Reviews for Voodoo no Jutsu
Guest chapter 12 . 7/26
I laughed attention voodoo raped. For some reason that's just so funny to me.
iridescxnce chapter 7 . 6/4
I love this story but sometimes I just want to beat Naruto up.
phonyscreenager chapter 10 . 5/10
hot damnnn. i've never seen a man so conflicted about his love of tomato Sasuke you cutie xD
phonyscreenager chapter 9 . 5/10
nuuuuuuuuu. the sentence "I was" is when you know you've fucked up reaaaaaaal bad. i love how messy this story is. i mean not your writing or the plot, you're amazing! i mean that you're not afraid to dwell into the canon(i hope this is right) and writing a believable story about Naruto messing up, the humors, the eroticism and gaah. just know that i freaking love this story!
phonyscreenager chapter 5 . 5/10
OH MY GOD THE SCENE IS ALMOST EMBARRASING TO READ. if i were Sasuke i'd kill Naruto from humiliation lmao xD
Guest chapter 12 . 10/30/2015
hmm I'm a strictly narusasu person but I lightly skimmed through the last two chapters and I think I shall give this story a read! Chapter 11 seems like my cup of tea with naruto taking advantage of sasuke and sasuke fighting it but wanting it and yet oddly vulnerable haha xD
though i really can't stand a sadistic sasuke (and I can see sasuke is like this in the last chapter) since I just think it's not like him at all, I'm still gonna give this a read and maybe just skip the last chapter xD
Guest chapter 12 . 9/3/2015
Your entire story was an amazingly detailed story that I thoroughly enjoyed. You're an excellent writer
tripn chapter 12 . 8/13/2015
hhaahahah, that was so hot! and ikr, you DID deserve it, naru-chan~
how i love seeing ukes in denial~
Guest chapter 11 . 8/13/2015
VERY VERY VERRRRYYYYYYYYY hot. I seriously love it.
Especially Sasuke's mindnumbing-pleasure-but-I-won't-admit-it part~
I love that type. like, seriously.
Hehehe...hope dat chappie's coming soon!
Void of Anguish chapter 12 . 8/10/2015
HAWT! And hilarious. Poor Naru. He diserved it though.

Favorite so far.
lightfromshadows chapter 12 . 6/16/2015
Haha, hde has a list! Seriously though, this fic was really good. Keep up the good work!
RoniBopShop chapter 12 . 6/7/2015
That was totally awesome, absolutely brilliant!
Lumikki chapter 12 . 5/17/2015
OMG well that was hot *endless nosebleeds* great fic! o3o
KawaiiWhiskers chapter 12 . 4/13/2015
This story was so great! I'm really glad I found it. hehe
Guest chapter 6 . 12/20/2014
My heart just shattered into a billion tiny pieces. Poor Sasuke... Seriously, my heart literally wrenched when Naruto began to freak out. Ugh, he's so dense! :(
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