Reviews for Hurts like Hell
Guest chapter 2 . 8/15
Canton isn't a city... It's Guangdong
mrwahl31 chapter 56 . 1/11
so.. I usually enjoy your stories. this, however felt a lot like unjust punishment. I'm afraid the whole. "it's not rape if you make her come" is getting old, and I will probably be disinclined to read any more.
irishfaequeen chapter 9 . 9/11/2016
Felt like I was watching the craft
KBates chapter 56 . 9/6/2016
Dear god what did I just read. I do not understand how Sarah is the 'evil' one in this fic-she gets raped multiple times, mutilated forcefully, and has to endure torture indefinitely. All because she wanted her dreams back.
Guest chapter 6 . 6/1/2016
MamaHooterz chapter 15 . 5/9/2016
I both like and dislike the story but you did do a great job with the whole thing. My favourite is Sarahs parts in the first quarter of the story. The rest was very different compared to other fanfic which was good.
Jeanette chapter 56 . 12/31/2015
I'm a bit confused but is chapter 56 suggesting that none of these events took place and that the entire story was just someone's writings? And who is talking in the end? Jareth, Devon, the High King?
Rosy chapter 56 . 12/31/2015
Okay, time for my long-winded review. Grab some snacks. ;)

If I were to rate this story on a 1-5 star scale, it would definitely be a 2 1/2. Not good, but not bad. My complaints in the story don't lay in paltry things such as an occasional misspelled word, as others have complained about so much. When writing a story as long as this one, OF COURSE there's going to be typographical errors and such. I also don't mind the fact that Jareth took Sarah's dreams. I rather enjoy a nice, dark Labyrinth fan fiction as opposed to the sicking sweet ones.

HOWEVER, what bugs me to no end is the fact Jareth allows others to treat him in a way he won't allow Sarah to treat him. I know he doesn't love Sarah, but he has the most emotional bonds with her, so it doesn't make any sense he would allow another woman to slap him or talk shit to him, when he doesn't even allow that type of treatment from a woman he cares the most for.

Another complaint is he doesn't love her, yet he throws tantrums at various points in the story that she didn't accept his offers, if he didn't love her, he wouldn't care. I do not like the fact that you don't make him love her, even though I absolutely love dark-Jareth. It completely goes against the whole point of the Labyrinth story AND goes against Fae culture (they can only fall in love once and it will be quite obsessively, which is what made me continue to read your story. It seemed you were writing out his obsession and passion for her, only to end up at the end saying he doesn't love her)! He can be dark and domineering all whilst being in love.

I do not like the fact you "advertised" the story as an 'evil-Sarah' story, yet there was nothing evil about her! Did you say that because she was a practicing witch? Because everything she did in the story was selfless and caring, the exact opposite of evil.

I think it's bullshit that Linda came willingly to the Underground to fuck the High King. No woman or mother would do that! I do not care how turned on or caught up in passion she was in, she would not go with someone who is involved (inadvertently) with her daughter's ' kidnapping' (he's Fae)! No way, no how. That was unnecessary and quite dumb to add to the story. And since you DID decide to put it in the story, why the hell didn't you ever write in what happened to Jeremy or if he knew she was taken as well?

I feel this story was utterly exhausting and completely dragged out. I think this story could have been completed in 30-40 chapters, for sure! A lot of people have a problem with not showing enough attention to detail, but you show excessive attention to detail. It makes your fan fiction boring, when it didn't have to be.

And lastly, I HATE and almost couldn't get over the fact that you changed Jareth's core nature and appearance! I can not imagine a leather catsuit clad Jareth that goes around with a hard-on wanting a blow job! No, no, no. By the way, the sex scenes are nice, but could use more detail (you overly wrote on scenes that didn't matter, but didn't give us any mouth watering, searing, steamy sex scene details, damn you!)

Now, let's get to the good points. I absolutely adored the idea of taking her dreams since she chose Toby. That was a terrific idea and what lured me into reading this story. Whether or not he kept the dreams in the end is irrelevant, it was an excellent touch.

I love the humor and lightheartedness in certain points of your story. I found myself giggling and having fun several times when reading this. I especially love that you added Jareth's infamous "well, laugh". I have never seen a fan fiction that has written that in and I have been chomping at the bit to read a story that included that hilarious and pompous commentary.

I enjoyed the cultural background you've created and all of it fit together nicely without being forced or seeming 'fake'.

I think it's refreshing to see Sarah portrayed as something other than the stark-white, bland, overly innocent character people write her to be, when her character in Labyrinth suggests otherwise. You captured her potty-mouth, curious, take charge nature quite well.

