Reviews for Who You Choose To Be
Kisuminight chapter 12 . 3/30/2015
I guess this ending can't really be counted as truly happy right now, but give it a little time for them to solve all the problems...
I kind of called Ring as soon as you said his name was Cuff, because handcuffs when Ring was part of the police, but then I convinced myself that that was a touch too obvious, so I disbelieved and then your clues led me back to it-though I didn't quite figure it out again until the 'my sister got lost' part of the explanation (maybe I should just post separate reviews for each chapter next time? Because there's kind of a lot you did well, and it's hard to remember it all when you read through the entire story).
X's belief that Zero could maybe-possibly be a Cossackbot is part X wanting to see the good in everything (and have Zero and Kilroy not be evil) and part really, really sad, considering how much information got lost between the two series.
If Blues' child is Yggdrasil, would that make Blues himself Ratatsokr? Because Ratatoskr was the messenger between Nidhug (who lived at the bottom of the tree and ate the roots so it wouldn't go too big, i.e. Dr. Wily and how he kept saving the various Robot Masters) and an unnamed eagle who lived at the top of the tree (and who has basically no information that I could find, but given that he's as the top of the tree, where Christian religions basically see 'high' as 'heaven' and therefore good-why do people forget the Old Testament, argh?!-could represent the Light family and how well regarded they are, if I'm following the metaphor), by ferrying insults between them when how Blues was dealt with caused the original rift between Wily and Light. Also, Yggdrasil is a Cossackbot, and they were mostly neutral, so...I maybe should've thought on this metaphor a bit more...
ValentineSin13 chapter 6 . 10/12/2014
I like this story Laryna, I especially like Kilroy *snort* he's funny
ValentineSin13 chapter 2 . 10/10/2014
I don't know why I haven't read this yet, but I'm starting now!
Bryon Nightshade chapter 12 . 2/10/2014
How interesting it is to look back at your older stories, having read your newer ones. The new ones are more polished, to be sure- fewer typos, clearer sentence structure, things like that. Yet the things that matter to you, the theses and themes and relationships, are more or less constant, regardless of the degree of AU. Fate versus destiny, human fallibility/self-destructiveness, Zero as the harbinger of doom, all of those are pretty consistent through your work. The outlier here is X's almost willful naivete, balanced in this story (not entirely successfully) by his paternalism. In later works you incorporate an unwilling but potent ruthlessness that changes his dynamic considerably.

Oh, and Dr. Cain dies again. Do you realize how consistently you kill him off? Even when he is only referenced, it's usually as having died previously. And he never dies at peace; he's either murdered or dies awash in regret. Just something funny I noticed after having read more of your ouerve.
Guest chapter 6 . 1/18/2014
Oh god am I confuzzled by this turn of event .. I just don't get it. Is Zero... what was it called again? The word for changing personalities, like from petting a cat one second to throwing it out the window into the pool the next? Or am I just missing something because it is heavily AU in this chapter? I'm too confused at this point, so I don't think I'm going to continue reading :/. You should not just write a block of writing with different people talking, because it is hard to see if the person who started has stopped talking, or another person has started. Just some advice. I might pick this back up later when I'm up for a challenge :D
krourou2 chapter 3 . 9/13/2010
("Oh, I'll just hang around. You won't even know I'm there. Contrary to popular belief, I am capable of shutting up. Silence is a job requirement for we ninja."

"I was wondering about that. I thought your body was one of those ironic mismatches you sometimes get." Or that Kilroy had gotten remodeled into a ninja because it was both ironic and an excuse to play with sharp things.

"No, I was built to be a ninja. I even went and trained under the Wise and Ancient Snark-Fu Master."

"Why Kilroy, then? It's not Japanese."

"Because sneaking into places people don't want you to be and drawing that little picture of the face peeking over the line with the caption 'Kilroy was here," is one of those little things that make life worthwhile.")

