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Candy C chapter 14 . 8/6/2017
I loved this story. I mean I hate that Breyton's friendship is over for now but I hope they mend it soon- meh I guess for Peyton's sake. I love that Luke told her he's so in love with Peyton **ha!- take that Brooke lol. I know Brooke is probably not going to forgive Leyton for now but I'm glad they didn't broke up because of her. I love P. Sawyer in this story and Haley and Lucas. Their freaks so amazing. I enjoyed this story and if anything should've happen during the summer of S2-S3 -I could see this outcome happening. I hope Naley gets back together. I love that my Leyton is happily in love and moving forward. Beautiful story.. loved it.
Candy C chapter 13 . 8/6/2017
First, I wish Nathan would stop his foolery and go make up with his wife and make lovely babies. Idk what he's letting his pride get in the way of that. I'm glad Luke didn't punch him in the nostrils lol because it would have been pointless at this time. Now on to Brooke, girl stop it because Luke dumped your ass before you left for Cali. Idk why she keep saying her boyfriend like she even really knew who her 'boyfriend' was.
Brooke only got with Lucas because he become a popular jock cuz before that she didn't even know anything about him. Brooke you did went after Luke after the fact that he hooked with Peyton. So technically, it would be you who broke girl code js. Plus, you knew the two brooding blondes have feeling for each and yet you still went after him. Oh- I guess you thought you were that good that he would forget about P. Sawyer once he had you huh. Well sorry Brooke but you ain't that special lol. I just hope Peyton don't shut down on everyone because she lost Brooke as a friend. Anyways, awesome update... let's see how this will pan out shall we?...
Candy C chapter 12 . 8/6/2017
Oh, so TH is just full of surprises huh. What the hell is Nathan doing home?. I wanna how Brooke found out about Leyton. Well her reaction is not shocking at all. In fact her reaction was in true Brooke Davis fashion lol. I know Peyton was gonna be upset once she found out the truth about her birth Mum. I'm glad Lucas is there to comfort her and help get her through this. Okay, so now that Nathan is home I wonder what's gonna happen to Naley's future. Thank you Haley for sticking it to Brooke tf. Great update... next chapter please...
Candy C chapter 11 . 8/6/2017
Oh my gawd. This story is about to so drama filled I can't wait. So yea Brooke Davis is back... I just what to how she's gonna take the news of Leyton being a couple. Shit bout to hit the fans- because I very much sure that she's not gonna take this lightly. I just hope LP don't split up because of her and I'd be damn if she makes Peyton feels guilty about being in love with Lucas. Omg!- Karen coming home to find Leyton in bed was so unexpected but simultaneously funny as hell. Lucas was like I'm so dead rite now lol. Peyton face thou **priceless**... but they were so cute and adorable thou. I love it. I'm so excited that Paley's gonna be roomies yay.. idk if Brooke gon like that thou. Karen and Lucas conversation was nice, I love their relationship. Fantastic update.. let the drama begins...
Candy C chapter 10 . 8/6/2017
Okay, wow- well this was a heavy chapter. I'm glad Peyton, Lucas and Haley was able to share what was a burden to them. I'm happy they have each other to rely on in times like these. I hope from now on they tell each other exactly what's going on in thier lives and know that the will always have solace. Idk, I think Peyton should try to talk to Nathan seeing that him and Lucas are not really on good terms- about this rash decision of getting a divorce. I think Nate and Haley need to sit and talk it through before making a mistake they both might regret someday. I hate that Brooke will always be a dark cloud looming over Leyton. I wish Lucas had not been so damn stupid to date Brooke in the first place - when he knew he could never love her the way he did Peyton smh. Nice UD. Looking forward to reading more.. Oh, btw I was just wondering when is Leyton gonna tell Brooke they are dating.
Candy C chapter 9 . 8/5/2017
Well I gotta give HJS some props for basically pushing the two brooding blondes back together. I mean idk why they acting like they both aren't head over heels in love with each other. I glad that Luke wen to house and tell her how sorry and idiotic he's been those past couple of months. I have no idea why Luke do and say the things he does smh. But I'm happy he told Brooke he want interesting in working out anything with her once she came back. It was nice of P. Sawyer to tell Aidan she's taken. Again a jealous Lucas is my favorite. I love when he becomes so territorial over Peyton. Anyways, glad Leyton is now back together and I hope they have a conversation about where to go from here. I mean what's gonna happen when B. Davis is back in TH. I can't wait to see that show down lol. Awesome chapter...
