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Justus chapter 5 . 4/2
Wow! Nice story and very interesting ending with Naruto, Sasuke and Neji eating at the restaurant together both A type personality males trying to stake their claim on said blond! Great job.
muttjc2003 chapter 5 . 3/26
This is an awesome fanfic. Great job!
kittycat chapter 1 . 9/6/2016
*cough* dies* *cought*
Zoe chapter 5 . 2/2/2016
SasuNaruShipper chapter 5 . 12/17/2015
Omg! This was just awesome! It's sort of like..undercover mysterious stuff mixed with fluffiness and romance! I loved it!
Guest chapter 5 . 9/4/2014
I've probably read this fic 4 times by now. It's one of my favorites. It's the perfect length, doesn't have excess drama, is canon-based, has a non-idiotic Naruto, and a Sasuke that has emotions and isn't a total jerk. The plot is good, too!

If there was one thing I had to criticize, it's that the whole fic was about Sasuke figuring out his feelings, but we completely missed Naruto's side. I've read this fic multiple times and still can't tell you if this is true pairing fic, or a one-sided attraction. Did Naruto have feelings for Sasuke or not? Why didn't he push him away in the end when Sasuke leaned in to kiss him? Was it shock? If Naruto did feel something in return, then for how long had he felt that way?

These are basic questions that the story should have answered since they have to do with character development. An open ending is fine, we don't need to know if they get married and have babies after this, but we do need to know how Naruto grew and changed during this story. Unfortunately, Naruto was a complete enigma and we had no idea how he felt about anything. Was this mission a learning experience for him in the same way it was for Sasuke, or had he figured himself out way before Sasuke did?

The fic was in Sasuke's POV, but a good story will show (NOT tell) you what you need to know about non-POV characters. I think some of the scenes between Sasuke and Naruto could have done a better job of illuminating Naruto's feelings. For example, the argument that Sasuke and Naruto had would have been a perfect time to hint whether or not Naruto had been feeling just as confused as Sasuke. But that's not what happened. We don't really know why Naruto felt so angry and rejected in that scene. Maybe Sasuke was right, that he'd reminded Naruto of his lonely past. Maybe Naruto was upset because Sasuke implied he wouldn't sleep with him either? All we can do is guess.

If Naruto had been trying to flirt with Sasuke a little bit beforehand and then got rejected, we'd know he felt something. If his comment about Sasuke sleeping with the bartender had been phrased in such a way that it seemed like he was fishing for information about Sasuke's sexuality, again, we'd have some kind of clue that Naruto also felt attraction. Instead, he acted like Sasuke sleeping with someone else wouldn't bother him, which makes him seem like he has no feelings for Sasuke. So I'm back to my original question: why doesn't he push Sasuke away in the end?

Part of the problem is that Naruto has a VERY passive role in this fic. He reacts to everything, but doesn't initiate anything. We'd know more about how he felt if he was doing, and not just reacting. Naruto didn't ask to do the seduction mission, he was essentially recruited for it by the target. He doesn't initiate any conversations with Sasuke, or come to him about anything. He waits for Sasuke to show up on the bridge and does whatever training exercise Kakashi wants. When Sasuke and Neji have their little showdown, Naruto is oblivious to it. Shouldn't he have chosen FOR HIMSELF which of the two guys he likes better instead of having the guys pick?! (There's just as much evidence that Naruto likes Neji as he does Sasuke. In fact, given that Naruto makes Neji buy the ramen instead of Sasuke, you could argue that he prefers Neji.) And let's not forget that at the end, it's Sasuke who both initiates the kiss, and who leans in the rest of the way. Naruto does absolutely nothing. He just passively sits there, neither rejecting nor accepting the kiss. If the guy you wanted was suddenly going to kiss you, would you sit there like a log the way Naruto does?

That's why I didn't feel all that happy about the ending. There was a grand total of one moment in the entire fic where it looked like Naruto MIGHT be attracted to Sasuke (when Sasuke trapped Naruto against that tree), but what did his response really mean when he was just as passive and confused during that scene as he was when Sasuke finally kissed him? Was it shock? Does he not know that he's attracted to Sasuke? Other than that scene against the tree, I have no clue if this is actual pairing fic, or onesided SasuNaru. Did you really want the story to have THAT much of an open ending?
Geminis93 chapter 5 . 12/17/2013
No. NO. NOOOOO! How could you just end it like that? Sadist! You're a sadist!
Loved the story.
Ookami-Ryuu chapter 5 . 10/31/2012
[Where had he learned the word 'illicit' anyways?]
- Well now I had to look this word up haha (I always seem to learn a bunch of new words in english when reading in this language ;) good that there are online translators handy haha)

[It was that damned genius shinobi thing again. He refused to go into any situation unprepared, and, although he was willing to improvise if necessary, it was best to have a basic plan of attack.]
- *chuckle* Sasuke can be so cute XDXD

["Don't call me moron, bastard!"

