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blood axe chapter 11 . 6/23/2014
this is one of the best fanficts I have ever read so pleeeaasse continue with it . Mean while i'll try to stop crying.
RinneLin chapter 11 . 1/8/2014
my... I must say... this one is unique and intriguing. Good!
Sir.Demetri chapter 11 . 5/9/2013
I want Sand Prince . Right now, Im gonna send my ninja cats to come get it from u. Muahuahaha! This fic is soooo awesome
Azralin chapter 11 . 3/5/2013
*bawling eyes out* nooo why omg my heart is breaking
ikiu chapter 1 . 12/29/2012
hey, its me again! i'm reading this all over again and it is awesome! X3
dearmantis chapter 11 . 11/5/2012
Oh, boy, Sai knows how to be unnerving. They are such a tease, loved that scene specially because Itachi didn't go easy on him just because of the bond they shared. But it was amusing to see Itachi lose it due to jealously, sure it was lol. It's good to see they were cooperating with each other at the end. It looks promising.

Even thought I want to hate Hiashi I can't completely because different from the Kazekage, he doesn't really understand how bad he's hurting Neji, he just want to protect him but he's actually hurting Neji unwilling while the Kazekage has his malice in check all the time.

Wow, the way Kimimaro saved Juugo was amazing, to know mates could do such a thing! And it really is a spoiler to what happens to Gaara and Neji at the end isn't it?

Their bond's was severed, no! Isn't that worse than never had established a bond at all? Can't imagine their pain but it really saddens me to read how much suffering they were bearing. Man, you really held my feelings hostage with everything going on with the main pairing. I felt like reading the last volume of God Child by Kaori Yuki (Oh, Cain and Riff *sniff*).

I love Gaara as an insane beast with only a feeling of destruction in his mind. But I think what makes this more exciting is because he really has a motive behind it and that's what makes him not lose his mind completely, he's not just a beast in berserk but a smart beast in berserk. It's like giving him enough power and intelligence at once and that's one of the most dangerous combinations. So when the Kazekage attacks him by severing the bond, he's really weakening his mind state and leaving Gaara vulnerable. I don't like the Kazekage but yeah, he's not a mere pathetic weak villain at all. He didn't even hesitate to slit Neji's throat and stab his heart. That's real cruelty, compared to Gaara he is the real monster.

Btw, it is a beautiful sight to see Neji's body lying in the altar, his beauty like that of a sacred statue but on his clothes the sins and flaws of any mortal being.

The final scene with Neji and Gaara trapped in that barrier really made me cry inside. It was so sad. Even Neji's words, so beautiful but in that situation so sad. It's really sad to say goodbye to a loved one, especially in such tragic way.

Overall, for me this is a great fic. I think at the beginning your writing was still developing and it reached it's best in the end, although there was so many things happening and I felt like each scene was a little too short, but it wasn't really, they were effective. Besides that your really mastered this plot from beginning to end and you wrote in a marvellous way, very exciting, very surprising, very rich (although I got a little confused by the setting as in time the story was happening and I thought it would be good to tell in some more details about the clothing, place and lifestyle). My only complaint would be about the lime/lemon in it because I thought that it was too much of a tease after all since they never really got to really have sex completely so that created the expectation you would get to it afterwards which never came, so I'd change that to the fact they actually did but I wouldn't exclude the scene since it's a important step in the acceptance of himself to Neji. Anyways, but if you didn't have that expectation like me than it's not a problem, I really liked the scene as it was (I already reviewed to that chapter) it's just that getting to the end and figuring that the expectation you had at that time never came true it's a bit frustrating (but like I said before I wasn't even expecting you to write that scene so and look at the rate). But this fic is amazing really as a whole, the development and the way everything falls in place at the end makes it a masterpiece. I cannot wait for the continuation!
dearmantis chapter 10 . 11/5/2012
Neji proves to be the genius we all know him to be in this chapter on how fast he learns to be a Vampire from Gaara's memories.

