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Magicka chapter 46 . 2/1
i have recently found you fic and i must tell you: I LOVE YOU!
This is awesome! Mirrum is such a sweet character and develops so well during her time in Jerusalem. I cried when she started her relationship with the physician. btw your King Balduin was fantastic and believable and i can't stop thinking about him.
First, i was a little bit sceptic when i saw you writing Mirrum and Raymond together, but after a second read-through it does fit well, doesn't it? And anyway, you writing style makes up for any kind of critic i could make ;)
And you researched very well on Jerusalem and ancient storys, didn't you? I love the little parts of Roman Poets. "The wall between Pyramus and Thisbe" is the best line i have ever read. Honestly.
In conclusion: Where is the ending? Please keep on writing! There are still people out there who would like to know what happens to Mirrum! Please!
(sorry for mistakes, english is not my first language)
Madame de Victoire chapter 46 . 2/13/2015
My first reaction when I say this was "Whoa, wtf!". I honestly thought it was abandoned, but am so glad that you have decided to finish it. Tu Salus Fidelium is one of my all time favs!
punky warhammer chapter 45 . 9/27/2014

you shame me with my pale words and dreams.

please finish this, it needs an end as grand as it's telling.

thank you.
Study in Silence chapter 45 . 11/24/2013
Thank you - very, very, very much - for supplying an alternate, period-plausible, not-entirely-out-of-character explanation for Baldwin's refusal to give confession. I cannot believe or tolerate the "Word of God" suggestion that Movie-Baldwin was agnostic. Because it's silly, anachronistic, and so far out of character for Historical-Baldwin that I could cry.

Okay. Now that I have that off my chest, I must inform you that I think this is one of the best fics I've read on this site. Even if you stick largely to movie-canon, I admire your level of scholarship. I didn't notice any anachronisms or inaccuracies in your story that weren't in the movie, although I'm more of an enthusiastic amateur than anything else where matters historical are concerned. You did lovely justice to Baldwin and Raymond of Tripoli, your characterization of Baldwin the younger was charming, your Sibylla intriguing, and you even managed to avoid making me sneer at movie-Balian (although the low screen-time helped). And of course, Mirrum is likeable, and the transition from Baldwin to Tiberias was well-sold.

Eagerly looking forward to what happens next. May your inspiration flow freely.
Guest chapter 22 . 11/16/2013
You've written a vivid, lovely and lyrical story, coherent and well-characterized. However, I feel the need to point out that the use of "your Majesty," and "your Highness" are anachronisms. That form of address dates from the sixteenth century: the Holy Roman Emperor started it, then the King of France duly copied him, and Henry VIII of England copied him in turn. Kings in the Middle Ages were addressed as "your Grace", and referred to in third person as "or lord the king." A king's children were also not referred to as "prince" or "princess". They were called Lord or Lady—Latin "dominus" and and "domina", French "sire" or "monsire" and "dame" or "madame"—and they were the only people entitled to that title from birth.

I'm also rather sad that you kept in the movie's notion of Guy and Reynald being Templars. Given that the Templars took their vows of chastity seriously and that both lords were married at the time, I could never take it seriously. If a problematic Templar was needed, Gerard de Ridefort was ready, waiting, and real. The Templars weren't as bad as all that, anyway. In their capacity as bankers, even the Saracens trusted them enough to do business with them. But I digress.
Cattycheeno chapter 45 . 8/9/2013
I feel as if I just put down a wonderful book. I enjoyed your depiction of the characters and setting as well as the tale of two different kinds of love. Extraordinary writing. Thank you. :)
Kallios the Scholar chapter 40 . 7/25/2013
Of the coins, that I spoke in an earlier review... I used more sources, and some say 13th century, others fifteen, sometimes 12. I'm sorry to say that despite the pen-name I'm only a casual scholar, not like what you seem to be (or Mirrum!) so if I came across as pompous or superior I'm sorry. I'm just as sorry if not more for giving false information, if not more.

Heh. I read about Mirrum and it seems I pick up some of her own struggle for goodness. Never thought it would show in a review, though. I've always liked her, really. This is my second re-read of Tu Salus Fidelium and I've always felt a kinship with the pale child - she strives to be honest and good, is a bit naïve, and is as loyal as a dog. I like her, I honestly do. The way you characterize and write about Tiberias (another favorite character) is only icing on the cake.
Kallios the Scholar chapter 37 . 7/25/2013
I looked up the word "zecchin" that you used to denote coinage here (since I'm always interested in these things, really, and I wanted to see what they looked like) and apparently it's an Italian coin that was minted in the 15th century in Venice.

