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Guest chapter 45 . 9/28/2020
why the hell did u stop updating? i am waiting for ages and i am in love with this story... PLEASE PLEASE i beg u to update now before i commit a suicide..
Guest chapter 1 . 9/25/2020
Please please please I’m in love with this story, without a doubt one of the best fanfics out there. I know you probably won’t read this but if you do I’m begging you to finish the story.
fanficwritername chapter 45 . 9/17/2020
I have read every chapter over the course of two days save this one. Knowing it's the last, knowing it isn't finished, knowing I knew that going in, my heart still breaks.

I hope wherever you are that you are happy and healthy and I just want to thank you for sharing such a moving work of art. Even unfinished, it's beautiful.
GigiSellers22 chapter 45 . 9/9/2020
I’m constantly hoping one day I’ll come back to this and there will be chapter 46! Hope you do decide to come back and update it, I’ve reread it several times now, especially during the lockdown! ️
thoushaltnottpass chapter 32 . 9/5/2020
I have a question...

If Hermione becomes My, does My become Hermione?
Guest chapter 45 . 8/30/2020
Can't wait to read more, I keep coming to check if there's another chapter and end up rereading, it's just that good! Hope real life and your muse let you finish this highly original fic. Thanks for posting!
Guest chapter 24 . 8/24/2020
i think its a good snape...i have suspected that ever since his first introduction in this story...anyways...time will reveal all secrets i suppose, or maybe the book will...
PainteDreamer chapter 45 . 8/24/2020
God, this fanfic is always a whirl to read.
I always hesitate to pick it up because the story always sucks me in and just draws all my attention. I get very distracted and am unable to put it down until I finish.

I always think about where this story goes. Hoping that there’s a chance you might pick this up again!

summerspringss chapter 45 . 8/18/2020
The way you’re able to weave such magnificence and just joy between Draco and a Hermione is my everything. I felt so much warmth when I was reading of Dracos just pure elation when he could summon magick again.

I honestly can’t love this anymore than I already do; this warm, reverent, and soft Draco is perfect for the Chinese fireball dragon.

My stomach hurled every time there is a Ronáld scene though,,, I wonder how Sirius will act when they meet at the gala(?) the long silence from My to Sirius could be detrimental but who knows...

Thank you so much for writing, you have captured the pure hearted essence of happiness and joy that HERMIONE and Draco share with each other

Happy day and stay safe!
summerspringss chapter 40 . 8/17/2020
That cursed Blaise! He’s the one that tipped her off of the journal! Who exactly is he?! And what is wrong with him?!

I’ve had a bad feeling towards Zabini as a character but for him to actually forsake the friends he has grown up with is absolutely insane.

My theory that perhaps Hermione isn’t the only to travel across the stars, but perhaps Zabini’s place was switched as well? I don’t know as of now, but it’s absolutely thrilling to read every chapter of this story.

I absolutely cannot look away for a second without wanting another.

Thank you so much for writing, the beauty and how layered this plot is so perfect in so many ways. The dreams that connect Malfoy and Hermione was set up even when Pansy told Hermione that Malfoy had a specific character he was crushing on...

Thé dote are connecting!
summerspringss chapter 13 . 8/16/2020
There is so much to this story that just crosses the light of inhumaine, unethical, and completely psychotic and I honestly can’t fathom an AU as twisted that would make Dark Arts the norm.

I made a previous comment that emphasized the humour of the second chapter, but I quickly regret the lighthearted comment because of how much torture, abuse, and sheer insanity the evil AU s possess.

My heart and my soul goes out for Draco and I hope that now that Harry is on the side of Hermione(?) an exchange of leases of Draco to Hermione’s possession can be done.

I seriously am cursing Ginerva for being so heartless, so evil, so wretched she isn’t even human anymore.
summerspringss chapter 1 . 8/16/2020
What can I say, am I cracking with laughter over AU Harry and Ronáld? Yes. I just started dying when Ginny was fiercely snogging Harry, but he was just turned away with a stoic face. That was nothing compared to imaging Ronáld just let out a growl though oh my god I was bent over with laughter.

I honestly can’t emphasize further how humours and happy reading this chapter is; I have decidedly ignored the little annoying quips misogynistic AU Harry and Ronáld is making though.

Thank you for writing, this is only the start of my journey through reading this!
xchloee chapter 1 . 8/9/2020
About to read from the beginning again. It’s been a long while since I’ve read this so I’m excited to dive in again 3
thoushaltnottpass chapter 22 . 8/6/2020
I don't know...
Peia's parents?
thoushaltnottpass chapter 5 . 8/4/2020
I've got three guesses as to who the mystery woman is... Molly Weasley? Narcissa Malfoy? Or Lily Evans/Potter? That's all I've got for now, though I'm starting to doubt it being Narcissa.
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