Reviews for The Truth Decays
Guest chapter 19 . 5/11
We love you. Hope you are well.
Guest chapter 19 . 5/6
Holy cow some of your anon reviewers are rude AF, WTF.
Suffice to say that last guy doesn’t speak for us. I’ve followed your work for a long time. I hope that you are doing well, and life permitting—I hope you come back someday to work on this story again.
You’re an incredible storyteller, and please take care.
Guest chapter 19 . 5/5
All I can say is fuck you for this. You dragged the grit on for far too long and the story has lost all appeal. Not that you even care anymore after five years. But still, fuck you and die in a fire.
Laxard chapter 19 . 4/24
Well, eating Danzo's soul is not a sin, I guess? It's your win Shinigami.
Guest chapter 7 . 4/22
i swear ibiki if you make ed cry i'll break your neck
Guest chapter 5 . 4/22
ibiki if you keep hurting my boy ed i'll take you on myself..even if i die.
anyway great story!
S.D.R.M chapter 19 . 4/22
I love this story. It really reminds me of the saying ‘It takes courage to be kind’, because even though Edward is getting betrayed repeatedly and only gets more disadvantaged with each act of good he does, he still persists with following his conscience. It’s painful but very good to read.
SOGEKINGU chapter 19 . 4/19
pfft, year aint that bad when you compare it to five of em...
are you okay?
Guest chapter 19 . 4/10
Dang cliffhangers! And it's not going to continue
grg213 chapter 18 . 4/9
Interesting concept but it's kinda hard to enjoy a fic where the main character is constantly the damsel. Seriously you having him get the shit kicked out of him and then captured by everyone got old after the first couple of chapters.
Someperson123 chapter 19 . 4/9
I love this story I reread it all the time please continue I can’t wait to see what happens I love Edward in this I love how you portrayed him so much I love it please don’t abandon this story please :0 love it :))))
Guest chapter 19 . 3/18
I love this story and I really hope that you decide to pick it back up again.
Guest chapter 17 . 3/6
yah, its a shame I cant read this to the end. Its just boring and a repetitive cycle of ed getting beat up without any growth whatsoever. It was looking good when he.. I cant be bothered to finish this.
Guest chapter 15 . 3/6
yaay time for ed to be fucked up again! exciting... not.
Guest chapter 14 . 3/6
I hope Elric stops getting fucked over every 5 sentences, it's getting frustrating to read.
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