... And replacing "Kilroy" with "Zero", especially in 2010, is well worth a laugh, especially with people who only know the X series is based a good century in the future. THEN it's funny. Especially if you go over it with something to make it look slightly charred to replicate what a lightsaber or beam saber would do to a wall... I am SO tempted to pull that right now. I could dress up as Zero for Halloween (I'm blond, blue eyes, and I can mimic a deep voice when needed) and go along pranking people like that. It'd be SO funny.
krourou2 chapter 1 . 9/9/2010
(X was utterly outraged that Zero had been allowed to wander around loose in this state, and could someone come to X's rooms to pick him up? His being here like this was making it rather hard to get work done. Also, what should he do to snap him out of it?

When panicked security charged in with charged busters they had an instant to be shocked by the sight of the dangerous irregular lying on the couch with his helmetless head in X's lap being pet like some homicidal psycho jungle cat before they were shocked unconscious. What was that blond mop, a Swiss army knife?

Zero then stalked over, crushed their busters, kicked them out the door, and laid back down to be pet.

X turned on his com so his voice came out the intercom next to his door, since he at least knew better than to startle Zero like yelling would have. He asked if they were okay, and what on earth they had been thinking?

They actually were okay after a few seconds to reboot, which was yet another really weird thing. "Thank you for not killing them," X as telling Zero. "Don't worry, I won't let them hurt you." It was sort of like the tone of voice humans used to calm down children or pets.

Zero's reaction to the idea of the killing machine that he was needing a half-trained rookie to protect him, Dr. Light's creation or not, was a snort.

X laughed. "You're not worried about them? Well, it took Sigma to bring you here, after all." Was it a good idea to remind the irregular who had beaten him? What if he wanted revenge?

Another snort dismissed Sigma as a threat, let alone something he needed to get revenge on.

"Oh? If you aren't afraid of anyone, why won't you go back to normal?"

X thought Zero was the one being frightened here?

The officers were wondering what to do. They would have tried sending in an unarmed and heavily armored medic who could try to shut down this personality again, but monofilament, for crying out loud. Who the hell was suicidal enough to use that as a weapon? The incredibly thin yet strong filaments of the material the space elevator used were bad enough without a mono-molecular edge: it was hard for even a reploid to break it. Add a cutting edge so sharp it was only one molecule thick, and you were looking at something where one slip could cut your head off.

It had industrial applications and some people had used it in the kind of security systems that guarded something so important they didn't care if people trying to broke in lived or died. It was rare now since the inevitable accidents had happened, but they still knew how to spot it.

Who the hell was crazy enough to install something like that onto somebody's head?

But then, to Zero's maker he'd just been a thing.

They had no idea why it wasn't cutting off the rest of his hair. Not to mention slicing his body into itty bitty pieces.

And X was petting that hair.)

HOLY- *shot* Thanks, Axl.

Dude, this story is both hilarious AND awesome; something you rarely ever see since Rick Riordan's "The Lightning Thief" (the book; the movie sucked ass).
MungoJerry chapter 3 . 2/6/2008
*munches happily* Ah... tasty. Poor X, getting called gay. Wait... so are you saying Kilroy is Shadowman? *eyes cross, head spins* Buguarh?1!

DUDE. I SO WISH Tanjou would just update already. I wanna read Ch 3 SO BAD I can TASTE IT. And it TASTES FUNNY.
Archaon chapter 2 . 2/4/2008
Pretty awesome story. The characterization of everybody and especially X is very refreshing and the technical details and trivia very well-thought. You seem to have a style of writing I have only rarely seen before, with covert doses of humor and insanity hidden just below the surface; good stuff.

I loved the part about Zero’s hair. I have already written it to be energy-reflective and nigh indestructible but mono-molecular self-forming edges are good, too. I wonder if he has conscious motor control over each strand.
MungoJerry chapter 2 . 2/4/2008
I - love it. I LOVE IT! XD The familial interactions are very amusing and pleasant to see, as they're a rarity in this sort of thing. Also, having just taken a bio exam that included lots of organic chem, I appreciated your examination of Zero's hair. :b That WAS AWESOME.

The universe and societal interaction that you've set up here is very interesting. Keep up the cool! :D