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Quin chapter 1 . 4/23
How long will this be "under revision"?
I'd love to read it.
NexusOfTheKeys chapter 6 . 9/5/2014
This is possibly my favorite Joker fic ever. You really captured his sense of humor, depraved as it may be. Kudos to you!
PeersHitInMoscow chapter 6 . 1/28/2014
I love adventuring through old fanfics and finding gems like this. The Joker was written so well, and Amber's crazy antics had me laughing at how conniving they were! XD This story is just fantastic as a stand-alone Joker piece and it really showcases his darker brand of humor and boredom... gah I love it!
Nobody'sNobody chapter 6 . 1/14/2013
Goodness that was dark, not exactly what I expected, and fabulous
Daiyu Amaya chapter 4 . 11/29/2010
holy shit, I thought I would never read a cross over and like it, but this is just the thing to bring me over!
Hordepally chapter 4 . 3/31/2010
Damn I loved this story. I love your writing. Awesome dialogue and character development. Joker is so incredibly wicked...the way I like him and how he should be. And this line got me:

"An alcoholic will steal your wallet and blame the junkie. The junkie will steal your wallet and help you look for it."

How true that is. A few years ago I actually had a junkie do that to me!
wbss21 chapter 6 . 9/4/2009
Honey, you are beyond awesome! Your characterization of both The Joker and Amber is amazing, and your writing is extremely visual. You really feel like your watching a film. Awesome, just awesome!
Ninienne chapter 6 . 3/1/2009
Okay. How to start?

I didn't have the courage to write a review for this story for quite some time because I'm aware of the fact that my English really isn't that good. But your story was so incredibly amazing that I'll just try my best and express how great it was without sounding completely ridiculous.

Your style of writing is intense, so intense that I had to stop reading sometimes and calm down a little before I could continue. I've never read one of your stories before and I didn't have a problem to engage with Amber. She seemed so real that I actually felt as if I knew her in person, every little detail of her character was described completely natural and I suffered with her the whole time. Your character Amber in all her credibility was one of the many aspects that made your story so disturbing.

Another disturbing aspect was, of course, your characterization of the joker. You really brought him to life. So creepy, so horrifying that I had to stop reading from time to time, as mentioned above, and so awesome that I have to read it again everyday, no kidding.

What else can I say with my limited English?

It was brilliant, just brilliant and that's it.
pressurehinges chapter 6 . 11/20/2008
Okay, first of all? Girl, you are talented. Talented like fucking whoa, not just with staying amazingly IC but in terms of story-telling and simple language. I stand in awe and envy. Also you are not afraid to just be a sick fuck and pull no punches, which I dig. ;p

That said, this was a hard as hell fic for me to read. Not because of the torture or ZOMG BAD SHIT HAPPENING OH NOES but because you portrayed, in the Joker's dialogue to Amber, just how exactly people do view heroin users. And yes, he was being his usual mocking subversive self and doing it purposefully, but at points? He was right. He could have been talking to/about me, and it was...difficult. Brought up all sorts of personal shit (which is how, oddly, I know this is good writing, because it legitimately engages me) and there was bawing, I'll admit it. You captured all of that beautifully. He goes into the OH PITY POOR YOU self-loathing slow-suicide stereotype, and I'll admit that too. (Honesty, yeah?)

But you subverted it with Amber, and I loved that. I can't sit here and say GO YOU JUNKIE ACTION HERO- YOU *ARE* THE REINFORCEMENTS! because, well. ;p

But you acknowledged her choice and you didn't apologize for it. I respect that. So love.

I think it was a lovely story, quite honestly. Strange word to use, perhaps, considering the subject matter, but it was challenging and well-done, and addiction is accurately portrayed both psychologically and technically. (Individually, anyway- I could get into details, but I don't know if it's

anything you necessarily want to hear.)

Title is also inspired. I'm way too compulsive to stop now! XD

I have found your fic to be consistnetly engaging and well-written thoughout, and that, to me, is REAL writing, regardless of the subject matter. And as you say because it resonates. I can read the most factually-accurate personal account there is and it means nothing whatsoever to me because the writer just didn't get in my head.

But you did. So that is awesome, and you should feel awesome. D I could put myself in this situation very easily (not ZOMG SEND HALP JOKER HAS KIDNAPPED but what Amber was experiencing throughout her imprinsonment and torture. Her...thought processes, if you will, where her head was during. And not for a SECOND did you (WARNING! WARNING! n00b RANT AHEAD!) ever try to portray the Joker is any kind of wretchedly sympathetic light as many have of late attemped to do. You write him as the complete motherfucker he is and needs to be as opposed to just a sad little Cure fan, and what got to me most, far more than any of the physical totrture or humiliation was the words he used.

