Reviews for Reverse
duineabyte chapter 45 . 12/8
This is great! I just reread all chapters and it's wonderful!
I am really loving the conspiracies and the planning and the imaginative setting and magic.

Hope you return to this in the future! :)
duineabyte chapter 42 . 12/8
Love that you added Scottish slang :)
duineabyte chapter 41 . 12/8
That was a really powerful scene
duineabyte chapter 27 . 12/7
That place sounds magical - and for it to be something you could visit IRL - just wow!
I really enjoy your version of the Chamber of Secrets ;)
Wronsky Feint chapter 1 . 11/30
Thank you for sharing this beautiful work. I enjoyed the read immensely. Also, my vocabulary improved :)
FlumptyBumpty chapter 45 . 11/28
Utter scumbags.
SnooPies8301 chapter 20 . 11/20
I dont understand this?
Chadd Hawkins chapter 10 . 11/17
When you go to hogwarts, you have to expect trolls. Fack of life.
Jennifer Freeman chapter 45 . 11/15
Disappointed to find this story has been abandoned after spending so long reading it. I’m sure you have your reasons and I’m not going to call you out or anything because that wouldn’t be fair. In future, it would be helpful to make a note in the summary of the story to say it’s incomplete/abandoned/on hiatus so new readers are aware they aren’t actually reading a complete story.
as u should no chapter 1 . 11/15
infp1079 is just one of moonglows numerous alt accounts
they even share the same birth month
sad that you have to prais and defend yourself
vainglorious is word u should look up
Anna chapter 45 . 11/13
Yeah, my yearly check for updates had been conducted. No signs of update yet. Will come back in a year.
PhantomXAngel chapter 45 . 10/18
please tell me you plan to finish this some day!
sendeski chapter 45 . 10/18
This was a fantastic read! Will follow for future updates whenever life allows for it.
iechabee chapter 45 . 10/15
I've been reading HP ff since 2006, and honestly this fic is one of the most memorable I've ever read. Deeply imprinted in my brain, my thoughts keep going back to this great story. I could feel the anxiety, the fear, the thrill, the humor. The dread and horror of the other universe. Thank you, Lady Moonglow, for creating a great art. I may never read how this will end, still a precious experience. Ty
infp1079 chapter 2 . 10/2
Just sharing some nostalgic love for what still remains my favorite fic of all time. To other readers, I’ve found the young adult fantasy book “Strange the Dreamer” to be similar in style to the wonderful writing of Lady Moonglow, and would recommend you check it out.

To the “troll” who has written unkind comments under various anonymous pseudonyms over the years, I will call you Natira since on 10/25/20 you posted: “Starting to really dislike almost all characters and way you write them. Not for me and I leave you this chapter.” and on 04/27/22 you posted the same comment verbatim. I can only assume you check back here often hoping for an update and feel disappointed when you don’t see one. LM has been exceptionally generous with putting time and effort into writing this brilliant fic with no financial compensation, which is almost unheard of for a work of this length and quality.

No human is a “troll” and I wish you much joy, meaning and peace in life, Natira. May you find a way to clear your life of the emotionally unhealthy individuals around you and to surround yourself with compassionate, loving people instead. May you also find deep joy and fulfillment in contributing to whatever communities in real life that you hold most dear. May you once again embrace your love of reading and the magic it brings to your life.
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