Seems a little out of place here, just saying.
MotherofBoys chapter 45 . 6/27/2013
Ugh. This story is just beautiful. The historic details are lovely and I adore how all the events is so intricately interwoven with Mirrum's own life. The exchanges between Mirrum and her Physician often brought me to tears. I do hope you will continue this story and update it soon!
MorraHadon chapter 45 . 3/22/2013
Welcome back to the land of fanfiction! And what do you do? Give us fantasticness. I miss Baldwin sometimes, but you've managed to make me ship her 100% with Tiberas. I love it. Keep up the great work!
Eccentric Lady chapter 45 . 3/2/2013
Thank you

An update on this is a treat and much appreciated.

I look forward to seeing them progress (and Sybilla's reaction)
Mercury Gray chapter 45 . 2/11/2013
"... linen so white and fine it was not unlike wearing a soul, stitched neatly into a shape." Oh, Petit, your descriptions! I love them so very, very much.

Awkward Tiberias is awesome. Always is, always will be. I love how you describe his quarters - here's this man with a considerable personal fortune, with lands and rents and the favor of the family of the king, and his quarters are so spartan he has a hard time entertaining Mirrum properly. I hope she will get him better furniture. Some tapestries. A throw rug. Candles. Y'know, homey stuff.

I like the idea that it is into this that bright, little, flame-clad Mirrum comes. That she wears orange, the color of fire and life, is so symbolic and wonderful here - I'm glad you finally got this story to a point where this could happen, and have it mean what it needs to. I'll be interested to see Mirrum's thoughts on the other side of this, her comparisons to Sybilla and Balian. I have this idea she'll feel very guilty, still, and Tiberias, like the sensible old softie that he is, will divest her of this opinion. And then to go back to Alix the intemperate! I feel Longfellow's Student's Tale "Emma and Eginhard" may be of some use to you. I'm also interested to see how Raymond and Sybilla will navigate this - for she will tease and he will bluster.

As always, Petit, lovely work. I'm anxious for the next chapter - do tell me if you need any more help, won't you?
Saereth of the Grove chapter 45 . 2/10/2013
... Oh. Wow. Of anything I could have expected to receive in my email, an update for this was not one of them. It was a sweet surprise. Thank you.

I hope you update again soon, and when you do, the story moves along a little bit. I think I lost track of it for the past few chapters. Is still good, I just think it's a little slow.

Thanks so much for updating, I love this story!
Kallios the Scholar chapter 44 . 3/14/2012
I tell you with complete honesty that I love your story. As both a fan of King Baldwin IV and Tiberias, there is reason enough to be enchanted. You write delightfully bittersweet and wonderful romance that is credible and realistic and pleases my inner romantic greatly. The historical accuracy makes me grin at my computer screen and mentally cheer you on. The little details - Latin and Greek, society during these times, clothing, food - have me taking notes on the spiral notebook I keep handily close to my laptop and use as a mousepad most of the time. I love your descriptive flow and the insights into each character through Mirrum's eyes. She's a great OC, not the least bit a Mary Sue.


Keep writing!
ImaginaryAsylum chapter 44 . 1/28/2012
What a lovely, lovely story. Truly, your writing is phenomenal. It really is one of the best stories I have ever read in any fandom.

I only wish that there was more interaction between the Mirrum and the Physician before he passed. Of course, there's the issue of him being busy with settling his affairs and also of a secret meeting between a king and a servant being difficult to arrange, I still wished that there was just one more conversation, one more chance meeting, between the two before the end. When I read that this story would be AU, I crossed my fingers that that would include maybe a little more time for the king, that he wouldn't die just yet. Alas, it still worked out beautifully in the end.

Also, I found her transition to loving a certain bear-like man a little sudden and too soon after the king's death.

Nevertheless, I absolutely ADORE this story! You never fail to make me cry (which is definitely NOT a bad thing!). The part where she imgaines herself having a conversation with the physician was just heartbreakingly tragic and sweet at the same time. If you ever end up publishing a book, please let us fans know!

Please, please update soon!
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