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Jman12394 chapter 64 . 4/29/2010
Absolutly amazing
great job cant wait to see the sequal
Final Genesis chapter 64 . 4/13/2010
Oh yes! One more thing I forgot to mention - in one of the chapters I guess you utilised the song 'Hirari' from Digimon Savers, right? If remixed and sung by Lacus/Rie Tanaka it would sound promising!

This is Final Genesis, signing out!
Final Genesis chapter 64 . 4/10/2010
After having a read through the story (despite trying to get some of the info in my head due to some grammatical mistakes), I gotta say, interesting addtion with some various OCs along with special appearances from characters of other universes!

Secondly, when I first read about Gekido-san, he makes me think of a more pissed off, short tempered, psychotic but righteous and strong-willed version of Fon Spaak from the Gundam 00 side stories! I guess a character like him is a necessity in the SEED Universe - especially when he was able to make even a hated charater like Flay change her ways after some aggressive 'negotiation', and hence her relationship with Kira this time is a happy and genuine too! :D Nice effect!

It's nice to see what transpired, about when and how deaths were made, new rivalries, friendships, and more characters from the side stories! Nevertheless, it's a pretty nice job you did - let's see how Destiny goes.

This is Final Genesis, signing out!
Greek Gundam poilot chapter 64 . 3/29/2010
This is the last reveiw am sending for a while. Maybe for your next book you could inculed Meriol Pistis. The one from Gundam Seed X Astry who as a Cursh on Canard.
Greek Gundam poilot chapter 64 . 3/28/2010
Are you almost done with your Marvel fics? By the way i have another idea. Maybe Flay COuld be a pilot to.
Greek gundam pilot chapter 64 . 2/22/2010
Maybe in you next story you could let Kira and flay have kids. Also maybe you could let Sai and Kuzzy make an aperance to?
Greek Gundam pilot chapter 64 . 2/3/2010
One more thing mybe you could let Dearka and miriallia still be together.
Greek Gundam poilot chapter 64 . 2/1/2010
So how much longer untill your ready to begein the saga? I have an idea about what Canard can do when Kira ruined that weding. maybe he can say i object and then slugs Seiran.
00virtuezero chapter 64 . 11/6/2009
Hey its exia00. just came to tell you I have a profle know and also put info on Noah's cgue assault.

" Yeah thats right my Gargoyles back and ready to waste some enemys!"


Mobile suit name: Neo Gargoyle Goliath

colors: blue and black

Armaments:Ma-5a Dual Excuibar sword,MA-M4A heavy sword

2x M7070 shield-plus-28mm vulcan, 2x shooulder shield (dual gatling gun), Long-range assault beam rifle.

Pilot: Noah Bagal

Info: After the end of the Bv war. The cgue Gargolye had gotten into less action than it did during the last war. So its replacemnet Arche Gargoyle Guaiz took its place during C.E. 72. Some of the mehanics on the Hades wanted scrap it because it seemed abosulte, but when Noah heard what they were going to do, well lets just say those mechanics are still in recovery in the hospital. Noah did know that unfornatley his Cgue was starting to become outdated so he met with fellow Zaft ace Xist Elwes because he had heard of his plans to mobifity his own cgue. After a violent dicussion between the two. Xist gave Noah some of the specs for upgrades and redeisgning. Giving these to the head mehcnaic of his team the cgue Garoglye was reborn stronger and faster at the begining of cosmic Era 73. The fate of the Gargole guaiz was that it got severly damaged during a fight between some rogue anti-natural soliders and blue cosmos soliders during a sneak attack. The Guaiz was self destrsted by Noah because he didn't want any machine of his beening turned into scrap.
exia00 chapter 64 . 10/4/2009
I'm just makeing some last minute things to put. About the hole" Come on boys and uh... ladies things that was a bit comedy you can remove that if you want. Also what ranks the others have

Ruther: red coat

Sochiro: red coat

Linda: red coat

Shiadi: white coat

Alan: black coat or olive coat( whatever its called lets just say he is in the same rank as Ades)

