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coacoa beans chapter 1 . 10/15
I just checked your profile and you're saying that the next chapter will be the last and that just breaks my heart. oh my god. I don't know what I'll do when this story is over.

I'm not even exaggerating when I say that this story has been a favorite pastime for me when I was in middle school and I literally grew up with it and went to highschool and then university and I was still reading it from time to time. it even inspired to write my own fanfiction about death note and I'm still loving death note even 10 years later. your writing is amazing and it got me through tough times.

Thank you.
Kaslo chapter 54 . 10/14
I can't believe I just read and cried over a Death Note fic in the year 2020 but this is where I'm at now. Your writing, your creativity, your characterization is all incredible. I sincerely hope you continue to write this story
coacoa beans chapter 54 . 10/10
I've been obsessed with this story ever since it came out and i still read it all over again from time to time. it's so well written and the characters are really coming to life through your words.

if I receive an update that a chapter has been uploaded, it's usually the highlight of my entire week, no kidding.

I hope you're doing well and that you're being recognized for the talent you have. your writing is really something.
kurapikachu chapter 23 . 9/25
I suspected that Mello had committed suicide before his name was even mentioned because something had to have happened to him for Matt to be listed as a character in place of him despite only getting a minute of screen time.
wubstu chapter 54 . 9/16
Please continue this XD this is my favorite death note story! I love how long it is cuz most stories are short and they discontinue them so fast! I love how you have kept up this story and I can’t wait to see what happens next! I hope Light sees his family again ;O;
yamanecko chapter 54 . 9/16
what a wonderful book. this absolutely wrecked me. and i had never listened to Rurutia until reading this, and now they're going to forever be tied together. i love that both L and Light are so incredibly flawed (even if it makes me cry) and can't wait for your next update.
crazykittylover chapter 54 . 8/22

I just wanted to take the time and effort to tell you how much I appreciate your story. This is the second time I've read through it thankful for the newest chapter that you've released. I was very happy about that. I have to say I didn't realize how many new interesting words I would learn just reading one fanfiction. I literally had to look up I think a hundred and fifty words to figure out what they meant. LOL.

I hope that you will release your next chapter sooner than later. I really love your story. I think you should leave it as it is honestly. It is written very well. I don't really think you need to make any adjustments to it and your previous chapters I noticed that you made comments about wanting to maybe edit them.

You have a wonderful fiction that you've been writing and I'm so happy that you've chosen to pick your writing back up. I know it can be very difficult to pick up writing after you fall out of it. I did the same thing with a different website was in a different account. I hope to read your next chapter sooner than later thank you for writing such a wonderful story.

I more than likely will go back and write reviews for your previous chapters but i at least for now want to. Thank you for the story. It was worth reading all over again! I actually managed to get it all read in 12 hours. I didnt read for 12 hours straight; 6 hours each. It was just that good and captivating!
Amnesiac Goldfish chapter 3 . 8/19
Well, isn't that quick. Though I can't fault Light when nothing challenges him. He's too... practical? Logical? Distant? I don't know about him why he lost his sense of purpose but I guess I'm lucky I found my own distraction whenever I'm questioning my existence.
Emil Lime chapter 54 . 8/10
Thank you so much for this story! I am in love with your writing and desperate for more!

You write Light, L and all of the other secondary characters very well. They feel authentic to their original selves while still maintaining a sense of uniqueness and newness that keeps the pros fresh! Your creative, descriptive and artistic writing paints masterful pictures in my mind’s eye and bring the cast to life in such a pleasing way! It’s impossible to not get hooked! And not only that, but your story and the depth you’ve put into each characters’ individual story arcs makes this fic impossible to put down. I literally couldn’t stop reading.

I sincerely hope you are able to update soon! I can’t wait to see what happens next!
Ill-Fated-Wish chapter 54 . 8/10
Wow! I just binged read this entire story within three days and it’s been SO GOOD. I really enjoyed how you wrote L and Light’s interactions, Light’s interactions with the others, and how you described the Wammy House. I was very sad when Wammy died and then I totally wasn’t expecting for Light to do something like that within that same chapter. Light’s depression really resonated with me and I think you did a very good job writing it. While reading I just HAD to know what happened next because I couldn’t stop reading. I’m so happy to see you’ve been updating this amazing story of yours. I hope to see more! But, of course, take your time! I look forward to whatever else you share with us. Thank you!
orangepotato chapter 54 . 8/8
What a fantastic story! It’s been excellent so far! The concept sounded intriguing and I haven’t been disappointed since starting it! You do an incredible job writing the characters - they’re all perfectly in-character, especially L and Light. You write a depressed Light very well, and the way you write L perfectly encompasses his demeanor and internal monologue. It’s very realistic! I also love how you’ve expanded the lesser known characters - Matt and Wedy, specifically. They’re well fleshed out and feel organic to the world. Matt, Near, and Light’s friendship is also very sweet. Though now Near has turned “traitor” and Light isn’t very happy with him at all!

Im excited to see where the story is going! The idea of Light joining L is an excellent plot idea and also seems like a logical conclusion if the death note had never fallen into the world. Light’s intelligence certainly would’ve been ‘wasted’ at the NPA and his boredom could very logically be linked to depression. Like I said earlier, you write a depressed Light very well and kept him from being too melodramatic (though a small amount of dramatics was necessary, given that it’s Light we’re talking about!). And the ebb and flow of his recovery and setbacks felt realistic and L’s response matches him very well. L would definitely not know how to handle someone with depression, and that L relies so heavily on Wammy to pick up the pieces of any shattered relationship is also on point.

Which was why it was so sad when Wammy died! Though L needed something to get him to change... unfortunately it took Wammy’s death to make him realize that. I’m glad he’s (sort of) made amends with Light, but there’s going to have to be a lot of change on both sides to see if their relationship can be rebuilt.

I’m excited to see what’s next in the story! Can L get light of the hospital before Sayu (and the family) show up? Should L even get him out? Light does seem to be recovering somewhat, but he’s still very fragile and needs supervision. It may still be best to leave him there... or at least get him to Wammy House where he’ll stay supervised and cared for. Not sure if Light would love that idea or not... though if only L and Matt knew he was there, Light might be okay with it. I’m also curious to see how he recovers! He can kind of use his right arm, but his left seems like dead weight. Doesn’t mean it’ll have to be amputated, but he may never regain use of it. Alternatively, he might get some use back with physical therapy! So it’ll depend a lot on how he recovers...

Thank you for the wonderful read so far! I can’t wait to see what’ll happen next!

Update again soon!
Orange potato
Xinette chapter 54 . 7/30
Excellent story. Thanks for updating!
Valerya Gonzlez chapter 54 . 7/28
Hi! You know, this is one of the best Death Note fanfictions I've read, I really like the character development, especially the evolution of Light and the way you get into the character. I can't wait for the next chapter. Greetings!
k chapter 31 . 7/13
Really, L? You're that worked up over such a small thing?
Great characterization and great story!
WindySilver chapter 54 . 7/10
I finally got to the last chapter currently available. This is fantastic stuff. I can't wait to read more! :D
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