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JoTerry chapter 1 . 6/2
You have also lifted the blindfold off of my eyes as well. Great job on this one.
laexdream chapter 1 . 3/16
I totally agree with your view of Hisana. In my eyes, the ByaRuki pairing is practically canon. I mean, every event simply leads Rukia to Byakuya, and vice versa. Even their zanpakutos are like winter and spring, simply fitting for each other. I enjoyed your story a lot, and I love how you protrayed Kaien. Thanks for writing this.
shyprincess82 chapter 1 . 11/27/2014
finally someone who thinks the same way I do about hisana. I couldn't agree with you more on her character. Her character in the series upset me so much i was actually glad that she died. I wish byakuya still didn't hold his wife in a high regard and actually warmed up more to rukia. I love the byakuya/rukia couple and i feel that rukia could warm his heart more in a way that hisana never could. And yes she even admitted on her death bed she didn't give him the love he deserved...and rukia has so much loyalty and love for everyone she encouters that become precious to her. i think rukia and byakuya would have complimented each other very well and you did this one-shot perfect. Wish there were more out there like this one. Feel free to write more on the same bases as this one putting hisana as the evil witch she really is you have my full support.
Rei Eien chapter 1 . 8/5/2014
I really enjoyed this story. I agree on your feelings in regards to Hisana. I also feel that Byakuya was blindly in love with Hisana because she was his first love. But once faced with the truth, he had to see the shameful and dishonorable side towards Hisana.
FelicityHeights chapter 1 . 2/18/2014
This was so Beautiful! It was heart-breaking and deeply loyal to character(love Kaien so much!). I never really liked Hisana especially after reading the story Dance Of The White Empress. I loved every word of this, you are a credit to fanfiction, thank you for writing and I look forward to more of your work.
EviRuha.Shiroyama chapter 1 . 3/10/2013
You, my lady, just made my day. Thank you. Finally someone who thinks of Hisana in a similar fashion. *sigh*
Fitting description, I have to say. Hell yea. Finally a story where Hisana was depicted in a different light. I got a bit tired of those stories where she is the saint, deceased wife, not a bad word used against her under the penalty of death. Pissed Byakuya, boohoo.
Anyways.. Thanks for sharing !
EviRuha (:
Fenris Jin chapter 1 . 2/26/2013
I'm with you on your Hisana rant. Worse in fact that Hisana's request for Byakuya to adopt Rukia became the catalyst to her unhappy life as a Kuchiki and sadly her poor social life at the Shinigami academy. She could have had the world underneath her fingertips.. Byakuya's memory of her had even caused the man to be unable to love Rukia as she is for a long time.

Rukia's the type to die for strangers, namely Ichigo, even if by chance, that part of her reason was that he resembled Kaien, she would die for a stranger that reminded her of an important person. Hisana on the other hand, well you already said so yourself.

Although Kaien gave Rukia a bad memory, in that memory he showed her how much a person can sacrifice for love, and though tragic, is still Hisana well, she didn't really give much.
PAMILA DE CASTRO chapter 1 . 3/22/2012

taintedxwings chapter 1 . 1/11/2012
This is well written and I agree with you on the subject of Hisana! It was noted that souls without reiryoku (spiritual power) does not need to eat and since Hisana did not have the power to become a Shinigami, she should feel hunger at all... which is why it was confusing that Hisana had to give up Rukia at all... Anyway, good story!
asm-hime chapter 1 . 8/31/2011
This story is quite simply amazing. I really dislike Hisana's character and it becomes annoying the way Byakuya has her on a pedestal. Rukia's character really has it rough; she's pretty much unwanted as a Kuchiki and neglected by the brother who adopted her, she's somehow always getting caught up in near death situations for the sake of her friends and carries tremendous guilt for what happened to Kaien. If that alone isn't enough to earn sympathy and respect, the fact that she was abandoned as a defenseless infant warrants it. I really, REALLY hate reading fanfics with Hisana that make her out to be such a self-less person. She did a terrible thing and Rukia continues to suffer for it. You did such an excellent job of portraying Byakuya as well, as a man blinded by his love. I especially loved that you didn't overexert Rukia's character and focused more on those around her. All in all, a brilliant and very well-written story. A definite favorite for me which I'll read again and again.
Amethyst Skulkyrie Cain chapter 1 . 5/7/2011
This is so well written, and your opinion is well explained. I've never really liked Hisana, and I'm happy that there's a fic over there where Hisana isn't well liked :)
m101 chapter 1 . 2/6/2011
brilliant! i loved it :)
Selenay Of Antioch chapter 1 . 11/4/2010
Bravo. I also didn't care much for Byakuya's late wife. Really, no matter how you look at it, that girl left her own flesh and blood sister to die on the streets just so it'd make it easier for Hisana herself to survive.

The woman was cold and cruel to do such a thing. Her actions at the end of her life to try and find her sister were riddled with a half-hearted attempt to right her wrong in the past. But the fact is, she abandoned her infant sister to die.

Perhaps her sister's strong spiritual pressure would have lengthened her life, and so Hisana's attempt to find Rukia was to be near her sister, and thus be healed from whatever malady caused Hisana's illness.

And it actually wasn't a concern for her sister that caused her to go out and look for the infant girl, but really another selfish desire to use her sister's power to keep herself alive?
Secret Starr chapter 1 . 10/31/2010
FINALLY, someone else notices Hisana's not a perfect person! I've never really liked Hisana for her lovely twist of charecter as she left an INFANT to survive on her own in the lowest districs. Geez, how many people have ever writen a Hisana hate story? (Not saying this was one, but I do enjoy the fact how the truth seems to push dirt onto a "spotless" Hisana.)

That being said, I can't hate Hisana because we know so little of her, but I don't have any reason to love her... exspecially with her ditching Rukia thing. :)

After all that rant, I love this story, very cute. :)
lilyann08 chapter 1 . 5/25/2010
This was actually really good. It made me think of Hisana in a way I've never thought of her before.

But u know, i think she really is a complicated character cuz we really do have such little info on her. So it's hard to judge just how exactly she really did feel. Maybe she was young when she abandoned Rukia, wasn't thinking properly... It's a difficult situation for anyone to make so we can't judge her so harshly. Who knows maybe she did go back to find her sister where she left her...u know you can never tell. Anyone in such a situation would make rash decisions... I mean she had to be really really young when she abandoned Rukia cuz Byakuya found her one year after Hisana's death and Hisana left the child when she was a baby.

It's not the most commendable course of action though, i will admit but then if she didn't abandon Rukia then Kubo wouldn't have had a reason to make Byakuya the antagonist he was in soul society arc. Think about it. But i believe the purpose of Hisana's character was to add depth to Byakuya's character; to show that yes he does actually have emotions you know... to tell the truth that's why I liked the pair... cuz i thought it made Byakuya seem a lot more human...

And he had to really feel something for her to go against his expected social behavior to marry her and even after he found out about her transgression. He didn't exactly keep his promise to his wife but ya noe, he still felt for her...

But of course i respect ur opinion and i do agree that leaving a baby alone like that was not the best thing, but u know she did suffer for it... and she suffered i think terribly. I'm not sure what her emotions for Byakuya was though but i have often interpreted it (from the manga) as being "i have not been able to return all that u gave to me..." And there are different ways to love someone... so you know...

So u see the poor girl did suffer, so i do feel sorry for her...

But i'll say it again i think the purpose of her character was to put depth on Byakuya's own and give a reason for the relationship between Byakuya and Rukia and the lot...

So yeah.

Sorry for making this so long but otherwise i really did enjoy ur story, excellent work. Keep it up :D
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