Reviews for Hogwarts Next Top Model
WishingHeart chapter 8 . 7/5/2009
I really like your story, especially this chapter. Verity is intriguing and is much more likeable than most of the other girls, haha. I noticed though, when Peter told her to be "demure" for her first set of photos, that she only selected: thoughtful, enigmatic, ardent, and quirky; and that there was "cynical" but no "thoughtful"? So, I was just wondering about that. Anyways, this is fantastic, and I can't wait to read about what happens next!
FloatingBubbles chapter 22 . 7/4/2009
Okay. Here's a story: Once Upon a Time, I was getting a little sick of sappy romance fics, and I wanted to read something funny. So, naturally, I went into the "parody" section, and I went into HP because it usually has the largest selection, and it's just so fun to make fun of. I come across this story, and I figure it would be an entertaining read.

Well, Lo and behold! I do believe you have single-handedly brought back my interest both in romance fics *and* in the Lily/James pairing, which I stopped reading some months ago and now intend to read again (starting with your other fics for them).

You are a fantastic writer, and I totally admire how you managed to keep the characters straight and keep them true to their personality without making them shallow. Each character had a voice, and they changed, but they fundamentally stayed recognizable as who they were.

And Lily and James are wonderful together :D and I love how you make it clear with the story that just because things end in the story it doesn't mean they're all tied up in a bow in real life (i.e. we all know Alice actually ends up with Frank).

I'm going to cut myself off now, since (for me, at least) nighttime seems to be conducive to long-windedness, but just know that I think you, your story, and your writing are fabulous and wonderful and thoroughly worthwhile.

Thank you. Very much.

angelofmynightmare chapter 22 . 7/2/2009
Oh, it's the end! Well, it's been fun, even with the lack of J/L kissing. Sweet ending though, love how Lily is too chicken shit to actually say what she came to say. Silly girl.

Thanks for writing!

N.Marauder chapter 22 . 6/29/2009
do a sequel please i luv ur idea
EminyNay chapter 22 . 6/27/2009
I absolutely loved it and I'm glad that I took the time to read it. Great job. :)
Moongoddess97 chapter 22 . 6/21/2009
okay..i gotta admit, at first i thought i was going to hate this story but i was like..what the heck and decided to read it.

You don't know ho am that i did!

This story is fabulous!

the way you portrayed the thoughts of each individual was great. I loved reading it from each perspective. ;]

So to sum it up.

serenity12345 chapter 22 . 6/14/2009
I loved this story so much!

Thank you!
They always ask this chapter 11 . 6/14/2009
hahaha. i loved it. admittedly, ever since verity's POV, i had been thinking of alicia as she had...but now im not. i love her! but now i want another Lily POV... pwetty pwease?
I'm-Reading chapter 22 . 6/13/2009
Ok, this is kinda odd, but I read this story when you first posted it, almost a year ago I guess. I'd never seen the show and it was confusing and I didn't get any of it. I just started watching the show a couple of weeks ago and when I got an update on this story, I decided I'd read it from the very beginning. I spent the entire day reading it, which was rather insane, I just read the entire thing all in a row and I thought it was amazing. You built characters in a way that everyone had an opinion about everyone and that's really strong. I just wanted to tell you how cool you're story was, and I'm glad I got to read it... Sound like a total sap...

MinervaEvenstar chapter 22 . 6/11/2009
Very entertaining story! My fave line was:

"I love watching Remus and Sirius interact and banter so amusingly together. They make such a great pair – if Sirius ever gave up women (which is doubtful), I am sure he would go for Remus. James is too similar; Sirius would get bored after a while."

It was my favourite line because I agreed with her; watching Sirius make obnoxious comments, and having Remus smack him for it and retort with a sarcastic remark, was super hilarious! Plus, I actually do adore slashing those two boys together!

The scene I liked best was...probably the argument between Lily and James from Lily's point of view. That was so intense!

Anyway, you did a really great job! The plot was fun, and everyone was characterised well.
Love those Marauders chapter 22 . 6/11/2009

I feel really sad - I miss this story already!

I'm pathetic, I know. Don't hold it against me, please.

But... wow. I loved it. I loved how Alice decided to be herself, how Lily admitted it to James, how...


Hmm, what a cliche word, huh?

You did wonderfully. I loved and hated your characters because you made them so real. I felt as if I were standing there through the entire thing, watching it - sometimes I felt like an outsider, it was so personal! you have an AMAZING gift that I would simply die to have.

And silly little project?

Psh, this is HARD CORE.

Because I loved your story so much and I wouldn't be me without my annoying, pointless reviews, I feel like telling you exactly how I feel about all of your characters and how you portayed them.

- James: I absolutely love James. Seriously, I am in love with him. In most of the stories I read his silly all the time, pulls pranks, and is head-over heels for Lily. But in this story, I loved it how he could be both serious and silly, how he could actually be ANGRY with his friends, with Lily.

- Sirius: Sirius is one of my other loves. If I couldn't have James, I would take Sirius after quite a bit of moping. If not, he'd probably be a good friend of mine. Sirius... wow. Most portray Sirius as promiscuous, kind of stupid, and mind mainly focused on girls and pranks. I liked in this one that you actually proved that Sirius can be a jerk (though it might've hurt my own ego a bit...), and that he cares about his friends more than anything. He also had this amazing thing going on with him - just this aura, you know? I loved it. Simply amazing.

