Reviews for Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
Guest chapter 14 . 4/4
Alice is nothing but a control freak!
Guest chapter 18 . 3/19
I actually AWEEEEEEED a lot... also I know that I'm reading this a Hella lot time after it was written but what can I say.?!
Izabella Gray chapter 67 . 3/18
Ya girl Izzy here, I survived the night, ignoring my roommates noises... but eventually I kicked her out but she did it in the hall Way until security game and sent her back To her dorm.. (might I just say the stupid security guard looked at me too long... asshole, should have just let me stand there in my sports bra and shorts without him staring) but yeah pls keep writing you are the reason I am brave enough to stat in my room at night with my roommate their. And you provide me something to read and not slap my roommate.
Izabella Gray chapter 67 . 3/17
Here I am. 2 AM and my roommate is getting it on with her boyfriend, might I just say she is screaming and so is she. So here I am reading your stories because my roommate isn't letting me sleep and I broke my I phone 7 so I can only message my boyfriend over Skype... how wonderful. Since this happens often can you still create more stories, ideas on how to keep the story going:
1- you could put like a sped up version of the school year including their visits with each other
2- you could put incidents that happen like incidents with roommates getting on( like the situation I'm in right now)
3- you could put it in Rose and Emmett point of view of what they are doing while the others are at college
4- you could do a Carlisle and Esme point of view
5- you could skip to the next year
6- do a Alice point of view
Hope you continue writing because I am using your stories as a way to ignore my rude ass roommate. Obviously she will get some friendly comments from me in the morning including the message I sent her here is an excerpt from the "stop Fucking in the dorm room, or at least stop screaming";
Dear *******, that call was a message from people DOWNSTAIRS AND AROUND THE WHOLE FLOOR telling me that they can hear you and want you to stop. Also you little asshole I have scheduled myself an appointment with my doctor not only for psychology reasons but also for my hearing because of your damn screaming. Just so you know Edward is coming tomorrow and you are banned from the dorm from: 6 AM through 10 PM and just so you know our revenge will be done. And also I have news for you that the other day I let people come in and do the deed on your bed for payback for waking us up at night. That is right you are doing it in a dirty bed... here are some friendly notes; damn te que estoy tratando de dormer ir al infierno usted asshole poco, ( translation: damn you I am trying to sleep, go to hell you little asshole)" sorry for this being a really big comment I am not enjoying what I am hearing right now
Izabella Gray chapter 65 . 3/17
Izabella Gray chapter 64 . 3/17
For starters you could call me Izzy. But I have been reading your chapters for so long now I can't even remember. It is like 2 AM sometimes (on a school night most likely... college) and my roommate just hears me cracking up and laughing into my pillow. I have a German shepherd puppy named Striker and when I start laughing he jumps onto my bed and starts distracting me but I love your stories so much I just ignore him (not exactly I still play with him with my other hand) I can relate to these stories so much. Like the one with the roomate putting a handkerchief on the dorm , my roomate did chat so many Times... chat i have a key to the neighbors dorme... and sometimes my roomate just does it right there in front of me just to stick it to me (but don't worry me and my boyfriend get back at her) another funny thing is my boyfriends name is Edward, and he looks like Edward from twilight... but you just give my boyfriend ideas of what to torture me with... and what jokes to use... but your stories are AMAZING! Definitely write more... PS. I often times have incidences with people like Bella. But no one dares to look at my Edward, because I look at them and they leave it is funny. Edward just chuckles at me... Something my friends make fun of me is because my name is Izabella( I know it is spelled weird but whatever my parents fault) and people call me Bella and my boyfriends name is Edward. But we are JUST like twilight. I actually look like Bella (which is just so weird that me and my Boyfriend look like Bella and Edward) and people crossing the street literally ask me and him " OMG ARE YOU THE ACTORS FROM TWILIGHT?! I THOUGHT YOU GUYS BROKE UP! OMG IS THERE A NEW MOVIE COMING!" etc. Just on the plane ride to my parents house, ( I was riding in first class... which I didn't want to but my boyfriend is stubborn) the flight attendant was hitting on me, and my boyfriend saws just like " get away from her" and the flight attendant was like "why" and then my boyfriend answers with " Get your little ass away from my girlfriend before I grab you by you little cock and throw you out the window" I was like " WHOA Edward what was that about ( he usually doesn't talk like that, neither do I. the only curse words we usually use are ' ass, shit, damn, hell') but yeah so keep writing I feel like you are writing my life story out here for everyone to read .lmao.
Edwardvampbabe chapter 77 . 2/23
Hi, I just wanted to let you know I loved your story. I started reading it less than 48 hours ago and I just finished. I read the first 38 chapters in one day and the rest today. You made me laugh, you had me in tears, I loved the references to everything from Airplane, to singing in cars, to Boston legal, to dirty dancing.

You didn't post if you did a sequel, and what the name is if you did, I would love to read it if you did... would love to chat so if you have time my email is

Thanks for a great story!
allvampirefanfiction chapter 77 . 2/12
I love this story truly one of the best ones i ever read
Zephyrhills chapter 77 . 1/14
This is awesome!
Guest chapter 19 . 1/3
Great story loving it
Guest chapter 75 . 12/28/2016
Guest chapter 14 . 12/26/2016
SuperC chapter 25 . 12/25/2016
I really enjoyed this chapter and I am glad you made the separation short. Your Emmet caracter is really funny, I have had a good laugh.
SuperC chapter 3 . 12/22/2016
I just starting to read your story and I a having quite a bit of fun. Nothing better than having good friends around you that help your mission "Get him".

Thanks for the story
June chapter 9 . 12/7/2016
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