Reviews for The Syndrome
mfv020390 chapter 57 . 9/16/2021
Now im done!finally got finished reading SYNDROME(
Soraslove chapter 10 . 9/2/2021
I wish sesshoumaru's beast would just get over kagome, she's not worth all the pain and suffering, lol.
Soraslove chapter 5 . 9/2/2021
Ya... i mean sesshoumaru has a point, kagome has no issue getting naked for 4 guys already, freinds or not that shit isn't normal. What's another one? lol
Soraslove chapter 2 . 9/2/2021
Bankaotsu and kagome are cute.
Soraslove chapter 1 . 9/2/2021
Let's be real... inuyasha is a bitch, lol.
dessi132 chapter 19 . 7/27/2020
im really interested in the storyline. however there is just so many reflections in the past. and i feel like kagome is always trying to sing and in my opinion its annoying bcs i never seen her as the singing type. other than i really love the idea of the syndrome and will continue to read to see if i can get past that
darkandcurvee chapter 3 . 4/17/2020
Damn. I wish someone thought about me like this
ravensuchiha chapter 57 . 1/20/2020
This was a new approach towards Sesshoumaru and I really liked it. And Kagome was really nice written. And damn Bankotsu, I think he is one of my new favourites now
michell.garber chapter 22 . 1/6/2020
I can understand both sides of a you completes about the readers. First, I'm sure every descent person know that family come first. For the people that are mad about how the writer update. You should think about walking in the writer shoe. That you wouldn't enjoy complaints about how you update. I know that you would personally put your family first. And you shouldn't ask the writer to do any less.

I can understand the reader side, too. You can just get into a story so much you can't put it down. I feel that way about your stories. So I look forward to the updates. I want to camp out on you doorstep, waiting for it. But I try to be patient. I know this is your hobby. So reader just try to enjoy her talents. But don't push to hard . And if you do, be really nice about asking for update and then "wait", years if you must.

The writer is just sharing her wonderful stories. It her artwork and you have no right to ask an artist to change her work, with longer chapters or changed storylines. I know that I've said that I love your stories but some part isn't what I liked. But I didn't mean it the way it may have sounded. For example, sometimes Sesshomaru is a little more insure then I think is in his personally. I'm not asking you to change your storyline or what your writing. I just pointing it out, so you can look at that. If you think I'm right great, if you think I'm wronge great. To me it's your stories and need to do what is right for your stories. I still love them or I wouldn't be reading them for 12 years now. I'm just trying to help and show you how must I care about the stories. I think and hope other review's are doing the same thing. Maybe we reader just don't know how to say that. After all a lot of us are not writer, it's not mine talent. Then there are just jack ass that shouldn't be on the Internet and you should just smile and remember some people are mean. But just remember, you have people that love and wait for your updates.

Hopefully this made sense and didn't sound bad. You're patient reader.
michell.garber chapter 19 . 1/6/2020
michell.garber chapter 57 . 1/6/2020
Cute and sweet lemon. I like your story. Thanks for your writing.
Mynameishuman chapter 19 . 12/31/2019
Kagomes complete nonchalance to what’s happening around her is kind of annoying. She toes the line between in and out of character pretty frequently. Regardless, it’s a good story with an interesting plot line.
Mynameishuman chapter 10 . 12/31/2019
It’s a simple fix, Sesshomaru: just stop being such a dick.
lara5170 chapter 57 . 11/20/2019
This is an amazing story and I am glad that I reread it. I just wish there was more. It almost doesn't feel right that it is finished. I'm not ready for it to end.
ThatPageantGirl chapter 57 . 4/18/2019
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