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Squish chapter 83 . 6/26
Hey, Just finished reading Explosive and it's precursor. Loved them both reading them over a long drive. The non-standard pairings were really intriguing, and the pace you set with them was always pretty comfortable. I especially like how you started to look at different types of relationships in explosive. I really enjoyed your writing and hope you have a nice day.
anonymousotaku chapter 9 . 3/26
I love this story so much! It's my third time reading it through. I just keep coming back. you are my favorite author on here.
owlhead29 chapter 83 . 3/1
Gosh, every time I read this it is a journey.
I swear Mirina is perfect in every way.
CarlitaM chapter 83 . 2/28
Hanabi/Kaji is amazing. Loved the resolution of the pairing from the last story. Truly wonderful.

Kudos on an excellent job.


Kashlazy chapter 46 . 2/24
Damn omg finally!
Kashlazy chapter 38 . 2/24
They finally kissed!
Kashlazy chapter 34 . 2/24
Agar needs to start making some moves on Hanabi, I've been literally waiting for this since Marry My Father Please?
Kashlazy chapter 32 . 2/24
the sun ninja are so sweet, i can't wait to see how they will help their leader court Hanabi!
Kiba should get a clue already!
Kashlazy chapter 16 . 2/23
I love Hanabi, she's my fave character in the story, but damn that Shiho's got one amazing personality! I totally root for HanaXGaara and KibaXShiho! My fave couples out of both original and sequel!
iwishiwasjane chapter 1 . 2/23
This story, along with its prequel, is one of the best damn things ever posted here at the Naruto section of .

I dont know how you did it, but you sucked me right in. I am not much of a Manga reader, nor did I watch a lot of the anime. But I always loved the concept of Naruto, the whole Ninja world and the characters that seemed so relatable. So I decided to check out what fanfiction there was. And stumbled across your works.

You take characters that are not made by you, yet make them far better than I thought possible. You add depth, emotion and compelling stories that make me fall with every aspect of the stories and people in it.

To be honest, I have read your stories multiple times. I read them on long train journeys, when I am sick and just a few days ago they helped me survive when I had to stay at the airport overnight for a whooping eleven hours.

I dont think that I have the words for my appreciation. Writing is a skill, a gift, something that enables you to give the reader what they might be looking for in real life. Love, friendship, adventure, a meaningful existence. Something worth living and dying for.

You have that gift. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.
ElvenMuggle chapter 83 . 1/13
Kaotic-san, thank you so much for writing this! I loved it from start to finish and now I have to go back to the real world. It sucks :(

What I love most about your writing is that no part is boring. I enjoyed reading about every character, even your OC's. While the story is labeled a Gaara/Hanabi, I'll admit that I was a bit more infatuated with the Kiba/Shiho pairing. I hold a deep love for Kiba, so I think you're awesome for giving his story so much time.

There's two things that went unanswered though, (unless I missed something)...Who was it that took over the Cloud Village? While there were scenes with him in it, it never said his name or even what he looked like. And what happened with the Akatsuki base and the tailed beasts locked up there? Cause I keep thinking...if the other villages found out that the beasts were there, they would try to get them. Then again, I'm probably over thinking this. Or else it was explained and I missed it. :)

Also, I don't mean this in a negative way, just a heads up...I noticed a little inconsistency. In chapter 57 it says that Shiho had never met Sakura, but in chapter 11, Shiho, Sakura, and Ino were shopping together.

And now that that's out of the way...

There were so many parts that I loved but I'll try and give the short version. So the things I loved, in no particular order: Hiashi doting on his granddaughter, Gaara's heart jumping at seeing Hanabi stand up on the cot to yell at him, Hana and Sai (which I really wish you could do an itty bitty one-shot for), Lee's bilboard, Shino and Temari waiting for the baby to wake up just so that they could see him :'), Sai's: 'Maybe he wanted to show you his penis.', Shizune telling Tsunade that she was pregnant, Kankuro's house eating the intruder, Akamaru's grin face, and of course, Anko simply being herself. Though I'm pretty sure I laughed the hardest at this line from Hanabi: "Yugao, Anko and a few friends from Suna are coming by to talk to me about being a good wife."

And Hiashi actually, bought this? :'D

Thanks again for entertaining me, I doubt it'll be the last time you do so. :)
qpenelope chapter 83 . 10/26/2014
KitRoFei chapter 44 . 7/16/2014
Ok I was reading the part where Akamaru thought that humans should be more like canines when my cat came over and sat beside me. So I told him "Akamaru thinks humans should be more like canines, do you think they should be more like felines?". My cat looked down at the floor and then looked up at me and nodded twice. (I swear he did.) Just thought you would laugh at that.

Miyko chapter 69 . 1/25/2014
Whooo gay couple finally some diver-...aaaaand he's dead.
Guest chapter 30 . 1/15/2014
I don't get why you let the women abuse the men like's very annoying. I get this is your story but oh my gosh, can you not make the men look like little pansies.
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