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qilorar chapter 20 . 10/27
Aww poor Dem Dem, but at least he is finally getting clothes!

Thank you for posting again, it is a good story and I would love to read more (even though usually prefer Akuroku). I am so interested to see where it will go.

Great job 3
MsViral chapter 20 . 10/9
When I got the email notification that this story had a new chapter, I actually gasped out loud, I was thrilled. I'm glad that this story will continue, I enjoy every second of it!
kurosora1984 chapter 20 . 10/6
OMG! Are you alive? Ahhhhhh I missed you!

Way to surprise the crap out of me, just popping in with an MAH update! I swear I blinked at my inbox for a full minute, not quite understanding what I was seeing. XD (Aaaand that's how ppl are gonna act toward ME when I get my act together...) XD Oh dear.

Anyway, BAW DEM. I'm glad he gets CLOTHES. I'm also kinda on his side about this whole "never asked Shinra for their fucking shit" thing. It really is bullshit. "Hi, hello, refugee ended up on your doorstep, so without my consent you proceed to spend lots of money on an extended hospital stay you won't let me turn down, then you make all the rules for my life. Um...can I maybe just go to SOME OTHER WORLD?" Here's my American answer - SUE SHINRA. :P

I was giving Lucrecia the stinkeye this chapter, I tell you that. Seems like she wasn't being a very good psychologist or whatever. She definitely carries the odor of the corporate moneygrubbers controlling everything, including her.

Also, ALAS, I MISS ZEXION! I hope he doesn't become very tiresome for Demyx to deal with - although the blushing is a good sign. I think at this point in most crushes you start to want to find excuses to be around that person for no reason, but then again, if Zexion stresses Demyx out too much, which impulse would win out in that internal conflict?

Hope Zexion appears again next time! AND BTW ASKJLAKSFJLKDSFD OMG I MISSED YOU! Good to see something from you! *HUGS*
RaiineDays chapter 20 . 10/6
Oh man I did a double take at this update in my inbox. Really glad to get it though. Hope you've been well and things have been good. I wait patiently for any and all future stuff.

Also: woo! Demyx got sleeves after like 8 years
Bugie chapter 20 . 10/5
Soooo happy to see you still updating! Your writing is the best!
Razell chapter 20 . 10/5
I wonder what Shinra is really getting out of this. The corporation isn't exactly known for helping those in need. They won't make much from Demyx working as a barista, especially if he's working for tips. With Shinra there is always an ulterior motivation. They're like Weyland-Yutani from the Alien movies, willing to throw away as many lives as it takes to get their grubby paws on whatever they want...

Finally, Demyx gets some warm clothes! Except the one arm, but it's still a vast improvement over having to wear short sleeves in the snow. Now if he can only get a heater for his apartment...

I wasn't expecting Lucretia to react so strongly to Demyx talking to Zexion about having to get a job. How is he supposed to live if everything in his life is classified? I like the journal idea, it can help him to make peace with the past and ensure that his world is not forgotten. He's far more intelligent than people generally give him credit for. Maybe one day he could have it published, (unlikely) to show people what his world was really like before the madness hit, that he's no different than anyone else.

I'm glad to see you update again, I know it's hard with all the pressure life puts on us.
thegreatwhitewolf chapter 20 . 10/5
Oh my god a new chapter! Yaaay! This made ms so happy! Poor Demyx having to get a job. That's terrifying. But yaaaaaaaaay he won't be cold anymore. I don't know what else to say.
cher chapter 19 . 10/1
This story is amazing, I've been reading it whenever I could throughout the past week or so..and it's so gripping! I love how you portray each character, and Demyx and Zexion's relationship is finally starting to develop after the long set up! It feels so rewarding!

Please don't give up on this story! This is one of the best quality Zemyx fics I've seen yet, it would be amazing to see an update for this :)
purewhiteshadow chapter 19 . 5/3
I can't tell you how stupidly happy it makes me to see that you've updated this. And that you've added more to your profile in general. My god, I've been following this story since '08, and just hoping to get more. Your works are all fantastic, and I was so lucky to actually come across these when I was still a teenage weeb who didn't know the world. I will not lie, I'm still one of those people who are terribly fond of the idea of having a bound copy of my favorite fan works. It would be an honor to have works of this quality on my shelf.
I logged in for the first time in years just to read this, and I don't know how this site (or if my profile) has changed, but all of these little boxes to check below the review box are going to be checked away.
Nike Scarlet chapter 19 . 4/20
Dude...this is amazing. Seriously. I love this, and I really love the way that you portray Demyx. I REALLY hope you update soon. Preferably very soon.
A random Demyx chapter 19 . 2/6
Please keep going! I just started reading it this week but the story trapped me into its amazingness! I couldn't put the fan fiction down for a long while until I caught up. I want to see the awesomeness you have planned! I been flailing around with feels about the story! The part about saix throwing puppies made me laugh harder than I expected to too xD but yes as a suffering fan I hope you continue the story!
Ritsuka's.Personal.Stalker chapter 19 . 8/5/2015
It took me quite sometime, to get some time, as life has prevented me from having a moment to do anything I want.