- Remus: I have to admit that I wish you would've brought him in a bit more, but I also understand where you're coming from. Love, love, loved him, though - he's such a sweetie!

- Peter: I've got quite a bit to say on Peter. Most people say "Peter was off doing blah blah blah" and don't include him at all. You brought Peter into the story, and made him outrageously cool. And in all honesty, I've always liked Peter. I mean, minus the fact that he turned out to be a jerk when he grew up.

- Lily: You made Lily everything I thought she was and more. :) I have nothing else to say.

- Alice: I love how with Lily she's more herself, pretty blunt and always right on target. I also like how you made it so that she was more quite once around others.

- Sadie: Sadie was cool. Drop. dead. Cool. I honestly loved her for all of her spunk - even when she kind of hid behind Alicia.

- Alicia: I liked her mroe towards the end when she realized she'd never have James, but I still didn't like the fact that she "loved" him. During the begining, though, I absolutely despised him for always hitting on James. JAMES. IS. LILY'S!

- Verity: She's so unique! Actually, I've never seen a made-up quite like her. Wonderful. And that she was an alcoholic? So UNQIUE!

- Lucille: Here's all I have to say: I. HATE. HER. (Wonderfully made, but I still hate her.)

- Hannah: She was such a sweetie. I seriously wish she were real.

- Sydney: She wasn't really that major. But I did think of thew movie Sydney White whenever you mentioned her.

- Georgia: Wow! That was so /long/ ago, you know? I think she was a bit too forward for my taste, but still cool.

- Rosalie: Didn't like her from the moment you mentioned her. I just thought she was... ugh.

Well, I suppose that's it. this was wonderfully done, you are an amazing writer.

Go write a book, 'kay? I'll make sure to read it.

Skandar-Loves-Redvines chapter 22 . 6/11/2009
I can't believe HNTM is over! Are you going to make a sequel, or a companion piece, or something like that? This story was absoloutely amazing! Keep writing! :)
PD1234567 chapter 22 . 6/11/2009
Wow,I really don't know what to say for this story.

I read it cause a friend (chaucolai) recommended it to me. And I think I'm glad she did.

At first a found it, I dunno, awkward? Like you had no idea what you were doing writing this, and if you weren't sure what you were doing, but as the story continued, your writing really improved, I felt like you got more confidence, and it really showed.

The idea for the story is a really good one, I really didn't think I would like it when I started it, and was going to quit out of it, but something told me I just had to stick with it, and I'm glad, I did, I honestly am.

The format of the chapters was amazing, having a different point of view for each chapter isn't normally done, probably for the reason that it is just so damn difficult to do that, keep the story going, and for the readers not to get confused, but you did it just so well.

Also, unlike the actual show, your girls- and characters in general- weren't superficial. The all had character and personality behind them and we learnt more about them bit by bit as the competition and story progressed. All your characters were amazingly well done but a two stuck out in my head.

1. Alicia- Alicia was such an interesting character. The way you first introduced her, as the girl that everyone likes, the one most people secretly think is a bitch was, well, interesting. I had a feeling I wouldn't like her, that she had no personality but you proved me wrong. I found that she had a very complex personality... um... I really don't know how to describe her, and I don't know what I think of her, however she was amazing none the less.

2. Alice- Your characterization of Alice was one of the best I have read. She wasn't already with Frank for a change and she wasn't as outgoing and in-your-face as Lily, which is very unusual. She really had depth behind her, for once I didn't see her as Neville's mother and Lily's friend, I was her as her own person and I thank you for this.

I did really love your other characterizations- Verity, Lily and James were my close second favourites- but Alice and Alicia were my favourites. Not just in the way of how they were written, but in the way they were different, and they really came to life for me, none of the others came to life as much as they did. The only other character that really made an impact on me was Peter, he wasn't ignored like some stories I have read and he wasn't made out to be evil like others, he was a marauder and a good friend to James, Sirius and Remus, he acted normally, he wasn't nervous and in the background he was popular and had admirers, like he should. The marauders weren't well known for nothing.

At the beginning of this review I said that I didn't know what to say (I hope you just understood that-cause I certainly don't) but it turned out that I actually had a lot- I just had to think. I really hope I haven't bored you :)

Keep Writing

Princess Ducky
Zofann chapter 22 . 6/10/2009
OK so I usually hate fanfiction, but this is fantastic! I think the success is that you didn't try to change the basic story, and it was a humorous topic anyway.

Seriously though it is really well done - you did so well on the epilogue, they can be so cheesy but you did it really well and I was so annoyed that it was finished (this is really rare for me). I can see how your writing has improved over the year and it's great - next step write something for publishing! I am thrilled that you wrote this, it's fantastic.
theflowersthericetheshoes chapter 22 . 6/10/2009
I love it! the whole story was very good and funny and i kept going come on come on, weres the L/J and now it filally feels complete. altough a new generation sequel might be good (i.e. James II finds of from some one, forces O.C...) Bue even without a sequl it's a great story
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