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Guest chapter 33 . 2/3/2019
the place
Guest chapter 1 . 2/3/2019
Kazumi chapter 33 . 3/19/2016
I forgot to add something in my other reviews, Mary search this song and people who will be readings this and feels sad and heart broken because of bunny's death sea the song:tenshi ni fureta yo it made me smile when I heard it. :)
Kazumi chapter 33 . 3/19/2016
So this is the final chapter. Huh... So strange... It's been such a long time since I've read a story as beautiful as this one. I hope you (Mary) continue your sister's legacy, and may you become the best author like your sister i only have a few words for her:

I wished I met you bunny in person to tell you this:"you were too pure to end in the middle of you're story. Your story "perfect soldier and the rabbit" made me happy. And whenever I'll be sad i will always remember this story and you being the heart stopped a beat when I read ch 28 and cried the whole time i read you're note for us, you're readers and reviewers. I wonder "why life is sometimes not fair?". Even though we, you're readers, reviewers haven't met you, you will always be in our hearts forever and ever. We love you as our friend. And may you rest in peace.

-kazumi serenity Senju fukasuka.
Kazumi chapter 30 . 3/19/2016
I...cried when I read this. I totally understand her, but ... I survived death 4 times I'm not bragging or anything.
I always thought her life was good. We'll always love you bunny/Lauren. And condolence to you and you're family Mary. I hope when I die I'll see her on th other side.
Kaito Echizen chapter 33 . 11/5/2015
suffered me, rest in peace bunny

Kaito is hungry want to eat
ShiTsukiHimesama chapter 33 . 9/30/2008
She was truly the type to bring out the best in people wasn't she? And because of her stories... She still is and always will be.

I would love to continue her story, yet I believe, even if I could do it justice, it was not meant to continue. Her stories were/are/forever will be a window into her soul. If you look close enough, no-matter how much they hold back, you can tell enough about a person to know them like family. I claim no such thing, for she is your sister, and to do so would over-step boundaries.

She was always so pure. The world is a cruel place for those such as her. The pure often feel so much more pain than they are willing to show openly... Especially to those close to them. She was the type to hide the worst of her inner turmoil from those she thought it would hurt... And put it into her writing for those she never knew existed before.

This story should stay the way it is. I'll be the first to admit I joke with authors about "killing" or "tormenting" them until they update, yet, there is a time and a place for such things... and this isn't the time or the place.

I can only joke about it because I know what much of it is like, and know I would never actually do it, but that's beside the point.

An authors story is a part of them like any artwork of an artist... and is unique to them. I've seen what happens to stories that have a 'sequel' by another author. It just doesn't go very well.

In a way, an authors story is sacred... Even more so since this one was (one of) her last. I wouldn't change it and I think maybe you should read it too. She put her everything into her stories, and I must confess, I did speak to her a couple of times. I was one of those who knew she had cancer. There was something she wanted you all to see in her stories. She even used your names/personalities in some of her 'wacky' disclaimers. I don't usually read those, but I read hers because they drew me in like her stories.

She also once told me to write from the whole heart. Don't hold back for anything. That was how she lived. When I write again, it will be under the name "ShiTsukiHimesama" and my first story will be dedicated to the girl who put me back on the right path when my grandparents worked so hard to pull me from it. She repeated the words my own mother once said... And I almost completely forgot. "Listen to your heart, follow your heart, live with your heart. Don't fight it or just follow it... Join it."

Her purity will always be remembered by me. She was herself. Pure and simple. No strings attached, or prices to pay for the real thing. She wasn't fake. She was/is real. She'll never die in the hearts of those who remember.


ShiTsukiHimesama akaSteph chapter 30 . 9/30/2008
I cried. I actually cried. I shed a tear. A single tear but a tear never the less. Why do the good one always have to go? My mother died when I was eight. It's been eleven years and I will never forget. I have Asburners Syndrome (I just know I spelt it wrong...). As such, I don't have alot of emotion... And had none till shortly before my mother died. She too knew she was going to die. She had dreams/premonitions and she saw her own demise, but that's beside the point. The day before my mother dropped dead in the bathroom, she was 'fine'. I too had a dream about what would come, but I didn't wish to believe it. I looked at my mother and said. "Mom. Promise we'll be together forever?" "..." She was silent and it unnerved me. "Please? Mommy please? Please promise you'll always be with us? Alex and Dezi need you and I can't be you. I can't be there mom. Dezi is just a baby and Alex is still a little twerp. If you go then you won't be able to lecture me for being mean to him, or yell at him for being a brat. Who's going to tell me what this sensation is in my chest? I've never felt it before. It's like last time only it makes my eyes water and my chest hurt. What if it happens again? Please don't leave us alone?" I had begged, something new to me, and she hugged me tight and said. "That feeling in your chest is 'heart break'. It is the pain inside your heart. Crying is normal. I will always be with you, even when you think your alone... And even when you want to be alone but can't find a second to yourself... I will live in your heart forever. I will watch over you and when your are sad I'll be sad. When you are happy I will be happy. I'm your mother and that never goes away. I'll love you until the end of time my young Dark side of the moon and stars."

