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Love wind chapter 24 . 6/21/2014
I don't usually submit reviews, it takes a lot for me open my mouth about anything, good or bad, but if positive feedback is what you need to expand on this story idea, then I will be glad to provide. This is an excellent start, to what I hope will be another of your excellent stories. I haven't read your Naruto or GoT works, but every one of your HP stories I have read more than once, and a few more than a dozen times. You always have something new and interesting to add to the HP universe; whether it's theories of magic and power or the comedies of politics and pranks, you never fail to entertain and stimulate.
This chapter, "What Harry Potter Doesn't Know" seems to be the titillating tip of an adventure in world building and an exploration in either magics or politics. It is my fervent hope for you to continue with this story and your efforts in answering the "what happens next" question. I know, wherever you end up taking this story, it is sure to be worth a read or two...or ten.
I look forward to this and any future story you post. Thanks for sharing your efforts!
64teeth chapter 4 . 6/21/2014
I think it was more than little kickass :-)
64teeth chapter 3 . 6/21/2014
Oooh, that was great! Very imaginative and unusual take on this problem:-) :-)
64teeth chapter 2 . 6/21/2014
Wow, that was really sth! Amazing! And very original. :-)
64teeth chapter 1 . 6/21/2014
Sth that have been done many times over but is still amazing and original :-) :-)
Eldersprig chapter 17 . 6/21/2014
eminently plausible, and a lot better than canon.
Me chapter 8 . 6/21/2014
Heh, I'd say the Azkaban series was 'entertaining' but I couldn't do it with a straight face XD
Taly-chan chapter 24 . 6/20/2014
That sound promising. Harry careening into the world, his curiosity unleashed. Let the world blow up, lol.
zorro99 chapter 5 . 6/20/2014
This chapter remonds me of Death Note with Harry writing in his journal and then people dieing through the contest. It's pretty interesting how it shows a different type of power.
Runecutter chapter 1 . 6/20/2014
I've recently read a story where Harry constantly counts down how long he'll have to live with the Dursleys and i could not help but wonder, what is it with this "on his birthday the protection will fail" anyhow? They are still his relatives, he does not think less of it as his home than before and his mother surely would not stop loving him just because he now has passed a randomly chosen treshold of adulthood... nor should there be a "best serve before" date involved as that would give a pretty weird number of days/months/years since he was laid on the frontstep of Nr 4... and if it counts that from then on he is his own man and responsible to build his own home... well, wouldn't it be rather graduation day from Hogwarts then?

As for the polyjuice... and they could not think far enough to get twenty or twenty five inconspicuous hair samples of random muggles running around in London, Belfast, Cardiff or Edinburgh? Having seven Potters as targets would throw the Deffies slightly off their a-game, sure. But only as long as one betrays himself or all are captured/killed. Plus it paints an abnormously gigantic target on the seven partners "driving" them into safety... are they completely stupid? Having ALL the participants unrecognizable should spread lots more of confusion, allow wizards like Moody to be more surprising with deadly attacks and would have worked on Harry too. The only thing this would not take care off was the scar connection and we know since the ministry how to force Riddle out of THAT, don't we?
The height of it was the seven cages with stuffed Hedwigs... disillusioning cage and bird and give it the two wizards/witches evacuating the Dursleys was too hard a task for them to think about? Waiting until one hour after the operation to extract Harry from PD4 started and let her fly freely is any kind of risk?
Nope, seven Potters is a fiasko only ever made possible by JKRs urge to keep him alone and helpless throughout all that year without contact options, with the fight against Voldemort badly weakened and of course Voldemort finally seeming like more of a threat after his last appearances were creepy but ultimately pathetically unsuccessful... He did not even take part in the attempt on Albus' life. (Instead he lost his replacement wand, robbing sweet little Lucy of her favorite joystick and requiring wild goose chases for the rest of the school year AND the book... absurd planning)

btw... you start out with "thirty-odd" and finish with "the thirty he had brought with him"... did the rest come by Mail? Were they already guarding the place?

