Reviews for Gorgeous Shade of Blue
Cutegenius chapter 10 . 12/8/2014
HOW THE HELL CAN MIKEY EVEN THINK ABOUT BEING WITH RAPHAEL KNOWING THAT RAPH RAPED LEO? I thought he loved Leo? So why the hell would you want to share a bed with someone who so maliciously violated someone you supposedly loved? Rape is the most disgusting, most violent, and most hateful thing anyone can inflict on another person. If Mikey truly loved Leo, he wouldn't want to be in the same room with Raph, let alone sleep with him knowing what evil he is capable of!
Cutegenius chapter 8 . 12/8/2014
But... Wasn't Leo about to do the same thing to Donny in the first chapter? He even said so himself, about not taking "no" for an answer
Cutegenius chapter 6 . 12/8/2014
So... who exactly does Leo expect Mikey to find? They are the only mutant turtles... So, it's like Leo is saying that he expects himself and Mikey to suffer alone forever, isn't it?
Cutegenius chapter 5 . 12/8/2014
Does Leo even know that "friends with benefits" means that one of the benefits includes sex?
Cutegenius chapter 3 . 12/8/2014
Hmm, I'm just worried that maybe Mikey will just end up being Leo's rebound guy... someone he can just use as a distraction to forget his own pain and get over it, then leave Mikey after he's moved on from his feelings for Donny and doesn't need the distraction anymore? Not that Leo would ever intentionally do that. Most people don't.
hiccup-mikey-robin chapter 11 . 12/1/2014
After reading the whole trilogy in one sitting, I am really hoping for a few more sequels. However, you last updated six years ago so I don't I'll get my hopes too high.

I'm still keeping this in my Follows and Favorites. Wink.

Did Don know Raph banged Mikey before they become a couple? Hhmmm...

It's a cute gesture that the title aimed to be Mikey's eyes at first that later changed to Leo's bandana.
hiccup-mikey-robin chapter 10 . 12/1/2014
Mikey is obviously my favorite turtle, second is Raph. Them together is my favorite pairing. I just hope that they get to be happy together here as a couple and not just brothers with benefits. I would love to have sequels on their POVs. Also, Raph dominant over Mikey would be appropriate. I just hope he is not too harsh on the kid. Though, Mikey was so gentle and skilled on Leo, so I guess Raph was a gentle teacher after all.
hiccup-mikey-robin chapter 7 . 12/1/2014
I'm just wondering if Raph was extra rough on Mikey like when Raph did it to Leo. Raph just became the unofficial alpha male banging all his brothers in just six months. So, Raph isn't really in love with Don, huh? Interesting.
hiccup-mikey-robin chapter 4 . 12/1/2014
For a moment there, I was lost and shocked with Mikey dominant over Leo. I admit that I was relieved when things went to "normal" with Leo being the alpha male again. Woah. He have the kid bruises in just a few minutes-Leo was really rough on Mikey. Hehe.
hiccup-mikey-robin chapter 6 . 12/1/2014
Mikey's crying... Again. No.
hiccup-mikey-robin chapter 3 . 12/1/2014
Oh, Mikey. Come here, baby. Stop crying, please.
hiccup-mikey-robin chapter 2 . 12/1/2014
Awwww... Mikey.
hiccup-mikey-robin chapter 1 . 12/1/2014
Woah! Nice. It never occured to me that Leo would force Donnie. Haha.
Agafa Shelly chapter 1 . 12/7/2013
I tried to get into leoxmikey by reading ,I ended up back to my first favorite pairing leoxdon! ,I bet Don will still have feelings for Raph after this. DX
Agafa Shelly chapter 11 . 12/7/2013
I thought this was a leoxmikey ,It ended up being my favorite pairing? xD
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