The despair in their minds when they are trying to communicate with each other really is overwhelming, I keep biting my nails and hoping for the other to answer. It pains me too (I guess I have a bond as well lol). That scene also shows how he is growing to understand and love Gaara more by sharing his memories, his pain and deepening their bond, it's so great. That scene is awesome, so much it's going on.

The thing about Itachi and Sai it's that only a strong character with such an emotion control like Itachi would be able to match so perfectly with Sai, who is so devoid of feelings.

Damn you Elders, wasn't that cruel the position you put Kimimaro and Juugo? I suppose you only let go of Itachi so easily then because he was that strong? And about Kimimaro and Juugo, you couldn't afford losing they both after losing Itachi. Well, I hope they all turn against you and join Gaara and get their freedom at the end. Poor them D:

The Kazekage it's not Orochimaru but he certainly looks like a snake ready to pounce its prey. He's a sick man who works in sick and undignified ways.

I was hoping that Neji would face his parent's killer but I wasn't expecting it to be Kimimaro! I don't want him to die, he doesn't seem evil at all just under evil orders, but yeah, Neji had the right to lash his rage at him, he was also a part of his grief.

The whole lighting power thing with Neji is exciting, I was hoping him to have such a power because of his ninja skill in the manga. I think it's also interesting that he actually beams light being a creature of darkness. The next thing that his lighting power was just as prejudicial as the sun's light itself would be to the Vampires is once again marvellous. Because that would make him really a powerful character, one of the strongest ones, against the plain character he has been so far, isn't that it (although the non-control he has over his power makes him weak still)? The whole scene with Neji's power arising really reminded me of a possession scene or a supreme being fall to the Earth with him wrapped in light, eyes blinded by rage out of himself and the wind striking around him dangerously due to his power and his fury, blowing his hair.

The idea of Gaara travelling in fast speed through a sand bullet is great. Your creativity never ceases to surprise me.

This chapter was great as well, but the transition between the last two scenes was a bit confusing because I didn't quite get right away what had happened, I just like "wait, how did the Kazekage suddenly has Neji on his arms? wasn't Neji a untamed beast just a second ago?" But then after reading a second time I figured everyone has passed out and that Kazekage arrived at that minute. But how did they pass out? I imagine that Neji power got so out of control it was a blast not even him could take and it hit everyone and everything around him. But that's what I guessed because it wasn't clear.

Ow, I can't believe it's coming to an end i.i
dearmantis chapter 9 . 11/5/2012
"I don't like cliché stories so I'm glad mine doesn't seem like one" They don't seem like one, not at all. When I thought about a story about Vampires I was like 'well, this is not a first' but your writing style, your point of view, the details, characterization, plot and all is very unique - different, exciting, surprising, etc. I cannot tell much about what's the happen in the story and that's amazing.

"The SasoXDei pairing isn't a main couple but they will appear periodically later on" Really? *puppy eyes* I'm still waiting for that SasoxDei one-shot you mention before *wink wink* Do you think that is still going to happen? I don't mean it to happen now since I think it's wise to finish a fic before starting on a new one, but just saying...

"I have to admit I am a little harsh with Neji in this fic as penance for my other fics in which I've made Gaara suffer *sheepish*" I like Gaara better than Neji so no problem with me lol. And I think Gaara is a stronger character (he was a Jinjuriki and is the Kazegake for Chirst's Sake, Neji's only a jounin - he's not even ANBU yet) than Neji so it's more likely Neji will be the weaker one. But like I said he's not really a weak or bad character in this story, it's more like bad things are happening to him, but I think he's strong enough to overcome all this and be that genius and stylish character we all know (he is sort like that already just in a different plan).

"Yeah, Neji is definitely uke in this fic. But you are right, he's too pretty to be seme, though I have made him seme in other fics. XD lol." I prefer him uke, that's I adventure in this fic first and I still haven't read your other ones xD sorry, but I'll will as soon as I finish this one and the catch up with the sequel. Btw, do you watch Naruto SD? How can Neji not be a uke like that! Even on that episode "Gaara's crush" he was being a uke and dating Gaara (I still can't believe they put out something like that officially).

Yay, Neji finally overcome everything, make up with Gaara, recognize himself by what he is and decide to behave as one (sort of, his interest in what they are doing and the whole story gives that clue). Love that first scene, so much happens and it's so sweet.