Also th rest of the soliders ginns, zakus,or guaizs are called fiends beacuse of rank system. finds are the lowest, but they are still skilled pilots. the arche unit is the highest of the rank system. The machines in the arche unit are powerful and fast machines. Ruther, sochiro, linda, and shadi are all in the Arche rank. Okay thats it and if want me to explain more then I'll be happy to.
exia00 chapter 64 . 10/2/2009
Alright this the last review for ocs. I've got to saw I've been haveing fun doings this, but first let me make some corrections to the Murasama. I'm changing the head to be similar to exia's but the helmet will have a biger and shaper antenna. Also the scyalla beam will be fired from the antenna. Finally the right arm has the long sword and the left has the sword/rifle.

Alright hears the final members of the Bagal team and the flag ship.

The Nazca-class destroyer names Hades. it is painted black and grey. Also it has the kanji symbol for hell on it's armor and is the Flag ship for Commander Bagal. The armor for it slightly more stonger than most Naza-class destroyers ships.

" Commander Bagal are you suggesting that we asset the Minvera in captureing the stolen protypes." Captin Gerwald

Name: Alan Gerwald

Hair color: Black and grey

Eye color: onyx

Age: 45

rank: Captin

Bio: Captin Alan Gerwald is in command of the Nazca-class destroyer Hades. Gerwald is an old fashion strict miltary man. He cares deeply about the soliders under his command , but feels that he has to be strict with them. When the Bagal Team was froming he was assinged to Noah and the first thing he said about it was " Of the all the Commanders it Had to be Bagal."Alan does respect Noah's skills as a pilot and as a commander ,its just he finds the young man's attiude to be not fit for a solider.

Howvever over during the Bv war Noah earned al,ans respect as a fellow officer and a friend. he still belves noah's tatics are still a bit reckless.

" My nephews fine sir. Thank you for asking." Linda Gladys


Moblie suit Name: Angela

Color and appearance: white and light yellow. Wings slightly angel like and cross painted on the chest.

Armament:M69 "Barrus" heavy ion cannon

1 x M68 "Cattus" 500mm recoilless rifle, Beam rifle,MA-M3 heavy sword

Pilot: Linda Gladys

BIo: Linda is the younger sister of Talia Gladys. Unlike he sister Linda chose to be out of the battle field while takeing orders. Linda is skilled in tactics and formations. She is more of the "conqueius" of the Bgagal team. Linda doesn't no anything about the realtionship between Tailia and Dulrandal.

Hair color: brown

Haie style: short in lengthit's above the yes.

Eye color: blue

age: 26

personaltiy: Cool,calm, level headed, careing.

" Our new machines maybe coming in, but theres no way in hell I'm giving you up old friend." Shadi Arabark


Mobile suit's Name: Endurance

Appearacne: It has many diffrent scars on almost every part of its body

Color: Grey and Silver


MA-M4A heavy sword

M7070 shield-plus-28mm vulcan system. beam rifle,MA-M8 beam tomahawk

4 x Hand grenade.

Pilot: Shadi Barbark

Hair color: Dark Brown

Hair style: long, in a ponytial

Eye color: brown

Genetics: natrual

Bio: Shadi is one of the few natrual on the Hades. Shadi has many battle scar like on his body like his cgue. He has seen may wars in his life and has fought in them. He is orginally from africa.

Age: 30

Personality: tough, stubborn, intelligent.

" Yeah thats right my Gargoyles back and ready to waste some enemys!"


Mobile suit name: Neo Gargoyle Goliath

colors: blue and black

Armaments:Ma-5a Dual Excuibar sword,MA-M4A heavy sword

2x M7070 shield-plus-28mm vulcan, 2x shooulder shield (dual gatling gun), Long-range assault beam rifle.

