Reviews for Caught In The Act
no ono chapter 1 . 6/3/2009
Oh, I've gotten sugarhigh...but I call it being sugardrunk. It was at some dead woman's memorial service, and my brain was so fried from caffeine and sugar that I almost walked into the boys' bathrom and couldn't stop snickering. My best friend and her annoying neighbor, the Martiot, thought that they should contact a mental institution.
Queen of Black Cats chapter 3 . 5/16/2009
All I can say is evil genius.

P.S.-I'm sorry if you're tired of my reviews. Your stories are awesome!
EJ 12212012 chapter 3 . 5/7/2009
Haha I can't WAIT to see how this turns out. The story is great Kate. I am very excited for you to update. Who will get arrested next? No one knows... D

Billy Bob Bo Jangles chapter 3 . 3/23/2009
It’s very amusing
Shadow of Insanity chapter 3 . 2/6/2009
*once again trying not to fall off the chair laughing*
fairiestails chapter 3 . 7/4/2008
FUNNY! write more!
lauren chapter 3 . 7/2/2008
hahaha brittney spears is my cousin...dont belive me...were not blood realated anyway...
Shikiangel CerEbow chapter 3 . 6/16/2008
i've read some funny things, but this one so far takes teh cake
Kasey Elizabeth chapter 3 . 4/12/2008
So funny, I love the Volturi throwing their shoes at Felix!
KleptoKei chapter 3 . 3/11/2008
Haha, I loved the part about felix doing the worm...

“Is it just me, or does it look like he’s trying to, you know, impregnate the stage?”

I love it! You're doing an awesome job!
the-salt-monster chapter 3 . 3/9/2008
omc that waz so funny! i cant wait 2 read more!

Hope.Flies chapter 3 . 3/9/2008
Great job Kate! This is awesome! I wonder how the others are going down... Also, how is "pictured of bella swan" or rather soon-to-be-changed-to-some-other-name coming? I hope its coming along good. I have a long way to go before i finish with my story, though i am waiting for four more comments/reviews before i post the next chapter. It is taking a very long time... But, i also have to finish the book i'm working on before i can actually work on the fanfic. Almost 200 pages in two weeks. 100 pages per week. Please exuse me while i scream endlessly into a pillow while people try to carry me to the mental hospital. And i though 50,0 words in 30 days was a hard feet to reach... ( good luck with everything! Oh, and tell Kirs that too! Her C fanfic is amazing and is always garanteed to get me yelled at by my dad because i'm laughing so hard! So yeah. Well, i'm off to... *says in big booming voice* READ MORE FANFICS! *flies off*
Cupid's Jinx chapter 3 . 3/9/2008

Love it!


more soon?

Hope.Flies chapter 2 . 2/28/2008

Wow. CONTINUE PLEASE! All of your stories are completely unfinished!

But, i'd prefer for you to stick with Pictures of Bella Swam (to be changed at some point... right?) because that one has an awesome hook!

J'adore ton livres! Ils est tres tres bein! Ecrive! Ecrive! (i love your books [meaning stories...]! They are very very good write write write!)
dot823 chapter 1 . 2/26/2008
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