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DamagedSpoon chapter 54 . 11/4
Girlygamer1996 chapter 54 . 10/15
This story is great :D really cant wait for the next chapters.
Sandra517 chapter 53 . 10/3
Please update i love this fic
InItToWinIT chapter 54 . 10/2
Cool. There's no other word for it. I'm imagining Toph's rave-energy-harnessing thing, and it was way cool. Aang and Toph always make a great team.
Your description of Ozai gave me the heebie jeebies. I'm picturing this rotting, disgusting dude instead of the usually handsome man and its a great change even though it makes me shudder. It fits perfectly.
At least Jet got his redemption in the end. I felt bad for him.
I like how you had Katara ask for help but justified it. She (and Zuko) can't always be strong for themselves. Its OK to ask for help.
YoungVolcanoBlood chapter 54 . 10/2
This is getting intense. Who the heck is 'Kaiser Sousei' ?
SMILE chapter 54 . 10/1
I can't wait for more :)
PurseMonger chapter 54 . 10/1
You did a good job explaining Jet and all his demons but I felt no sympathy at his death. I just can't get over the fact that he raped her and tried to impregnate her to force a bind between them.

I really liked the scenes with Toph and Aang.

Sokka just asking Mai and Tai Li to walk away was awesome. And then of course Suki keeping his ego in check.
LivingInSymphony chapter 54 . 10/1
Oh don't you worry, my eyes were fine ;) I tried to slow down my speedy reading so I wouldn't catch up so fast! Haha :)
This chapter was excellent! I KNEW Jet was her protector! It's to bad she found out this way :(
Also I'm drawing a blank at who the last two people are lol I know I'm forgetting some people xD
Can't wait until the next chapter :D
LivingInSymphony chapter 53 . 9/27
Wow! Okay so I just read all 53 chapters in 8 days, I couldn't stop reading!
I am in love with this story! The writing is excellent, the characters are all progressing at a believable pace, so is the plot as well actually. It's just an overall great read! I am so excited to see what happens next chapter.
Guest chapter 53 . 9/23
God im happy that you update this is one of the best fics ive read
ssoo original its perfect keep it up
you're an excellent writer
the Moon our Witness chapter 53 . 9/17
Gosh, this story is just too awesome and I can't stop reading, I read the whole story in the last few days. Usually I don't even like AUs of Avatar, but this one got me hooked quickly. But gosh, I hate Jet so much. Why does he need to have a bond with Katara too? I sincerely hope he pays for everything, badly! He doesn't deserve to have Katara as his soul mate... I keep my hope up that Katara is not Kena from his memories, this would just be too much.
the Moon our Witness chapter 39 . 9/16
Hmm I don't quite get what kind of memories Jet wishes Katara would regain? Or is he talking about the failed attempt at turning her?
the Moon our Witness chapter 35 . 9/15
What a complete and utter Bastard.. I can't believe Katara willingly returned to the house they were staying in.. and doesn't a pill usually help against unwanted pregnancy up to three days?
Kslamm chapter 53 . 9/12
A lot going on in this chapter! I had to re-read it to visualize everything. I love that there was a lot of action and the story is moving along to the big Ozai/Zuko reunion. I'm happy the next chapter will be coming soon.

Glad you appreciated the recipe! I can't get enough of it.

I love this story! Until next time!
nephertiri chapter 53 . 9/11
Wonderful addition to this awesome story! Nothing like sitting down and re-reading everything all in one go!

Your writing is very fluid and it makes me feel like I can actually see every scene happening right in front of me. Nicely done. This is great work and I can't wait for the next addition. It's the final countdown to the showdown. Sweet :-)

Also, Katara might be able to get out of this without fighting. I mean, we can't underestimate the importance of boooody language...HA!
Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Ursula has a lot of great quotes :P
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