Reviews for Questions Whole
TheTBone chapter 1 . 8/7/2012

I've got my favorite parts lowered down to twelve. I was going to limit myself to ten but I couldn't. If I named EVERY favorite part, I'd be copying and pasting the whole fic. So here it goes. My favorite parts.

That's what I say: take, not get, not wipe, not clean. Take. Everything about my world is violent now.

Detective Benson – "Call me Olivia," she said – smiles, tucking in a broken heart to nestle beside her own for safekeeping until I am able to fit the parts together again.

I lean into her, breathing Olivia's carbon dioxide and focusing on the warmth of her hands tight across my back as if she were transferring her strength to me from all the way across this great divide. Then the nurse comes in and I just close my eyes, waiting. Waiting for…? Everything. Anything. Nothing.

She is not afraid of me, I realize suddenly. Nor does she pity me. I see understanding there, in her full gaze, equal amounts of sadness, fear and anger. She is redemption, a way out, not revenge but justice. *I remember a line sort of like this from Mutism. I’m glad it’s here too.

Olivia giving her the lip gloss. The whole bit.

Everything's just blurry, forever ruined like water stains.

The tension here, in the air of the room, is so palpable I could almost reach up and touch it, but I don't know whether it will stay taunt or shatter, don't know which is best.

"The wounds on your arms?" In my head I thank her for not saying cuts

"Accidentally? Rape isn't usually accidental." *They must use that on the show. I demand Dick Wolf to use that. I can picture her saying that so well that it’s almost scary.

The crying has lodged itself in my voice now; I fear it's a permanent change.

Willingly giving him my body in order to keep my soul, no matter how shattered and worthless it is now. *Top five favorite lines you’ve ever written. Easy.

"And every day I force myself to drown in the sun, focus on the light.”

Okay. So. Yeah. I was stalking your page, and I found this little golden nugget. Why haven't I read it before? I HAVE NO FREAKING CLUE.

You wanna know what I love about you? Consistency. What the hell do I mean by that? I'll tell you:

Your PROSE in EVERY SINGLE FREAKING STORY. You manage to have this writing style that’s just so different and unique and amazing. It’s like, so complex and detailed, but in the most beautiful, simplistic way.

You capture all of these FEELINGS. I BECAME Becca. I did. I transformed into her when I read this. And these feelings, they’re captured in a child-like manner, which I think is what makes it so stunning. Every word seems so delicately and deliberately picked out, and the descriptions are like nothing else I’ve ever read.

Call me a fangirl of your work, but when I read something of yours, I just KNOW it’s yours. The elements you use are fit together so perfectly, I get a different feeling and get a different perspective than I get reading anything else, on this site or otherwise.

I don’t even know how to describe that feelings. I’m thinking a mixture of awe, softness, happiness, and jealously. I just get little twinges. And your work always, always, ALWAYS sticks with me until long after I read it. There are sentences I’ll just randomly remember one day and contemplate. I don’t know. Consider me your number one fan, okay? Because I mean it. I’m so, so, so jealous and amazed by this little piece. It has more emotion packed into it than everything I’ve read on here all day (and I read on this website for like four hours today.)

Favorites list. No question. And, what the hell, I'll follow it too just in case you decide to randomly add on someday.


I love this. And you. You're brilliant.
Castle chapter 1 . 5/10/2012
A very interesting read. I was surprised to see it from a victim's perspective, and amazed at the details the character managed to lock on to. I'm not used to the general format of Fanfics, but I rather enjoyed reading this. Something definitely worth reading.
AliasCSINYFriendsER chapter 1 . 9/13/2008
Wow...that was...emotional and empowering. I haven't read many fics where it's the victim's POV and Liv is the only SVU character. I'm did an excellent job.


mandi *_*
sk8rgrl chapter 1 . 1/24/2008
WOW! This is so good, I cried, seriously, for multiple reasons/moments. It's so touching to get inside the head of a victim, and the descriptions of Liv through her eyes are amazing. You hit the nail on the head more times than I can count. You really have an understanding of Olivia's character, it's uncanny. My favorite part is probably when Olivia gives Becca her lipgloss instantaneously, just because Becca asked. That is so like her. And later, when you mention how it's vanilla rather than mandarin (no E - typo!) like Olivia smells, that was wonderful. So different from Mutism and yet still oh so satifying. Yipee!

ButterflyGirl89 chapter 1 . 1/20/2008
wow. this was cool, i'm gonna put it on my faves list. How ocme you haven't wrote anymore SVU fics, your good at them. You should write a ER fic, i've got one on the go, (I want to write a bit more before i start postingthough)its based on the first episode of the 13th series i think, the one wehre Steve kidnaps Sam and Abbey has the baby and all that jazz.

Anyway good story. X
matt chapter 1 . 1/20/2008
great perspective, definitely captures the feeling of being lost that somebody must go through in that situation. awesome work.