Kazekage, you're a bitch. Hiashi, you're really a fool. I love how Gaara's father is playing him, did he actually thought Vampires would be so kind to him? Well, not like he had an option, since he was so desperate to find Neji.

I wish I had supper imaginative powers to see Gaara and Neji in that secret chamber Gaara created more clearly, it must be an amazing place. The fact that Neji decided to fight beside Gaara even thought he didn't quite understand it all is great, about Gaara's past and all. I wish I could read about that, about how they fought together side by side, because they are such a unique couple, and they are both strong and genius. I don't know why but I get annoyed with the 'I love you' thing specially when things get too fluff so I was really glad Gaara said it but Neji didn't reply, but them again I don't think he needed to and I don't think Gaara was expecting him to. Wait, Gaara is going to kill all the Elders? What about Tsunade? I don't want to see her die by his hands i.i Don't kill her Gaara, let's face you can't create an anarchy by killing all the leader and since you don't look like you would give a fuck about that, spare her since she seems to share some of your point of view on it all, so then she can reign the Vampire's world in a better way :D

I want to know more about this whole mind-body-control thing, can you explain more to me? You only can do it to a mate or any Vampire can do it to any other one? Is it a thing they need a special skill to do or they can easily do it? I guess I'm just trying to understand that the only reason stopping them from doing it was their own consciousness and respect for the other.

So much happens in this chapter! Great work!
dearmantis chapter 8 . 11/5/2012
"SasXNaru, but they will appear in the second part of this story" Yay 3

Well, I didn't think Kimimaro and Juugo would be together like that. But their story is also very interesting, the whole "you didn't perceive you're mates up till now because you had always been together". But I thought there would be no mistake about the mating thing once they smell each other's blood since the blood acted as a great factor in this in the previous chapters and I was thinking that for them after fighting for so long together, didn't they ever smell each other's blood? Anyways I really like the characters in this story, they are different from the characters we usually see in fics with this main pairing, it's refreshing. And I like how unique their stories are.

Lol, Sai's petulance is so amusing, and how Itachi is trying his best not to lash at him for it and claim him once and for all. His decision of allowing Sai out but sticking with him was also great, as expected from his genius persona.

Neji's whole story was also fascinating, especially about his parents and how they got involved and Neji was born. I really like the fighting scene because even thought they were fighting it was with the sense that they were still together. Most of the time when there's a fighting scene ppl usually put the characters in a way that it seems like they are going to break up at any moment because of the fight, but in your fighting scene it's not like that, it's like "I cannot put up with this about you anymore so I'm going to tell it on your face and you have to face it and do something about it". I think it's amazing Gaara had that reaction instead of cowering behind the "I love you too much to hurt you". I really thought the fight was exciting and great. I'm glad Gaara even thought in love is still a demon nevertheless. Ppl tend to forget who they are and lose a great amount of personality when in love.
dearmantis chapter 7 . 11/5/2012
So I was reading your reply to the reviews in the begging of the chapter and I always do that because I feel like someone may have asked something that I didn't and therefore you may tell a little bit of info of this story that I was not aware about. Beside, it's like a little interview with the author and it's fun. You mention 'it was not Buffy that gave me the inspiration for this story, rather the it was Neji's clothes in Shippudden. Don't you think they look like monk's clothing?' Yeah, or if you're into RPG, priest or any magical creatures one. I think suits him.

"Neji will fight, don't worry about that, but he won't engage in battle until after he turns into a full-fledged vampire, then you'll see the strong and arrogant Neji that we know and love."
Yay, I'll sure look up for that, because beside being a polite and composed pair to Gaara he's better off as an arrogant sexy bastard to mach his sexier mate.

