Reviews for Time and Again
kooloowarrior chapter 23 . 4/10
I sense that with naruto focusing so much on this nameless grass nin orochimaru is now in a different body than before.
Alex chapter 14 . 4/7
It was really going with it. :)
Neko-Tenchi chapter 9 . 4/5
This is seriously pissing me off, this is NARUTO'S MISSION!
Neko-Tenchi chapter 8 . 4/5
Neko-Tenchi chapter 6 . 4/5
I hope naruto gets used to his new body soon
Neko-Tenchi chapter 5 . 4/5
Awww, Poor Naruto, he tried so hard to avoid the butt-poke. at that part where kakashi made sakura think Sasuke had died, I laughed, cause if it had been me, id have loked at the genjutsu of Sasuke bleeding and stuff and yelled "THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!",

"Im and avenger" he replied-at this bit I burst out laughing, cause whenever I hear this line, I thing of the movie The Avengers and thing 'mabey he needs frinds, I suggest looking here, they all have something in common, avenging'

Sasuke didn't give sakura any food, hm, mabey he just values naruto more...or he's gay

overall, I liked it, thought I was surprised you didn't go with the how super-naruto angle. for once I was kinda looking foreward to it. but you've written the story so well, im intrigued
Neko-Tenchi chapter 4 . 4/5
mabey not the but poking, yeah, that part I think this time line can do without.
Neko-Tenchi chapter 3 . 4/5
Please don't be a genjutsu, let him be awesome powerful naruto and change the fututre
Neko-Tenchi chapter 2 . 4/5
I hope Naruto realusised this is not a gen jutsu so he can sho everyone how awesome he is.
Neko-Tenchi chapter 1 . 4/5
Well fuck, he did it and tok over Sasuke. Now its two crazy arseholes for the price of one, brilliant. naruto needs to go back in time and off orochimaru and varioius others
sjstaudt chapter 6 . 3/30
Why hasn't Naruto spammed a hundred or so shadow clones to help him figure out how to move right and get accustomed to his body?
Great chapter 43 . 3/5
Wow, I really liked the story, although I would prefer that the bridge in wave was named after naruto. Oh well, at least Sasuke is not a traitor and en route to dieing. II hope he gets out alive. Looking forward to more!
brutusjr chapter 20 . 2/26
I'm not a big fan of the "clueless" Naruto. I always thought they went overboard with that to the point of distraction. You are keeping true to the character though.

Thanks again.
brutusjr chapter 14 . 2/26
I like the way you are starting to write this a lot better now. I was worried you were going to keep Naruto in a hopeless rut for too long.

Thanks for sharing.
brutusjr chapter 4 . 2/26
Getting a little tired of the continual tripping and falling, but other than that I am liking this story so far. Why do all of these time travel tales assume that Naruto cannot use any of his learned abilities right away though? I understand not pulling our a rasengen (sp?) immediately, but lower level stuff should be O.K.
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