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Heat Salamance chapter 47 . 10/23/2018
And the day is saved!


With heavy loss.

Will Sonic ever remember?

Who knows.

Nack got his wish in a sense.

Combined with Sonic's desire to fix what is broken and stop Eggman, he would know despair and loss even of he won in the end.

I figured that Nack and Shadow's wishes would conflict. I didn't think it would end like this.

Maybe one day Sonic will remember Dawn. Maybe he won't.

But I have enjoyed this story. Even if it hurts the heart, and if the end of the false world was hella morbid with Sonic being at peace while everyone is dying and Amy's severed head floats by him... Yikes.

In any caseb I had fun! Even if I'm left wondering if Sonic will chase after the Dawn of his dreams.

Thanks for writing this!

It was fun!
Speedy1236 chapter 47 . 12/21/2010
Wow. This isn't /so/ confusing. By the time I reached chapter three or so, I was starting to aniticipate any weird thing to turn up in this story...

That Sonic is afraid of marrying Amy isn't surprising at all. That he doesn't like to lead a fight is abnormal, just like Tails being the older one, lacking a tail and stuff. I outright laughed when I reached the point where Knuckles turns out to be a female PINK echidna... Don't let him hear of that.

By chapter four it starts to get more and more surreal, and I came up with the theory Sonic is maybe sick with a fever or on drugs and hallucinating all of these weird events.

Two Sonics... Characters changing species suddenly... Sonic turning into Shadow... It keeps getting odder with every chapter. Odd, but very entertaining. I'm actually looking forward to more weirdnesses.

"Robotnik is my enemy. He's the Eggman. He's done something Tails, and nobody can remember it. He killed me, and took me prisoner, and he's teleported away a whole factory from an office block. He even saved my life from the very doctor he'd sent to kill me." - Yes, that makes a hell of a lot of sense indeed. I knew Sonic would end up in a padded cell sooner or later. No-one's sanity can keep up with that mess.

"Tell me something useful." - Never say that to an Omochao. It's no use!

The most entertaining unreal things are the little ones you throw in here and there, like Sonic believing 80 minutes to make an hour, or the number of Emeralds constantly changing, or Rouge being the guardian and Knux working for GUN. Conspiracy theories are also nice, wouldn't have a utopian scenario without them.

As of chapter 35 or something it gets a little less weird and slowly the few pieces we have start making sense... at least a little ;) Turns out Sonic isn’t nuts himself and all of this is actually happening… or not quite happening anyway. With the pace picking up the story gains suspense, and the drama surrounding Sonic’s dilemma plays out more obviously as it's no longer hidden between way too odd events.

Something rare now for me to give out: Grammar hint. You've made this mistake several times, it might very well just have slipped by and you know this anyway, but I thought I could as well point it out; it's a rather unnecessary mistake to make. 'Their' is when something belongs to a group of people or things, as in 'their dog'. 'There' is the opposite of 'here' and answer to the question 'Where?'.

Don't take that amiss now, I’m joking, but what were you taking when you wrote all of this? It's so weird, and yet one of the most entertaining things I ever read. Every chapter brings up something you couldn't expect to happen. My utter respect for making all of this up. Somehow, you had to think of all this first! It's awesome, mind-blowing confusion all the way, but still awesome. Nice chapter titles, by the way. Rhymes! ;)

I like the thoughtful ending. Glad Sonic managed to get everything back to normal. Now the poor guy deserves a chilli dog and a nap.

In conclusion, this is a great story. If my review to it is so great is a completely different matter; I’m starting to think just commenting on random stuff that stuck out to me while I kept reading through its 47 chapters wasn’t the brightest idea I ever had. Seems like this review is at least as confusing as the story it’s meant to comment on… Sorry about that. Hope you can make sense of it anyway.

So, yeah, me likes this a lot. See you around.

Silas Goodwill chapter 33 . 8/18/2009
I'll just stay blissful silent.
Master Metallix chapter 31 . 6/13/2009
Nice job, though it seems Sonic's complaint has fallen on deaf ears. But if names are being changed around, shouldn't the "Death Egg" become the "Egg Star?" (Bad joke, sorry.) Keep up the good woek, and see you next chapter.
Silas Goodwill chapter 31 . 6/11/2009
Wo, the insane realty twisting story continues. Glad to see an update.

-Silas Goodwill
Silas Goodwill chapter 30 . 5/13/2009
Drama, Drama, Drama...I love this story.
Silas Goodwill chapter 23 . 5/12/2009
This one is so good it defies words...I can only gape at the story and flow along for the ride.

STaR Productions chapter 30 . 12/16/2008
S: Well, I'm glad you included that note at the beginning. I got an alert telling me that Chapter 29 was up, and I was confused, because I knew I'd read it before.

It doesn't explain why I have two emails telling me you've posted Chapter 30 though, each about two hours apart.

One thing I really liked was the anti-gravity bit. This, combined with the 'seen one, seen them all' moment, was a nice way to set the scene.

I wasn't expecting to see Kintobor there. Does his explanation of the Monsters mean that Robotnik is just Kintobor possessed? If so, then Robotnik only exists because reality's screwed, which explains why he keeps destroying Sol/Chaos Emeralds. If reality goes back to normal, he no longer stays around... which doesn't make sense at all, if I understand what happened with him and Kintobor in Voices.

I couldn't help but grin when Kintobor mentioned Dawn. It seems I guessed that she was the wrong shiny rock. It must've been the green colour that got me. It occurs to me now that I've always been assuming she's 'good'. She may still be, of course.

There's also another thing that occurs to me. The 'way reality should be' and the 'way Sonic remembers it' might not be the same thing. If Eggman (or maybe Kintobor) only used to be a server then I wonder if it has something to do with the Monsters getting fed up of not existing.

