to see what happens next.
Alchemy student chapter 33 . 5/6/2014
"10 year old genius, a kid from Osaka who's spacier than Minako"

AZUMANGA DAIOH REFERENCE FOR THE WIN! That's it, no matter where this fic goes now, you just win. You just win. But the ninja clan descendant eludes me for the moment. but still, great chapter. I love watching each girl adjusting to having some aliens and their reactions are very in character. Its just a shame that it seems Minako is getting left out of the group.

But still...

Osaka, why are you looking at my computer?

Osaka: Well, it says , but Ah don't see any fans or nets on this whole site.

Oh, just go and talk to Applejack!

Osaka: Sure thing.
Alchemy student chapter 32 . 5/1/2014
You know, I can clearly see an evolution of your writing in this...I mean it.

In the first arc, we went fast, little character interaction, but the action and story was sound.

Second arc, the interaction was still small but the action got more descriptive and the story became a little more fleshed oud.

Thrid arc, character interaction out the wazooo and descriptive battles, the story was still paced fast but still took its time.

Now, fourth arc, more interaction (like savior of worlds) wonderful descriptions of the fights, and the story is moving along at a good pace.

I am still wondering if S.W.O.R.D is in this verse as well, I mean we have already met the Leauge, might as well throw the Avengers into the mix while we are at it!

And I am with Usagi all the way, there has to be a way to save everyone, no matter what.
Alchemy student chapter 31 . 5/1/2014
AH Fel, You better remember him Jaina because you'll be taking that name soon.

So I am guessing that in this world, the events that led to Anikin's death never happened?

Also, why do I feel like these chapters would hold up even better if I was reading this live?
Alchemy student chapter 30 . 4/30/2014
STOP THE FIC! How did the senshi meet up with the JLU? No, How did they team up, no, WHEN did they team up? Was there an awesome adventure that I missed or something?

YOU DO NOT DO THIS TO ME FIC! You do not mention off hand "Minako has met the JLU" and expect me to let it go! This means that at one point, somewhere in time, Superman or any other member went to Japan and had an adventure with these girls and offered membership. Now I have some more questions, like...Are the Avengers here? What about sentai? If so, does this mean that some of those teams have membership? Is there a story where Superman teams up with Kamen Rider 1? Or a story with Kamen Rider W and Batman?

Focus student, you have a fic to read.

Ok, some things I love-I love how Usagi is suffering a BSOD over what she has done and I love Minako going all leader mode on Haruka, something that i rarely seen in fics.
Alchemy student chapter 29 . 4/30/2014
What a way to begin, senshi battling and I love what is happening to Usagi here. Her best strength is her compassion and she is watching it all fall apart around her.
Alchemy student chapter 28 . 4/30/2014
You know how to get me don't you.

Galaxia is my favorite villian of the show, she is just plain awesome and never seems to pop up enough in crossover fics. But here she is and being awesome and as for my reaction to what she is doing.

YOU WITCH! They were redeemed, you didn't need to bring them into this.
Alchemy student chapter 27 . 4/29/2014
WOW! This ending, just wow!

I mean, I loved going through every moment of it, from Luke vs. Ani to the fight with Xim. It was awesome.

I think some of what I loved most about this fic were the small things like having Ami interact with some of the guys and not ONCE falling head over heels for one of them. It was a complete platonic relationship where they wer just friends. I cannot begin to tell you how much of a relief that was when I have had to sit through so many BAD crossover fics where the senshi were just shipping fodder. I also love the character interactions with one another, feeling very natural and fun, like I wanted to know more of these guys (I am more of a Sailor Moon fan).

The fact that the end felt like a finale to a SM arc was just icin on the cake for me and the fact that it was the senshi who won, made it all the better. Yeah, so Ami and the others didn't finish him, but this was mainly Jaina's story and the story of the others becoming heroes in their own right.

PRoblems with this fic? Yeah, sure. I mean, its good but its not FOE levels of awesome or is it Getting Back on Her Hooves; however, this...was the best experience I had reading a Sailor Moon fic in a while. And I mean one that is not a slice of life story, but one that is a multichapter fic. This made me happy to sit through.

Now, what is the next arc? *looks* Galaxia? OH HELL YES!
Alchemy student chapter 26 . 4/29/2014
Full review of this multiparter coming in the next one, I just have SO much to say about this!
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