Pilot: Noah Bagal

" Come on boys and uh... ladies. Let's show this rookies why we serve under the Gargoyle of terror!" One of the Solider on the Bagal team.

alright I'm done oh and as for the mobile suits for the soilders that are on the bagal team you can choose what kind Zaft machines they get, but they are customized and are usaually called "Fiends." also personaltiy wises the soliders under Noah's command are peolpe who most in zaft and the Alliance do not wnat to mess with or make mad. Thanks for letting me do this and can't wait to your next story.
exia00 chapter 64 . 9/29/2009
okay here are members of Noahs crew.

Ruther'sHair Color: black with red tints

Sochiro's hair color: black with blue tints

Sochiro's hair style: Short length

Ruther's hair style: messy, but short length

Sochiro's eye color: sky blue

Ruther's eye color: red.

Genetics: coodinator

" Hahaha! Let's spalter their blood across the cosmos! Right Sochiro!

Moblie Suit number:ZGMF-1017

Unit Type: custom general purpose mobile suit

Head height: 21.43 meters

Armament:MA-M3 heavy sword x1,buster sword x1, Ma-5a sword,1x MMI-M7s 76 heavy assault machine gun, 1x long range assault beam rifile.

Pilot: Ruther "Knives" Halion

Colors: Crimson, Black tints on were the white parts of the ginn are.

" Mission accepted. Destroy or Capture stolen protoypes and Ruther shut it."

Model Number ZGMF-1017AS

Unit Type:Customize Assault mobile suit

Armaments:Beam gun/revolver with Bayonet, 2xShoulder Mounted Gatling gun,3-Barrel Missile Launcher,Experimental 27mm Armor Assault Rifle,Wrist Mounted Dual Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher, 2x beam sabers

Color: Navy blue and grey.

Pilot: Sochiro "Gun" Halion

ages: 18

Bios: Sochiro and Ruther are twins brothers. However they are completely opposite. Sochiro is Cold, emotionless and an authorian. Ruther is Bloodthristhy, Ruthless, and an anti-authorian. Ruther likes getting up close to his oppents so he can hear their screams of pain as he kills them with his swords. Sochiro prefers long range weaponry, but on his mobile suit he doesn't add to much weaponry to slow his ginn down. actually his ginn is surpisely fast. Both Brother are member of the Bagal team and unlike most sibilings they despise each other, but if they put their diffrents asided and work as one their team work is very deadly. Both them do respect their commader Noah Bagal.

There is more to come. I hope you like them.
exia00 chapter 64 . 9/29/2009
hey i've got more ocs for you and also Branden's mobile suit. Also I liked to thank you very much resposneing to the requests I made.

" Gundam Murasama. I never thought Phantom Pain would have give one of their future mobile suits a japenese name. Either way this is my mobile suit."

Mobile Suit Number: GAT-X 107 Murasama

Unit Type: Prototype close combat mobile suit

Powerplant: Ultracompact energy battery

Special Equipment: Variable Phase Shift armor

Armaments:sword/rifle x 2, long blade x 2, beam dagger x 2,Scylla Beam weapon on the the chest, 2 x machine cannon, fire-linked, mounted in torso.

Appearnce: similar to Exia however frame is slightly bulkier and head is similar to Strike Noirs. also shoulders are are pointed out like blades.

Pilot: Branden Kamal

Color: Firey red, Dark Grey

Info: When Branden escaped from from Phantom Pain he left with the specs for the GAT-X Murasama. A future Phantom Pain mobile suit and also this machine is in the same generation as the succesor to the Orginal G-units.

Next review I'll send you will be about memebers of the Bagal Team and their mobile suits.
Hellshadow chapter 64 . 9/28/2009
Brilliant end. Not sure about the G-units being sent into the sun, but I'll wait for the surprises. Can't wait for Destiny.
JC chapter 64 . 9/28/2009
Will ther be Gundam seed Destiny:Porpose?

I hope your second story will not be Pro-coordinator,I like story that are Balance,both sides have Pros and Coms,It,s the means to ther end that I find so very worng.

Like Zaft after discovering that orb was making Mobile Suits for the EA,they have the option to just exposed it to the public but they did not,they pic to steal them instead.

Hope to see more stories.
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