And that is really where I, personally, have always felt much of his power lies. He will say the things no else can or should or would, make a weapon of any word, an indefensible weapon, and this could be another reason he is so feared. I'm sure you've known people somewhat like this IRL- those people who always know exactly what someone else's wekaness is and won't hesitate to use it. I get a lot of that from him, both comciverse and your fics, and I admit, there were times when he was speaking that I was actually angry, sitting there in front of my laptop thinking SAY WHAT TO ME, CLOWN? and sort of kind of hoping Amber would take one for the team and show this Rocky Horror reject why he just messed with the wrong Little Red Riding Hood. ;p

But it ended beautifully: no one was saved. And that's really the sort of ending I've always liked best, cynical or morbid as it may sound. 'Expect no miracles here', right? XD

BroodingOne chapter 6 . 10/12/2008

This will keep me up at night...
Quills in blood red ink chapter 6 . 8/17/2008
a great ending.
Quills in blood red ink chapter 3 . 8/17/2008
I- do- not fucking get how this story has only 13 reviews. It is so fucking deliciously dark, so twisted, fucked up but unbelievably believable. I am reading it out loud with a fucking bottle of cooking sherry laughing my ass off at how ridicoulously talented you are! keep it up.
Ikaru Sentinal chapter 6 . 8/3/2008
Oh wow. This was a seriously fantastic story. I enjoyed it very much. Is Amber an original chracter? She is very fascinating. I like her very much. She is so badass. And I can easily see how she would have survived, she is almost the Joker's ideal. She does not regreat, only manipulates. She is strong. I think she is very, very smart in the way she has done her own capers...and it would have been funny if she had actually stayed on as part of his gang. Now that would be hilarious. And she may have even been of help. But then that would lead to a possible Love (abuse) triangle of Harley-Joker-Amber...that would have been even more hilarious. And the way Amber is...I think she would probaly win. Harley may be insane and devoted to 'Mistah J'...but Amber is much...darker. Stronger willed. She understands those things. She is almost as non-empathic as he is. Hm...interesting thoughts. But anyways, this story is very, very well written, and you are quickly becoming one of my favorite Fanfiction authors. XD
LadyCraulnober chapter 6 . 5/31/2008
"Does it muh-matter?" I love it. I've never seen anyone portray the Joker as well as you. He's so lightheartedly vicious! I honestly can't think of anything that should be changed. Amber is amazing, my new favorite OC. She's so ruthlessly honest, real. She's the anti-mary sue and I mean that in a good way.

I adore the end, the jittery, gleeful, deranged way the Joker thanks Amber and releases her. "He flapped his hands benevolently, dismissing her query. “Of course, of course, you crazy kid. You run along now. Go on. Get out of here! You’ve given me a good chuckle. Did I say thank you? Thank you!”

I can picture that very clearly, almost as if I'd seen it in a comic somewhere. This one's definitely going into my favorites :)
Chaotic Jinx chapter 6 . 4/23/2008
Surprisingly i found Amber quite acsesable and ingaging without reading all the other fics (which i intend to do emediatly!). I actually prefure stories that dont give you all the information in chronological order. As in this case, you didnt really need an assumed knowledg of Amber, you just needed to pay attention to piece it all together. I like vague, it leaves the reader with an increadibly morbid implication at the fact that this is only a hint at things to come, or the way things are, or in this case, who Amber really is.

Its so rare to find a (forgive my french, but i'm trying to make a passionet point here) fuking GOOD writter on this site. There are three catorgories of writters on ; 1) those who should never try to write ever again because it hurts my eyes to read, 2) those who blow me and everyone else away with the utter amazing tallent they posses, and finaly 3) everyone else.

Go on, take a stab at which one you are! (i'll give u a hint its 2)!) and all us (3's all sit back and enjoy the ride. For a long time i have forgotten how much i love the Joker, so consumed was i with my obsesions with MARVEL comics. You have reawakened and reinforced that utter love for the psychotic sociopath and complete nut ball that is the Joker.

I agree with you, he would be a fuking IMPOSIBLE character to write, so i will never even try, and i admire your writting more for doing it, and well, might i add.

Well, Ciao for now, i have to go read all your fics (theres quite a bloody lot!) i love finding good authers!

Good luck and have fun etc. Thanx for the ride!

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