Reviews for Warm Melancholy
Ayexev chapter 1 . 1/30/2010
I can imagine that this would be Lucia's ending if I made them marry in RD xD
Measured chapter 1 . 1/24/2009
Oh man, I regret that it took me so long to get to this now. I've had it saved up in my bookmarks for ages but haven't quite had the time to return-


From the first line I was drawn in and the whole time I was reading it felt like my heart was clenching. Lucia's fake smile, the interludes, Elincia worrying - it was all captured very well right down to the dance. Stellar fic and one greatly enjoyed
Writer Awakened chapter 1 . 1/16/2008
Very nice. I'm glad to see more good RD fics!

I agree that the perspective is skewed towards Lucia over Leanne, which is okay, but I would like to have seen more Leanne (she's so cute trying to speak modern language XD) Not much else to say about the style that hasn't already been said. Actually, though, Elincia seems a bit OOC with her "I'm never going to be attacked!" line, especially since by the end of RD she's been in more than her share of trouble.

Other than that, good job. There were a few small typos (dids instead of did, for example), but nothing "the miracle never happen"-worthy. XD Anyway, I liked it! Hope to see more RD stuff (and PW stuff, for that matter) from you in the future :D
Hitokun chapter 1 . 1/16/2008
I just loved the dance scene where Elincia asked Lucia to dance ._ so sad...

Very nice writing style and wonderful story~! D please grant us the pleasure of reading more of your great works :D
oo chapter 1 . 1/16/2008
That was good.

I don't know if it's just me, but Leanne doesn't seem to care nearly as much about Elincia as she does Lucia. It could be because of the fact there is so little interaction between them. Leanne is harder to characterize, I assume, seeing as she barely had any legible lines in the game. XD

Elincia seems to be in character. Lucia, too, if you consider her jealousy. Geoffrey is maybe a bit off. I'm not too sure that he'd let Lucia off [for not explaining herself] because they often switch roles of being the older sibling. And, besides, I can't imagine him being that excited for the festival and spending the entire day to dress up. [Though, maybe you planned it that way. How Lucia sees Geoffrey as excited because she's definitely not]

Other than that, though I might have missed some other points, it was well written. Certainly, the goods far outweigh the little errors. Awesome job!
Mini Nephthys chapter 1 . 1/16/2008
Hmm, I never really thought about these two interacting much before, but they are very good complements for each other, and I think your Leanne is IC~

I agree with the previous reviewer - the fic focused a lot more on Lucia than Leanne. It is very well written, however, and I enjoyed reading it~
R Amythest chapter 1 . 1/16/2008
Hmm, this one... hmm. I admit I love the natural dynamic that comes with Geoffrey/Elincia and Lucia on the side, but I'm not sure about Leanne. Of course, this isn't your fault, as I'm not able to play RD for quite a bit. So. Skipping that part. Someone else can comment about Leanne.

Some of the feelings are nice. Especially the Lucia to Elincia parts. Um. Oh, format! (Yes, no coherent order here, I know, it's terrible.) Present tense compliments longing nicely, but when we're flipping between the past and present, it reads more naturally if events from the past are written in past tense.

Right, now, I think one of the problems with this concept here is balance. There's a lot more said for inside Lucia's head, and in places it's as if Leanne is playing at being Elincia. There's kind of an imbalance away from Leanne, and that keeps me from the mindset of "this is a friendship fic". Something in my subconscious says "Lucia is getting comfort from Leanne" rather than viewing it as commiseration. Perhaps it's the way Leanne is all-knowing when it comes to Lucia. Or the heavier emphasis on Lucia in the flashbacks. But... yeah, I'm not getting the clear "equals in pain" thing I think I'm supposed to be getting.

That aside, the atmosphere was created nicely. A touch of nostalgia, a touch of longing. Sometimes it flipped from neutral narrative into metaphorical sympathy a bit quickly, but nothing crippling.

Oh, randomly, a typo:

Marcia is dancing with Keiran

Should be Kieran.

Right, so. Hi, Lethe Laguz. It's been forever. (Here's hoping you give us yaoi before you leave again. *shot*)