"I don't want to kill any characters off, it always pains me, but I'm afraid I'm going to have too later on, but that doesn't mean it's going to be any of the characters you mentioned. XD"
Kill Haku, I hold a grudge against him because of the other fics where he's always a nuisance, but here's fine on your story though lol

That action scene was exciting, I really thought Neji would be damned or badly injured but I was glad Gaara was able to come up with a clever solution. It was really interesting to read, specially with everything going on with Itachi and Sai. Itachi, Sai is going to hate your guts lol

Lol, Gaara doing a mental terrorism with Neji was the best. I think it's cute how Neji is not really trying to resist Gaara or to remain a saint, I mean he actually enjoys the pleasure Gaara provides him and seeks for it even if not openly but he can't deny it either.

Yay, Gaara kissed Neji's hair. Don't ignore the long hair, it's there it's long and beautiful, make use of it ppl, I always say. You scored a full mark with that.

"Neji heard his name spill with such hunger that it only increased his own desire, and he grabbed Gaara's red hair and pulled the vampire toward him, claiming his lips with such passion that Gaara was caught off guard for a moment. But the vampire soon recovered, and before long he was dominating the younger man beneath him." My reaction: YEAH BABY DO SOMETHING, you have that hot vampire Gaara all over you YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING.

Neji moaning and so whiling and pleading to Gaara to take him, to bite him was mind-blowing to me. Because so far we hadn't see he doing much so if he does something so 'naughty' like that, of course I'd be surprise in the best way possible. And I think it really adds a lot to the scene and pairing.

But of course the sight of neck putting his hair behind his ear and exposing his long pale neck bending down to suck on Gaara's wrist is a fucking hot scene just like the image of Neji's lust dazed eyes rising from it to look at Gaara, his hair falling from his shoulder and his lips stained by blood in odd directions would push Gaara to his mind's limit and you just want to scream to Gaara: FUCKING TAKE HIM LIKE A BEAST. And them you imagine that during the fierce kiss Gaara gave him after that, he also bit Neji's lips.

Overall I was really surprised to see a lime/lemon in this chapter because of the rate of this story and that from that I wasn't expecting to see anything like that at all and by your writing it seems like you wouldn't do such a scene, like the focus is more in plot than the romance itself. But it was a damn good surprise, I thought the whole scene was really erotic and sexy in so many ways, I was expecting it to be that but you really did it in a way that took fully advantage of the fact they were Vampires and that was essentially great. Now I hope to read more, you know to see them actually consume it xD

Wait, Neji's gonna turn into a wholly vampire? So he's gonna turn from a half-breed human vampire into a fully vampire? Oh yeah. Can't wait to see that.
dearmantis chapter 6 . 11/4/2012
Gaara's such a bastard and a gentleman, I'm charmed 3. I like your Neji, even though he's not a strong character and much is left unknown about him so far, I like his personality and how he's not stupid or useless (although he doesn't do much). There is so much tension going up with these two. Yay, I'm having a Vampire culture blast and I'm not bored or annoyed. It's also interesting how you tried to put their 'shinobi' abilities into use in this universe, instead of discarding it or coming up with something different.

I knew there was something with the Uchiha, so Sai is his mate, that's an unsual pairing for me but they look damn good together. And yay again, Kimimaru is in this story.

You mentioned this other fic "Come away, Oh human child" but I looked it up on your profile and you never posted it up it seems, did you gave up on that?
dearmantis chapter 5 . 11/4/2012
I love the development, every scene appears with a purpose in the plot and this story just becomes greater. Yeah, SasoxDei 3 I'm glad they were resentful or revengeful regarding GaaxNeji.
dearmantis chapter 4 . 11/4/2012
Hurray! This chapter was exciting from the begging until the end, as a whole, I didn't loose the adrenaline feeling until it was finished. The scene where Gaara sucks Neji's blood was hot.
dearmantis chapter 3 . 11/4/2012
I love this chapter, and I like how frigid Neji is but it's not a blushing madness or stammer like Hinata. The scene from the beggining was really a tease and sweet. I also love Deidara and I was all 'yay' when you mentioned Sasori as his mate. Gaara is definitely smexy specially when pissed off ;) I love how he was getting all excited with Neji getting pissed off too. This is just getting more interesting.
dearmantis chapter 2 . 11/4/2012
Yeah Deidara it's in the story, I hope he doesn't die but if he does well... I thought this chapter was better balanced than the last one, but equally great.
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