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Ritsuka's.Personal.Stalker chapter 19 . 8/5
It took me quite sometime, to get some time, as life has prevented me from having a moment to do anything I want.

But lovely job, you can really see the progression and maturity of you through your writing. Considering you started this story about 8 years ago, re-reading the the begging of this story toke me quite some time to get through again haha.

I'm really enjoy the emotion behind all the characters, especially Dem. The way you write his episodes and freak outs always have me on edge.

Keep up the amazing work, I can't wait for more. Alswell, I guess I have some other goodies of yours to look forward to now :)
Junpaku chapter 19 . 7/31
Finally caught up! This is amazing! It portrays panic attacks and anxiety soooo well. I can't wait to read the next chapter when it comes out and see how things develop.
NightmareFairy chapter 19 . 7/29
Holy shit.

On a whim, I decided to check my old email, only to find you've updated! This is magical! What's it been, like seven years? I haven't even logged into ffn in forever.

I don't even know where to begin. I'm so excited to see you again! I'm so excited to read your work again!

I definitely need to catch up on your other fic too. Sweet jesus, I can't believe this really happened. I feel like you're my long-lost friend come back from countries unknown, years after I'd written you off.

No time tonight for a long, ramble-y reveiw like I used to leave in the old days, but I promise, next chapter. ;)
nicayal chapter 19 . 7/27
Behold! My apparent strategy with these reviews unfolds little by little:

If I can't be the first to review, I'll be so tardy in writing one for your latest update that it'll surprise you after the initial inundation of email notifications dies down. So, BOO. I guess. Fashionably late here, as usual.

I might've read the first part of Salem's review maybe a week ago and then worried this was going to be upsetting so ended up avoiding it longer than I should've (I suck, but high school was hell for me and I sometimes I just don't want to relive teenagers being assholes to each other, as they generally are, whether they're given a good reason to be or or not).

And it was. Upsetting, I mean. But it was good too, just a bit difficult to read.

Saix is just so asdljadfing awful. An indisputably terrible human being. Unfortunately, he's also a good example of the worst in authority figures you can find in a high school setting. He brings to mind a particular honours English teacher of mine after I'd just moved to a new school district. I ended up getting skipped a grade at the same time, and apparently that irritated said teacher because she thought her class would be too advanced for me? I don't even know. What I do know (and remember to this day) relates to comments that utterly mortified me said in front of the rest of the class (most associated with my struggles with switching over from UK English spelling to American spelling..."We're in America now; learn to spell properly." - that was said in front of the whole class after she returned my first written assignment and I still remember it verbatim).

So, Saix's treatment of Demyx is cruel. It's unfair. But it happens, and I think that's what makes it compelling to read and allows us as readers to empathise (eff you, honours English teacher, I'll spell how I wanna spell xD) even more with Demyx. As someone who has lived in cold climates as well (record coldest temperatures in the lower 48 states here, whoohoo), I just internally shuddered at the descriptions of how cold he was as well. And that Saix made it worse by having them all do stretches instead of something that might more effectively warm Demyx up is just petty as hell, but unsurprising, given he's probably still got a chip on his shoulder for being called out in that meeting earlier. That poor, dear kid though. He's lucky his skin didn't start turning black with frostbite. D:

So, not only do I want to have a strong word with ShinRa about freezing a poor, innocent teenager, I want to kick Saix in the nuts because what he's doing is tantamount to emotional torture for that kid. And he's indirectly encouraging student violence against an already vulnerable student. God damnit, that pisses me off to no end (which means you're doing a good job portraying a massively unlikeable character, I'd say...well done, you monster :P).

And, aww, Vivi. I was really hoping Demyx might have been able to allay his fears and potentially make a new friend. Instead, we add douchenozzles 2 and 3 to my nut-kicking list (Seifer and Rai, hello there). I do so love the over-protective natures of Riku and Sora though. That just makes so much sense considering their canon personalities as well. It's sweet. I'd pay good money to read Sora kicking Seifer's ass. Just throwing that out there.

What I wouldn't have given to read Riku beating the crap out of Seifer though. I think the description of his physical strength was subtle, but super effective because I was gearing up to watch (read?) him give Seifer a run for his meat-head money. Darn Rai for being there and making it an uneven fight.

And, man, after the emotional turmoil of this single day in Demyx's life, he has an appointment with Lucrecia? Did I read that right? Poor Demyx is going to be a puddle of brain matter on ShinRa's shiny floors by the end of this day. And aren't those appointments on Wednesdays (not sure if I'm remembering correctly)? So he's still got a solid half of his school week left. And that upcoming part-time job. Lord. Hopefully Sora, Riku, and/or Zexion can help him get through the rest of the week in one piece.

