Reviews for My Dark Protector
Kimmiekitten75 chapter 35 . 10h
More Please Hon!
Universal creature chapter 35 . 9/20
Wonderful chapter. The scene between voldemort and Severus was conversation between harry and voldemort was interesting
liz.onia chapter 35 . 9/19
Yes a chapter from Harry's POV would be fun! I can believe it. If there isn't an enemy or baddie then the story heroes can't rally together. Maybe if you could define the enemy and how Voldie and Dumbledore are going to work together to defeat it, it might be easier? Either way still enjoying the story!
Fanfictionranger chapter 35 . 9/19
I love this soo much! :)
Harry is too pure for this world...he's so adorable and fluffy :p
Awesome job!
Fanfictionranger chapter 15 . 9/19
Awww I wish they could de-age Harry...who doesn't love a fluffy baby harry? :3
TwiSagaLover chapter 35 . 9/19
Ooooooh I love it! And I would love to see Voldemort come visit again and again! Maybe even bring Harry the snake like he wanted to! Oh then the next time he came over he could have a play date with Nagini and the new snake!
geekymom chapter 35 . 9/19
Awesome story!
Harriverse chapter 35 . 9/18
I congratulate you on getting off the reservation!

It is always difficult to be a trail blazer. The last story where Harry was so Bradley damaged, quite a long time ago, suddenly stopped and was never updated. You, of course, decided to go with a Harry that will work to overcome what was done to him. Maybe that's why the other ended. It had a Harry that would work with no one but Severus without a ton of problems.

Your problem may be how to build some type of relationship between Tom and Harry. While he is young and innocent, it is easy to think of him as a child. But he will mature. In my opinion, he will not just grow bigger, but will also grow smarter if you continue the pattern you started. It may take him longer than expected, he may still be stunted or vulnerable in some ways, but he will reach a level of independence that could be seen as threatening to Tom at some point.

Is Harry still a horcrux? That may be one way for them to connect in a meaningful way. You may at some point want to impose some drama by having Dumbledore find out who he is. You may want to have Tom become more human like. For example, in the distance when he is ready for social interaction, you may have very controlled DE kids come to interact. Even if they are younger than Harry's physical age. Aren't they very sheltered until they go to Hogwarts? Of course, then you have to create new characters...

As for Harry's point of view, you've already spoiled things. A few hours exploring followed by a very long swim? That is a huge breakthrough. So showing us short bits and leaving the option open going forward would be nice.
Lady.Evangeline.Evans chapter 35 . 9/18
I had to read the entire fic again, but I can finally remember it XD
I really would like to read Harry's POV. It's something different and always interesting to know how he see the world around him. And I really like how it's going (though the fact that Voldemort could enter the manor is a little weird. A very good scene, but weird).
Soon you will have to address the issue, either if Severus and Harry stay in Hogwarts or if they leave: Harry already have his doubts about not meeting other people and they are only going to grow. It could be prejudicial to his improvement.
Marabella15 chapter 35 . 9/18
I think writing harry''s pov would be good and by the way I find your story captivating and a diffrent perspective of how dumbledore and Tom could find common ground. I can't wait for the next update!
autumngold chapter 35 . 9/17
Thank you for your wonderful new chapter! I'm glad that Voldemort is working to make the wizarding world better! It's good that Dumbledore is realizing that he doesn't always know best! Fabulous update! Can't wait to see what will happen to Harry next!
yukino76 chapter 35 . 9/16
Good no curse was thrown at him
mizzrazz72 chapter 35 . 9/16
Does Voldemort seem a little bit jealous?
Charlee56 chapter 35 . 9/16
Great chapter! I think that doing Harry's POV in some few alternating chapters would be a great idea. Plus, a few time jumps after starting training and a more formal education would be a great thing.
LicaSchmidt chapter 35 . 9/16
Hello, I miss this fiction terrible. I think Dumbledore and Voldemort working together would be awesome. Harry could turn a wonderful man who works with mentally ill children. ;) see you soon.
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