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Outasync chapter 31 . 7/20
…and I just re-read your AN for 30.

Ignore me, I clearly can't read.

Still a great story, though.
Outasync chapter 30 . 7/20
Great story so far, thanks for sharing it here.

Did you explain why your Hermione is a year younger than in the books? Did she skip a year of primary school? Not that it affects the story, I'm just curious.

Your style of witing is clear and engaging, and you can plot like a Master!
xXStudioGhibliGirlxX chapter 82 . 6/10
I adore Hermione's parents! They seem like really awesome ones and the ending was kind of sad but besides that, I really enjoyed the chapter. :D especially the cute moment between her and Severus, of course. :)
P.s.: and sorry for the same review twice. I didn't realize I had written it and sent it as a guest, lol. Anyways, I love this story so much, thanks a ton for writing. :D
sydney73588 chapter 2 . 6/5
sydney73588 chapter 2 . 6/4
vickety chapter 108 . 6/1
Thanks for this wonderful story!
vickety chapter 73 . 5/24
I wish the had pledged "unto death do us part," instead of "as long as love shall last." Other than that, beautiful wedding.
vickety chapter 68 . 5/23
great chapter!
xXStudioGhibliGirlxX chapter 80 . 5/15
Another lovely chapter! And aww, poor Hermione. :( I can't wait until she's able to see Severus when he's completely better and well and able to talk to him like normal. Great job and thanks so much for sharing! :D I loved it! :D
xXStudioGhibliGirlxX chapter 79 . 5/15
How amazing that you got to go there! I'm totally jealous! Lol. and omg, omg, omg! His actual teaching robes? Completely lucky! And I can imagine that her dress is even more gorgeous in person, like you said because it WAS pretty stunning on screen. :D They did a amazing job on that scene, I think. :) Lucky duck! Also, I know I'm probably way late on this but still, happy late birthday! :) On another note, this was another beautiful and well done chapter. :) Oh no, though! I hope Severus recovers from his accident and the Dark Lord doesn't find out that he helped those kids escape! AND, keeping my fingers crossed for more Hermione/Severus moments in the future, like always. I know, I can be greedy, haha. Anyways, great job and thanks for sharing and writing! It's fantastic! :D
Guest chapter 79 . 5/15
How amazing that you got to go there and see all of that! I'm jealous! Haha. And I can imagine that her dress is stunning! It did look absolutely gorgeous on screen! So lucky! Also, I know I'm probably way late on this but Happy late birthday. :) haha.
Anyways, the chapter was great and oh no! I hope Severus recovers soon from his accident and the Dark Lord doesn't find out that he helped the kids escape for the time being! (Crossing my fingers for more Hermione/Severus moments again in the future, like always, lol). Loved this so much! Thanks a ton for writing and sharing, it's brilliant! :D
xXStudioGhibliGirlxX chapter 78 . 5/11
THAT IS SO AWESOME ABOUT YOUR STORY BEING PUT ON THE SSHG page! It is a glorious and amazing story so, eep! Congratulations! :D speaking of which, this is yet another awesome chapter! :) and I love how well Draco and Skye are doing and the bathrobe part professor McGonagall saw him wearing was too funny, haha. xD Lovely job once again! :D
xXStudioGhibliGirlxX chapter 77 . 5/11
It's a lovely chapter! I was wondering why it was short but now I know why and that's completely understandable. :) I can't wait to see what happens next! :D
xXStudioGhibliGirlxX chapter 76 . 5/11
Love it! And lol, I love what the house elves are calling Hermione, haha. It's adorable and fitting. :) I'm wondering how long it will take Severus to actually admit and even maybe tell her that he loves her? Stubborn man! Haha.. Also, I am definitely standing on my toes now, waiting and wanting to see what happens next! Great job! :D
xXStudioGhibliGirlxX chapter 75 . 5/11
I wonder why Severus is dreading seeing Hermione next? I hope he's not planning on doing something stubborn and what not to push her away or anything. Besides that, though I loved this chapter, and I enjoy the parts Luna has in this as well. :) She's another character that I wish would have gotten a little more parts in both the movies and the books because she's an amazing one. :D So I'm glad she has a big part in your story like this. :) Also, how you created the three potions are very clever and awesome and Black Dragon does sound pretty sweet. :D Lol. On another note, yay for more Severus moments! And I adore Mippy. :D he reminds me of Dobby a little bit. :) Anyways, thanks for writing! This is such a great story. :D
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