Candy C chapter 8 . 8/5/2017
Oh Lucas- I knew Peyton was gonna find out what you told Brooke. Smdh, like really you really didn't remember telling Brooke you wanna try again even if you said it nonchalantly. Oh Peyton I feel for you hun. I like that you wrote Lucas the exact way he was on OTH- one wishy washy kid. Lol. I hate that he always go to the first easy access whenever Peyton rejects him. Poor Haley I feel so bad, Nate is hard headed sometimes. Like why serve her divorced papers that's just plain mean smh. Okay on a lighter note, I like the Leyton fluff it was cute. Can't wait till Brooke is back. It's gon be explosive. Great update... on to the next chapter...
Candy C chapter 7 . 8/5/2017
Well -I loved it. This was a great chapter. I love the Leyton fluff- uh so adorable. Hales, Nathan needs a kick in the tush to stop being so damn over dramatic. What the hell is talking bout he wants a divorce. I know Haley was gonna be hella pissed at the two brooding blondes for leaving her stranded with Peyton date. Omg - I can't believe Leyton did that to Haley lol. I hope Peyton apologized to Aidan and let him know what's up. Hey I just thought of something- maybe Aidan and Brooke can date each other** just an idea***. I know when Brooke comes back it's gon be some drama. Great update. Off to the next chapter.. I'm so loving this story btw.
Candy C chapter 6 . 8/5/2017
Ha!- just friends my ass lol. Leyton can never be just friends, it always leads to something more. Oh, Peyton you look so very excited to go on your date lmfao. Aidan Aidan Aidan smh you poor dear. But welcome to the complicated vortex of Lucas and Peyton lol. Well Leyton, thats was just rude lol - Peyton you can't go out with a guy and end up kissing another dude lol. Omg I freaking love it. Glad Peyton stop running away from Lucas and just gave in. Lol they got Hales stuck with guy - I was dying shit is too funny. Uhm, Luke you do remember that Brooke has the impression that she was getting back together you. This gonna be so juicy -I can't hardly wait for the drama to begin. Oh, I bet cha Aidan is gonna ask Peyton why she ditched him on their date. So yea this is definitely gonna be one very interesting summer.
Candy C chapter 5 . 8/5/2017
Lol oh Luke, I see somebody's jealous. Omg I absolutely love a jealous Lucas. I want know why P. Sawyer accepted a date from this new guy Aidan anyways, when all she's gonna do brood and wish she was with Lucas ***wishful thinking***. I'm glad Nathan called Haley finally but I wanna know why?. This should be interesting. I wanna see what happens next . I hope Naley work out whatever issue they got. I like that Lucas and Peyton have Haley to hangout with this summer. Great update.. can't wait to read more...
Candy C chapter 4 . 8/5/2017
Okay.. I love the conversation between Haley and Peyton. I'm glad Haley called her out about her have feelings for Lucas and so does he with her. I just want Peyton to stop hiding and just let herself be genuinely happy. Oh wow, typical Brooke I tell ya. The one type she ask about Peyton she immediately disregards her feelings and of course was distracted by a boy smh. Some best friend huh?. I'm happy Lucas went to her and told her he rather be in her life as a friend than be without her at all. I love that. I can't wait to see the drama unfold once Brooke gets back to TH.
Candy C chapter 3 . 8/5/2017
Okay, first I really like Paley's friendship in this story. I know Haley is team Leyton but I wish she could shake some sense into Peyton. I love P. Sawyer but sometimes I wish she would stop putting everyone's happiness before hers. Brooke left for California and as far as I can see, she never once asked how Peyton was doing. Smh, Brooke is so selfish and self- centered everything is about her and she could care less about what any one is going through. I hope Peyton just once out her happiness above everyone else's. Lol it was so funny how fast Peyton got jealous when Lucas said he met someone. Looking forward to reading more.., nice Update..
Candy C chapter 2 . 8/5/2017
Oh boi. I know Peyton is gonna do what she does best and that shutting down emotionally. I hate that she always put everyone's feelings before her. I know that it maybe too soon to be with Lucas but I wish she would just let him in. They had their feelings buried for so long and I think it's time they share it and just be happy with each other. I mean probably not sleeping together so soon but at least get closer and not worry about the what ifs. I know Brooke is not gonna like it but wth - it's not like she didn't know Leyton felt about each other. Oh welcome back Haley... :)...nice UD. Off to the next chapter...
Candy C chapter 1 . 8/4/2017
Okayyy- so this looks very promising. I like this first chapter, seems like it's going to be an interesting story. I'm loving the Leyton interaction rite now. This should be a good summer I mean with Brooke being in Cali and all. I would love to see where you take this story but nice start thou.. I hate that Peyton never told Lucas how she really felt but I'm glad they both feel the same way about each other.. looking forward to reading more.
hater202 chapter 14 . 12/3/2013
ever gonna update again
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