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Guest chapter 3 . 11/20/2015
Frozen862 chapter 3 . 10/4/2015
lol you are full of shit.
fantasywind chapter 3 . 6/22/2014
Interesting haha dark lord battle well let's see
Sauron: mind control powers (over orcs and other servants, orcs are incapable of resisting once he turns his thoughts towards them, their minds will answer to his command, when left on their own they regain some level of independence but still are corrupted enough to obey him without this magical means, it simply requires his attention to fill their minds with hate and fury to fight better, to drive them directly by his will, of course the thing is the numbers of his servants are enormously huge, Sauron has hell of a mind faculties, he has multitsking skills doing many mental opreations at the same time, but no wonder he is in nature a divine beings, they have different minds than mere mortals, ability to lure and dominate all kinds of wicked beings through the sheer power of will, book citation: ,,Mordor draws all wicked beings and Dark Power bends all it's will to gather them there", ability to corrupt people or the land itself, spreading the influence of his power, so called Shadow vague term referring to influence of dark power and evil, capable of warping and twisting the life forms), telepathic abilities, clairvoyance and other psychic skills (mental powers are varying in lotr universe, some beings are capable of using different levels of psychic powers, Aragorn for example had enough mental power to be able to properly use palantir which requires training, and hell of a strength of will to even control it and not to mention use it's more detailed functions, using this artifact is a great mental strain, he had also authority to use it which significantly boosts his capabilities in this regard, while Sauron posesses palantir he perfectly controls it by sheer force but he has no official authority over it, it's complicated :) ), sorcery (all kinds of things ,,blasting spell", enhancing destructive capabilities of objects so called ,,spells of ruin", crafting magical artifacts, Sauron has special talent for this, and many others like for example blowing up swords with gesture and incapacitating it's owner in the same time, this was specifically done by Witch-king of Angmar but guy was taught by Sauron in dark arts personally as well as many other sorcerers in his service Mouth of Sauron ,,learned great sorcery" for example, but because he appeared only once and acted as herald and ambassador of Mordor he didn't show what was capable of), ability to breed magical creatures and beasts using power to give them desired properties (olog-hair super trolls, stronger and much more intelligent and dangerous than ordinary trolls, who are already ,,mighty strong" shock troops of Mordor specially trained and armed for war), ability to create magical substantial shadow, cloud of darkness in which one could hide to become invisible or totally block off senses of the enemy (some variants of this shadow cloud allow to afflict minds, totally incapacitating enemy within), mastery over fire element ,,(Sauron's) his hand though black burned like fire" he caused his enemy with whom he was personally fighting powerful elvenking Gil-Galad to incinerate, he controls Orodruin/Mount Doom, it positively saturates with his power and he can erupt it at will one curious detail is that in this place ,,all other powers are subdued" magical artifact hobbits used didn't work there, also the Ring was in it's strongest there dominating minds of a bearer (possibly all other magic doesn't work there or is seriously limited), also Sauron used ,,fire in the heart of earth in his forgings and sorceries", Witch-king was able to make flaming sword), ability to enhance and give ,,additional demonic power" to his servants (like Nazgul), ability to create phantoms and illusions (by phantoms I mean magical constructs that can act and look like living things, for example strangle people or meserize them or simply deceive, or as a bonus ,,pursue them to madness" First Age edition magic :):):):), necromantic powers ability to enslave spirits of the dead also posession and reanimating corpses (Barrow Wights for example are spirits posessing corpses, but living too can be posessed, ,,such practices are of Morgoth and necromancers are of the host of Sauron his servant" back in good old days when Sauron was first and most trusted lieutenant of first Dark Lord, Morgoth and the most powerful of his servants) and many, many other feats (like causing pain by gaze or paralyzing Pippin while looking at him through palantir so he could not escape from the stone, through the light of his eyes he also could cause unconsciousness, Luthien one of the most powerful magic using elf/half divine of great power, learned it the hard way). Also Sauron is ,,very wise, and weighs all things to a nicety in the scales of his malice." (also Voldemort too wouldn't even thought that anyone would try to destroy artifact of great power willingly instead of using it, also though it's a parody it should be noted that orcs didn't know anything about the Ring or it's history except maybe for Grishnakh, but it's not certain what he was told exactly about his mission, orcs are told only what they need to know, The One Ring is amplifying Sauron's power to much greater degree, it gives power of command, powers of all other rings and allows to control it's wearers and many others), Sauron back in the day also could shapeshift into whatever he wanted (after Fall of Numenor a great cataclysm which he indirectly caused he lost ability to assume beautiful form and could take only monstrous, terrible physical form which mere sight is enough to strike terror, apparently like it often the case the supernatural fear aura surrounds him and he no longer veils his full power, even a short talk with him can be damaging, hearing his laugh is like being pierced with daggers and when he decides to torture you's not good :):):) few even of of the great among Elves and men could endure his gaze, being taken alive before his dark throne is one of the worst possible fates (but not worse enough than that he can afflict upon you, turning living into wraiths under his dominion).

Voldemort oh well I think you know everything about him that was given in books (though we actually don't know full capabilities the dark arts give him, we see him use mostly Unforgivable curses and other more known spells, some vague ritual of resurrection wasn't even done by him, hmm hard to decide especially when the info is lacking hahaha (you don't know much about Sauron do you though many of his working and powers are left vague, Sauron is apparently capable of ,,governing storms")
flamy chapter 3 . 10/22/2012
you obviously are a harry potter fan i mean your forgetting about a lot of things (to name a few, trolls, goblins, saurons magic, the nazguls ability to strike fear into any opponent, the urak-hai, and saruman. not mention his true form, plus i thought this was completely out of story not in the middle of return of the king.) also have you read any of the books i mean come on voldy was beatin by teenager 7 times. it took an army and a 110 year old to beat him. i like hp books and lotr books but you craped on jrr tolkiens work when you write this im dissipionted you even took the time to write this.
The Seamonkey chapter 3 . 1/17/2008
Hahahaha XD Made ME laugh out loud. "I suddenly get the irresistible urge to do your bidding, no matter how suicidal it is." LOVE it. Love the orc's total modern attitude towards his dictator figure. Love that they're getting ready to run when Mordor's structure collapses. XD HAW HAW HAW brilliant :D

The Seamonkey chapter 2 . 1/15/2008
Wow. I have to say, this is pretty damn awesome. I've seen a fair amount of HP/LotR crossovers, and most (if not all) are crap. But this is pretty brilliant. It makes me want to squeal "Yay!" and giggle hysterically. Not many things do that.

If you're into this kind of thing, actually, you should check out my own fanfic, entitled, "The Ten Deaths of Voldemort". It's pretty funny, if I do say so myself. The chapters are short and sweet like the ones in this fic. No Sauron, unfortunately, but there is Chuck Norris at one point...


PS-Just wondering if you knew that anonymous reviews were disabled.
Goobyeme chapter 1 . 1/14/2008
i cant believe that voldemort would actually beat sauron! but where was frodo & the fellowship when that happened