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alinastarkou chapter 9 . 6/2/2011
Oh, wow, what a hilariously fun fic! Hannah is SUCH a sweetie and Verity /is/ (a less wangst-y, more observant, milder, and more confident version of) me. I'm really surprised with how much I'm enjoying this. On with the show!

Btw, electronics don't work on Hogwarts grounds. Why do the cameras work?
me chapter 11 . 4/19/2011
this is a good story its just i expected it to have more of a harry potter in fluence on it. its seems your writing a season of americas next top model but just changed the title a bit and changed the names. they don't even use magic. i just expected it to hav a different feel
Miss Pads chapter 22 . 4/10/2011
Oh, I feel like I've found this two years too late. I would have loved to follow this story while it was being published and fussing over every new chapter. That being said, oh well, I guess it's just my luck. I loved this, really did, and I normally don't bother reading T-rated stuff, I have a bit of a prejudice, and always look at non-M-rated stories as if they're not mature enough for me to bother with them, it's awful, but I'm working on it, and I'm glad I stopped to read this, because it's brilliant. It's well written, the idea is genius, I like ANTP a lot, and The Marauders might just be my favorite thing in the world along with chocolate and music. The plot was well worked, and nicely elaborated and I connected with most of the characters (with some even more so than with Lily)

The moment I first red Alicia's first chapter I was like, oh, wait, oh, yeah, I know this girl, she's in for trouble eventually. I already knew so, because you pretty much picked up 15/16 year old me and placed her into the plot, haha. Changing things up physically, but I never thought that really mattered. She would have been me in her entirety, the personality, the issues, the demons inside her and her unrequited love for James Potter, and how he would like her a lot, but she knew better than he did that she was no Lily Evans, and knowing as well that in a perfect world they'd be together, but in a perfect world Lily Evans existed. And then the whole thing with Sirius happened and I was just baffled because it was really me there, all my problems everything I would do, and how I would act and react when I was that age, I was yelling at her through it all, telling her it gets better, that she isn't fake, but she's a kid, she grows into herself, and she finds out who she really is, as she gets older, and discovers herself. I was wondering about what happened to her (as to what happened to Sadie, Verity and Alice) after the Epilogue, and I really hope she and Sirius would have had a chance, and that she got a chance to talk to James about everything, tell him what Sirius told her, about knowing everything, about having been in love with him and what not, so he could know why she did what she did, and forgive her. And in the end I think she and Sirius would be perfect for each other, specially for all the comparisons you'd made between them, I think she'd be the only one who'd really challenge him, crack his shell, and keep him on his toes.

Which is why I was afraid you kind of could have left him off with Sadie, and I was like, please no. I adore Sadie, because she's just that, she's an adorably well elaborated character, and I'd think she'd be perfect with Remus (because we all know Alice and Frank are going to hit it off) and I always thought for sure he'd be who she picked. She's too sweet, too nice and not spunky enough for Sirius, he'd get too bored of her too easily, and he'd feel bad about it, because he really likes her as a person, because she's lovely, and with her sweet nature I think she'd go a long way with someone like Moony.

The thing with Verity was, I have to ask, was she meant to be Luna's mother? Because it was always on my mind. I guess at first because you showed her off being a bit loony and out of it, but on purpose, but even if it was on purpose, I still think it caught some of Luna, that adding with what Xeno's genetics would work at would certainly amount to Luna. I was always very entertained with her.

And Alice, dear God, you really got me itching to know how she and Frank would get together in the end, like really curious. I wonder if he'd come up to her and ask her if she was dating Remus,and what she'd answer, if her and Remus' fling would last long, or not really more than a date, because he'd be too noble and all, knowing she liked some other guy to just let it go on. Enter Sadie, haha, no, not really, just in my head, I guess.

Anyways, besides all the questions I have about how everything unfolds, how long do Peter and Hannah stay together, how long does it take for him to go dark and what not, because you even managed to make him likable and interesting, and not a character I hated (which was just Lucille in this story, hated her from the start, arrogant bitch LOL). It was really good, I'm also curious to how James and Lily would have progressed, see more of a date between them, than just thrown out conversations, see what she'd be like around him, for real after everything's resolved.

This gigantic review being made (I'm terribly sorry about it, as well, because I don't suppose you expect to receive giant reviews on fanfiction you've wrote two years ago, haha) I really, really liked the story, and even if my questions will remained unanswered, it'll still be listed as one of my favorites. That's all then, I guess. Great job, really.
SilverHeart87 chapter 11 . 4/9/2011
this chapter has really changed my point of view on alicia. i didn't really understand her before, and i didn't particularly like her either. i like her a lot more now, as well as getting what's going through her mind. people that are very happy and confident scare me a bit, so seeing that she wasn't all pretty and funny and, well, perfect, was a nice change.

i really do like this fic. it goes deeper into the characters, gives you a better understanding, while still being humorous and a fun read. i'm really looking forward to tomorrow (i'm trying to limit myself on computer time) so i can read more. happy writing forever to you!

iteatsitlives chapter 22 . 2/23/2011
Wow, this is really good. I don't know how you had the patience to write this much; i don't think I could have ever done it. I really like how you portrayed Peter, as his own person rather than the tagalong. I think you should write more about the OCs, like Verity, because I know I'd really like to see more of her. Thanks for writing this- it was really fun to read and I really enjoyed myself.
just-another-prankster chapter 22 . 2/22/2011

I just wanted to say how much I did enjoy this story! It was funny and sweet and everything else! I really liked it!

I loved how I could relate to many of the characters in different little ways; like Lily's biting her finger nails habit, and Alicia's bipolar.

It was a very well done story and it was nice how you kept it canon and all the characters were very believable!

5/5 stars for me :-)


bertney1006 chapter 22 . 2/16/2011
bertney1006 chapter 21 . 2/16/2011
okay my theory is finally proven. i ALWAYS root for the runnerup. like in ALL of the real ANTM cycles, i was always going for the runnerup, except for the melrose/carridee cycle D: ERGH!
bertney1006 chapter 14 . 2/16/2011
WOOOOHOOOO! runway challenges are the best(:
bertney1006 chapter 13 . 2/16/2011
bertney1006 chapter 12 . 2/16/2011
what theee... dang lillyy!O:
bertney1006 chapter 6 . 2/15/2011
freaking lucille T_T" shes the bitch that everyone hates on top model xD
bertney1006 chapter 4 . 2/15/2011
ohmygod. i just realized something. THERE HAS TO BE A RUNWAY CHALLENGE. OMG. THERE HAS TO BE ONE.(:
bertney1006 chapter 3 . 2/15/2011
BUAHA you did the missing bed thing tyra does sometimes :D i was wondering if you were gonna do that (: keke~
bertney1006 chapter 1 . 2/15/2011
AHHH I LOVE TOP MODEL3 AND FANFICTIONS :D this is the best fanfiction ever. LIKE EVER. and its only the first chapter xDDDDD
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