Great chapter, as usual. Keep calm and write Demyx-centric fanfic! You're doin' it right.
Two-Stomach chapter 19 . 7/21
Make Vivi your 'forever friend' too Demyx
you can do it
the power of LOVE
Two-Stomach chapter 18 . 7/21
is that supposed to be important as in 'he can eat meat if he doesnt think too hard about it' or was it a slip up
or was it a jibe at chicken noodle soup as in some of those soups dont have real chicken in them?
i dont know why im looking to hard into this
Two-Stomach chapter 17 . 7/21
Okay so
a) That girl is gonna be his new friend and totally come around once she gets her stuff back
b) That girl is going to use the fact that they ran into each other AND she lost her stuff to get Demyx in trouble
or c) That girl will never show up again except in maybe a conversation with Sora
I really really hope it's either A or C.
Yarouka chapter 19 . 7/11
Wahhh I hope someone (other than Demyx) stabs Saix in the eye with a rusted fork. He needs to be put on a leash. And Seifer, urghhh! He's one of my fave FF characters, but he's such an a-hole /cries. I'm so glad to see the story progressing and am even more excited for the meeting with Lucrecia! Hopefully, he recognizes his reluctance to accept love from others so he can heal and ride off into the sunset with Zexy. Lol! Jk, I'm just really looking forward to seeing how things unfold. :)

Thanks for another great chapter,
Anon chapter 19 . 7/8
Hello! Really great update The way you handled Saix is amazing and I was totally expecting some sort of brawl between Seifer and Demyx but the locker room confrontation handled that perfectly. Demyx is getting so much shit shoved at him, I nearly expected Saix to come into the locker room and find a way to blame the whole confrontation on demyx Oo Great so far and welcome back!
thegreatwhitewolf chapter 19 . 7/6
Aw, poor Demyx. Saix is still managing to torture him even if it's more subtle. And Seifer is such a butt. I want to smack him upside the head. And pretty much everyone else, except for Riku, Sora, and Zexion of course. Oh and Axel. And probably some others who aren't being butts.
kurosora1984 chapter 19 . 7/6
Awww, DEMYX! I guess that's actually quite clever of Saix, getting the students to enact the abuse FOR him. I'm not surprised that pretty much everyone would blame Dem, even when they WATCH him do everything right, and can clearly see that the person ahead of him in the relay is the one fucking up. :P No, it's not surprising, but it sure as hell is annoying.

Heh, loved Sora AGAIN, though. It's like he has no conception in his mind of being a smaller dude, and physical threats don't scare him at all. SO canon for Sora. Little Mr. Reckless Bravery. I love them being all, LET'S DO THIS, it was so cute. I think Sora and Riku would actually fight before Seifer would, considering Seifer's behavior in game and that is always was pretty much a bully. Bullies just bluster and make a show of aggression, but they rarely act on it. (When in a confrontation...I wouldn't put it past Seifer to get a gang together and beat Demyx up when he's undefended. But I don't see him actually carrying through on his threats in the face of resistance.) Sora and Riku, on the other hand, would totally fight. They'd fight when outnumbered and overpowered. They were always like that. :D

Ugh, I wish Demyx could just get out of gym, though. Man, I got out of swimming because of my chlorine allergy...wish I could pass the love on. :( And I hope his appointment with Lucrecia goes well. Actually, I hope it goes GREAT to balance out some of the shit Demyx has been dealing with. Poor baby. I want to hug him...or have lots of other people hug him. Hopefully without making him feel terrible from guilt. XD;;

It was awesome to have a lovely update from you, dear! Started my day of QUITE nicely! :D
MiniBandit chapter 19 . 7/6
Gah, felt so bad for Demyx during this chapter~! Poor sweetheart really needs a sweater. OR hugs from Zexion? That would work too.

But seriously~ Another amazing chapter! Was so excited when you updated, I stopped the movie I was watching so I could read it. It did not disappoint either :D

Grr to Saix, Seifer and Vivi. *shakes fist at them* I half expected a brawl in the locker room, but glad it turned out okay! Phew.

One of my favorite parts was how Zexion made his tiny appearance at the end - Feel bad for him though, Demyx didn't stop to say hi, but I understood why he didn't~

Before I make this any longer, amazing work as always :D Horribly excited for more~
Resha04 chapter 19 . 7/6
The tension in this chapter is so tight. Despite myself, I am pretty impressed with Saix' (your) way of subtly making Demyx' life miserable. But of course he's still a bastard :v
The part in the locker room where Seifer being Seifer is so intense. If I were Demyx, I might've exploded to that jackass of a kid then and there, because hey, I'm just trying to be friendly here! But what's great about how you write it is I can't get angry to Seifer. I can understand his acts even though it upsets me and I felt like I want to slam his and Rai's head together.
I hope Demyx will fare better in the future ._.

Thanks for the update! :D
Rainstorm-Mosspath chapter 19 . 7/6
aww man i still leap for joy when i see this name in my inbox telling me there's an update!

slow and steady Dem! You'll get there

This fic is like one heartbreak after the next, I love it
ARestlessDream chapter 19 . 7/5
I loved how you handled Saix being 'collared' this chapter. The entire time I spent reading this chapter, my heart was pounding just anticipating what Saix's next move against Demyx will be.
I especially enjoyed how Demyx is more assertive and is not going to lie down and simply take the abuse, and I like how he is refusing to give Saix the satisfaction of tormenting him during the pre-running stretches. I felt really sorry for Riku though, being forced to do the stretches alone.
Vivi's anxiety around Demyx was very well written and Seifer's anger was definitely not helping. I wonder what Saix said to Seifer though? Did he tell Seifer to rile up Demyx in hopes of him showing aggression? Or did threaten Seifer if group C did not fair well?
The locker room was fantastic, I love how Demyx is finding the hesitant confidence to speak to the other students to let them know that he's really not a danger to them, and that they have no reason to be afraid.
Seifers and ass, Riku and Sora will never make prom court, and it's 2am and I'm really glad that I checked my e-mail before going to bed.
Please excuse any grammatical errors or run-ons, I'm a drowsy reader.
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