But lovely job, you can really see the progression and maturity of you through your writing. Considering you started this story about 8 years ago, re-reading the the begging of this story toke me quite some time to get through again haha.

I'm really enjoy the emotion behind all the characters, especially Dem. The way you write his episodes and freak outs always have me on edge.

Keep up the amazing work, I can't wait for more. Alswell, I guess I have some other goodies of yours to look forward to now :)
Junpaku chapter 19 . 7/31/2015
Finally caught up! This is amazing! It portrays panic attacks and anxiety soooo well. I can't wait to read the next chapter when it comes out and see how things develop.
NightmareFairy chapter 19 . 7/29/2015
Holy shit.

On a whim, I decided to check my old email, only to find you've updated! This is magical! What's it been, like seven years? I haven't even logged into ffn in forever.

I don't even know where to begin. I'm so excited to see you again! I'm so excited to read your work again!

I definitely need to catch up on your other fic too. Sweet jesus, I can't believe this really happened. I feel like you're my long-lost friend come back from countries unknown, years after I'd written you off.

No time tonight for a long, ramble-y reveiw like I used to leave in the old days, but I promise, next chapter. ;)
nicayal chapter 19 . 7/27/2015
Behold! My apparent strategy with these reviews unfolds little by little:

If I can't be the first to review, I'll be so tardy in writing one for your latest update that it'll surprise you after the initial inundation of email notifications dies down. So, BOO. I guess. Fashionably late here, as usual.

I might've read the first part of Salem's review maybe a week ago and then worried this was going to be upsetting so ended up avoiding it longer than I should've (I suck, but high school was hell for me and I sometimes I just don't want to relive teenagers being assholes to each other, as they generally are, whether they're given a good reason to be or or not).

And it was. Upsetting, I mean. But it was good too, just a bit difficult to read.

Saix is just so asdljadfing awful. An indisputably terrible human being. Unfortunately, he's also a good example of the worst in authority figures you can find in a high school setting. He brings to mind a particular honours English teacher of mine after I'd just moved to a new school district. I ended up getting skipped a grade at the same time, and apparently that irritated said teacher because she thought her class would be too advanced for me? I don't even know. What I do know (and remember to this day) relates to comments that utterly mortified me said in front of the rest of the class (most associated with my struggles with switching over from UK English spelling to American spelling..."We're in America now; learn to spell properly." - that was said in front of the whole class after she returned my first written assignment and I still remember it verbatim).

So, Saix's treatment of Demyx is cruel. It's unfair. But it happens, and I think that's what makes it compelling to read and allows us as readers to empathise (eff you, honours English teacher, I'll spell how I wanna spell xD) even more with Demyx. As someone who has lived in cold climates as well (record coldest temperatures in the lower 48 states here, whoohoo), I just internally shuddered at the descriptions of how cold he was as well. And that Saix made it worse by having them all do stretches instead of something that might more effectively warm Demyx up is just petty as hell, but unsurprising, given he's probably still got a chip on his shoulder for being called out in that meeting earlier. That poor, dear kid though. He's lucky his skin didn't start turning black with frostbite. D:

So, not only do I want to have a strong word with ShinRa about freezing a poor, innocent teenager, I want to kick Saix in the nuts because what he's doing is tantamount to emotional torture for that kid. And he's indirectly encouraging student violence against an already vulnerable student. God damnit, that pisses me off to no end (which means you're doing a good job portraying a massively unlikeable character, I'd say...well done, you monster :P).

And, aww, Vivi. I was really hoping Demyx might have been able to allay his fears and potentially make a new friend. Instead, we add douchenozzles 2 and 3 to my nut-kicking list (Seifer and Rai, hello there). I do so love the over-protective natures of Riku and Sora though. That just makes so much sense considering their canon personalities as well. It's sweet. I'd pay good money to read Sora kicking Seifer's ass. Just throwing that out there.

What I wouldn't have given to read Riku beating the crap out of Seifer though. I think the description of his physical strength was subtle, but super effective because I was gearing up to watch (read?) him give Seifer a run for his meat-head money. Darn Rai for being there and making it an uneven fight.

And, man, after the emotional turmoil of this single day in Demyx's life, he has an appointment with Lucrecia? Did I read that right? Poor Demyx is going to be a puddle of brain matter on ShinRa's shiny floors by the end of this day. And aren't those appointments on Wednesdays (not sure if I'm remembering correctly)? So he's still got a solid half of his school week left. And that upcoming part-time job. Lord. Hopefully Sora, Riku, and/or Zexion can help him get through the rest of the week in one piece.

Great chapter, as usual. Keep calm and write Demyx-centric fanfic! You're doin' it right.
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