"Fine. Idiot."]
- *chuckle* Ah those two... XD

[If the thought was accompanied by a feeling of smugness, Sasuke felt that it was his right as an Uchiha. What were the Hyuugas but a chance genetic spin-off anyhow?]
- XDXD Oh Sasuke you dear idiot. XDXD

[since the blond was sitting on the (repaired, thank god that hadn't been their mission. Tsunade must not have found out who broke it) railing of the bridge.]
- *snicker*

And good ending!

Thank you so much for the entertainment! It's really nice to read such a cute, light-hearted story now and then. I appreciate it. (:

Ookami-Ryuu chapter 4 . 10/31/2012
["Thank god that's over," he said, stretching his arms over his head, causing his shirt to ride up slightly. Not that Sasuke noticed. Certainly he hadn't been looking. Except that, as a ninja, of course, he was trained to notice details. So if he did happen to notice anything like the fact that approximately two more inches of Naruto had suddenly become exposed, and that he must've been training with his shirt off again, because it looked like his stomach was about the same color tan as his arms, than that was why. His ninja skills were top class.]
- *shakes with silent laughter* Top class ninja skills indeed XDXD

[Bringing up childhood insecurities was unbelievably cruel of him.]
- Yep. *not pleased with Sas* Too low a blow.

[He, of all people, knew that Naruto didn't hold grudges. But he wondered how many times he could rip his arm through the other's chest and continue to be forgiven for it. And he wondered how many times he could continue to forgive himself for doing it.]
- I like this part. It felt very well written. *nods*

[because Naruto usually needed things explicitly spelled out for him, all the i's dotted and t's crossed, and, if possible, little diagrams showing how A fitted together with B to make C.]
- *snicker* I'm like that too actually...

["Just, look," Sasuke said for the third time.

"I am looking," Naruto answered crossly. "And all I'm seeing is your large nose poking a little too far into my personal space."]
- *rolls over with laughter* I would also be super annoyed if someone told me to "look" three times but never getting any further hahaha XDXD

[Sasuke was starting to sweat. So this was why he never apologized. It turned out that he absolutely sucked at it.]
- *laugh* No shit sherlock! TRULY suck at it! XDXD

[Which, with a loud CRACK! suddenly split, dumping the ninja sitting on it ass-backwards into the river, and leaving the one leaning on it nothing to support his weight but a handful of splinters. Sasuke wildly windmilled his arms a few times, hoping to regain his balance before falling, in what felt like excruciatingly slow motion, into the river with Naruto.]
- *has trouble breathing from laughter*

["You know, I would've accepted your apology. You didn't need to drown me into submission."]
- *laughs more*

[Fuck. Why was he doing all of his heavy-duty relationship thinking in trees these days?]
- *laugh* Good question XDXD Just because you're a ninja doesn't mean you have to live in them XDXD

[Idiot, Sasuke wanted to hiss. His best friend was being led off by a lecherous enemy ninja who planned on doing god only knows what sort of awful things to him. Excellent was not the first word that sprang to his mind.]
- *snicker*

[And then he could sort some things of his own out with the blond.]
- just... FINALLY! XD I was afraid Sasuke would go completely insane before getting his feelings a bit into order haha.
Ookami-Ryuu chapter 3 . 10/31/2012
[Or if it was, it was only because Sasuke was allergic to touch.]
- *rolls over laughing*

["on the bright side, at least you'll get to be the one to pick up the pieces."

Sasuke nearly spit out his mouthful of whatever the hell it was the bartender was serving him. What?! Clearly, he'd missed a step somewhere.]
- XDXD So oblivious. Even I saw that "step" hahaha, and I'm not always very observant XDXD Then of course... he has other things to think about *nods sagely* Like one grass-nin being alone with Naruto right now... XD

[Sasuke dropped his head and thunked it slowly against the counter as Kakashi seated himself casually beside him.]
- XDXD Wow Sasuke must be feeling quite bad if he shows that much emotion hahaha

["Excuse me a moment please," he said, and Sasuke could clearly picture the smile that went with that vocal tone. It was the one Naruto wore when he knew he would be throttled for being rude. It was the one he used to wear when he went shopping and the villagers had treated him with barely concealed dislike and distrust. It was strained on the edges and didn't quite reach his eyes, and he no longer wore it as often as he used to. And the fact that this mission was making him use it again made something deep, deep within the Uchiha feel a tiny, infinitesimal really, spark of, well, that was probably irritation.]
- I love how you write these details Sasuke know about Naruto just by hearing him say something in a certain way *small smile* It's a really nice touch.