So, overall the story had its high points and it had its lows. There are definitely ways you could have made it better, but I still think this was an interesting and fun read!
Tisa-Tisa chapter 55 . 7/16/2015
I would have enjoyed this story much, much more if it hadn't been so appallingly misspelled, mispunctuated and ungrammatical. You do know the English language, don't you? Thousands upon thousands of sloppy, illiterate, careless...well, why bother to go on? YOU certainly didn't bother. Did it never occur to you to proofread, or get a beta, or even just run spellcheck? That would have fixed some of the excrescences, though not such garbage as the repeated "Hail Creaser." Or do you think that you're just too good for such things and that your grammatical crap doesn't stink to high heavenWhy should I have respect for this story or for you as a writer when you obviously have no respect for your own work, or indeed for us as readers? I won't be reading any of your stories in future.
Lady Knight of VT chapter 56 . 7/15/2015
I was at chapter 12 before I realized that there were 56 in all and by then it was too late to back out. Not that I would have done that anyway! I don't even know where to start reviewing with this, although I have to say I'm not sure I ever saw Sarah as evil like the summary warned (and speaking of warnings, I love how you warn us at the beginning of any darker chapter...sometimes I wondered if I should have just skipped but of course I never did!). More often than not it was Jareth that I saw as evil, and then I had to remind myself that he's not human and was just acting in his nature. Everything flowed and wrapped up nicely, and while it was not necessarily a happy-ever-after, I think it's a very fitting end. Also, I'm really glad HE didn't tie your gut in knots for painting him in that light! As always, merci beaucoup for the tale!
Divine Oublette chapter 1 . 3/19/2015
Love the way it was written, loved the characters, the culture you created but I hated the plot. I adore your stories but this one made me queasy, like watching a car accident. Sarah's character fell off in the middle of the script, she stopped developing it seemed like and she just gave in, her ascent to power/realization of her power should have been given more than the glossing over it had. Her coup de grace is saving her brother and accepting the mantel of Jareth's dynasty? Sarah Williams, her archetype is more powerful than that. She was too weak in this story, allowed no redemption or even opportunity to gain it -my kingdom is as great, my will as strong- and Jareth too powerful and too frigid with no thawing. But maybe that was your intention . . .

I rarely review any story but this I couldn't help but.

Please humbly accept this constructive criticism - peace, love and glitter!
Gevalia chapter 56 . 7/15/2014

I must say I am a bit dissapointed. I think you had something good to begin with, but that you lost that on the way. In the end, Sarah doesn't even have a problem with her dreamless state. You started out saying she would turn evil and mad and stuff, but that just fell to nothing. Not to mention that she actually is daydreaming of Jareth, more that once something you told us she wouldn't be able to do.

You had a good beginning, with the revenge and all and Jareth turning bitter, evil, and badass, and then... what happened? It all turned in to nothing, he starts torturing her. I have read fics where that -syndrome-and-they-begin-to-love-each-other-thingy-thing works. But I don't get that in your fic. Sorry, I am just not buying it.

What I think bugs me the most is that Sarah Williams is a strong woman, this you get through in the beginning, where she manage to survive getting her dreams stolen and actually survive in order to take her vengeance. But then you just... what? Throws it out of the window? She just lay down and let Jareth do what the hell he wants with her because she is attracted to him and it is "faith"?

Once again, you could have pulld this of, but I'm not buying it.

And then you change the setting once again without reason, making it fluffy. Why? Torture-Jareth is fluff now. Ok. Could have bought this, if you actually gave him a reason to change, but you don't. And then he makes another 180. Once again. WHY? No.

I am in agreement with the others saying Jareth didn't have the right to take her dreams. I'm fine with him doing it, because he is a sore loser and a bastard (sexy basard, yes, but still), but to give him the right to? No.

I am dissapointed, because I have read other fics by you that have been really great, dont fuck it up!

(Sorry about the bitterness and my terrible english, I wouldn't even have bothered if I thought nothing of you)
Avenging Neko chapter 56 . 2/25/2014
Yes I'm stalking you.
No I'm not even sorry.
I spent about a week reading this non stop. :D *really liked it, a lot*
Gone Pear-Shaped chapter 55 . 12/26/2013
An epic, truly. But a very flawed epic. You switch halfway through from giving them love and having Jareth being wishful, even after taking Sarah as a slave, of her coming to love him, to giving them both a future so bleak and wearisome and not far removed from hatred. And I agree with the reviewers who thought Jareth was in the wrong to steal her dreams. That made me dislike the story intensely: it really was based on a false premise-he had no right to take them and less than none to keep them. The smut was great, but it wasn't worth it for the rest.
Aleta Wolff chapter 55 . 8/6/2013
Esse é o Jareth mais selvagem, cruel e depravado que já vi em fanfics. Jim Henson está se revirando no túmulo a essas horas! kkkkkkkkkkk
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