Reviews for A Day in Shiraishi's Life
Midnightxwolfx chapter 1 . 8/27/2008
I LOVED that, it was pure win.
autumn-leaf16 chapter 1 . 1/26/2008
I am really glad to read this story! I had a really lousy day and your story read made me laugh, in the good way, it is a funny story.

I think something like this might easily happen in Shitenhouji! Laugh…it really is not easy to be the buchou/fukubuchou. By the way, I really agree with you in the view that Oshitari Yuushi is really the fukubuchou of Hyotei. Poor poor Kenya, it is probably understandable that he might really blow up one day!

One thing I must point out though, it is a bit unlike Zaizen to call address Ashita just as “Ashita”. She is an senpai of his that he does not know really well, so for him to call her just by her first name in addition to not using any honorific like ‘senpai’ or ‘san’ is quite rude. As we see from the manga, Zaizen is not rude in that way as he actually does address his elders as senpai, or with ‘san’. (unlike Kintarou) Japanese culture is very insistent on such a thing and I think even her peers would probably add something like ‘chan’, if not ‘san’, and Zaizen is her kohai so…

I hope you will write more, and I am really glad that this one shot is pretty long. I would really like to see Kajimoto coming out because due to your story I actually got really curious about his school and I find him a very interesting character. I would like to see a Shiraishi and Kajimoto friendship fic!