[Sasuke huffed in irritation. If Naruto started making out in front of him, he wasn't going to be responsible for his actions. Public displays of affection annoyed him. Although for some reason he couldn't seem to turn his eyes away from the scene that was playing out in front of him. Probably one of those morbid fascination things, like the way people stopped to gape at accident scenes. After all, he was perfectly well aware of how the idiot kissed—hadn't he stolen his first kiss at the age of twelve? Made his lips hurt like a bitch all day too.]
- XDXD Too funny...
Ookami-Ryuu chapter 2 . 10/31/2012
[He wondered if the writhing would make the nudity even better. Err. He was going to ignore that last thought.]
- *snicker*

[He placed his hands against the tree to either side of Naruto's head, and smirked at widened blue eyes. There was something very...appealing about the look on Naruto's face right then. He leaned in, "Guess you can also be caught from the front."]
- *laugh* Oh because that's not suggestive at all, oh no XD

[He was trying not to picture his rival and best friend in leather. He had a feeling that pretty soon he was going to have to rethink his relationship with Naruto. Damn mission.]
- XD

I feel a tiny bit sorry for Sasuke. Jealous but in denial seems like a hard thing to be *chuckle*

Ookami-Ryuu chapter 1 . 10/31/2012
[At their table, Sasuke straightened. He couldn't believe his ears. That man, the target was hitting on his blasted teammate. He squinted a little, trying to see through the gloom; although he couldn't see Naruto, he knew the exact face that went with that stuttered "what." His eyes would've widened to an impossible extent, and his head would be canted slightly to the left. In fact, Sasuke knew Naruto's tones and expressions surprisingly well. Surprisingly thoroughly. He told himself that it was natural for a sharingan-user to memorize all his teammate's expressions, and was careful never to ask himself if he had memorized the expressions of everyone on his team, or just of one knuckleheaded blond.]
- Ah master of denial XDXD

["Well," Kakashi said, "he has been seducing men since he was twelve years old."]
- XDXD So true XDXD

[Maybe liking Naruto was genetic, like byakugan or something.]
- *laugh* Nah I think it has something to do with the uprising. Those clans with repressed children have a hard time resisting Naruto ;D

[Sakura turned her eyes back to the bar. While she had been lost in her thoughts, apparently Naruto's martini had arrived. She watched wide-eyed as the boy plucked the toothpick out of it, examined the olive, then twirled the tip of his tongue around it and popped it into his mouth. A second later he pulled it out, caught it with his teeth and sucked it off the stick. Sakura heard a strangled noise across from her, and looked over to see an expression of apoplectic shock on Sasuke's face. He looked like he was going to pop a vein. She knew, just knew, that Kakashi was sporting a light blush, even though the mask he was wearing should've hidden it from her view. She herself had suddenly decided that the bar was getting a little too hot.]
- omg that is just hilarious XDXD

[Across the table, Sakura and Kakashi exchanged glances at the very, very scary expression that had suddenly crossed Sasuke's face, before deciding that they probably didn't want to know.]
- Haha no probably not. XD Sasuke's mind can be a scary place ;D

Okay so sorry that I'm not so good at reviews. *wince* I just pick quotes along the way and sort of comment on them. Of course you deserve proper reviews but yeah... My mind always draws blanks when I read stuff I like... *fidgets*

bridmatt chapter 5 . 10/29/2012
Very cute fic. I liked that the story wasn't too heavy-handed or over-the top with the mission and with everyone's feelings. It kept with the mood of the original series. I also liked watching Sasuke slowly figure out his feelings for Naruto and the fact that Kakashi knew what was going on, but wasn't annoying about it. Also seeing Naruto be so unexpectedly competent at the mission was very cool.

However, I would have liked if there had been more hints as to Naruto's feelings for Sasuke before the ending. It could just as easily have ended with Naruto pushing Sasuke away as allowing the kiss. He suggested Sasuke date the bartender, which made it seem like he wasn't interested in Sasuke. Was that a cover for his feelings, or did Naruto really have no feelings for Sasuke until he tried to kiss him? Given how easily Sasuke's seduction plans went, I'd assume there were some preexisting feelings, or at least a good basis for them, but I can't be sure. I think a Naruto that showed just a little more interest in Sasuke (enough so we could imagine a reason why he'd kiss back) would have upped the tension a bit more a made the ending even sweeter.

Nevertheless, I really did enjoy the fic. I love canon-based fics, especially ones where they go on missions, so this fic was exactly the kind of thing I like to read. Thanks for sharing it with us! :)
thecartoongirl22 chapter 5 . 10/23/2012
aww so cute i loved it
rokudaime09 chapter 5 . 3/11/2012
wow nice one but somehow i want more! hahaha..specially tjhe ending i mean what was naru's reaction? i want to know man!
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