Reviews for The Truth Decays
lily chapter 19 . 3/15
holy crap, i didn't expect a naruto/fma xover to be this good. i could go on but it's midnight and i'm tired, but i would consider waiting another year for a new chapter worth it just to quell my curiosity

...Ed's talking to the Shinigami, isn't he?
jj chapter 19 . 3/6
of course thats were it ends sigh
im gonna say he was looking into the tunnel at pride and pride comes in and kills donzo and sh*t goes down but it was a great read and i really hope you dont abandon this story great job
The Harrinator chapter 19 . 3/3
You massive bastard why would you end on _that._
Xavier Rall chapter 19 . 2/23
Just caught up with this story, and I have to say that it is very well done. Now, whens the next update?
Piterio chapter 19 . 2/3
This is incredible. I seriously without a shadow of doubt admit that despite my previous scepticism it's a really good story. Shame that update speed s slow but seriously. This is my favorite Naruto Fullmetal crossover to a date. I will be waiting for more of this.
ThreeGoodReasons chapter 19 . 1/20
That depends...if it's a year between chapters, will you update soon? ;P
I love that you brought Pride in-and had him possess Roy! So many FMA/FMAB authors only bring in Envy, and I've never seen Pride possess anyone, let alone Roy. I don't feel quite so bad for Hinata anymore. She seems to be coping with the loss of her tongue pretty well. Please, please, please keep it up! I've reread most of this series several times.
mckertis chapter 12 . 1/14
You really should have had Ed kill off a few minor characters, otherwise it already feels like kiddy kissy-kissy-make-fwends cartoon.
Jjvalour chapter 19 . 1/7
Nice to see a new chapter (even if I'm a year late in getting to it) :P
ShaiGar chapter 19 . 1/3
A year between chapters is kinda bad, but it's been a year since the last chapter, so it's forgivable if you give us another now.
Guest chapter 18 . 1/2
Please continue this! I really loved this one and I wish it hadn't stopped.
Guest chapter 19 . 1/2
Please continue! Leaving me in this state of suspense
Only A Reader Unfortunately chapter 19 . 12/27/2016
AH THE CLIFFHANGER! I desperately want to know who Ed's giving up too!
Goost chapter 14 . 12/26/2016
Tried to get through all the darkness, but I couldn't. These types of stories are too dark for me. I understand having obstacles for the protagonist, but I getting tired of Ed being screwed over. I hate when authors drag suffering for a long long time. I mean it was frustrating, but the seal did it for me. Others may find this kind of story appealing, but it hurts for me to read. Thank you the 14 chapters I've read so far.
otaku1325 chapter 8 . 12/22/2016
Harano...really? you mean Haruno?
skaianSharingan chapter 19 . 12/17/2016
very interesting, extremely intriguing, Please update soon
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