Reviews for Ten Little Things
seldombites chapter 49 . 3h
Hagrid. Who, besides blood bigots, doesn't love Hagrid? I appreciate this chapter. It is nice to gain a decent insight into his character.
seldombites chapter 48 . 3h
'Maybe her love for the school almost died, but it survived, stronger than ever.'
I love that line.
seldombites chapter 47 . 3h
Poor Peter. Such a conflicted character.
seldombites chapter 46 . 13h
Astoria, like Daphne, is barely mentioned in canon but burns brightly in fanfiction. I love seeing the varied ways this character is portrayed, so I was very much looking forward to this chapter. You did not disappoint.

I'm glad that there was real love present between her and Draco. He lost so much to the war and suffered terribly, it is wonderful he was granted something so good for once.
seldombites chapter 45 . 13h
Fundamentalism has destroyed the love and compassion in many men and women far stronger than Bellatrix.
seldombites chapter 44 . 13h
What-ifs, could-have-beens and if-onlys plague us all, though admittedly, Dumbledore's are more serious than most.

He cared, yes, yet he still did not learn from his mistakes.
seldombites chapter 43 . 13h
You have done great justice to one of the most controversial characters in the Harry Potter universe.
seldombites chapter 42 . 13h
It must be incredibly difficult to be a muggle in a world of magic. I must say, I was surprised that Percy, of all people, married a muggle.
seldombites chapter 41 . 13h
I understand Percy's reaction given that he didn't have all the facts, and I felt Hermione was a little dismissive. I am glad Angelina and George found each other.
seldombites chapter 40 . 13h
Ah. I wondered if you would do good old Voldie. I quite liked this chapter. I felt you portrayed Voldemort well.
seldombites chapter 39 . 14h
Yes, the way the Weasley's treated Fleur initially was disgusting.

I, too feel helpless when people around me are grieving or upset. I never know what to do or say and usually end u coming across as incredibly awkward.

I can understand her feelings about Hogwarts. I'm very glad nothing happened to her children while they attended there.
seldombites chapter 38 . 14h
I love this chapter. Luna is one of my favourite characters, yet one of the most difficult to portray in fanfiction. Well done.
seldombites chapter 37 . 15h
This is *exactly* how I have always pictured Lily. Another chapter to add to my favourites, and another that made me cry.
seldombites chapter 36 . 15h
Loyalty, huh? Perhaps James should have been a Hufflepuff?

I like that this chapter isn't all about Lily. So many of the James ones are.
seldombites chapter 35 . 15h
After Percy, Charlie is the Weasley that fascinates me the most so I really enjoyed this chapter.

Oh, no. Number 7 is devastating. Poor Charlie.
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