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Niobel chapter 7 . 8/5/2013
does everyone know about naruto's guest that been in his body since birth? if yes how did you react? and if not well ask naruto about what I mean *smirks at naruto*
gingerbread-iplier chapter 7 . 11/18/2012
So, i know you kidnapped them, but is Gaara there?!
To Everyone: What are your thoughts on Gaara?
To Gaara(maybe): If I kidnapped you, would you be happy after if i gave you cookies?
no longer using this accounttt chapter 7 . 5/15/2012
YAY! me & my sis got questions!

sis: more like only u.

just ignore her!


sasu: why did you go to Oschimaru (how do u write it again?) i mean, look at him, his though is PURPLE! and he is DEFINITELY gay!

sak:wanna be bff's?

gaara:how have you bin buddy? *gives him cookie*

ten:what's your favorite weapon?

naru: wanna come over for some ramen?

sis: he is not coming over!

come on, I'll ask gaara to come 2!

sis: ...fine...

soooo where was I?


lee: could you shut your mouth and not talk for 10 days?

gai: why does a rainbow sometimes appear out of nowhere?

shika: could you do my homework?

ino: just get over shika, you got other cute boys all around you...


sis: finally... see u in next chap. bye guys
UzumakiLVR chapter 7 . 8/1/2010
I love naruto coz he's hot but i remaincalm when i read naruhina or sakunaru fanfics any way my questions are:

1. Naruto would you go out with me even though i am a size 14 and think you are unbelievably hot?

2. Sasuke i have nothing against you and i thinkyour awesome coz you have use of your sharingan my question is if i ever met you would you give me a friend hug (hug from and to a friend)? plz!

3. hinata plz try and get some more confidence coz you are strong and pretty and you could get anyguy you wanted if you were just a little more cofident my question is if you got the chance and he asked would you go out with kibe (kibahina fan) coz your really cute together and i refuse to give you naruto no matterhowmuch you beg!

my best friend loves you and made a kankuro cosplay if you met he would you consider dating her? p.s. you are a freaking awesome puppet master

5. to everyone i love you all apart from kabuto coz he's f'ing annoying! and i hate him and orocimaru-sama is kinda creepy coz of his tounge (can't spell)

any way apart from those2 i love you all *hugs each person apart from orochi-san and kabuto-kun*

oh yeah and choji i don't think you fat i think your amazingly kl :D

ino sakura has normal eyebrows so shut up! D: *calm down*

shikamaru you are perfect for temari, gaara your single coz no one can handle your sexyness, kakashi i love your hair and are you cooler with or without you mask?

i have to add i cried for 2 hours when asuma died may he rest in peace :'(

i know their evil and all but all akatski are kl other than zetsu coz your a giant plant ok face it you look weird but kl at the same time oh yeh and itachi, deiadara, hidan (lol he swears alot XD), sasori, kisame and pein/pain your hot as hell!

xxx UzumakiLVR

hinaXoXOxXXOooxchama chapter 7 . 3/10/2010
ok...can i ask a question? im askin anyway...

-hime:wait- hold on *grabs naruto and forces him to listen*-kk what is your bra size?

i had to...ive always wondered
Lexia Tsukiyomi 14 chapter 6 . 11/24/2009

Does Kakashi like Anko maybe? *snicker snicker*

Kakashi is awesome. Has he ever been without a mask? I WANNA SEE.!

I am no' a fangirl. *gives Kakashi a cherry !*

Does Neji like TenTen?
princess ice crystal chapter 5 . 11/20/2009
hay its me again sorry my last quistons were messed up and because im asking on the chapter called cookies bacause it worn't let me on chapter 6 okay this is my quistons

-naruto i know who is the waterfull girl is (doges the ducktape or whatever) its hinata!

-shikamaru i think you should so hook up with temari (hates shikaino!)

- asks the same thing to temari (pushes temari on shikamaru face to face D)

-sakura i think your awsome and why are you flat chested first?

-shino im afraid of bugs!

-neji when are ya going to ask out tenten? (nejiten fan)

-kiba will ya go out with me you see i like you a lot and i have a female dog and i think we would of been cute together

hinata-why do you have a huge crush on naruto? (also a naruhina fan)

Sasuke- why in your name does it have gay in it are you gay?
princess ice crystal chapter 6 . 10/20/2009
hay i got quistions naruto-i know who the waterful girl is is about to put a apple in my mouth by some girl its hinata!

sasuke- are you drunk anyway have you raped sakura before and would you if you had a chance


temari- hay will ya kiss shikamaru temar

shikamaru- says samething but will he kiss temari

kiba- would you go out with me because i love dogs and your my fave pats akumaru and see's my husky come so will ya

sakura- i used to like kibasaku but now im hoocked to sasusaku dogdes sasuke attacking me
Guest chapter 1 . 2/1/2009
come on! keep going! :D
hi my name is my name chapter 6 . 12/11/2008
omg this halarious. My name is... Himynameismyname, i like sasusaku, naruhina, nejiten, shikatema, and inochou, and i was wondering...

sakura: what is it about sasuke that you love?

naruto: if i give you a bowl of romen will you ask hinata out?

sasuke: how come in the show your quiet and emo, but in this fic ur hyper, violent, and crazy?

ten ten: aren't you supposed to like neji? (plz say u do!)

gaara: why are you the hottest charactor but i am the only one who thinks so?

ino: chouji is the only one who will ever love you. can plz just except that and fall in love with him?

shikamaru: will it be to troublesome to have kids with temari?

sasusakuislife:can you plz review my story. u might like it. im new to ff
EnchantedTopaz chapter 6 . 11/3/2008
Hello again, since u haven't posted any more to this, I thought u might need some more people to ask questions! SO!

Tsunade: Were you the one who gave Sasu-kun da alchohol?

Naruto: I got you and Hina-chan tickets to an amusement park! Happy early early Valentine's Day!

Kakashi: Which of your three students do you think will accomplish da most?

Gai and Lee: Did you two wear matching orange spandex for Halloween?

TenTen: Have you and Neji-kun been on a date yet?

Everyone: May candy fall from a pinata into your waiting arms! LOL!

sasusakuislife: yo! don't forget about reviewing on meh stories, too, kay?
EnchantedTopaz chapter 4 . 9/28/2008
Lee- are u a llama? i luvs llamas!

Kiba- (put him in sasusakuislife or else! XD) what type of doggy is your favorite?

Naruto- have a POPtart! (gives him POPtart)

Ino- I don't think u r emo!

Gaara- here's a cookie! (gives him cookie)


Sakura- has Tsunade taught u how to summon a slug yet?

Sasuke- (show pic of Jesse/Johan) *teehee*
Hello chapter 2 . 8/9/2008
Naruto you rock! I would date you if you weren't meant for Hinata. Question: Naruto who is your favorite sensei?

Iruka, Jiariya or Kakashi.

Question for everyone... Have you seen Naruto the Abrirged Series on you tube it really Funny.

Love ya all except Sasuke, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!
Haku1013 chapter 4 . 7/2/2008
naruto-are u gay? do u BELIEVE IT too? why do u love sakura instead of hinata (if i recall, she said she loved him aloud)? if u were stuck in traffic while
Necromid675645 chapter 4 . 3/13/2008
This is for Naruto:Do you remember the waterfall girl?It was mhmhmm...(mouth got ductaped)
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