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misscosette08 chapter 42 . 1/25
Oh my god, the ending was perfection! Thank you for this amazing story!
misscosette08 chapter 36 . 1/25
That chapter was beyond cute - it was tender love at its finest!
misscosette08 chapter 26 . 1/25
Well I'm glad you explained it because it wasn't clear - although it makes much more sense now! :)
misscosette08 chapter 25 . 1/25
Er - what happened?
misscosette08 chapter 10 . 1/25
Fred is getting uhm... horny ? Is it weird that I ship them more than Dramione now?
misscosette08 chapter 9 . 1/25
Bloown away by that kiss! (I had to say something, or else Mrs Weasley would come running.)
misscosette08 chapter 7 . 1/25
The twins are so mischievious it hurts!
misscosette08 chapter 6 . 1/25
Oohh the tension is building. Seamus you arse, shouldn't you back up? why now, Seamus?
Hushpuppie chapter 42 . 1/17
I'loved theway it was Fred that taught to hold a baby and how he did it was sweet. I have no doubt once Fred showed her how to hold Teddy while feeding him became a natural. I too wounder what Fred said to Molly for her to be okay with Hermione saying with him for the night. I like reading about their frist you did not described very detaile 8 it and you also didn't make it dirty and nasty. A few wight do that and it drives me crazy (and not in a happy-go-lucky way eather) I gave to say the way you had Fred propos way just so alsomelyrics sweet and quite funny it sounds like a way that Fred would really propos I can actually se this in my hade. I like this story from start to finish although there was stuff that happen that I wish didn't happen hear are a few of them.
1. Hermione take so long to writeto Fred saying that she was worng and she's sorry and Asking for him to take her back if he still wants he and forgave her for her stupidity .
2. Hermione's torture.
3 Sirus, Dumbledore, Madeye, Lupin, Tonks, and any else who died (but Vodemort and his Death Eastern's) dieing.
4. The war.
But mostly I like from start to finish. I do however wish that you had Fred's daydream become a reality. But the ending was lovely all the same. Sorry for any mistakes in spelling.
Hushpuppie chapter 41 . 1/17
Yes Fred gets to go home today (although not for 5 hours yuck) I like Fred strongly dislike being coop up in a place for so long. I like moving and doing and reading while I move. Just to hold still/site for five hours with nothing to do I would go bonkers . Why did Ailca even gave to show up? What was the point? Hear she comes in with out even being aske (at less she knocked) and flings heslef at Fred and hugs him even when he his actions shows that he really doesn't want oneand the she does the same once thing to George when he and Verity came in what go me mad is that she just short of invited herslef in to the twins special hug why couldn't she just wait for them to finish I mean come on could she not she that that was just a hug between the two if them and does she not know that that doesn't happen often and the only reason why it did happen was because Fred came so very close to dieing. Nor only that but the fact that they really didn't what a hug from her at all which I blamenon the outrageous evil lie that she told about the twins and herslef (that jerk) Fred was right she should have lessen to Angelina when she told her that Fred and Hermione were going out. Does she really think that after doing that that Fred (and George for that matter) would gave a dame on wather she aproves of Fred's and Hermione's relationship or was it that she didn't care or was she jealous or was it a a bite of all of them or two when she mad the nose of disgruntled sound and huff on her way out? So Ronand Luna? That's cool. I think is kinda weird that Andromeda ask Harry for they hardly know eachother but I think it mostly sweet forTeddy will not only be able to hear stories from his grandmother about his mom (Tonks tear!) but he also get to hear stories about his father (Remus tear!) from Harry. Sadly Harry did really get to geat many stories about his parents which I personally thank is a good thing for he kniw how inporten those stories are and how he whistle he was able to hear more of them and sooner then he did so he mack sure to do that for Teddy (it still very sad though) Another good thing about Harry living there is once Teddy gets older to were he get to thanking stuff like why did my parents have to die? What would life be like if my parents were still alive? He'll have Harry to talk to who know what it is like to have those questions/thoughts in your head/hart which is saday something that Harry really didn't get. I have mix felling's about Hermione not going back to Hogwarts to finish her 7th year it just feels very very were to me especially sance Ron is going it'sjust odd. But I do like her resin for not going back and if there us any one who doesn'need to go back to school to pass N.E.W.T's it is her and I believe that will get all O's. That us the highest they can get right? Sorry for any mistakes in spelling.
