Reviews for One Last Letter
Dragon 1 chapter 1 . 10/27/2010
This is a load of bull shit !
Ochipepe chapter 1 . 4/8/2008

That was pretty moving, and an original approach to the theme. The emotion was there, and I enjoyed it.

I just wonder if you could not have made Tsubasa write her letter ten or twenty years after the events have taken place. In this way you could have given hints on how she coped with Hikaru's death and faced life. She could even have had a daughter that she would have called Hikaru (or not). Actually, this could have been the reason to write the letter. Her daughter vitality reminds Tsubasa of

Hikaru, and maybe a part of Hikaru's personality went on to Tsubasa's daughter.

In this way you would bring a bit of hope into the sadness, and provide some closure about what happened to Tsubasa after Hikaru death.

All this being said, I find your letter just fine, thanks for writing it!

NB: just a note, I think that in the last sentence Tsubasa would not have written Tsubasa-chan, since she is mentioning herself. She would only use the chan if speaking of someone else, a bit like you don's use the Mr/Mrs/Miss for yourself.