Reviews for Harry Potter and the Girl Who Lived
mnemonik chapter 12 . 2/4/2008
Another great chapter ) And speedy to boot!

Looking forward to where you take this story!
Jaing chapter 12 . 2/3/2008
Wow. Wow. All I can say is this: Keep writing. This is 100% awesome. I am actually wondering whether or not you are Rowling in disguise. Excellent work!
DeadlyCreative chapter 12 . 2/3/2008
Good chap. I still think it's sort of odd that Harry and Rose are together, considering that they are the same person...

:0 Deadly Creative
ALEX chapter 2 . 2/3/2008
This is very good fanfic, continue please!
blackdog7 chapter 12 . 2/3/2008
Amazing story! I can't wait for the next chapter to come out. Please let it be soon.

TheDon1023 chapter 12 . 2/3/2008
nice, i hope you actually update unlike the 5 authors who have tried to rewrite this story
Minstrel Knight chapter 1 . 2/3/2008
Hi. I'm glad you're continuing this story as SilverAegis hasn't seemed particularly inclined to do so. Even if he does start writing again, I hope you keep at it as well. It would be interesting to see how the two tales diverge from Chapter 9 onwards. For a while I was toying with the idea of taking it up and I'm glad that someone is doing so in earnest. Good luck.

Ero-kun chapter 12 . 2/3/2008
Amazing story I really, really like it :)
jmsdragn chapter 12 . 2/3/2008
nice chapter nice story so far i look forward to next chapter :D:DD:
thales85 chapter 12 . 2/3/2008
Nice that this story is not going quietly into the night!

Good rewrite, keep up the good work.
hash4uall chapter 12 . 2/3/2008
you are right up there on the top with silver aegis... hope u update further and faster.. cant wait.. this story has been in my mind for ages...
goodwin chapter 12 . 2/3/2008
Beautiful! You don't know how much I waited hoping this fic would get a proper continuation and I think you're doing a wonderful work of it! Please keep it up!
goodwin chapter 12 . 2/3/2008
Darkwill0w chapter 12 . 2/3/2008
good chapter :D its weird but i like the harry/rose paring
GinnyLover14 chapter 12 . 2/2/2008
Very nice! Im surprised Poppy didnt tell the headmaster. After all 2 days went by :)

Im not sure it would be a good idea to tell Hermione yet. Maybe later. Sirius i think is ok :)
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