Reviews for Gundam Seed Purpose
FraserMage chapter 3 . 2/1/2008
Miguel surviving reminds me of Super Robot Wars J.

He survives (And is constantly coming after you) until you are crossing the Ocean and are nearly to the equivalent of ORB in that game.
NoshMono chapter 2 . 1/23/2008
Hmm... It's a bit early for me to comment since the story is just beginning, though I can say that the fights are pretty interesting. This Gekido character does resemble Shinn a bit, and I do wonder how Kira will turn out with someone like this fighting together with him.
SSJ-Jolt chapter 2 . 1/22/2008
Nice... I have an OC you can use if you credit me and a mobile suit...

JEMS-X10 Gundam Wild Arms (aka the Vanishing Trooper)

Generator: Ultracompact Graviton Reactor

Type: Newtype Use Extreme Performance Mobile Suit


CIWS x2 (mounted on head)

Combining Beam Sabres x2 (stored in hips like the Strikes knives)

Rocket Anchors x2 (stored in palms, mainly used to recover weapons)

Optional Armaments:

Photon Beam Rifle (can be stored on rear waist armour)

Beam Submachine guns with Beam Bayonets (stored on hips armour)

Special Equipment:

Psycho-Frame Man Machine interface

Graviton Camouflage System

Graviton Field System

Info: Developed for the personal use of Newtype pilot Zack Tempest by the Jupiter Engineering Company. Since development was entirely with Zack in mind no one else has the skills to operate the machine at it’s fullest. The Graviton Reactor uses what is known of gravitational forces to create a constant flow of energy throughout the Mobile suit and allowing it to use the GCS system to alter gravitational forces around the suit rendering it invisible, however the pilot cannot attack while cloaked. The Graviton Field works in a similar manner to deflect enemy attacks, however melee still works fine. The Psycho-Frame grants Newtype’s unrivalled levels of control of their mobile suits by allowing the suit to directly pick up it’s pilots psychic waves and react to them via a very basic AI.

Resembles: Huckebein Mk 2 Body with Huckebein 008L head (both from Super Robot Was OGs)

Name: Zack Tempest

Age: 18

Description: Zack has sharp blue eyes and a handsome face. He has short unruly black hair that he never combs with blonde streaks in it. He always wears a white t-shirt and green cargo pants when going casual, add a red jacket in the cold. He has a lithe but muscular body and carries himself with a sense of pride. His body is conditioned to withstand the outrageous performance of his mobile suit. He wears a black and gold flight suit with a black helmet. When in uniform he wears his standard Jupiter Defence Brigade uniform which consists of baggy black pants, black boots, a white t-shirt and a night blue jacket with black outlines which he leaves open. He stands six foot six inches tall and is of Natural birth but has been identified as a Newtype.

Personality: Loud and outspoken he is extremely harsh to those he doesn’t feel are up to his standard. He is extremely confident, a confidence born from repeated victories against stronger opponents. He is also loving and caring to those he trusts especially those he calls friends and even clingy to those he loves dearly. Once he accepts a mission he refuses to fail. Hates talking about his past but tries to not let it affect his dealings with others, he bases his opinions of others on his mercenary companions

History: Born in the colony closest to Jupiter a few short weeks before it was destroyed by pirates the orphaned boy was saved by a young mercenary named Sumika who soon became his surrogate sister and mother figure. Zack was raised by the company to be a fighter by his own choice and he was soon identified as a Newtype, increasing his value. Though many viewed him as a tool, Sumika and the higher officers saw only a young boy with a big heart and a lot of patience. For twelve years he never once got angry until his third mission against his companies hated enemy, the Crossbone Vanguard, when he witnessed a pirate crush a defenceless little girl. Not a single pirate survived and Zack was awarded his last name in memory of the raging tempest he had become that day. His latest mission is to investigate the growing war on Earth and report back the chances of a large profit and immediately seek employment and earn the company money while the others travel… unfortunately a skirmish damaged his long range communicator enroute forcing him to act alone for the first time in his life.
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