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ItsYeehawTime chapter 62 . 9/15
ItsYeehawTime chapter 60 . 9/15
Guest chapter 61 . 8/15
The handcuffs—lol! I like this story!
holzfigur chapter 62 . 7/25
Thank you so much
omegazero2718 chapter 31 . 7/16
Power of pure spite can do wonders, L~
omegazero2718 chapter 29 . 7/16
Oh wow... Anyway, L break the mood again. This time unintentionally
omegazero2718 chapter 16 . 7/15
Holy shit! A whole damn year passed and he still haven't take that step!
Tewifying chapter 62 . 7/9
LadyDenver chapter 62 . 6/25
thank you for the update! I genuinely hope you continue this fantastic story
SassyShitheads chapter 62 . 6/17
I'm supposed to be studying for a test right now, but for the past several hours, I haven't been able to drag my eyes away from the screen. You are such an immersive and amazing writer! I've been searching ao3 for a story with this exact premise, but couldn't find anything to my liking. Your characterization is brilliant too! I love all the interactions between Near, Matt, L and Light. And Sayu too! Im so excited for whatever is coming next!
tacemru chapter 62 . 6/8
Wow... I just finished rereading this since I initially read it back in 2013. And I have to say, it’s just as good as I remember it. I’m so happy that you’re updating this again ! This is truly one of the most believable portrayals of l and light I’ve seen and I just adore the way you’ve shown the progression of their relationship. It’s been a tough road for them but a captivating one nonetheless. Thank you so much for deciding to continue this ! Can’t wait for the next chapter ! 3
ChelIsAwesome chapter 62 . 6/6
It’s always so great to see you’ve updated! This chapter was super engaging and really gave the impression that L and Light’s relationship is becoming better without unrealistically switching. The humour is on point with Wedy’s comments and Aiber’s demeanour. Super look forward to reading the next chapter, but no pressure on updateslife happens
orangepotato chapter 62 . 6/2
It took me a bit to find time to read this chapter, but it was well worth it! Another excellent chapter! It’s nice to see Light doing better (but still struggling, which is portrayed realistically and in-character). And it’s nice seeing a more ‘chatty’ L! He’s doing better at communicating with Light, though he still needs a few more lessons. Hopefully them both working together again will start patching things between the two of them.

Great job with Wedy and Aiber’s characters, as always! You give them excellent detail (got to love Aiber raising an eyebrow at the handcuffed L and Wedy’s secret bet. What could she have been betting… I wonder… haha!). You do them justice, especially given how little we actually see them. They feel authentic and fit well into the story.

I’m excited to see how Light and L get along going forward, how Light’s recovery goes, and how Light handles his family being around. That’ll be tense and I can’t see him being excited about it. We already got a small preview of how Light envisions the meeting going, so we’ll see what happens when the day actually arrives. I’m also curious how he’ll startle into the hospital. I’m sure he’ll like having some distance from L for awhile, but I can see him getting bored with the hospital. He might opt for the handcuffs after all! Also, I wonder how he’ll interact with Near and Matt now that they’re all on the other side of things.

Thanks for the update as always! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Update again soon,
Sleepy Sepia chapter 62 . 6/2
Nothing makes me happier than getting a notification for my favourite death note fic set in none other than my home county. I've come to the conclusion that there's no way you could get every detail of the setting right if you didn't also live here.
bymyheelicarenot chapter 62 . 5/31
AHHHHH AHHH NEW CHAPTER! I JUST SAW IT YESTERDAY! I tried to wait as long as I can before reading it but read it anyway in 2 am. Thank you so much for the update .

Yesss they are finalliy communicating I'm so so happy

L holding the cup for Light... im gonna cry...


"L thought he had smoothed over a lot of his abrasiveness with this new openness...He should have known better." oH HOW MY STOMACH DROPPED. Luckily it was nothing bad just Light being a little shit I loved it lol.

" 'It makes it more interesting. I won't say what I bet he was,' she said with a wink, 'but you seemed very possessive.' " ALLSOWDAOELKWJWKLQAAAAA GOES APESHIT GOES WILD AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHALLALAAAJAJQAAPAP

AGAIN. Thank you so much for the update. I love this fic and your version of the characters SO much. Looking forward to next chapter
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