Hushpuppie chapter 40 . 1/16
Now it was Fred time to make a lame joke George got to tell Jim lame joke about filling holy when Fred (at less I believe it was Fred) as how he was felling after the escape from the Death Eastern's who were waiting for the out side of Harry aunt's and uncle's house. Athough I like it and it mad me smile. I like how we the healer ask the non family members to live George was quick as a wipe to say that Hermione was Fred's fiancé and that Ron called Harry his bortherand it also happens to be 100% true (true his not by blood but he is by so many other ways) and even if Hermione being Fred fiancé is not true (at less in this chapter I'm getting a feeling thought that it will be true in thi chapter coming up are the next one.) I for one believe that it would have been a big mistake to have her leave so I'm glad that the healers believed it. Sorry for any mistakes in spellingl
Hushpuppie chapter 39 . 1/16
Well now that I know it was Hermione under the effect of polyjuce and not the real actual Bellatrix. That look right at Fred smiled and let George and him go I no longer confused. I am however still consurend although that is because of the ending of this chapter. I'm also hesitant about who is going to make it through this ugly (yet sadly necessary) war. I happy that Percy has truly open up his eyes and relized that the Minsterey has been keeping all the Wrizadding world about Vodemort and his fellowlers the hole time then just jump up and sided with Vodemort and his flowers. I kinda wish that Hermione would have just punch Seamus. I mean could he really not see that this was neather the time or the place for his actions? Also could he not see that he was making Hermione uncomfortable and annoyed by it? Probably no to both or its that ge doesn't care. Even though Hermione did not punch him I lik how she jump in to Fred when she show him and George coming through the portrait hole I a way it was lik a punch to the face which funny enough makes it better then Hermione actually punching Seamus in the face. I LOVE the difference in Neville from his frist year to his seventh He prove's that you can never choose a book by it cover and that just because your are scared and afred an alfull lot doesn't mean you can't he be a hero and brave. I heat that Hermione had to live Fred so soon as well as Harry leaving Genny. And to make matters worse Fred had to go one way and George another while Genny was were ever. The Hermione and Fred were with one another again and now this happened. Ihope Fred is not hurt to tearabuly bad I know he is not dead you had in a few A/N's that you were not going to kill him. Sorry for any mistakes.
Hushpuppie chapter 38 . 1/16
Oh so that's why she shouted out George's name. The twins really don't have any issue's on one another's private boundaries. Do they? It's a good thing that Hermione really love's Fred (and Verity George) that she handled they why she did (if it were me I would hex George and maybe) George sure ruined the moment for Fred and Hermione although it was necessary and very inporten it was sort of poor timing. I have no doubt that Ron and Harry will take care of Hermione as she of course will do the same for them. I glad yet confused and also cosurend about George and Fred exsapin the Death Eastern's especially sance one if the look right at Fred who just so happen to be one of Vodemort closest flowers Bellatrix Lestrang who in my opinion is nearly if not as bad as Vodemort himself. Sorry for any mistakes.
Hushpuppie chapter 37 . 1/14
I happy that Fred hold off as long as he did and that he made sure that this is what Hermione truly wanted. Not just a spear of the moment thing, or as a way to thank him for being so amazingly alsome the weeks that they have beennat Shell Cottage. I like that he did not just jump right in to doing The Dirty Monkey Dance (is ehat I call sex in case you forgotten) and when said that she (in more or less word's) that she wanted him. Thanks for not making it reall Dirty I HATE when people do that it is gross and rude. I like this chaper a lot for it is very cute. There is however one thing that is bothering pme. Why in the world did Hermione should out George name just at the end if this chapter and not Fred huh?
Hushpuppie chapter 36 . 1/14
Everyone should have a person like Fred in their lives he had so many to get a peak at her like he truly what'd to but he kept his eyes on hers the hole time even while helping her wash and dress. Hermione is lucky to have that somthing she knows and is greatful for. I hope she's knows she is desuving of it too I also hope that any of the bullcrap that Bellatrix called or said that she desuves doesn't let it defined hiw she thinks of herself. I always thought that Hermione and Harry and Ron too would have nightmares about that alfull night. And I believe they we have more once they shat fighting in the battle at Hogwarts as I have no doubt that all those who are in it in any way or effected by it will have nightmares because of it.
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