Reviews for What If
ashanti chapter 12 . 6/7
Loved the stories. Was going to kill u at some parts but very good job for what u did
tmbstne284 chapter 12 . 5/28
This whole story not just this chapter, from What Happened Last Night all the way to the end here is a great story. It is by far my most favorite story regarding Rukia and Ichigo.
Guest chapter 12 . 4/15
More sequels.
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 12 . 8/6/2014
Awesome job:)
Black Bankai chapter 12 . 7/9/2014
That was such a sweet story
Guest chapter 12 . 6/25/2014
DaSaint95 chapter 12 . 1/16/2014
Ive finally finished this trilogy and I gotta it was an awesome story mang, all three were filled with drama suspense lovey dovey to depressing stuff but it was worth it dude, keep on writing ,
Quickslice chapter 10 . 12/19/2013
Reading this while listening to "Here to Stay" OST, it fits perfectly!
Neko.Writer chapter 12 . 10/13/2013
I think your timing is off in the chapter? It says 7 months but you state it was a little over a year since they got back. Great story throughly enjoyed reading through all 3 at once! Wish you did a scene where kaien meets his mom again though instead of just jumping
Please chapter 9 . 6/13/2013
Please let somebody die preferably renji I'd like to see if his blood would match his hair
michael chapter 11 . 5/29/2013
i am sorry but "Ichigo laughed shortly. "That was my first reaction too. I wasn't overly thrilled about it ― you know, stopping to consider the age difference and everything."
rukiafangirl chapter 2 . 12/28/2012
all of it is good so far, along with the other two. but why didn't the soul society tell ichgo rukia was alive and had lost her memory? it's making me sad. :(
Methrindal chapter 12 . 12/23/2012
Great work
CanadianChick100 chapter 12 . 7/22/2012
Awww... It's over. :(
CanadianChick100 chapter 9 . 7/22/2012
Come on, nothing about the deja vu of Rukia being stabbed in the left shoulder for the SECOND time in the fanfics?
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