It's a mystery why the good ones die. My mother was the most understanding person unless you hurt one of us. She would've given anything to see us happy... and even more so me. I was never happy. My little brother was but I was not. She once told me that her goal for that day was to make me happy enough to smile. I wasn't spoiled, as you might think. We never had alot of money and my mother would tell us stories passed down in our family for as long as anyone could remember, to entertain us before bed. She didn't bye our love or even demand it. She didn't even ask. She earned it by letting us be who we were and doing her best for us. We got punished for being 'bratty' from time to time, but we were little kids... And I'm the oldest... I had to pass time doing something besides reading.

However, back on topic, one peice of what she told me is what needs to be known the most. She said that she would " in your heart forever." That is how it is. As long as you hold them dear to your heart, then they will live in your heart. when you do anything you will know just how they would react if they were there... Even if you wouldn't like it.

You can tell alot about someone from there stories. Myself, I can't write a happy story because I don't understand it that well. Your sister was special in how she wrote. She understood good and bad. She knew pain and pleasure in life... But most of all, your sister knew love. Her author notes were always amusing to read. They made me laugh until I couldn't breath at times. She wrote with all she was and it showed. It was her way of giving back to the world and she did it well. I used to be "purefire16" on this sight. I still have the account, but you'll notice, if you look... That I never was able to put everything I had into the "innocent" act... Or my stories. They seem naive because they were me trying to be someone I'm not. I was trying to pretend I was "innocent" and "naive" My other accout "HimeJunHi" was kinda different... yet I still held back. Your sister never held back from being herself. She will never be forgotten either... And not just for her stories... But for her heart.

Arigato (thankyou)

kaylina chapter 30 . 10/15/2006
i don't know if you'll ever even check this since this story was posted so long ago, but i want you to know that i'm truly sorry for your loss. your sister sounds incredible and i can tell that she may not have had as much time as you or she or your family wanted, but even with that limitation, i can tell that she was able to grow into an amazingly wise young girl; the type of person that most don't grow to be even after fifty years. she seems to have been able to capture what it is about life that is so special and though her story is unfair and her life a terrible loss, i hope that you also feel a little bit of happiness that she was able to understand how precious life is.

i wish that everyone who was alive and healthy right now was able to understand that; the world would be so much better. however they don't all understand that. most people go through their lives blind. i trust that you will not.

thank you for posting this letter. i know that i am just a complete stranger who just happened to read your story today and you may be wondering why i decided to write this to you (whoever you are), but i truly just wanted to wish you the best of luck in your life; wherever it may take you.

follow your sister's advice, she certainly knew what she was talking about. try not to live your life for her, but live it in honor of her.

have a good life. and good luck.

~a stranger
Tsuki Yume BlueDove chapter 33 . 8/8/2004
Hello. I had read most of this story a long time ago. I am terribly sorry I didn't come before. Lots of stuff happened, and eventually I only remembered the last scene of the last updated chapter when I had last read this. You know, the part about Heero being surrounded? Well, all I can say is that it came as a complete shock when I found out she had died a long tiem ago. Now it is almost teo years after she died. I hope she is with God right now, because I wouldn't want a girl who seemed so happy and sweet and adorable and young to got to hell. I wouldn't want anyone to go there but even though I didn't actually know her and she didn't know I existed because I didn't review at the time I sense she was a wonderful person. I wished she had lived a little longer. I mean, she died at 14, which is such a tender age(which I am now by the way) and she seemed so full of life. This was one of my favorite stories that, even as I yesterday noticed wasn't always what some would call good quality, it was a great experience to read it. I have saved this story now to keep forever(or at least until something happens like the computer breaking down or something) because it was so memorable that I managed to remember the idea and a few scenes along with the deep feeling of it even though I had forgotten the author and story and such, which has happened too often. It makes me very happy and relieved to learn this is still here after all this time, and that now I think I can get some closure and move on, even though I'm too emotional and a big crybabay. So, my best wishes to all of you and may this sweet little girl stay in our memories and hearts forever. If you manage to see this Mary or whoever, would you tell me if the sequel is still on because I looked at the profile and looked for the one who was supposed to write it and I didn't find her. Then again maybe I shouldn't read all, a sequel is a continuation and I want this to stay a memorial to her and my time reading this until I am rendered incapable of remembrance. Her last message was so moving. Well, so long.
jamesstutz chapter 24 . 6/10/2004
I love chapter 22 it was great.
jamesstutz chapter 23 . 6/10/2004
I love chapter 21 it was great.
jamesstutz chapter 22 . 6/10/2004
I love chapter 20 it was great.
jamesstutz chapter 21 . 6/10/2004
I love chapter 19 it was great.
jamesstutz chapter 20 . 6/10/2004
I love chapter 18 it was great.
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