Kintobor says that destroying the last emerald wrecks reality, but I thought that reality came closer to what it should be, with the less emeralds there are. Unless... ah.

It seems that five of the Monsters remain hidden thus far, if events are to be believed. I suppose I can hazard a guess that destroying their specific emerald 'frees' them, and mixes up reality just that little bit more, until all of them are free, and the universe explodes. Reality is not supposed to exist, and it's the Master Emerald that prevents the Monsters from destroying the universe. This doesn't take into account this business with servers and prime servers though, unless they just have the ability to get confused by the whole ordeal, rather than forget anything was ever different. Shadow seems perfectly fine though, and when he says that the emeralds lock reality in place, I do wonder whether I haven't thought of something here.

I notice Bean and Bark haven't made an appearance yet. Is that intentional?

As far as I can tell, the thing I DID get right before was that the Master Emerald was needed. For what, I'm not entirely sure yet, but doubtless more tantalising clues shall be offered later on.

A cunning way to make a reveal chapter, if I may say so. :)
STaR Productions chapter 29 . 11/20/2008
S: I really liked this chapter. For some reason it made perfect sense.

There was a nice part about Sonic dodging the surroundings, gave my mind's eye a helping hand where sometimes there isn't one. I noticed that Tails has three tails this time, glad to see you made special mention of his change, as well as the bi-plane. It gives it more of an impact. This worked well for Amy too, and her highly amusing comment at the end.

There were several cringe-worthy errors in here, but fortunately for me, Frozen Nitrogen has already mentioned that. Proofreading is definitely in order for this chapter, perhaps you were rushed? You're usually very good with the error spotting, so I don't know what went wrong.

Can't wait for the next chapter, it feels like it's nearly time for a reveal! Given your style, it's probably a small and inconsequential one, but meh.
Frozen Nitrogen chapter 29 . 11/17/2008
"Glad to see you too," Amy said sarcastically, "Look, I know you've got a crush on me Sonic, but don't let that interfere with our mission okay?"


Seriously, that was a great twist/inversion right at the end. Brought a huge grin to my face. As demonstrated: :D

The italicised opening, with all the stuff about Sonic NEEDING to run, was pretty sweet as well. Although I quirk an eyebrow at the fact that I did NOT get an Eggman-explanation-to-salve-my-befuddled-mind this chapter. Which one of us is 'making the story weirder without explaining any of the mysteries' NOW, hmm? ;)

Also, by way of complaint:

"Neithr hedgehog expected the loud roaring noise from bellow. The tower began to shake, as the blue and grey hedgehog made there slow accent"

- OW. The proofread, she needs more attentions!

The paragraph/sentence where you went on about logic killing itself was a bit... mangled, as well. I THINK I got what you were trying to say in the end, but it took me a few tries. :S
Unknownlight chapter 29 . 11/12/2008
"Look," Amy said, "I know you've got a crush on me Sonic, but don't let that interfere with our mission okay?"

I love this line. It brings back the same sense of confusing excitement as Ch. 2 did, when it was revealed that Tails was a one-tailed fox who Sonic considered an older brother.

Wait a minute, has that ever been done before? I mean, have Sonic and Amy's roles ever been reversed like that? If not, that would be a good idea for a little AU fanfic.

Anyway, great chapter! I hope this reaches some type of conclusion soon, since I'm not sure how much more of this Sonic can take. :D
Frozen Nitrogen chapter 28 . 11/11/2008
“So now all we gotta do is find Eggman’s base,” Silver said, “Hopefully this time without having to go all around the houses to find parts for a pattern generator.”

- I think he's referring to something I should know about from game continuity... but I'm not sure. Everything's so messed up. You're still doing great with the making-everyone-else-as-confused-as-the-characters. :)

The Monster's snide exposition was good as well, and some impending Eggman-explanation in short order surely bodes well for my befuddled mind...?
STaR Productions chapter 28 . 10/18/2008
S: That was certainly interesting. What I can surmise from this is that the Monsters of Chaos can't exist in the third dimension, which raises the question of how they could have existed in the first place to change things so that they could exist. Or at least, they need a dimensional crutch like Silver, which amounts to the same thing.

Talking of Silver, now his unfazed attitude towards Sonic dragging him makes sense, because he's used to going at that speed. I didn't realise Silver could fly quite that fast, though.

I'm very glad that Sonic isn't alone any more, his constant thoughts just an inch from lonely madness were getting to me. At least he has a friend now to discuss things with, and this already seems to have helped him deduce things.

"Because you need them alive." I suddenly have a very, very, ominous feeling.
STaR Productions chapter 27 . 10/18/2008
S: Well then, now to catch up. First of all, the 2D-3D perception with Sonic and Silver was fantastic. The way you wrote it gives only a vague picture of the scene, which is perfect for describing such a mind bending image.

I was disappointed by Silver's lack of reaction to the sudden change of 'stationary' to 'hundreds of mph'. "What was that all about?" were not the words I was expecting. Something more... unprintable seems to be in order there.

The dialogue is just as brilliant and intriguing as usual, and with THAT sort of ending, I'll now be off to read the next chapter!
Frozen Nitrogen chapter 27 . 10/7/2008
Someone needs to stop TRIPPING ACID.

Case in point: the randomly exploding pebble. As in Ch26, my head hurts. But in a good way.

I really, really liked your take on how Silver looks to Sonic and vice-versa. What with my fics being full of “hemi-integer phase-space and non-Euclidian tomography”, trying to describe a 2D presence in 3D was delicious.

I’ll repeat what I enquired before: “Monsters of Chaos? Who are these sterling gentlemen?”

And… I know I said… I wouldn’t… complain about non-descriptiveness but… Eggman… no mention at all… moustache or obesity… colour… *choke*
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