Nice attempt to safe the clusterfuck that was the beginning of book seven, but nothing really can make that more easy to swallow, it's a big heap of hippogriff manure and it will stay so. Just like anything resembling a plan if it was thought out by Dumbledore.
BikerSHAM chapter 24 . 6/20/2014
Sounds like an Interesting Idea. Maybe you could make this an open invitation for a group of Peeps to actually work together, and each craft a chapter at a time, maybe a wk or 2 for each idea...
Just a thought.
Keep up the GREAT work !
/Salute, SHAM...8-)
Runecutter chapter 4 . 6/20/2014
Maybe, just maybe, it would have been slightly better if he had not even bothered with speaking to McG but leaving a letter behind once he was far enough from the cells to vanish (or have a house elf pop in for him) telling about the Voldemort angle and his plan to leave Britain and come only back when Riddle was frail and more easy to vanquish.
And of course i'd love to rant and babble on about the locking charm... it may take some time but if it really is only a locking charm and not a sealing bubble going through walls and floor and ceiling a like it's just a question of time to free the involuntary prisoners... of course Snape is by then already a dead man walking when he could not deliver Harry on a silver platter sick, weak and ready for slaughter, but he should not die in that little cell... i think that's enough for now, no reason to go into details and options and so on :D
Runecutter chapter 18 . 6/20/2014
Bravo! A wonderful way to improve School safety and Harry's life in general.
Who would have thought, that standing up to Albus only once could have so big consequences... :D Or how well received a short notice might be? :D

I have no beef with Luna being the girl in his life, but i somehow doubt that a not so downtrodden Harry would have connected on the same level that made me think at the end of OOTP that this might be the future pairing for the series... And the reason is a bit fishy too, isn't it? He's not THAT funcentric that it would really make his choice in a question as important as with whom to spend the rest of his life... Okay, she#s a Ravenclaw and having intelligent discussions with her would be easily imaginable... but well, a good balanced open and no longer suffering from any consequence of the Dursley years Harry also seems more than she could handle with her imaginary animals and weird way of Non Sequitur... But then i could not really see anybody else being a more obvious candidate... Confident and used to live with the Woods, that is with older siblings (hey, i like the stories where Oliver has siblings like Michael or Michelle working as Aurors :D ) he even might have tried to befriend Tonks if ever meeting her in a Black function or something... :) And if i now think a bit more abuot this, it also might be a wonderful frame for one of my beloved Katie Stories... (we basically know nothing about her other than she is one year older, plays Quidditch and is fun and charitable, but then including Luna and Ginny we know not much more about ANY other girl at Hogwarts with the exception of Hermione and i see Hermione more like an acquired taste, grown so perfect for the Shipping Wars by association with and loyalty to Harry in all his hard times.)
Runecutter chapter 24 . 6/20/2014
I'm happy if you'd bring this further. The idea to have him completely clueless not about whom he wants to date or marry, if he feels ready to be a father or whatever but about his life, his profession after school, after Voldemort is indeed a rare thought and very worthy of being examined.
Then there's the whole constellation... all his friends either bugger him about this or simply do not appear to do anything about Hermione and Minerva trying to railroad him in the direction they find acceptable for his life... That does look as if a whole new group of people with more tact and restraint when dealing with HIS life choices might get achance to get to know this Harry when the old ones have spent all their credit and are deep in the red numbers regarding Harry's patience... I just think that Harry made another mistake when dealing with Hermione and her domination fetish... he should that time have been honest too, that would have taken all the steam out of her engine... how could she go on with this kind of pressure when he recalls how he did not think he would come out alive and standing? But no, it's Hermione... and Harry promptly does the tricks she trained him to try... *sigh*

Bzt hey, i'm full of sympathy for poor Harry... i'm just a short while away from turning forty and still haven't decided once i'll probably be grown up in twenty or twenty five years :D
Kairan1979 chapter 20 . 6/20/2014
That story reminds me of Die Hard plot - using terrorist attack as a cover to steal money.
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